Vol.6 Ch 9

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Chapter 9 ~ Battle Reward

“If you have a request for the Earl, you should have consulted with me in the first place. I told you I will do anything.”

We are inside the unpopulated forest which is far left from the Miyaga town.

As requested by Lily-sama, we are now heading towards the Elf Country. I talked to her about her support for our pioneering project, she shrugged it off saying that it is her thanks for saving her country.

Things went rough with the Earl, but since we are getting support from the elves, we are spared from coming to that place again.

Earl Carlton trade with the elves are one sided, where the elves take control. For the elves, it is easier to limit their business partner to the Earl alone. That way, he couldn’t expand his business. So, that’s how Titus-san explain.

Besides, even though they are in an alliance when it comes to defending the borders, since the Elf Country is nearer to the Demon Realm, most of the attacks are handled by the elves side alone. Earl Carlton has benefited unilaterally for many years. They are restricted both military and economically.

Of course, the Earl won’t keep silent after being put into that kind of situation.

He organizes an obscenely large military than needed with the fund from his trade and fortified them at the fortress. Sometimes, they even ventured to the Demon Realm to patrol, always on guard. It was a once in a lifetime chances for him when the Elf Country was under attack. He planned to gain a favour from the elves from this incident, but unfortunately, the adventurers have taken it all.

Even though the Earl’s army were progressing steadily, they unfortunately didn’t make it on time. If the adventurers weren’t there though, the country would already be in ruin, so there is nothing to be grudgeful for.

“So, do you require any assistance for your pioneering project?”

Before we entered the gate towards the Elf Country, we had a small discussion. We should discuss about how we are going to request for the support before we meet the King. If not, this talk about getting support from the elves will undoubtedly fail.

“Uh. It is just a small village, so I think I can make do on my own.”

If we can get the support from the elves, then it’s enough.

“How about a mutual defence agreement like what we have with the human kingdom? I know you can get back quickly with your Gate, but wouldn’t that made you needlessly worry when you are away?”

Titus-san provided me with some ideas. This person is truly excellent. Even during the previous battle, she was the one who rallied the adventurers and eventually saved the Elf Country.

“That sounds nice.”

Ellie seems to agree.

Just like what the Earl said, normally Olba-san and Nania-san can handle ordinary monsters. But that isn’t enough to dispel my worries. Even though we have access to 《Transition Magic》, there might be times when we are away for days.

If the elf side are willing to take cover for us, then it will be great. Since it is mutual, the elf side are benefitting from it as well. There is still anxiety in some way or another, but there is no way to get rid of it completely.

“You are right.”

Well, since we are going to be here for a while, maybe I will think about making the elves our insurance.

“Alright, let’s include that topic too when we meet father.”

“We dropped by the Adventurers Guild to acquire the whereabouts of Masaru-sama and the others, but……”

T, Titus san. Ah, so that’s how they managed to track our whereabouts with pin point accuracy.

I was wondering how the guild is handling confidential information, since I’ve told them about Lily-sama’s involvement in the past, I wonder if that’s how they decided to tell about me. Certainly, there is no problem about the leaked information at all.

“Oh, right, right. Considering how you guys have taken up an emergency quest, I don’t think you have been rewarded for your efforts yet! I have made arrangements so that you will get rewarded appropriately by myself.”

Naturally, the elves were the ones making full payment. Besides the remuneration for the adventurers involved, it was said that they paid the guild a reasonable amount as well. No wonder the guild was unable to refuse when asked about our whereabouts.

Still, it’s good news to hear about our war rewards. The reward might be around 7 million gold, which is equivalent to 700 million Yen.

That is enough for me not to work for a lifetime!

Well, it is not possible to buy world peace with money alone, so I couldn’t go for retirement yet. Though, it is nice not to be bothered about money anymore.

“Thank you, Lily-sama.”

For now, let’s give her my words of gratitude.

“Your rewards are warranted! There is no need for thanks. We, the elves are the one who are going to give you our thanks. Yet! We have waited forever, and you never came by! Please prepare the gate now.”

Perhaps I’ve unconsciously postponed this matter.

It’s troublesome enough to go. I mean, they are preparing for the ceremony.

“I fell ill shortly after returning. Remember when I fell into the moat after killing the dragon? Looks like that was a fatal mistake. Even after I’m cured, there is this thing about the territory that needed to be settled, so I’ve been pretty busy for a while.”

“……if that is the case, it couldn’t be helped.”

“Well then, Lily-sama. Let’s open the gate to the Elf Country now.”

“Umu. Elizabeth, please.”

