Vol.6 Ch. 6

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Chapter 6 ~ Light Magic and Horse Summoning

“Being a lord is fine, but I’m quite afraid about being a noble since I don’t understand anything at all.”

I saw Ellie send-off Olba-san and Nania-san out and start the conversation with everyone.

In reality, Ellie’s family household was caught in a conspiracy, and was brought down. I really don’t want to suffer from the noble’s trick game.

“Um. I also don’t get it since I can’t relate.”

“How about Tilika?”

“The nobles lives in a big house and are always proud with themselves.”

“Ah, yeah. You might be right.”

Thanks for giving your childlike opinion.

“In the end the difference is just that. We are all just humans.”

That is quite an unexpected opinion.

Quite a modern way of thinking. Human that is separated in lifestyle by birth.

“If anything, Masaru is the one most further than other humans.”

“Right, right. Compared to Masaru who is an apostle, even a noble will look like an ordinary person.”

Sati said while nodding.

“O, oh…”

I don’t think I’m going to be much different than any other human soon, seeing that I’m just a NEET who got sent away to a different world and acquired a cheat. My house was an ordinary middle-class home. My ancestors were farmers. I’m the most furthest away from being a noble.

I don’t think the titles like an apostle or a noble is anything necessary. I just want to work for sometimes and spend the rest flirting with my wives every day.

That is my preferred way of life, but all of my wives are hardworking, and my opinion towards slow approach of life is unpopular.

Ellie came back soon after.

“Welcome home.”

“I’m back. I’ve made a deal to build Olba a house. There, we should try making a farmland nearby that wall area first. Over there, we can build a temporary village.”


But for now, let’s continue our family meeting first.

I told Ellie things that we have discussed.

I want to hear it clearly from Ellie herself, the merit and demerit of being a noble.

“There is no such thing as an evil scheme. Very rare.”

“Just like what I expected……”

“That may be a thing if you have somewhat entered the centre stage, but chance for a rural noble from a village to get there is highly non-existent. That is not the thing that Masaru should concern with.”

Of course, I will start at the lowest level of nobility.

Besides, when we get to the centre, we will enter the Truth Official radars too. Anything remote to a crime will be a clear flag. On the opposite site, there is an apparent power struggle going on.

“Our household took a reclamation project as a last resort. We hardly have a neighbour to socialize either. Our life was frugal compared to that time we were a count. Even the meal that I have right now is more lavish.”

“Then, are we going to make a farmland and build the town, and leave everything else to Olba-san?”

“A noble has another important role.”

“What is it?”

Conceiving a child to ensure the future prosperity of the household?

“Defending the village and its people. Masaru’s field of expertise.”

Of course! Funny that I have it slipped my mind.

If its that, then it’s an easy task.

Construct a huge wall and proceed to clean up all the small fry afterward.

Although the Demon Realm is nearby, this place is located after the Elf Country and the fortress. There will be low dangers.

“In other words, if we can guarantee their livelihood and their property safety, afterwards, we can manage somehow. Easy, right?”

That’s what the role of lordship entails. Afterwards, it depends on the villagers themselves to improve their own livelihood.

I don’t need to socialize with the other nobles. I’ll leave all the troublesome tasks to Olba-san.

Well if that is all then it is acceptable.

“An adventurer rising up to a noble, that is quite a feat to make. That’s why, you wouldn’t be attracting too much attention.”

It is common for the retired high-ranking adventurer to lead a developing project near the frontier.

I have money. I am also skilful enough by the time I’m retiring. As an adventurer, I also have a track record of fighting at the frontier.

By that alone, I’m becoming a lord and a noble.

It seems to be a popular choice for a retirement plan.

Moreover, I heard it’s not easy to open a café or a ramen shop.

From the buildings to the farmlands, when I’m creating them all, no matter how good is that adventurer, it exceeds the range of what an individual can do.

He must have received the support from other nobles or big merchant.

So, there is no problem if such a top down approach were taken but, this time, we have yet received approval from local owner because of unprecedented situation.

Although opening up land is free, if it is this large amount, it can’t be simply tossed aside.

“Why’s nobody opening up that land in the first place? That place is close to the village and it is not dangerous. Seems like there are quite a number that want a farmland.”

“That was because the lord in this area is making profitable trades with the elves. That is why they don’t bother to increase the number of new farmlands. It is enviable.”

I see. The industry is not limited to agriculture alone. It is more profitable if you can find a place to mine.

“Then won’t you admit that you are surprised?”

“I don’t know. To be honest, the idea might have crossed the mind before.”

“What if we get refused?”

“I wouldn’t help it but to worry from now onwards!”

No plan like usual!

No, I can’t exactly have said that this is Ellie’s fault.

“If it doesn’t work, then it can’t be helped. If you put all the farmlands and the houses on sale then we can still make a profit.”

Don’t tell me even by using force can’t solve it.

