Dark Magician as a Hero: continuation

This is the continuation from the previous post. The other 50% of the same part.

★ Carl Side ★


Now that I’ve accomplished the first friendly meeting with the Hero, next day, I’ve been paired with Jeanne. Afterward, I became a busy man, business like usual.

Specifically, I was busy with the documentation works from early in the morning and somehow, I managed to finish quite a few by the afternoon. Skipping the lunch, from the afternoon onwards, together with the executives of high ranking adventurers and mercenaries who leads large number of men, we discussed the countermeasure against the powerful monsters who are terrorizing the excavation site. Since I was surrounded by strong people, the discussion took it turns to the west till the sky has been dyed red. I don’t want to sort out the documents anymore in the afternoon like this.

“Thanks for your hard work, dear.”

Deshiderata welcomed me back from outside the conference hall. Looking at her smile makes me able to bear any kind of hardship……nevertheless, I’m still hungry……

“I’ve prepared sandwiches so you could bring back to your office. As expected, perhaps I should have sorted the official documents……”

“No, Deshiderata needs to take care of her body. The jobs that I’m doing is much more trivial compared to taking care of the child.”

Her stomach is clearly bulging right now. To be honest, I hope she will stop waiting for me till late night. I want her to get a good rest.


I bring my hands to the unsettled Deshiderata cheek, slowly bringing my face closer……

“B-bad news! Please go to the monster’s material siteee!”

The moment was ruined by Jeanne who is rushing inside with great vigour.

“What the heck, Jeanne? Have you gone insane? Or are you just a muscle head idiot?”

The reason Jeanne is calling me must have something to do with her inability to handle the issue herself. Who dares to increase my workload when I’m already utterly tired? Depending on the reason, I might leap of this 3-story mansion. It’s a deadly blow towards my accumulated stress!

I asked for an explanation from Jeanne about the gist of the situation. Apparently, there is an abnormal situation occurring at the monsters dismantling site.

Since the number of adventurers have increased, a new monster’s material site has been introduced to the somewhat small frontier Adventurer Guild. This newly built facility has made it possible to receive a monster’s materials that is rare and are not seen every day.

Acting together as a place to store money from the transaction, it’s a convenient location inside the premise of this mansion. The dismantling pros are also located here. With that reason, many adventurers came to this warehouse since it’s nearby.

When I arrive at the transaction site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a mountain over there. There are many adventurers forming a crowd with hustle and bustle, still what caught my eyes the moment I entered the premise was that mountain.

“Ca-Carl sama, this way! I already called Carl sama.”

The other adventurers make a way after hearing Jeanne call. After we encircled the mountain, it turns out that it belongs to a body of a monster. It was also found that the mountains, was a form of a single wolf.

“……from the east prairie……the ruler of the Moonlight Wolf [Mao-Shu] ……the Moon Wolf Kurt?”

[Mao-Shu] is a group of monsters occurring every hundreds of years. It very existence could be said to be incarnation of disaster. When the Mao-Shu pack is formed, the tribe will expand its territory, and the size of the flock will explode.

Originally, about 50 years ago, Moonlight Wolf was an adult monster who has strong fertility but does not attack people or cattle. However, the fertile grassland quickly fell into the hands of “Moon Wolf Kurt” as soon as the Mao-Shu occurred.10.jpg

Due to the sudden burst of the Moonlight Wolf, people are forced to escape the ferocious wolves, which resulted to loss of lands.

I’ve concluded that the first obstacle towards my development plan is this particular Mao-Shu. Because of that, I’ve been carefully making plans after plans……tampering it to perfect state. For the Moon Wolf King to be presented right in front of my eyes now……oh, I’m getting dizzy.

“Doesn’t the prince complexion look very bad? As expected, it’s thoughtless to bring such a thing outside out of sudden?”

I don’t know about my mind, but my worries are groundless. The Hero that I met yesterday……this is certainly insane, but the meaning of insane should defers between him and myself, huh?

“Carl sama is stuffed from works from morning till night. As your personal knight, I would like you to take a break once in a while……”

Making someone who I just wed yesterday worried devastate me more……it’s on different scale than having my works done.

“Un, you have lots of subordinate that are dismantling the defeated monsters alone, will it bother to ask them to dismantle this? I don’t want this thing alone to take up much space.”

Please Chris dono. Why are you aiming straight to my worries? I told you that I’m giving a reward for taking down a big one, but why would you beat the Mao-Shu right from the beginning? When you said big, I thought you mentioned about one who control a slightly larger territory. Why are you taking down the main ruler there?

D-the dizziness has become severe……e-even though it is still just evening……my sight has become blurry……




Ooh! My tiredness was suddenly blown away. My head has cleared up. It feels as if the fogs have dissipated.

“I used energizing magic and spiritual stabilization magic … …how is your physical condition, Prince Charles?”

“Your fatigue has really accumulated after all, please don’t push yourself too much.”

Like I said Jeanne, your concern is misplaced.

“Anyway, Chris dono will comes to my office sooner or later……. will you bring this mountain to the warehouse before dismantling, since it’s going to be on the way and bothers the others?”

Perhaps it was brought here with the magic [Storage Space]. If it still remains here, then it will obstruct traffic. Let’s keep it inside the warehouse for the time being.

Let’s summarize everything during the time we’re transporting this to the warehouse. It’s hard to prepare appropriate rewards for such kill like this Mao-Shu you knooowww!

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  1. YanLynn says:

    Thank you for the chapter, I really like this story.


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    So he’s upset that the large beast causing his kingdom problems has been dealt with? This makes total sense.


    • Sherrynity says:

      He had a headache thinking about the reward, you know?

      Now imagine being in his position: for example, you hired someone to take down a goblin, with the reward of 5 copper coins per head. Then later, the one you hired killed a dragon and brought the corpse to you.

      Imagine the pain.


  7. Zero says:

    Thanks for the meal. 😋


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