Dark Magician as a Hero: Chapter 3, part 2 continuation

This is the other half of chapter 3 part 2. 

After I reached home, I told them about what happened today. Both of them become angry and told me to stop fighting alone. I was told of by both the prince and the great priest today, so I hope they will make this short.

I hugged and kissed both of them. I managed to somehow calm them down, but their anger is still present. I give my apologies, then together, the three of us took a bath together and by the time we entered the bedroom, somehow the mood has become lighter. Pg. 444

“N mu~tsu…… chi ~yupa, kuchu…… n’n’n’n~tsu…… puha~tsu, I believe that my husband is the strongest, but please take some escorts with you next time.”

After we entered the bedroom together, Olivia took off her bathrobe and start kissing me deeply, begging me with tears in her eyes. Rather than being angry, her wishes comes directly from her heart.

“Ah, I won’t do that anymore. Sorry for making you worry.”

I wiped off Olivia tears and kissed her again.

“N ~tsu…… chuchu…… ha~a……I believe you.”445

Olivia, who finally smiled, lowered her head and served my cock.


──Wa mutchupu chupu.


Kuh, this is much better than yesterday. Her tongue precisely traced the back of my cock, making it sprung to maximum hardness in no time. This caught me unexpectedly and in order to counterattack, I reached for Olivia’s piping honeypot……

“Fufu, what a horrible man, neglecting me at the side. Now that you’ve shown me your back, time to show you my techniques.”

Dianne, who is observing the situation from the side, quickly pushed me down and steal a kiss by surprise. Not only that, both of my hands are pushing Dianne tits, making me unable to move.

“N nn nn ~tsu! Y, you are a bad husband who makes both of his wives worried! Therefore, both of us are going to deliver your punishments! P, please be prepared!”

Not only fellatio, Olivia is licking the tips while giving me a titty fuck. On the other hand, Dianne is a terribly good kisser. She wouldn’t let me get away by locking her lips ferociously with mine.


──Nyupu nyupu picha kucha nyuru nyuru.


The feeling of getting squashed by Olivia’s boobs, not to mention the additional sensation from her tongue, greatly contributed to my incoming orgasm. If it’s only one on one, then it’s Olivia who is usually on the receiving end. But I have made a mistake. Now, I’m blocked from making any action, unable to do anything since Dianne had held me down.

“Pero~tsu…… muchu…… chuchuchu……”

I’m losing against Dianne in our kissing fight. I get engulfed in pleasure while Dianne soft tongue licks the inside of my mouth. With both her hands fixed to my head, I’m unable to escape even though only a small pressure were exerted.

I caress her boobs strongly while plucking her nipples. That incited some reaction from her. But, Dianne kiss do not stop. The kisses feel so good, I’m hooked……n, no more……

Succumbed to both Olivia’s service and Dianne fierce kissing, I couldn’t bear it anymore and ejaculated.


──Dopyu dopyu dopyu.


“N mu~u ~u~u~u! *cough* *cough*…… n n ~tsu…… chupuchupu…… n ku~tsu”

Although I have ejaculated a lot of semen last night, somehow or another, I managed to accumulate a lot in less than a day. Olivia is struggling to drink large amount of spunks released by me.

“Haa, haa, haa……my husband children making juice are so much……I’m glad that you are feeling good…”

After drinking my semen, Olivia smiled gently to me. Her delicate voice carries together a strong emotion with her.

Since I have ejaculated, Dianne finally let go of my lips, throwing me with a smile of victory. When I’m having sex with Dianne around, everything turns to become more fun. Of course, it is also enjoyable when I am having sex with Olivia alone.

That is why having sex with her is fun, even though I’m not doing anything, looking at her enticing smile as if egging me on, I immediately get on to fuck them.

While Olivia is lying down, I pushed Dianne on top of her.

“Ufufu, Chris baby making juice that still left in Olivia’s mouth……will you share it with me?”


──Kuchu amu ppicha kucha.


My excitement increases after witnessing Dianne lascivious figure licking my remaining semen inside Olivia’s mouth. I rub both of their sticking labia with my cocks, caressing her extremely wet honeypot.

“Hya! A, are you not going to insert it?”

“T, this……haann! You are touching…! Your cock, on my clitoris……hiaann!!”

Both of them fall into illusion that I’m penetrating them. Just by moving it back and forth several times enough to make my meat rod painfully erect.

The head of my cock is covered in their slimy love juices. It is apparent now that both of their pussies are ripe and ready to take my cock inside. First, I’m going to take Olivia.