“Err, from now on, let’s do our best, okay?”

“But still. I’m going to live here for a while. It will pose a problem if I lose this house to the lord due to the gossip. Different story for us since we can still move around, but what about those who live here permanently like Olba-san?”

“You are not wrong, but……”

“It can’t be helped if I worry about such thing from now on.”

“Right. Leave the negotiation to me. I will round it up perfectly!”

“Everyone agree with this?”

“Well, its fine if things worked out. Sound impossible though.”

Sati and Tilika are both in favour of Ann’s opinion.

“That’s what they said.”

“Can’t be helped then……I feel sorry to Nania, but I will give up if everyone is against it. As long I can get to S rank, we can have this kind of talks anytime we want. This issue is just momentarily stopped.”

“You think so?”

“That’s right. The hero will get a territory too you know?”

“That is if we defeated the Demon King.”

“Putting aside a large territory, even you can do enough to be granted a small village.”


There is no doubt that God will give me some messages. Even I want to prevent the destruction of this world for the sake of my wives.

“Well then that is fine.”

“If there is nothing else, then let’s take a look at our skill lists. I’m getting busy after this.”

At first, I planned to have a review once we have gone back, but that plan is postponed due to me getting bedridden. Since we are in vacation anyway, I initially planned to think about it slowly, but the situation has changed.

Everyone has a considerably large number of skill points accumulated. Recently, I’ve been using them every now and then, I will allocate them accordingly.

Sati accumulated 39 skill points during the defensive battle at Elf Country. I upgraded her skills there during our fight, now 30 skill points remains.

I added 《Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery》, a new dexterity and fighting skills, both levelled to 4.

Sati Level 39 SP: 0


Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 4 Stealthy Steps level 4 Sound Detection level 5
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind Eyes Night Vision Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery
Physical Reinforcement level 5 Agility level 5 Dexterity level 4
Evasion level 5 Hand Combat level 4 Shield level 4
Swordsmanship level 5 Archery level 5 Magic Sense level 5
Life Magic


Tilika has 36 skill points remaining. I upgraded both her physical and magic strength.


Tilika Level 31 SP: 0


Cooking level 1 Evil Eyes of Truth or Lies Physical Reinforcement level 2
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Magical Sense level 4 Water Magic level 5 Summoning Magic level 4


Ann has 63 skill points remaining. She accumulated quite a lot of skill points due to her enormous level ups.

Physical reinforcement, cudgel martial arts, high speed chanting, magic sense and Water Magic.


Angela Level 33 SP: 0


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Physical Reinforcement level 4
Cudgel Martial Art level 5 Shield level 3 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 3
Magical Sense Level 3 Recovery Magic Level 5 Water Magic Level 5


Ellie has 49 skill points remaining. I will focus on strengthening her magic based skills.

Magical sense, high speed chanting, magic power reinforcement to maximum level. I increase her Earth Magic to level 4.


Elizabeth Level 36 SP: 1


Cooking level 1 Throwing level 1 Dagger Art level 2
Magic Sense level 5 High Speed Casting level 5 Magical Power Enhancement level 5
MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5 Recovery Magic level 1
Space Magic Level 5 Fire Magic level 1 Water Magic level 1
Wind Magic level 5 Earth Magic level 4


Now, these people are done, now what is left is for mine.


【Light Magic】

  • Flash, Holy Arrow
  • Concealment, Protection Barrier
  • Holy Spear, Encourage
  • Light Sword, Magic Barrier
  • Core Fusion, Divine Protection


For now, I took the 《Light Magic》. I’ve been pushing it aside for so long now.

This is a branch of magic exclusively for the Hero. as soon as I start using it, I am afraid that I will be labelled as a genuine Hero. If it is useful I will need to hide it otherwise reset it and learn 《Space Magic》.

By the way, I’ve decided not to take a production branch of skills. There are more skill points required to master it and more than anything, the workload seems to increase. Even the current battle skills are only something related to the miscellaneous affair. Besides, the day I took up the production skills, my overall workloads are sure to rise up dramatically.

I went out to the little garden next to the tower and try out the Light Magic to test whether it should be forgotten.

A glint of light can be seen besides.

The 《Holy Arrow》 is a magic arrow of light affinity to fight against the undead. Normal attacks is only half as strong as a 《Fire Arrow》. Not only that, most of the undead were hunted down and now there is almost none existed. Even a normal magic is supposedly effective against them, actually.

The 《Concealment》 will turn one invisible by optical camouflage. It seems useful at first, but since its only hide the visual, it is useless against detection skills.

The 《Protection Barrier》 is a defensive magic that can be applied to all allies. Physical attack can still cut through, but the damage is lessened by 10 or 20 percent. Subtle.

《Holy Spear》 is an enhanced version of Holy Arrow. As expected, it is still weak. Not useful.

《Encourage》 enhances physical status of everyone. Since there are only me and Sati, this one is not making much of a difference.

