Vol.6 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 ~ Confirmation of the Spoils of War

The snow continued falling while I was still on the bed. Although it has piled up to several centimeters thick, the reclamation works continued without interruption.

The battle at the Elf Country was of course, reported to the neighboring villages as well due to the emergency situation. Since the message was relayed within a day, which arrived before morning of the next day, the situation was taken seriously

Of course, the Elf side never bothered to state their total damages.

Somewhat, the pilled-up snow was not enough to hinder the villagers works, as they continue to work and gathered around.

This particular area is particularly warm. Even if the snow piled-up, it usually melts after few days. It was said that it’s not serious enough to be put in mind.

Everyone went to help with tasks like cutting up the wood. I transform the area which the tree had been cleared. In these three days, the forest was opened considerably.

“By the way, are the people working increasing again?”

I meet Olba-san who is supervising the works and asked him.

“That is the current situation. People from the neighbouring village comes to help too. That’s why today, I want to talk about this issue.”

Various rumours are going around the neighbourhood this time, from the crisis befalling the kingdom of Elves, to the current cultivating works currently ongoing in this village.

Because of that, the number of participants has increased compared to the initial one, but there is nothing that can be done.

“Actually, I don’t mind it. Let’s give it our best.”

At first, I was thinking on the easiest method to approach this project, but my line of thinking has changed after the battle at the Elf Country.

An easy job doesn’t exist. Rather, by promoting the cultivating work, for the time being it’s possible to stay away from the battlefield.

When you’re nearly dead, only then will you realise the blessing of peace.

There are only two possibilities for the newly cultivated land, whether to sell or lease it.

However, there are no waterways yet, neither the fences or walls. It was said that the applicants for these lands will take a look at those available first.

Plus, although the price is still undecided yet, I get to keep the revenue.

While listening to Olba-san, I continued transforming the wasteland to a farmland. I left the obscurities as it is. It doesn’t hinder my operation, albeit my mana usage has increased somewhat.

In less than a one-hour mark, about 10 new sites were created. The newly created farmland which were piled up by the snows just moments ago are now releasing steams.

“The rest are just the waterway and the walls.”

“At this point, we don’t even know the overall size of this cultivated land. Either way, it will be decided.”

“Should I start making the walls now? If you want, you can modify it to the size that you want later.”

The walls are important. If the walls are sturdy, the monster threat can be halved. Rationally, the size of the one at the Elf Country is impossible to reproduced, but I want it to be at least a fortress or a town’s scale.

“Please tone it down a little bit.”

The previous wall that I’ve built was a failure. In the event where the monsters are invading, it can easily be destroyed.

I concentrated a large amount of mana. In my mind, an image of a rugged wall which can at least withstand a dragons charge, even for once, surfaced. Next, a deep moat. Activate!

My mana was released, the ground in front of me dented with a  rumbling sound, and a wall risen.

The completed wall is about 20 meters heigh with a same width. The thickness is good as it is. (editor:basically. A height of 20Meters and as thick as 20Meters in width.)

The moat shares the same depth with the height of the wall.

Perhaps, the moat is a little dangerous……I should halve the depth, and change the width to the same size. Also, we need a stair to climb back up. All in all, the production value itself is not bad.

“This is enough.”

“No, no, no. Please wait a moment. We are not building a fort. If you continued making it big like this, you will deplete your mana.”

“I can afford it with the current mana that I have. If we don’t make it this sturdy, then when the great Demon Army invades, then we wouldn’t be able to hold, won’t we?”

“That is right, still.”

“No, this is still dangerous if there are larger species going through……higher, should I make it thicker too?”

“Masaru-kun, just what kind of enemies are you imagining we are going to fight……?”

Of course it’s the Demons. I wonder what Olba-san is talking about.


Ellie and Ann come from besides the wall. At their back is the villagers. Since the wall was built, it seems that they’re coming to watch it.

“How is it? Do you think this kind of wall is enough?”

So, I asked for Ellie’s opinion.

“This is good. But, isn’t it kind of overboard for an agricultural land?”

“Is that so? But less than this and a dragon can run through it with a single ram, don’t you think?”

“Dragons rarely come here.”

However, this wall is popular amongst the villagers. Amazing! Everyone’s showing their delight.

“Don’t we need maintenance and management? If it’s too big then the task will be too hard.”

Maintenance and management? I didn’t think about that.

In the end, it was decided that the wall of 5 meters in height is enough for the farmland. I made it extra thick so that it couldn’t be easily broken. It doesn’t have the height, but it had a feeling of a proper wall.

“Yes. If it’s this much, then it’s enough.”

For the time being, continue making walls like this, said Ellie. Well, the villagers doesn’t look dissatisfied. I’m not complaining if the local people thought that it’s fine.

With this done, our works are finished for today. After this, I’m going to the Adventurers Guild at the fortress.

I need to report about the battle at the Elf Country soon.