──Zuryu! Guchu guchu nuchanuchanucha…….


“N wa ~a~a! D, dear, your huge cock is boring through me ~a~a~a! Hi ~ya! N, nooooo! N wa ~a~a~a!”

I keep on stirring my cock inside Olivia in search for her soft spot. After a few thrusts, I hit something hard and squishy. Olivia who is already writhing around screamed.

“Han ~tsu! A~tsua~tsua~tsu! Too goooodd~! My dear’s cock is~~~ ~a~a~a!”


──Panpanpan…… pita~tsu.


Olivia lower back suddenly went rigid, a soundless scream came out from her mouth. My sight moved from her……

“A ~a~a~an! I love it when you fucked me on my knees like a dog! N a~a! Right in front of Oliviaa~! I’ve been fucked like a dog, in front of Oliviaaa~~!”


──Kuchu kuchu panpanpanpan! Pita~tsu.


“P, please don’t stop~! More, mooorreeeee!!”

“D, dear……please, I beg you……give it to Olivia too……”

In order to satisfy them, alternately, I rapidly fucked inside both of them. I will show both of these beautiful girl, the perverted beauty of euphoric lust.

“I will cum inside whoever is more perverted.”

It was Dianne who reacted first towards my word. While spreading out her vaginal opening with her fingers, she shakes her ass furiously……insisting me to proceed to the action. Looking at such pervert acts honestly makes me desperate to bury my cock deep inside her inviting pussy.

“C,Chris sama……please make Dianne pussy yours. Please, fuck me with the ruthless Hero dick……”

Looking at her equally obscene face and actions, I didn’t waste any time to bury my cock inside Dianne depths.

“Hiku ggusu ~tsu……dear……d, don’t be mean……hikkuhikku……”

The moment I see Olivia crying, I gently kissed her.

“S, sorry! O, Olivia, please don’t cry! I am the mean and bad one, so please stop crying, Olivia.”

Her tear stained face makes me confused, then it turned flustered. I bring my face close and kissed her again……

“Fufufu, your face looks cute, my dear.”

Hm? Eh? Somehow, she looks playful……don’t tell me, a fake tear?

“You are always mean when we are having sex, dear. That’s why I’m trying to return back the……e, eh?”

Oh ho……fake tear, huh? Ah, I see, I see. After our marriage, you have turned into a lying girl? But Olivia, do you think I don’t noticed? Dianne who is currently taking my cock is emitting her apparent anger.

“Olivia……I think it’s natural to say that you don’t want it……. but you see? Do you think it is fine to pour water on us right when we just get hot and starting to get down and dirty?”

“Eh……um? Dianne? Are you angry? Hyan!”

Dianne hands fly to grab Olivia’s boobs. Gently and delicately, she thoroughly attacks Olivia good spot.

“N wa ~a~a~a! A~an! S, stop…we are both girls……”

“This is your punishment, for disturbing my pleasure time with a gentleman. You are a bad girl who cry fake tear. I will make you learn your lessons with my hands.”

As expected from Dianne, she is good enough to pleasure girl with her fingers alone. Then, as punishment from me……I will join in while Dianne is fingering her. Be prepared, Olivia.


──Zubu~u! Gucho gucho zupuzupuzupuzupu.


“Fu ~a~a~a~a~a! A~tsuann a ~a~a~a~a~an! B, both of you……I’m going to cum from my husband cock! Hyan! N, n, nooo~~~Dianne, if you do that!”

Changing my posture, I fucked Olivia missionary style while Dianne continue caressing her gently like just previously.

“`Hi ~i! I, I’m comiiinnngg! A~tsuann wa ~a~a~a~a~a~a!!”




“Are you reflecting your action?”

After climaxing very hard, Olivia nodded to us weakly.

“Fuuaahhh……I’m sorry, my dear…”

“I love you deeply Olivia, that’s why I’m upset when I know that Olivia has been hurt. Please don’t do it anymore. If I see my wife tears, I will start crying a river.”

“Yes……I love you too.”

She lays down completely on the bed. I kiss Olivia in the cheek. My hardness remains even after I just came. My breathing has turned rugged, so I was thinking on resting for a while.

“Since Olivia is down, after you are recovered it will be Dianne turn. We stopped halfway just now, so I’m going to make it up for you.”

“All my body is dedicated solely to Chris sama……please enjoy it thoroughly.”

Like just now, she starts crawling on all four, enticing me. After I married Dianne, the night has been longer than ever.

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