《Light Sword》 is like the 《Light Spear》. Like the other elemental sword, if used on ordinary sword it will shatter easily.

《Magic Barrier》, like the 《Protection Barrier》, seems to reduce the damage, albeit slightly. The barrier is vulnerable against normal magic.

The 《Divine Protection》 will gradually recover the HP and MP. Although it is convenient, it is somewhat subpar for a level 5 magic.

The 《Core Fusion》……since I’m scared I don’t want to test it nearby my house. I don’t want the same thing to happen like with 《Flare》.

Conclusion. Although convenient, it has many subtle magic set inside, but not enough to forget it.

The problem is that the magic operates by affecting all party members and producing a flashy light effect while activating. The 《Light Sword》 is undeniably different from the other elemental swords. Unless secretly, this magic wouldn’t be used.

“So that’s how it is going to be.”

After nearly an hour, I told that to everyone who attended my magic test.

“Seems to be quite useful if there are many front liners in our party.”

As, Ellie said. In other words, it is not suitable for a long range specialize party like us.

Perhaps it is best to 《reset》.

Furthermore, since there are some skill points remaining, I tried taking the 《Dark Magic》, but turn out I couldn’t. I can only choose either of them.

Well, it’s a magic used by the Devil. It’s extremely dangerous, that 《Light Magic》 paled in comparison.

I activated 《Skill Reset》. All knowledge regarding Light Magic was erased from my head.

To use a magic, one need to have a knowledge about it. It’s natural to think that one gained that knowledge by using it. But, after activating 《Skill Reset》, the knowledge that is supposed to be there is gone. Even for a freshly gained magic like 《Light Magic》 will be gone after 《Skill Reset》.

I made a note regarding my experience on the 《Light Magic》. I will check and consider it again later when I want to allocate skill points next time.

But what should I do now. A level 4 《Space Magic》 is fine, but that will require some hefty skill points. Should I try 《Summoning Magic》?

Level 4 for both the 《space》 and 《summoning magic》 both require 28 and 56 skill points respectively. 《Sturdy》 requires 5 skill points. The rest are martial arts, agility and dexterity. Out of 110 skill points, the amount of skill points used are……104 skill points. That is a lot, but I guess this is fine?

I still have 《Skill Reset》 when things go awry, but there is no point thinking about it forever.


Masaru Level 46 Skill SP: 6


Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 5 Stealthy Steps level 5
Presence Detection level 5 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Sturdy Mind Eye Hawk Eye
Night Vision Physical Reinforcement level 5 Agility level 5
Dexterity level 5 Shield level 5 Evasion level 5
Martial Art level 3 Archery level 5 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 5 Magic Sense level 5 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Common Magic Life Magic Recovery Magic level 5
Space Magic level 4 Summoning Magic level 4 Fire Magic level 5
Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3 Earth Magic level 5


With a level 4 《Summoning Magic》 I can summon something to stand against the Twin Dragons! So, I thought, but I’m out of dragons for a moment. I need to get one first.

Perhaps I have wasted the skill points a little. Instead of that, I have flexible choice when summoning level 3 and below.

“I think I will get a horse.”

Level 1 and level 2 are the same kind like Tilika. The problem is level 3.

The common use limitation on the familiar like Hawk and Taiga are not fun.

If I keep a horse, I can keep it normally without sticking out unnaturally at all. He can come whenever I call for it. It doesn’t need any care. Very convenient.

“Masaru, you can’t ride a horse, can you?”

“Un. Ellie need to teach me how.”

“I also want to try horse riding.”

Ann seems to be interested as well.

“Then why don’t we all practice during our free time!”

It can be ridden just like the tiger or the dragon once summoned. As soon you start to learn you should be able to ride on it.

“Horse! Summon!”

This is my first time using 《Summoning Magic》, as expected, it is not a failure, but can a horse be summoned that easi……ly……?

Together with a sound, the summoned horse takes a step forward.

Gigantic hoof stomped on the ground.

“He, hey. Isn’t he a bit too big for a horse?”

Vol.6 Chapter 6 Picture of first summoned horse

Ann who is witnessing from my back said so.

“Y, yeah……”

In front of me, my eyes raised up to size the gigantic horse while all it replies is neighing.

Even by this world standard, it is double the body size compared to the carriage pulling horse, which can be seen on norm. It has the appearance of the king. That gigantic hoof can easily send a Troll flying away.

I intended to summon out a horse, yet what I received is definitely not an ordinary horse.

It doesn’t have the horse chestnut hair colour. I named it Black *beep* since it is black in colour. (tl note: I don’t know how to write censored) (Crywolf641:…….Really?)

“This guy, is it fine if I ride it outside?”

I asked Ellie.

Maybe this kind of horse is normal in this different world? Though I have only seen normal horses so far.

“Just make sure not to make a fuss.”


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