Major Announcement for NEET Hello Work, Izure Shinwa and Dark Magician Hero, etc.

Good day,, everyone. I’m here to tell everyone a grim news. I’ve hold it for few days now, but I think I should make a post about it.

Earlier this week, I was notified regarding my current account standing. Unfortunately, I was put on their ban list. This is due to massive amount of complaints that they received from ‘specific’ parties. After much discussion with the staff, I was allowed to retain what was left in this site, but I won’t push it.

In order to maintain status quo, I would stop putting up major post on this site, perhaps some small announcement or others small stuff every now and often. From now on, I will post all the future chapters in my Patreon, the only place I have left until I have found s new place. has been my home, the place that I have belong to since the first time I’ve been involved in this hobby. R.I.P, November 2016 – March 2018.

Sorry for the long ‘rant’ like post, I’m just pissed.

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23 Responses to Major Announcement for NEET Hello Work, Izure Shinwa and Dark Magician Hero, etc.

  1. Seinvolf says:


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  2. mobius101 says:

    …Who the heck is these specific’ parties, those SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. kirindas says:

    Noooooo!!! T_T


  4. mobius101 says:

    I just don’t see the point in in what these specific’ parties are after.


  5. hyddty says:

    Hope you soon found a new home for those titles 🙂


  6. ichirou2910 says:

    Wait whaaattt???? So now only Patron can read the translation??? Nooo!!!

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  7. diablo8x says:

    So will you be posting the chapters as public posts for those following your Patreon or do I need to donate?


  8. T1stG says:

    Noooooooo T.T


  9. voncactus says:

    a piece of my soul has been burnt away u.u


  10. Well if you need a place then you’re welcome to crash at my site. But seriously, what are those specific parties really want to your site?

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