After Ellie activated the Gate, we instantly got transported to the Elf Castle balcony. It doesn’t contain the same atmosphere as last time anymore. I wonder if we should register this point. At the moment, only the tower is registered.

“This place is connected to the Royal Residence area. Patos, please inform father regarding the matter. Everyone, please wait here.”

It came to mind how there are no guards waiting for us upon arrival, but then we are using Gate, so it might be unexpected for them.

“Yes, Princess.”

The other knight who was with her quickly went to inform the King.

“We need time to prepare for the ceremony. Let’s go to my chamber first.”

Ah, the ceremony is yet to be prepared.

Guided by Lily-sama, we walked through the castle corridor.

I couldn’t afford to see much before, now that we are leisurely strolling, I can see how beautiful and luxurious the residential area of the royal family is.

I’m not especially interested in the decorations, but the stone walls and floors caught my interest. It has a white colour and it seems to be very hard. The material doesn’t seem to be a marble, and its colour is closer to pearl white. Maybe I should ask where I could get it later. In addition to the black floor, a white wall improved the ambient inside a Japanese style castle. I will never give up my dream.

We were guided to a luxurious guest room located a little ahead of the corridor. Everyone sits around the big table.

“Alright, there are somethings that needs to be done before we attend the ceremony. Titus.”

“Yes. Everyone, please forgive me for my rudeness the other day.”

Turning her gaze at this direction, Titus-san get on one of her knee, lowered her head and apologizes.

“W, what? Have you done something?”

Rude? What is she talking about?

“You are great people, and I did my best to disregard you instead of showing my attitude……”

“We heard how Masaru and the others don’t care much to be treated so, but my father is indignant. It is hard to face Masaru otherwise.”

“We were already tired and wanted to get home as soon as possible, so that wasn’t the case at all.”

Since I went back before getting thanks properly, perhaps now they are worried that i will never show my face here again? No matter what, that itself sounds wrong.

I think it was made clear that we are not being driven away, I even claimed myself that I want to go back, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Though, rather than visiting this place instantly with Gate, we didn’t even show up for nearly a week, so we were the one’s at fault here.

“No, weren’t you just thinking things?”

“No. I was rude to the Hero who saved our country. I couldn’t even complaint even if I am to be slashed down here on the spot.”

“We are not taking it personally at all. Right, Masaru?”

Ann makes a follow up. They are exaggerating things way too much, slashing themselves, throwing their own life and all.

“Right, right. Slashing away your life? You are exaggerating things way too much.”

“……if so, at least, please accept my apologies.”

That said, Titus-san take out a collar somewhere from her hair.

Pet play……?

“Just a drop of your blood here, and I will be Masaru-sama’s slave. Please feel free to order me anything you see fit.”

A slave collar, huh.

“No, I’m serious, this is no big deal as you try making it out to……”

Her body is well hidden behind her full armour, but her elf features are well defined, especially how slender looking is Titus-san in addition to her beautiful face. This is an attractive offer, but her reasons for being a slave is wrong. But, a very good offer indeed.

“There is nothing wrong with accepting it now, isn’t it? The elf race has a long shelf life. It will be around 50 to 60 years before Masaru is dead, so being a slave for that long is nothing. If one is not enough, if you are not taking me as a slave at all cost, then you can ask for how many you want. That is how much we are indebted to you.”

Titus-san is an excellent addition plus she looks like she can become our additional fighting forces.

“Then how about this, why don’t we build you a big mansion inside the Elf Country. You can stop developing the new village and start living here. If you want status, we can hold a meeting with the King to grant you a court rank.”

A mansion with a harem of elves. Quite an interesting proposal, sadly I don’t have much interest on it.

I stand up, went to the brittle Titus-san and removed the collar.

“I have properly accepted your sincere apology. I don’t need any elves slave, and if I want a house or status, I will work for it myself.”

Not to mention, it’s suicidal to take on a new woman right in front of my wives.

They might not get that angry, but I wouldn’t dare to bet on it. It’s certainly dangerous to lose my mind now and make a rash decision. Cheating is absolutely bad.

“Well then, what would you like? Money? Then you can have whatever goods that we have in this country. Honour? We will honour you as the Hero who have saved our country then.”

“I can collect my money from the guild and that is enough, plus I don’t need honour too.”

Even if I have all the money in this world, it served no purpose if I couldn’t save this world from its impending doom 20 years later.

Being held as a hero, surely, I will have to reject that. There is no need for unnecessary things like positions and honour. I’m simply doing the pioneering project just to please both Ann and Ellie.

