Listed below are my patrons!

Steady Bro!

Konko  FlamOr  Fightas Bruno Trento
Bodie Salas AO Beligerante Arthur patrick Kyle Rosamonda
Leonguard FELIPE FRAMIL ASSUMPCAO Amrit Kumar Andy
Alpha dreadnot Rewind Struass Schmidt William R. Stokes
Tyler Yoshizumi Gankosto7 Christian Bahamonde Jacob Hodges
Intil0 Eduardo Straub BattleBorg Renam


CPTincognito Battoth Alexey
Ken Young Chakaron Andreas
Direwolf1618 David Barrett Mike Thomas Rogers Lee
sparhawk6 Mikhael Wohlbrunn John Chandler Ben Bateman
Raymond Cason SFcipher



Carsten Tiel that1guy  tlinga



  • none

Thank you to all my patrons for making this translation project a success. Your help are much appreciated.🤗

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