ISNR: Vol. 2, Ch. 3, Pt, 3

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“……Fuu, did they manage to escape?”

I——Susanoo, after confirming that Raika and the other has disappeared, I exerted strength on my shoulder.

“Or, did they get killed?”  pg. 203

I sneak a look at his way at the last moment.

There was nothing.

Right after Ama no Murakumo was released, everything on the earth turns to nothing.

From the sky, the view looks as if a line has been drawn straight from the west to the east of the island.

Everything on the island, regardless of whatever it is, everything is swallowed by the light and disappeared.

In case Raika and others were swallowed in this, all his trace will literally have gone.

“I would like you to be alive, if possible.”

I remembered that rascal, Raika’s face.

A bloodlust hot and rising, I felt an intense murderous intention behind that eyes.

Possibly, he was never swept away by the God. As a matter of course, he himself has challenge against that guy on his own validation.


That red haired divine apotheosis boy also proved to be a good competitor.

However, in term of potential, Raika is the one who has worn me out.

Since this is a war, I don’t have the right to tell off Raika for fighting in the group. But if possible, I would like to fight them one against one.

Speaking of one against one, that silver western swordswoman.

Brünnhilde, huh.

She wasn’t bad either.

The witchcraft user who appeared at the last minute weren’t bad too.

Either way, I still don’t have enough.

I want to fight neck on neck to the utmost limit.

“Now, it’s time to return the emperor sword.”

I release the handle of emperor sword.

Then the white sword turned to fine light, and as it went back to the rift of the heaven I’ve received back Worochi-no-Aramasa.


Looking at my fingertips, I noticed that they are trembling lightly.

This is the aftermath of using Sword of Emperor Splitter of Heaven and Earth.

As expected, it won’t familiarize with myself. One shot per day is my limit.

The spirit and stamina exhaustion are intense.

And my stomach is destroyed.

“This is as far as I can go for tonight.”

Let’s search for something to eat.

I tried to search for any warehouse that survived.



At that moment, I felt a strange presence.

No, rather than a presence of something……the atmosphere that is covering the whole island itself is strange.

“Whatever it’s I’ve smelled something familiar.”

I stopped for a while, thinking about that strange presence.


My hungry stomach is urging me to hurry up, then I ceased thinking.

“Whatever. If they are enemy, I’m going to take them on.”

I came to conclusion. I started walking again, in search to appease this hunger.

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  2. nansty says:

    Thanks for this new chapter !!


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    So… You won’t update this anymore? …..Sad…..


  4. Akanome says:

    So you won’t update this anymore? …. Sad…..


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    Izure Shinwa no Ragnork Vol 6


    “I love you.”

    Those are the words said from Brynhildr’s mouth.

    I understand the meaning.

    However, I can’t comprehend it.


    “……Why are you saying this to me?”

    “What are you talking about? Why would I said this to anyone other than you!?

    Brynhildr’s face turned red.

    Did you think I’m making fun of you?

    If so, that was directed.

    I truly didn’t understand at all.


    She love me?


    Is she confessing to me?

    From her to me?




    I looked at Brynhildr.

    Her face is still red.

    Although that face obviously belongs to charo senpai.

    But the other side had a suspended expression.


    Quivering voice.

    Words that spun.

    Which was undoubtly Brynhildr’s.


    This was different when Ruri who passionately whispered to me.

    Does she really……

    “Tell me your reply.”

    Brynhildr asked as if she was getting impatient.’

    Her cheeks were flushed while her eyes were teary.

    With that kind of face starring at me, I’m somehow flustered.


    Why would I be?

    “……You still haven’t answered my question yet.”

    Like misrepresenting the feeling of irritations of a mystery, I spoke.


    “Why did you……said you like me? It’s a big surprised from my point of view. I can’t keep up with the situation. Explain yourself.”


    Towards my continuous rattling, Brynhildr’s voice became clogged.

    If it comes down to this, I should have just escape and left her confused.

    That was what he had wished from the bottom of his heart.


    However, Brynhildr held her ground.

    Can’t escape.

    She projected her eyes directly towards me.

    “You have helped me.”


    “And I watched all of your battles since then.”


    “You have helped absurd people with aching rage while continue to wage war in grief.”


    “That’s the appearance of the heroes I know of.”


    “When I saw that, somehow, my heart became painful and hot, before I knew it, err…….I have fallen in love with you.”

    Brynhildr continued to confess awkwardly.

    Her face in deep crimson.

    Without running away.

    I just stood there and listened silently.

    “Why must you say such a thing now?”


    “Everything will end tomorrow.”

    As well as the the mythical war.

    Even this master-slave relationship too.

    Everything will be gone by tomorrow.”

    That’s something Brynhildr should have known too.

    “What do you expect for telling me such a thing?”

    “I wanted to tell you my feelings before we are separated.”


    “Please reply me.”

    I drank coffee from the can.

    Then rose from the bench and threw the can into the bin.

    “Shinsen Raika….?”

    “I hate the gods.”

    He cut her off with a single word.

    With his back facing her, he tried to leave.

    [Uhihihi. For a parting threat, it was pretty subtle.]

    (Shut up)

    It also made Valor vexed.

    I descended down the hill and tried to return to the dorm.



    Brynhildr pulled my hand.

    Rarely with force.


    “I haven’t heard your answer yet.”

    “That was it.”

    “If that’s your answer……”

    Brynhildr’s hand are filled with power.

    “Would it be better off if I wasn’t a god?”


    If Brynhildr wasn’t a god—-would that altered my answer?

    That thought made me stopped for a few seconds.

    Why, why am I stopping?

    Being unable to move and answer.

    Was it due to…….my indecision?


    I shook off her hands.

    Then began to walk down the slope again.

    “Ah, hey.”

    Brynhildr also followed me after that.

    Since I stopped the evil eye due to some form of annoyance, I ignored her and kept walking down silently.

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