Vol.6, Ch.7

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Chapter 7 ~ Establishment of Provisional Village

“I think this much is a bit……”

If it can run to the opposite side of the highway, I can bring it to the battlefield immediately.

What was originally on my mind was just a normal horse. I just want to use it as a means of normal transportation.

But, I wonder why Black *beep* is the one that came out. Umu~ I still don’t get it.

“But it looks so cool!”


Both Sati and Tilika are showing great interest towards the summoned horse. They are touching it without fear.

It can’t be denied that he looks cool, but that’s not where the problem lies.

“The summoned beasts are heavily dependant on their lord’s mana. This is a summoned beast equivalent to thr current Masaru’s mana level.”

Tilika explained while touching the Black *beep* (temporary).

Because of me!? My mana is just too strong!

“Throughout the empire, there are many people breeding large horse species, but……”

Ellie commented. Even in Japan, there are huge breeds of horse from Hokkaido. I remember seeing them before.

“If we said that there are such horses in the wild will you be able to gloss it over?”

“But isn’t that asking too much?”

Thought so.

The horse is exuding aura as if it is the horse champion of the era. The aura it’s been giving off is way too different from an ordinary horse.

“You can summon a small one. The summoned beasts are different compared to the ordinary animals. I’m sure Masaru can do it.”

Tilika gave some idea to me after seeing me thinking hard.

I see. This happen due to my lousy summoning. By controlling my mana output, I am supposed to be able to control it size too.


One more. Calm my breath, imagine that Black *beep* is your ordinary horse──《summon!》

In response to my Summoning Magic, a normal horse appears this time. It is not a different horse. It has the same brown hair. As the summoner I have the feeling that this is the same horse.

Although it is still bigger than the normal horse, the sizes is not that prominent now. It sturdy hoof is still there, giving off a refined aura. It has shiny and glossy hair. It surely will be a favourite in G1. I have decided! (Crywolf641: I gave no Idea what G1 means)

“What a good horse. Your name is black……no, Matsukaze. Let’s make it Matsukaze. Nice to meet you, Matsukaze!”

Matsukaze gives off a satisfied neigh.

“There’s no saddle attached. Do you think the town might have it? Let’s go and buy it!”

I said while stroking Matsukaze forehead. It would be lovely to take back this guy to Japan. If I put him in the horserace, he will definitely win. Maybe it will get a nickname like Yama no Matsukaze or something.

“You can get the saddle at any shop that is dealing with leather goods. But you can still ride it without the saddle.”

I listened to Tilika advice and tried to climb on top of it. But when Matsukaze start walking, I fell off.

At first, I thought it would be like riding a bicycle, but it is moving around too much. Difficult to balance myself.

I better get the saddle first.

Tilika who takes my place seems to ride it fine even without the saddle. Looks like she is having fun. Even though it is my summoned beast……

I want to play around more, but I still have some jobs that need to do. No, more like I still have job today.

Except for the time when I got bedridden, didn’t it look like I was working for every single day now?

Where the hell has my winter vacation plan gone to?

Let’s finish the works earlier and take it easy in the afternoon.



For the time being, I will spend my time today building a temporary village.

I can’t build a permanent one since I have not discussed with this area ruling lord yet, the full-scale farm work need to wait for spring to come too, so there is no need to rush so much.

Together with Ellie, we fly towards the temporary village location.

Nobody was there yet inside the village. Let’s finish everything before everyone came back.

“How much should I build?”

“A building that can fit at least 20 to 30 people, one or two wells, and one toilet. Should we include a bath as well?”

Since it’s just a temporary shelter, it would be nice if they have enough space to sleep comfortably.

I wish I could build a large building like that time during our trip tenement house style. It’s troublesome to think up a new structure type for new building.

Next, I need to set the location for the gate, next to the building that I’ve built previously.

Image, image. Five buildings, make it combined together……

Accordingly, the ground started to move, new buildings got erected, a totally new landscape was created.

Because each room have reasonable sizes, even with goods inside, it can comfortably fit 20 people at a single time.

However, the place is only composed of one room, with a wall and a roof. The floor was left as a soil. It truly did only fit the bare minimum.