I don’t want to have unrealistic dreams for this world that is facing its ruin. I just want to live peacefully. Spending times with my wives are the most peaceful things I could ever asked for.

“All that I wish for is world peace. A peaceful place where you can live happily with everyone”

“Then why don’t you start living inside this country? We will provide you with all your convenience.”

That is a no. When the world is ruined, this place won’t make for a great place to escape.

“The Elf Country is definitely a peaceful place, but that won’t cut it.”

100 percent not a good choice.

“Ah, I’m refusing it on my own accord……”

I should have listened to everyone opinions first.

Aside from the slave, it might be bad for me to refuse the house all by myself.

“If that is Masaru decision then I wouldn’t mind it.”

I thought the money hunger will complain, but she doesn’t seem to be dissatisfied. Well, we do receive plenty of rewards from the guild for this battle.

“Yes, there is no need to thank us.”

We’ve received an oracle especially asking to save the Elf Country, basically a quest. As a devout follower, that much is enough for Ann.

“Me too.”

“Just do whatever you see fit.”

I can tell that both Sati an Tilika don’t wish for anything. No, Tilika might want to have some good food.

“Are you seriously saying that? I thought Masaru and the others might have something in mind. To think that I would be outright refused.”

“Yes, what the Princess said is right.”

“But we are not done yet. This.”

Lily-sama removed the bracelet that seems to be expensive from her arm and put it on the desk.

“This is a magic tool called Sorceress Bracelet, an Elven treasure. Your total mana will be multiplied by fifty percent. It is said to be on the same grade as the one worn by the Imperial Royal Family, one of the most powerful magic tools in this world. This is the best item that we can offer.”

Fifty percent? The specifications are a bit lower than the magic rings that we are currently using. If the effect can be overlap, then it’ll prove to be a good use.

“I would like to grant this item to you as present, but this is an ancient heirloom. When I said give, it is just only a figure of speech. When Masaru is retiring from adventuring, I hope you would return it if possible.”

They won’t complain in case I lost it by accident. The appearance where they lent it is important.

I attached it to my arm. I open the menu to check it……it’s useless.

My MP is not increasing. It confirms that magic item with same effect does not overlap.

I remove the bracelet, put it on the table and shake my head.

“This is truly an amazing item, but wasn’t it an Elven treasure? There is no way I can accept it.”

“If the way we’re presenting it doesn’t satisfy you, then it’s fine. You can take it and do whatever you want.”


“That is the best. It’s a thing worthy for a wonderful wizard like Masaru. I will ask for forgiveness from father myself.”

I won’t use it even if you give it……

Suddenly, I noticed Sati eyeing the bracelet with eye full of desires. So, you want this bangle.

Sati is troubled by her lack of MP. However, Sati who is hardly capable of using magic is not a suitable candidate to wear an elven family heirloom. Just give up.

“No, on second thought I really don’t need it.”

“Fumu. You don’t want this either. Now I’m troubled. If I don’t give you something as thanks, everyone will not assent.”

Things that I desire. Enough time to flirt with my wives. What about the others……ah, Tilika’s food.

“Now that I think about it, what did you guys do with the Earth Turtle King that I defeated?”

I know Tilika never ate Earth Turtle King meat and wants it.

“Ah──that thing, huh. It was stripped of its Elfit Bart ore while we were recovering.”

Ah, it seems to be a valuable metal, but I don’t care about that.

“That is fine. What about the Earth Turtle King body itself? If possible, I like you to give us some of its meat.”

“Meat? Are you sure about that? That thing doesn’t taste good at all.”

“Yes. But I’m not the person who is going to taste that meat.”

“IF it’s the Earth Turtle King meat, then it should have been stored somewhere. I will have it searched and deliver it to you.”

“The shell is currently in use.”

“The shell is not edible, right?”

“No, it is not.”

Then we don’t need it.

“Currently, we are using the shell to create a weapon to combat against the anti-magic metal. We are testing its power right now.”

“We’ve invited engineers from the Dwarf race to help us create a huge ballista. Once completed, we should be able to penetrate through the Earth Turtle King shell even with their anti-magic metal still intact.”

They are resorting to physical attack since their magic is not working. If the Elfit Bart ore gets in the way again, they will have to resort to this tactic.

“I don’t know it in detail, the weapons seem to be incorporating magic as it fires mechanism.”

“Hmm, perhaps you could show it to me later.”

“It is still incomplete, so I will show it to you later.”

“Masaru-sama, is there anything else that you need?”

“Right. Masaru is the one who defeated the Earth Turtle King, therefore we are the one that feel bad for disposing it rather arbitrarily.”

