Vol.6 Ch. 4

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Chapter 4 ~ Coward Hero

We went home after doing some shopping at the fortress.

This place already feels like home. I’m still attached to my home at Siory Town of course, but that is just a place that I rented.

“Do you think that is enough to deal with Martin?”

After we settled down at the living room, I asked Tilika.

He already promised, and since I was worried, I asked Tilika to detect whether he was lying or not. If he tells the word, then everything that I keep under will all be blown away at once.

“A Truth Official will never break what they have sworn.”

“The part that he doesn’t swear?”

“……will try not to break it if possible.”

Unexpectedly, there is also that side.

According to Tilika, one who holds the position of a Truth Official will never lie, so they basically can be trusted. However, we can’t demand the same professionalism when they’re in private. Demanding perfection out of people all the times are unreasonable.

“If the story about Martin getting on Dogeza is exposed, Martin will be ruined. There is no way he will blab the thing.”

“If the Truth Official lies, will it be exposed?”

“I don’t think it will be exposed. Even if the information leaks from somewhere else, it’s possible to refuse the testimonies. We were at a private venue, as long the party doesn’t acknowledge it, he is simply sitting on the floor.”

“I see. I would prefer it to be like that, it’s better.”

“Is that so.”

If he is guaranteed to shut his mouth, although I initially feel like it should be fine if he talked about it to some extent, it will be better if he absolutely refuses to talk about it. Well, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about if he was not a Truth Official in the first place.

“More importantly! You’ve finally come to your sense as a Hero. That is a good thing.”

When I was having our own talk with Tilika alone, Ellie suddenly brought the dreaded Hero topic on the table.

It seems that she is still reluctant to close this Hero topic.

“I won’t be this Hero. Even the Demon Lord does not exist in the current time, so why should there be a Hero?”

“That is true. But, isn’t there an oracle that stated the Demon Lords resurrection?”

“No. nothing as far as I have heard.”

The Ito-Kami is in charge of that. In case a Hero is necessary, Ito-kami will make the preparation, as well as issuing a related quest to me. Whether to accept the quest or not, depends on me.

If Ito-kami decided that he has enough with the current me, then I might not have the choice but to do it.

“I don’t mind not hearing the bit of story that Masaru has not told yet.”

Ann gave an indifference response.

It’s not as if we were forced to listen to it……Martin, you dipshit, look at the unnecessary thing that you’ve caused!

“Ah-, yeah that’s right. I’ve only heard this from Sati, about the promise between you and Ito-kami where he will send you back 20 years later, as in your contract.”

This level of information is fine. Let’s try to find a leeway out of this.

“Masaru’s hometown is a country called Japan? The country seems to be far away, but nothing out of reach from transition magic.”

Ellie said with a brisk tone. She still thinks of another world as a faraway foreign country.

However, I’ve never thought about returning back on my own before……from another world to Japan, I wonder if I can do it with transition magic. Might be possible.

Well, it’s probably impossible to go back home since the coordinates for the destination must be known in order to activate the transition magic. Though, must be nice if I can go back even temporarily, but I don’t feel like going back yet.

If I can freely return and come back, the God will be troubled. If he wants to introduce a cultural and technological exchanges, he can just hire someone else like me and summon them here.

“That was the story before we get married. Right now, there is no way I will leave everyone and go back home. Right, Sati.”

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

“Of course! If you go back home without permission, I will definitely catch you and bring you back here.”

Ellie looks serious when saying that.



Later on, Martin came to apologize.

During our previous encounter, Martin hastily excuse himself after that ‘accident’ occurred. Afterwards, he got worried about several things.

He came back to apologize about his misdemeanour the other day. He wants to discuss about a possible friendly relation in the future. Even I don’t want some unnecessary trouble to arise from this.

After talking for a while, Martin finally brought up the topic about the Hero.

Except, this is the story about the Hero of the old time.

“This is the one aspect that Tilika herself doesn’t know. The true story which was not published in the common tales.”

“Don’t know.”

“And here I thought that Masaru-san has a gist of it. Oh well. I will tell you whatever I know.”