As soon as I reached the guild, I was brought to the back room. Together with the Guild Officer is the Guild Chief. Then──

“It’s been a long time, Tilika. You good with your job?”

He doesn’t look like a regular person, much more so an adventurer. He exudes a mage-like aura, so he might be a mage. Is he about the same age as I am? he has a modest appearance. He has the similar odd eye just like Tilika. I wonder if he is a Truth Official as well.

“Of course, I’m doing it properly. Have you fulfilled your duty properly as a Truth Official?”

“So cold, just like the usual.”

“Your acquaintance?”

“I’m the senior apprentice. We practiced together under the same master for two years or so?”

I asked Tilika, but the fellow answered.

“Anyways, what is Tilika doing at such place? Anything related with your job?”


The Truth Official’s face contorted in shock after listening to her reason.



“Dear Truth Officials. Please continue your small talk later.”

“Ah, sorry. Then, Tilika, let’s talk later.”

Tilika nodded.

“To put it bluntly, there was a suspicion that you didn’t respond to the emergency quest responds.”

The guild staff started talking. This time around, the emergency quest was on operation in the same day. If it was the other way, normally there are times when people can’t respond to the call.

However, the guild staff were looking for us to be added to the fighting forces.

From what the guild knows so far, he was staying at the village. On that day, it was said that he went to the fortress for shopping briefly. The next day, while I was bedridden, everyone else went outside to the fortress or around the village like usual. That’s why it was believed that he didn’t respond to the call of the emergency quest.

“This time, it really was a short notice, so, if there is something holding you that time, it’s excusable.”

“That time, I was fighting at the Elf Country. My card should have the subjugation records.”

“You better not lying.”

“I was really there.”

In response to the word lying, Tilika coughed in frustration.

“I don’t plan to insult Tilika at all. This is just my job.”

“Then it’s fine.”

“Have you heard that you were not in a group of adventurers who were headed for rescue of Elf Country?”

“That day, when the bell rang, I was staying nearby the gate to the Elf Country──”

I tell him how I was hired on the spot, and went fighting as the elf escorts.

“Then, will you show me your card?”

Asked by the Guild Officer, everyone presents their Guild Card, and arranges them on the desk.

“Please look. This, and this”

That said, Ellie pushed her cards along with Sati’s.


Since the dragon was taken out last, it’s subjugation record was placed conveniently in the place where it can be seen immediately.

“Guild Chief, it was reported by the adventurers that there are 5 total dragons sighted. It was also reported that two of them were defeated by the elves side.”

“We were the one’s who took out both of them. Pretty big deal if I say so myself.” 

“Can you please talk about it in more details?”

I explained everything from the beginning, while omitting out the appropriate contents.

We were hired by Lily-sama as escorts, and flew to the elf kingdom, participated in the defence actively, and finally, saved by the reinforcement adventurers. After we went back, I got ill, and was bedridden for few days.

“So, today I came to ask for my subjugation rewards.”

“And to get our rank raised on the side note!”

“Then first, please let me examine your cards first.”

It was just an ordinary card check. The staff who was doing the checking at first shows a spirited expression, but when we saw him again, his face indeed become stricter.

“This is absolutely amazing! How did you do it, Tilika.”

“Just how you see it.”

“No, forgive me. But, everything in one day? Is Tilika strong enough to kill this much in short amount of time?”

“I’ve grown.”

“Grown, huh.”

“All of these, are the one that you guys defeated……is that correct?”

Looking at the all cards, the Guild Chief questioned while scratching his head.

“No doubt. Counterfeiting the card is impossible.”

Tilika asserts.

“Inside the Elf Country, you claimed that you’ve defeated this much in one whole day?”

“At most, not more than half a day.”

“The Earth Turtle King in this subjugation report, is it same as the 100-meter large species class reported by the Elf?”

It’s at the beginning of the subjugation report, might looks suspicious……

“That is the 100-meter class.”

I have no choice but answer.

“……in other words.”

“We flew to the Elf Country with the Princess Spirit Magic. First of all, we took down the 100-meter class Earth Turtle King which the elves were unable to defeat brilliantly. After that, we defeated the Demon’s Army of monsters with range magic, finally defeated the dragons and saved the Elf Country. Well, there are also other adventurers who came later to do something. We are the one who saved the elves!”

That story is kind of far-fetched. Well, we came here to report, so I don’t really mind.

“That is an outstanding feat. Amazing, Tilika!”

Two more guild staffs were called.

First of all, if they didn’t count the number of subjugations properly, it’s impossible to keep a neat record.

We are supposed to observe the process. We were not allowed to leave. In order to avoid the card from being exploited by others, it was set to lose function after being separated by the wielder. The effective radius is about 10-meters, and if it’s more than that, it’s impossible to browse the subjugation records.

“We have time.”


Ann and I converse leisurely since we are next to each other.

Other than mine, they finished counting the reports on the card an hour ago. Only mine left.

