Vol.6 Ch. 5

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Chapter 5 ~ Let’s Be a Lord

The next day, after breakfast, I continued building the rest of the walls.

I made today as a day off, so everyone is watching the house. I came out alone, thinking that I will return immediately after I finish the rest of the walls.

Sati was sewing the cloth that I brought at the fortress yesterday while Tilika is helping her out.

Since Ellie and Ann are both still languished from yesterday’s logging works, they are just lazing around.

Even when it’s not snowing outside, the temperature was still freezing.

That was to be expected when they are engulfed in the indoors warmth.

As for my case, when I applied Fire Magic to add some warmth to my clothes and equipment, regardless of winter, I will feel all warm and fluffy inside.

The remaining walls were completed in less than an hour. I went up and took a look at surrounding.

The indoor area might be as big as a primary or middle school. I could have increased the walls height further, but if I did that, it will have a prominent present even when we are looking from outside the forest. Well, the tower is still quite clear to see from any direction, but considering it height, it wasn’t that surprising.

Or perhaps, would it be better to camouflage the tower itself? I already finished building the rampart walls though.

I was driven by the fear from the time I was fighting at the Elf Country, and due to that, I finished building this splendid walls. Now that I think back about it, I really was exaggerating things.

Originally, the idea of staying here never crossed my mind at all. The main purpose of this building is to act as a lodging place, akin to a villa for this trip.

The surrounding is nothing but a sea of trees. Even if the distance to the town is within 《Fly》 coverage, it’s quite a lonely place to take a permanent residence.

This is the first home that I owned, which deeply made me proud, but it’s still a secret base to the core. If I want a place to permanently reside, then I need to find an appropriate location, for my wives’ sake.

I love living like a shut-in, but I don’t want to become a hermit. Well, with transition magic, it’s still possible to travel between the town and this base.

There are still many works that needs to be done based on my plan right now, but if we consider this as a villa, then all the later works will just be in excess. Since we are mostly outside on an adventure, it may be safer to put the access door in a place where people couldn’t see it to prevent crime.

I didn’t get tired even after building the walls. Whether it is necessary or not, I get the deliberate result.

So, I’ve come into a conclusion. When I was returning back, Olba-san and Nania-san appeared from the nearby forest.

Maybe Nania-san came to visit Ellie. I jumped down from the wall and greeted them. (editor note:Original text is ‘get’ but i changed it to ‘jump’ as thats the only way for him to get down that fast and considering his stats.)

“Since when, this thing……”

Olba-san said while his eyes skimming through the wall.

“I built them little by little.”

My magic was introduced by Ellie to both of them. Since they are keeping it a secret, it’s fine to talk to them about it. It’s hard to tell that the wall was built yesterday and earlier today, though.

“The last time we went here, there was nothing like this…….”

Olba-san uttered it in disbelief.

Since they want to see the whole thing, I brought them over to the rampart wall.

“Isn’t this completely a fortress?”

When I focused too much on the defence, the end result became like this.

I reflect a little seeing that I have overdid things.

“We often heard about Masaru’s feat from Ellie, but this much is……”

“Since there are only walls without an entrance, that means this is still incomplete, no?”

Even after I think it over, I believe that an entrance is unnecessary. Even without it, my party members won’t be troubled over it and the safety will be the highest. I have never encountered them, but it seems that monsters appear at the vicinity.

To begin with, this place is deep in the heart of the forest. There is no meaning for an entrance.

“If you don’t make one, wouldn’t you trouble the visitors who wants to come in?”

“You said come, but wouldn’t it just be Olba-san and the others.”

If that is the case, I will make a small entrance.

When the strap is pulled, the doorbell will make a ringing sound.

No, if I need to pick them up at the doorbell, I guess we don’t need any entrance then.

“That is what we came to talk to you about. Masaru, will you become the ruling lord?”

“Huh? The ruling lord is kind of different……but?”

I got a bit flustered when that unfamiliar word came out of his mouth. A lord? Me?

Is it something like a school committee member?

If I were to become that lord ‘thingy’, then it will pose a problem for my home not to have an entrance gate.

“You see, the farmland is developing to be bigger than I initially expected. Don’t you think so? The number of applicants is increasing. Our village is unlikely to be able to fit any more people. Moreover, this place has a reasonable distance to the farmland.”


“So yesterday, I took a look at the wall that you’ve built as a sample. So, I prefer that you became a chief of the new village nearby the farmland.”

I see. I will make a new village and become that villages chief.

As a lord, the job will cover managing the village, or its internal affair.

Me? No, I think Ellie will rather suit that position.

“Is it that easy to become the ruling lord?”

“The most difficult parts are making the village and the management of the farmland. But aren’t those easy tasks for Masaru?”

Hmm. Not to say that I am not interested, as an adventurer, I can’t stop my preparation towards the end of the world. Even if I can handle dual jobs at the same time, I can’t help but think that being a lord will only increase my shares of trouble.

“I will discuss this with everyone else first.”

This isn’t a matter that I can decide by myself. Ellie is more familiar with this sort of thing.



“The ruling lord, isn’t that good!”

Ellie immediately agreed. Her face is full of smiles, I guess she likes the idea of being a lord.

“What about us as adventurers?”

“We can appoint someone as a substitute. How about that village chief?”

Besides managing the village on behalf of the lord, his scope of work as a substitute officer includes collecting the taxes.