Continuing on, the bed was permanently drilled to the floor and once the fireplace is installed in the room, the job is well done. Neither the door and the windows were left opened. Both the door and the window take time to be completed plus the door is hard to worked with since it was made heavy due to stone material and not suitable for an ordinary household. Perhaps it’s better to leave them to the carpenter.

“That is good. If it is not enough, we can always add them later on.”

It’s still unfinished as a house but hearing the compliment from Ellie makes me think that it’s enough.

I continued building two toilets, a well at each place, and an extra bathroom adjacent with the changing room.

I made a place where they can use to boil hot water and barbeque. Underneath the water tub I left some place for the firewood. This is the first time I am building an ordinary bathtub heated by firewood. Since I got the approval from Ann, things should be fine.

“Like this?”

“That’s how it should look like. Not bad at all.”

Lastly, I flattened the ground surrounding the building and make a stone pavement straight to the gate.

30 minutes to finish everything. A quick and spotless job.

“It really is convenient when Masaru is around~”

“What are you talking about. Everything here is done by Earth Magic, therefore even Ellie can do it.”

I noticed that Ellie has done nothing but observing. She might not be able to do as good as me, but I already raised her mana, so it would be great if she is going to help.

If only Ellie can do some housework chores like the other, that would’ve help immensely.

“Perhaps. It wont hurt for me to try.”

“Then, should we start with a small house?”

We moved to a place a little further than the tenants building that I just built.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

Following Ellie’s chant, the ground move upward……after reaching roof height, it collapsed.

Surprised, Ellie immediately stopped her chanting. Looking at her work carefully, only three walls were erected in addition to the collapsed roof.

“This is your first time, it can’t be helped.”

I told her that since she is acting all strange about it. Seems like she couldn’t get over the failure.

“Listen, it is all about imaging. You need to strongly image the house that you are going to build in your head.”

“House……is it. I understand!”

Do you really get it? Looking at the extremely motivated Ellie makes me feels terribly anxious.

Ellie started chanting again. This time, the ground is bigger and wider than before……no, more like 10 times bigger. Afterwards, it collapsed as expected.

It has an appearance of a stone building wasted by hurricane centuries ago. It is not small unlike the normal house.

“What did you imagine?”

“The house where I used to live long time ago……I wonder if it is unreasonable to construct it out of a sudden.”

She wouldn’t be able to help for a while.

“You know, you can make it smaller. If being big is a no go, you can just start with a smaller house.”

After working for the whole day, she finally gets to finish the roof, but still lack in the improvement in the wall part. Is she going to create the door too?

After the fourth time, she finally gets to create a box. A literal box. There’s no entrance, the roof is flat, and if a snow storm occurs, it looks like it will have collapsed from its own weight.

Moreover, upon detailed inspection, the wall is extremely thin. I tried putting some pressure on it, and the wall collapsed easily, creating a hole. This is a defective house. Even a pigs house is way sturdier than this.

“What is wrong?”

I wonder what I can do to help. This thing came naturally to me……no, is that really true?

Our experience is not the same to begin with. Ever since the battle at Gorbas Fortress, I have been using Earth Magic to construct things regularly. It’s not like I suddenly discovered that I can build houses. I have a good track record before building one.

Since I’m relying heavily on imaging, I never have given any thought about how to construct the building systematically, just simply imaging how to change the shapes of the walls and how to fit it inside the building. A clear image of the final product, a sufficient strength for a house, the order of creation. Thinking back about it, that is an unconventional method.

“Have you created anything other than an earth wall?”

“Not as far as I could remember.”

I thought she has done some work before like constructing something from a drawing, like a do it yourself carpenter, but apparently, she has never done that. That’s a noble for you.

“You are just lacking practice, rather, a training. How about you start by making something easier.”

“Practice……right now I have my hands full practicing the Space Magic.”

“Well, there’s nothing that we can do other than tackling a thing at a time.”

Reality is unforgiving. Well, since she is capable of creating walls, at least we can share some workloads.

While we are creating some earth walls as practice, Olba-san came back with some villagers. It was still daytime.

The villagers are inspecting the newly constructed buildings. After inspecting it for a while, Olba-san came toward us.

“Um, this is?”

Looking at the mysterious object created by Ellie, Olba-san asked. This mysterious lump of walls is a waste, if we can return it back to soil, perhaps we can still make a good house from it. Maybe it is not understandable.