The Hero has a superior swords skill and capable of magic, boasting the strongest strength back at his day.

However, it was said that he is a coward.

He spares lives, and always opting to run away from battle. There is an anecdote where he does runs away.

He was a Hero chosen by the oracle, but he never wants to be in the first place.

Of course, such a thing was never recorded in the history. The Hero was a looker. He risks his life fighting. But, people who knew the Hero personally will laugh at the beautification of the story.

We are the descendant of the ancestor of Truth Official, which of course, we are not connected by blood——our ancestor was also good in magic, as well as an early party member of the Hero and fought with him for a while.

At one point, the story about them going to the Demon Realm to defeat the Demon King was spread.

Our ancestor chooses to remain and fight. At some point, the situation becoming bad due to the monster’s onslaught, but they have given up on the coward Hero.

The Hero went to the Demon Realm.

With their main powerhouse gone missing, the already bad situation getting worse. As the descendent, as to honour our ancestors, the tale was spread that the ancestor was fighting very bravely.

The Demon King armies were overwhelming.

That’s why they came out with an all or nothing plan, which is to directly kill the Demon King.

And when the Demon King armies finally advanced to the Imperial Capital, suddenly the Demon King armies stopped.

The Demons were pulling back the monster armies.

Not long after the Hero and his comrades return back and reported their successful attempt of killing the Demon King.

The Human Allied Forces were excited. From that point, the story converges. He married the princess, was granted a territory, and lead a peaceful live.

Since he couldn’t believe the Hero till the end, he regretted the fact that he was not there accompanying the Hero to slay the Demon King until he dies. To redeem himself, he told the later Truth Officials, when a new Hero appeared, please support him no matter what.

“——because he was a coward, he dives deep inside the Demon Realm, my final opinion on him is that he is a genuinely amazing person who has defeated the Demon King. That’s why, when Masaru-san doesn’t want to be associated with anything related to the Hero, I got a deep impression that you might be the real one.”

This guy, he still has more things to say?

“Last thing I want to ask. Has the Demon King really not resurrected?”

“At least, I haven’t heard about it.”

“Is that so……but even if you’re not a Hero, I want you to promise full cooperation in the future. Fighting is not my field of expertise, so I hope you can forgive me on that.”

If you want to know more about the Hero exploits, please drop by at the Truth Official headquarters and contact our master. Martin said that and finally left.

Although I can continue taking a rest this afternoon, due to the past battles, the sickness and other things, I’m worried that the house is not making any progress at all.

The interior is still incomplete. I have not yet installed the entrance. Even the defence is lacking.

This house is reasonably sturdy since it was built with stones, but that alone will not make me feel relieved.

A very strong, we need an impregnable fortress.

The only reason the Elf Country manages to hold their defence that long was because of the gigantic rampart.

Building a house is a job for all family members.

However, even if I said to build a house, the process might be same as making an agriculture land, but we still need to open up the forest first.

Our house was already built. I hurriedly cut down all the trees at the slope of this hill. My plan was to build a rampart surrounding this hill.

I’m cutting them down with an ordinary axe. It’s quite a strong axe that can also act as a weapon. Together with my 《physical strength enhancement》 and 《swordsmanship》 level 5 skills, the trees were cut down after 2, 3 swings.

Ann also has 《physical strength enhancement》. It was a work that she has done for several days now, so she can do it without any problems.

Tilika, who doesn’t possess great physical strength, finds this job too rough to do. That’s why she’s letting Taiga do it. If the big trees are hard to bring down, Taiga will help with his forefoot.

Other villagers generally don’t roam this side, so it’s okay to use Summoning Magic. Even if there are people coming, Sati will notify us.

Ellie is practicing 《Space Magic》 will be cutting down the trees.

Although it takes a while to activate, it can cut even the biggest tree in a single blow.

It’s a convenient skill to bring into actual battle, but compared to the 《Air Cutter》, both it’s accuracy, invocation time and efficiency are way below it.

As long as it’s activated, it’s a powerful magic that can cut down all, if not everything.