She stated. We are getting plenty of rewards from the guild mainly thanks to Lily-sama. The mutual defence agreement on top of back up for our development project was more than enough.

“Masaru-sama, the soap……”

Sati told me hesitantly. I completely forgot about the elf soap.

“The elf soap, it is sold out at the fortress now and there are no other places that is selling it. Can you share yours with us?”

I had one, but I overused it since it is so bubbly and fluffy. I planned to find some stuff at the Miyaga town, but the time doesn’t permit to have mindless stroll.

“The same alchemist who are making the soap are also responsible for making potions. They are currently not producing it for trade. I’ll have to look for the in stock within this country. Still, are you fine with that?”

“That’s wonderful to know. Right, Sati?”

“You can take whatever amount you see fit. In future, you can come and restock.”

“Thank you very much, Lily-sama!”

Now that we are talking about potion, perhaps I should inquire about potion that I want. MP potion is highly appreciated.

“Would you like to see the list of items prepared for your honorarium? Do you have something else in mind besides the soaps and potions?”

“They are popular amongst the other adventurers. Perhaps theres something that will catch Masaru-sama and others attention too.”

“Is that so. If you insist.”

Must be the treasury that we’ve passed by when we were guided over here. Artistic objects, weapons, jewellery and accessories, fine furniture, etc. were packed in a room of about two classrooms size.

The moment the door was opened, “Oh!” everyone exclaimed. The jewels and accessories on the desk presented on the front must have cost a fortune. Each of the elf’s decoration product sold at the fortress cost as much as a house. The items here must have cost the same.

“This, all of these treasures?”

“No way. These are all the items that are going to be presented to Masaru and his companion. There are more in the treasures yet, you know?  Since you are all here, would you like to see it?”

“No, these treasures are more than enough. But all of it?”

“Correct. I didn’t know what everyone wants, so we prepared everything for everyone.”

“No, this much is……”

Most of these things are handcrafted by the elves. Everyone brought them here as presents to the hero that saved the country.”

“If Masaru and the others were not there, the country would have been wiped out. These are not much, but everyone has done their best. Please accept it by all means.”

Even if they are handcrafted, they were elaborately created by elf craftsmen who polished their skills for years. Their handiwork is regarded as the finest items. Since this gift are handmade, it’s rude of me to refuse them.

But where should I put all these items at? I can add a basement or something similar, but it’s a bit scary to accumulate all these expensive items inside. Does this world have a safe room?

“What if I store all these items here instead?”

“Let see. You can take whatever you want whenever you see fit. We will take responsibility on storing them.”

A place to store them……I was given a suggestion as soon I raised my concern. It could never have arrived at better time.

I looked at both Ann and Ellie, got it! I’m going to appeal with my full might.

“If that is the case, I appreciate it.”

“It’s rude to reject their gifts.”

“Right, right. Not to mention it was handcrafted by everyone from the elf side.”

Both of them wore a delight expression. They are checking out all the jewellery and accessories on the desk.

“Sati and Tilika, please don’t hold back if you saw something that you want here, okay? You can take any of these, it’s fine.”

“Um, that one.”

Sati pointed to the corner of the room. There lie several pieces of fabrics wrapped up. Sewing material? Leave it to me.

“Fabrics? If you want to sew clothes, then we will have our castle tailor for you.” (Crywolf641:Yes the sentence is broken. It basically means that they want to have someone tailor for them.)

“Sati sew her own clothes.”

“Fumu. If you want the material, we have way better ones from the one our hunters salvaged at the Demon Realm. If there is something you especially want, why don’t we rearrange things?”

Material? Something…….

“Are there craftsmen who can make a harness?”

I planned to get a normal one for Matsukaze, but the harness (large) required can prove to be quite a hassle.

There is no way I’m going to show Matsukaze (large) to someone else out there. Here, the elf is used to see a dragon, so I think it should be fine.

Matsukaze (large) is comfortable to let anyone ride him. If he has a harness on, then it would be nicer.

“Someone should be able to make it. Let’s search for the craftsmen.”

“Thank you, Titus-san.”

“Both harness and other items are easily obtainable. You really have no desire.”

I hardly think so, but there is no way I’m going to explain myself now. Besides, I already have a harem that I always wanted. Maintaining that is all that I need right now.

The one who have nothing that they want is Tilika, albeit she is checking out the fabrics with Sati now. Well, if Tilika has anything that she wants, she will say it.

Maybe I should take a look around too. There are weapons and furniture that I might want to bring back home. Especially that king size bed with canopy.

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