Ellie is turning her face away. Looks like she doesn’t intend to explain this herself.

“You see, I was wondering what kind of houses are good for us to practice. Besides, we are breaking them to test the strength of the wall.”

“I see.”

We should take the chance from his confusion. Let’s handle this failed batch for the time being. Exposing it longer will surely stress Ellie more.

Fortunately, the villagers are keen on observing the buildings, so they are not coming anywhere closer to us. Maybe it was because of myself, since we are not acquainted, they might feel awkward facing me.

I put both of my hands on the ground and activate Earth Magic. The buildings were originally made of soil, the same way the agriculture lands were formed.

Ellie’s buildings were returned back to earth without consuming too much mana.

“How about the houses? They don’t have a door yet.”

“Good thought. Let’s put the door here.”

With this, todays works are over.

After this, we are going to the fortress, find something to eat, and shopping……

After a while, I found that Ann is not around, when I noticed that she was waving from were the other villagers are located.

“Let’s eat lunch together with everyone here. Please prepare the ingredients.”

This issue is still undecided yet, but there may be some ingredients that these people might need. Guess we will do some exchanges from now on.

I still have lots of meats that I’ve picked up at the Elf Country.

She went ahead preparing the food at a grand scale while the other villagers are under Ann’s commands. Ellie is good enough to handle the kitchen knife and preparing fires, while I’m helping with the more serious parts like usual.

The menus are filled with meats, with a little serving of breads and veggies. The portion looks extremely unbalanced, but since they are doing lots of heavy works, I guess it will worked out.

After a while, while offering the foods to all the other villagers, I was told that someone has approached this village.

I stopped cooking and step out. There, I saw a fully equipped knight on a horse alongside other three persons and the village chief.

What is this? What have I done?

“Umm, Masaru dono. This person here is……”

“I’m Jealous Vesta, Vice Chief of Carlton Army. Are you Yamano Masaru, the adventurer?”

Without heeding the village chief introduction, the knight named himself.

Naturally, this land falls under Lord Carlton territory. Of course, building a new village here will immediately turns into an issue.

From his facial expression, I guess we are not welcomed here……

I reluctantly introduced myself and got answered with a strange gaze. Somehow, I feel like I’ve been stared by too much.

“Hmm……the ruling lord, Earl Park Carlton has invited you. Tomorrow, come to his territory after dawn.”

He seems satisfied just by watching me.

4 hours after dawn. That will be around 10 o’clock in the morning.


“Please listen to the details from the Village Chief himself.”

After that he hopped on his horse and leave the village.

“After our talk this morning, Ellie suggested us to go tell the ruling lord immediately. So, I went to visit the Village Chief.”

“That is correct. The lord is requesting you to meet him personally. It was really sudden.”

“It’s better to wrap this up faster. Don’t you think so, Masaru.”

That’s all explanations that I received from everyone else.

This is unexpected, but I agreed that the faster we resolve this issue, the better. If things remain undecided, then the development need to be halted.

“Right now, we are readying for meals, could you tell us more detailed story during lunch?”

Ann has done cooking, now carrying our meal towards the new house. In compliment to the foods, I create a large enough stone table.

“So, how is the ruling lord like?”

“You see, he……”

According to the village chief, the ruling lord is against the development of this new village. He is unwilling to recognize a development project started by an adventurer with an unknown origin. Apparently, he is very angry.

Except for a selected few people, adventurers are usually a bunch of low birth in society. A lot of them have bad behaviours.

That said person suddenly said that they want to gain a territory, instead of building a house. It is expected for him to show an unwelcoming behaviour.

Indeed, adventures usually have ill manners. Even I don’t want them to suddenly move in the neighbourhood.

“I never expected everything will be resolved smoothly, but I never guessed that he will get angry. I wonder if he got a particular dislike for adventurers?”

We were under an impression that everything will worked out with a simple gift……

“Let’s give it up.”

“You give up too quickly!”

In the end, I was compelled to finish this task without giving up. That night while on the bed with Ann, I promise her to give my best.

To be honest, I am giving up if this project is only backed up by Ellie alone, but this time even Ann is motivated.

I believed that being a noble is just an addition for an existing problem, but since both Ann and Ellie are happy with it, I have no choice but to cooperate.

I hopefully prayed so that tomorrows negotiation will end smoothly and peacefully.

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