The Truth Official who was Tilika’s acquaintance was fast asleep on the sofa. Sati, Tilika and Ellie, are also nodding off at the side. I’ve slept for a few days, so I don’t feel sleepy, since I just got out of the bed.

It’s a small room to have a chat. Since it’s possible that others will hear it, I can only say what I deemed safe, avoiding anything important from leaking out.

I should have brought a book. But my Item Box was full with stuff that I want to put in our new house.

“How much monsters did Masaru-dono managed to slay?”

The Guild Chief asked, but I’m unable to answer. I’m sure that mine far surpassed anyone in sheer number alone, but I can’t really give a definitive number.

“Then, let’s us hear the details of the battle first.”

It’s a waste of time to wait for a count that might not end. They woke up from their sleep during the time the questioning is about to start.

In the end, I decided to explain the details. Ellie took the initiative to report the details of the situation and the battlefield. We were  supplementing her explanation somewhat.

“So, we finished our escorts duty, and went back home. After that, I slept for three days after I got drowned in the moat and drank the muddy water. That’s why our report to the guild was delayed.”

Right after I finished reporting, my kill count has ended.

The total monsters that was exterminated is about 80 thousand. I  alone manage to kill about 50 thousand, while the other 30 thousand comes from the four of them combined together.

I don’t know whether the number is smaller than expected, or is it more. Although the monsters seem to be infinitely reappearing, the number that I managed to exterminate is lesser than I thought.

But the most shocking one is the number of monsters suppressed by Sati.

Ellie was stunned when she saw Sati is above her in the number of total subjugation.

“Why is my count lesser……? Let see, the battle rate is……1000 bodies per hour!? ……but still……after we summed up everything……”

“That was because the enemy dispersed to avoid the range magic. Might be because of that? And Sati was fighting continuously while Ellie was absent.”

“I, is that so…? There is no way the record on the card is incorrect…”

Ellie was not convinced that she was defeated by Sati through the overall amount of subjugation count. Sati wore a slightly troubled look.

“Geez Ellie, why does it matter who has the superior and lesser counts, when we’re in the same party?”

“……you’re right. Sati has always protected everyone. Sorry, Sati.”

After she was admonished by Ann, she finally realized the hardship that Sati has endured all this time.

“More importantly! We’re getting a rank up for sure, right?”

Ah, we get sidetracked for a bit.

“There is no problem. But, we do need some time to make a review.”

“I don’t mind. I’m going to stay here during winter.”

“However, for the rewards……since it was an emergency subjugation request……”

By the way, it was. The rewards during emergency request are cheap.

This time, I flew directly to the Elf Country without receiving the urgent request, so I completely forgotten.

Based on the calculation in the battle log, we will get about 7 million gold at most, which is equivalent to 700 million yen in Japanese Yen. During an emergency quest, things like time of work, rank, etc. will be taken into consideration.

I used to be treated as a backup forces back then. Depending on the arrangements, there are times when we’re unable to get a single kill.

Of course, the battle results are also an important aspect, but everything come into a fixed salary + bonus kind of feeling.

Even during the previous emergency quest, I was not paid much. It’s better if I don’t put my hope in this one too.

“Well, it can’t be helped. But, I did a lot of work. I want you to consider that too.”

“O-of course we will.”

I’m relieved that we came back with a dragon. Well, I don’t have much problem with money, just feeling a little bit disappointed.

“Another thing, I hope you can keep this matter confidential as well……”

Even the elf sides are keeping things low, it’s better to leave things as it stands this time.

“Of course, I will not leak the guild members information outside. However, the insider will get this information for the purpose of evaluation, okay?”

“If it is like that.”

During the time of the locust invasion, I could talk to them to avoid from leaking out the information since I was not asking for rewards. But, this time, there is also a rank up review.

“You’ve done a lot of work, yet you want to keep it a secret? Is there any particular reason?”

So, the young man who is the Truth Official asked.

“I don’t want to stand out……”

“Huh. You are not doing something wrong at our back, aren’t you now?”

“Of course.”

“Even Tilika is with you, isn’t she? Ah, Guild Chief, is it fine if we go now?”

“Please, Truth Official-dono.”

“Let’s go for a meal, Tilika. There is a delicious shop nearby. It has quite a quirky selection, but the taste is not bad.”

“I’m going.”

“Everyone in your party too. I would like to hear about Tilika.”

“Ehh, well, I don’t mind.”

Although I get a bad feeling when he mentioned that place is full of ‘quirky’ thing, I don’t think it’s such a place that we can’t enter.

We’re held here for a long time, so I was getting hungry. I’m sure everyone else is hungry too. Plus, Tilika seems interested with the quirky cuisine.

Leaving the guild, we walked for a while before reaching the shop. As expected, it serves insects dishes.

I guess this guy treat insect as quirky dishes as well……

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Tl note: The quirky dishes in Japanese was called [ゲテモノ]. It’s more like a slang, so I don’t know the best word to translate it into. >.>

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