“To begin with, I don’t know what is the advantage of being a lord.”

“You can be a noble, you know that?”

A noble? Isn’t that more troublesome that becoming a lord?

“Is it okay if I turn it down?”


“No, why, you asked me? Isn’t becoming a noble is a whole separate issue?”

Sure, our income will stabilize once we start collecting taxes from our territory, but I feel like things will be more trouble than worth. So, that is how I’m planning to explain this to Ellie san here.

Foremost, I’m not a nobleman.

“I will continue getting adventuring money, isn’t that income good enough?”

The way it is now, the world will be destroyed in 20 years. Getting a territory will just increase my burdens. Of course, I’m willing to do something about it, but I might won’t. (editor: I have no idea how to fix this last 4 words.)

“Then you can just forget about becoming a noble. It’s not an urgent matter anyway.”

Just because you are appointed as a ruling lord, you aren’t immediately considered a noble.

As a common birth, in order to become a noble, you need to perform some merits.

In this case, I will be judged based on this new settlement. I’m required to make sure that this pioneering work is successful and is on track. Afterwards, the country will only recognize me after I have steadily paid taxes for years.

“I will focus on the topic of being a ruling lord.”


“Please think about it. As Masaru is claiming the land little by little, your face unknown to those uncles who wants to give you their gratitude, aren’t they both sides of the same coin.”

Even when I said that it’s unneeded, the village and the farmland are built by the neighbouring lord.

Of course, the right that came along with me as a lord doesn’t include doing everything, but at least the tax revenue and so on will flow.

“Hmm…I certainly don’t want that to happen.”

“Right? Try your best to act as a lord first. If you still can’t do it, then we will find someone to sell everything and transfer our rights to them.”

“For now, it’s fine to leave things as they are. You will decide the necessary later.”

Ellie and Olba-san said so, but this is not something for me to decide alone, I need to listen to the other members opinion who were listening to this story silently till now.

“What do you think, everyone?”

“Oh well……I would like to agree. I would love to have a stable and good life, granted when I have a child.”

Children. If we put this factor together, I wonder if being a noble with a territory is better. Being a parent is better than being an adventurer by a factor of 100.

“What about Sati and Tilika?”

“I will follow Masaru-sama decisions.”

“Me too.”

2 people agree, 2 people abandon their vote, mine the only one left.

“If you think it is too troublesome, then just leave the job of substitute officer to Olba. We can continue adventuring as it is.”

“I don’t mind it. I understand how to manage a village to a certain extent.”

“I also have tacit understanding about territory management. That’s why Masaru, this request, please take it.”

Nania-san said with a serious expression, full of eagerness.

“This is a good opportunity to start serving Ellie again. I will fulfil the promise that I made with my father this time!”

Nania-san emphasis her point by standing up and clenching her hands.

This is the best time for Nania-san to fulfil her oath with her deceased father.

I can’t make a good objection. No, it’s not like things being troublesome is a good excuse for me to not want to do this, not to say this will increase Olba-san burdens……

“Besides, you can build a town surrounding this house where you live. Then, wouldn’t it be safer?”

A town surrounding this house……just like a castle town. Sure, that is safe, not to mention convenient.

In current state, even if I did build a strong wall, in the end it’s just a wall. There is a remarkable difference compared to when you have someone to protect.

“Let’s build Olba and Nania a house next to ours. That way, we will live forever together.”


No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, if this world is facing its doom, then there is no stopping it. If I’m able to save it, then this outcome will be a much better choice.

I have at least 19 years left. I wonder if there is anything that I can do……well, I know when is the time to give up. The worlds destruction might be something beyond anything an individual can do.

“We will continue adventuring for now. It feels bad to dump all the works to you, but I’m counting on you, Olba-san. If that is fine, I’ll agree.”

“That is fine. I also benefit greatly by acting as your substitute. Plus……”

Then, he gazes at Ellie and Nania who are getting excited over the news.

Both of us don’t want to go against the wishes of our wives.

“After this, we need to talk to the current ruling lord of this area.”

In search for a farmland, people will go out for the newly constructed village to be independent. It’s not as if people migrating from within the kingdom is not allowed, if the amount of people living inside decreases, it won’t be funny.

“Since we are going to ask for permission for building this new village, won’t it be settled by us coming to greet them?”

“I don’t know what to tell once we meet them.”

“We’re going to negotiate you know, negotiate. If it can’t be solved with talk alone, somehow or another, we will make them submit with power.”

“Threatening them with power will pose some problem indeed, but it might be good to show them what we are capable of. As a neighbouring territory, if the king is strong and showing a sign of friendship, most people will welcome him.”

“Oh yeah, let’s give the earth dragon as a gift.”

Give them the dragon that we have, huh. Certainly, it is a good gift material to show off your power……

“They can have the neck. Giving them everything will be a huge waste.”

Perhaps she saw my bitter face, Ellie adds so.

“Even the neck alone is a good enough as a gift. Good idea.”

“If they don’t accept it, Masaru can simply summon down Meteor in front of his eyes.”

If I did that it will turn into war!

Eventually, I was told to give my greetings later. Whatever happens depends on our negotiation that time.

“Then, let’s start building our town right away!”

Eh? What about my long vacation during this winter?

Not to mention I planned to take things especially slow today……

“Please forget about it.”

Of course, my idea was dismissed.

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