Next is, Sati. After saying that she will do it seriously, she run through the forest at a fairly high speed, and hastily cut down all the trees with her sword.

The trees fall on top of each other along Sati’s route. The snows were all dust up.

It’s like something gigantic was running through the forest and demolished all those in its path.

She is doing a four-person workload alone.

I wonder if Sati is fine alone, while thinking that, I saw Sati made another lap.

After a while, the trees fall off behind Sati like dominoes.

It’s a somewhat strange scene. I stopped working my hand and spend my time gazing at it.

Sati was sweating and breathing hard. She looks enthralled just because I told her to do it seriously.

“That was awesome, Sati.”

“Onee-chan, amazing.”


We really need to do this far away from the civilians. In order not to make a scene, we need to be more careful compared to normal.

“Are you still fine? Let’s go for another lap!”

“Yes, Masaru-sama!”

We’d better find other places to work as to not get in Sati’s way.

“Everyone, can you please make this an open space? I will collect all the trees here.”

My role is to do the collection. Since the trees remain in their original condition with all the branches and leaves still attached, the automatic dismantling function in my 《Item Box》 will activate.

There is no need to process them to log since they will become one just by collecting them.

I cleared the area around the site with 《Earth Magic》. Then, I stacked off the woods on this place. I’m going to build a warehouse here later.

I will leave the job of cutting the trees to Sati. Next, I’m going to erect some walls.

It was the same type of wall, a tall 20-meter type that I built for the agriculture land before. I can build a bigger one, but I might get complaints, and it’s hard to rebuilt once it was erected. If possible, I would like to finish this by today or tomorrow.

After collecting all the woods that are rolling around, I activated my 《Earth Magic》 to build the rampart. The height was about 20 meters, while the width is about 5 meters. The upper part was appropriately shaped as a passageway, the same type as the one at the fortress and the Elf Country. A moat about 10 meters wide were created as a result of taking the surrounding soil to build the walls.


“Isn’t this nice?’

“I don’t know, tad bit too big for my taste…….”

When I asked for their opinions, Ann and Ellie replied so.

Just like me, the memory of our battle at the Elf Country is still fresh in our minds. Ann is showing a slightly doubtful face, but she is not directly opposing anything in particular.

“Then I will continue building them like this.”

I created the second batch. The joint looks like they were connected together unnaturally. Since it looks like it can do the defence job just fine, I will fix them at another other time. Just like that, I continued building the third one, the fourth one and so forth.

By evening, I already have about two third of the walls completed surrounding the hills. My mana hardly left, so I called Ann to supplement mine. (Crywolf641:no idea how to word this last sentence)

Once my mana was completely exhausted, I started having a rough time. I will finish the rest tomorrow. There is no merit of working from morning if I don’t finish up all my mana.

Thanks to Sati’s effort of cutting down all the trees, the area surrounding the rampart is neat and has clear visibility.

Together with Sati, we went up the rampart walls and took a look around the area.

I had the others return earlier to prepare for the dinner.

Our tower is located on top of a small hill, so its still stand above the 20 meters rampart walls.

There is no problem with the view.

However, a staircase is necessary for the walls, as well an entrance. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

But this much is a good enough job for one day.

“We’ve done a lot of works today. Are you tired today, Sati?”

I asked while applying heal on her. There is not much physical recovery to be gained, but if you apply heal now, usually it will lessen the muscle sores on the next day.

“Yes. I’m feeling alright.”

Somewhat, she is not moving at all.


“……. just, a little bit tired.”

Just a little bit, huh. Well, Sati already did her best in her works.

“Today, I bought a soap from the elves. Let’s give it a try. Seems like it produces lots of bubbles.”

The price is ten times more expensive compared to the ordinary soaps. It’s a rare item that can only be bought once due to its scarcity in the market.

Even though the normal soap can clean the dirt just fine, it’s lacking in the foam department is disastrous.

“Fluffy foams……”

Sati, the bath master is curious as well.

“Let’s get into the bath together after we’re done eating dinner.”

Elf made soap really did give lots of fluffy foams.

Bath time was really fun!

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