Hello Work Vol. 6 Ch. 7 Translation

Hello everyone! I gotta confess, the translation was held back because I’m too busy with Rance X. My bad!😜

I’ve sent the draft to our editor Crywolf. He will be the one posting the chapter once he is done like the previous chapter.

Like usual, the unedited one can be found at my Patreon page! Thanks for all your support!

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5 Responses to Hello Work Vol. 6 Ch. 7 Translation

  1. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Ahahahaha, no problem…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crywolf641 says:

    Heya guys editor here.
    So yeah I’ll be able yo edit the chapter but please be patient as in. Wait.
    As I am having our practice for graduation which is seriously tiring. And boring.
    I’ll be editing the chapter don’t worry.
    Im graduating at april 13th hopefully.

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  3. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter!🤓


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