Major Announcement for NEET Hello Work, Izure Shinwa and Dark Magician Hero, etc.

Good day,, everyone. I’m here to tell everyone a grim news. I’ve hold it for few days now, but I think I should make a post about it.

Earlier this week, I was notified regarding my current account standing. Unfortunately, I was put on their ban list. This is due to massive amount of complaints that they received from ‘specific’ parties. After much discussion with the staff, I was allowed to retain what was left in this site, but I won’t push it.

In order to maintain status quo, I would stop putting up major post on this site, perhaps some small announcement or others small stuff every now and often. From now on, I will post all the future chapters in my Patreon, the only place I have left until I have found s new place. has been my home, the place that I have belong to since the first time I’ve been involved in this hobby. R.I.P, November 2016 – March 2018.

Sorry for the long ‘rant’ like post, I’m just pissed.

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23 Responses to Major Announcement for NEET Hello Work, Izure Shinwa and Dark Magician Hero, etc.

  1. IE FAN says:

    Maybe.. Maybe this jusy Maybe, translating Dark Magician Hero which had mature content, got you reported and banned, Translator-san.


  2. You could go and talk with the people from
    They will also help you out with editing, raws and other stuff.

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  3. habib1100 says:

    Lasr week i started to click on your ALL of your Ads Before and After i submit a comment. πŸ€•

    Maybe my clicking got them mighty upset.😣

    Another website i did same thing last week. And they got Ads ban as well. πŸ€•

    They are bullies! 😑😠😬


  4. hayka61 says:

    Wow. What a blow. The worst part is maybe, you were still in the middle of a series. I mean volume. Dark Magician Hero didn’t even get 1 volume completed as yet.


  5. gerben200 says:


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  6. Rami Al-Sale7 says:

    Umm, I wanted to start reading [Hello Work] right now, but I found this post, so I’d like to know Patreon link, can you please give it to me? (Actually I don’t know what’s a Patreon, so if you can tell me what that is too? That’ll be a huge help)


  7. DMR says:

    Wait… wasn’t this YOUR site??? So what is causing you issues? Was it bots???


  8. Magnus Chase says:

    NEET Hello Work novel was my only reason to visit this site if they’ve kick you off the site then this site can just go burn in my honest opinion, your a great translator thanks for all you’ve translated so far and if you find a new site to post on please let us all know somehow (like novelupdates) p.s the go burn comment is aimed at the site not at you


    • Magnus Chase says:

      Sorry just realized that it was your site, in which case the go burn comment is aimed at the person/people that caused the problem


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