Hello Work: Vol. 5, Idle Talk

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Idle Talk: ~ Elf’s Country Tourism Group

“They are gone……”

Together with Titus, we went out of our way to see Lily departed to the kingdom until their silhouettes disappear. Her beautiful face is wet with tears. This time, it might be her last farewell with the lovely princess for life.

“Hey……Titus anee-sama, want to go back to the inn with Emilio-sama?”

She was asked by her younger sister, Patos.

“If possible, I want to go after Her Highness, even if that means I need to run on my feet.”

“The country is surrounded fully by monsters. If it was just us alone, then……”

Too reckless. Even Titus must be aware of such thing.

Titus mana was completely depleted on the time during our escape. The only means left is the sword on her waist. Her skill is outstanding even among the other elves, but she is no fool to think that alone is enough to take on an entire army.

Titus has no choice but to take on the word of those adventurers. Although one of them are capable of using Gate, it’s inevitable but to leave the Princess to the human adventurers…….

“Let’s go? Emilio-sama is getting worried.”

Only non-combatants have escaped. Under the situation where we don’t know where or when the monsters are going to attack, Titus and Patos who are combatants must act as the escorts.

To escape, the Elven Princess is more than capable to carry all of them at one time.

“Maybe we should increase the amounts of escorts, just in case……hmm?”

Titus eyes were glued on the adventurers nearby the main gate. If they were all gathered up, then it will be enough to handle hordes of monsters.

That’s right. What if I hire them?

“Patos, I, also will hire the adventurers!”


“I will hire the adventurers, and go after Her Highness!”


There are many adventurers gathering around. Titus thought that there must be few of them who are extremely skilful.

Right, there might even be some S rank adventurers among them.

“We are going to hire as many adventurers that we can, and go after Her Highness as the relief squad!”

“But Her Highness words are…….”

“I will go together along with the hired adventurers, Patos can remain here. I will go alone.”


“I’ve decided.”

“Titus anee-sama…”

While we are talking about this matter, more armed adventurers are waiting at the gate.

They seem to notice Titus and the groups are walking towards them, but it seems like they are pretending to look far away.

There seems to be a tacit understanding between the people in the fortress.

The rule is not to unnecessarily talk with the elves visiting the fortress.

Titus unsheathe her sword and make a loud sound, instantly turned the surrounding plaza silent.

“Listen, all adventurers! Right now, the Elf Country is in an unprecedented crisis. I want to save it. I might not be able to make it on time if I return now. By the time I reached here, the army of the demons are already swarming the place. There is no guarantee for your life. The country might be destroyed, so I can’t promise any rewards. But I will still say this. I’m asking you guys, please fight with me!”

After Titus finished her speech, the plaza continues bustling, yet no one is volunteering their service.

The condition is too bad, it’s too reckless to accept.

Unlike Masaru and his party, the other adventurers have no means to secure their survival. There is no reason for taking this quest, nor do they have the ability to fight against a monster army.

Any adequate adventurers clearly understood the risks. Even the rookie adventurers can sense the danger by looking at the unresponsive senior adventurers.

By now Titus must have realized that saying their life is not guaranteed paired with unguaranteed rewards are bad combination, but it’s too late to rectify this atmosphere.

The adventurers hired by Her Highness choose to actively participate in the war, even without any rewards promised. What is the difference between them and the people here?

Titus wondered what makes them so difference.

Is it our charm? Of course, compared to the lovely Princess, I don’t hold any appeal at all. But still, it’s strange how none of them are willing to take up this quest……

When Titus contemplated about her self-appeal, the crowd broke and a beastmen emerges from inside.

Fierce looking, with a body full of battle scars. Together with him is a large spear and armour which looks well-made but already worn out. His tidy face is covered with a fine whisker, making him look like a real beastmens.

“Look, it’s the Lion King, Garcia.” “That one!?” “This is the first time I saw an S rank……”

“You are……?”

“I’m Garcia. I’m an S rank fighter, also commonly known as Lion King!”

Just like a lion, Garcia emits a strong battle aura surrounding him.

“Will you come……together with us?”

The beastmens standing in front of Titus is an S rank. He is certainly in a different league compared to the B rank party hired by Lily.

If this warrior is willing to cooperate with us…….

“I’m going to retire from being an adventurer soon. But before that, I want to see up close the elves once. That’s why I came to this frontier.”


“Correct. I just wanted to go sightseeing.”

“Garcia-dono, if you want to go sightseeing now, it’s…”

“But if there are monsters in between, I will eliminate them. I immensely enjoyed sightseeing, but I will be troubled if the Elf Country was destroyed before I went once. Hey, you guys also want to go sightseeing, aren’t you!”


When Garcia makes a call, everyone in the plaza who had listened responded in unison.


“Oops. Please don’t misunderstand, we’re just going sightseeing. Of course, I’ll be grateful if Lady Elf going to show me the directions.”

Considering that Titus was unable to give any rewards, Garcia is insisting that he is going just as a tourist.

Touché, Titus unintentionally get on her knees and lowered her head deeply.

“Titus anee-sama!?”

Looking at what transpired in front of her, Patos lets out a surprised voice.

As the Princess aide, and a person who linked to the Royal Family, it’s an unusual to see Titus kneel.

But the destination that awaits these guys are nothing but a deathbed. To repay Garcia spirits, abandoning one pride is unnecessary.

“My name is Titus Lufrères. As a person linked to the Royal Family, I’m the first knight of Her Highness, Princess. With my life and the pride of the Elf, I will guide you to the Elf Country.”

“Good! Let’s go sightseeing at the Elf Country, while saving some lives!”

To think that such a warrior is hooked, maybe I just surpassed my own appeal. So, what Titus thought.

Afterwards, the preparations were done hastily.

Under the command of the Lion King Garcia, an S rank veteran, the urgent request from the guild were ignored. He alone manages to gather near 100 men, and after 30 minutes, we departed from the fortress.

We’re going with horse carriages, and the cavalry units to act as reconnaissance.

Another few horse carriages are following behind it in full speed. It was bad for the horse to continue going at their limit, but we have no moment to spare.

In addition to the S rank party with the strongest Fire elements, another 5 A rank parties responded to the call. This kind of strength in a fortress are kind of excessive.

Initially, the reason adventurers were not responding to Titus call was not because of her lacks of appeal. During the same time, an emergency request from the guild had already been issued, which could not easily be ignored.

However, when an S rank is taking a lead, then it’s a different story. For some reason, even if they were to ignore the emergency quest issued by the guild, they will be tolerated.

“The biggest problem is the Earth Turtle King.”

During a short break in between the journey, just like how Lily did to Masaru, Titus also explain about the Earth Turtle King and the anti-magic metal to the Lion King Garcia.

“If magic doesn’t work, then we just need to bust it up! Leave it to me!”

There is a worry that we might not be able to make it on time, but there are also other pressing issues that need to be considered.

Lion King Garcia is experienced taking on large creatures, although he roughly capable of doing it, there are still numerous monsters surrounding the Earth Turtle King.

Nothing can be done unless we manage to breakthrough that wall of monsters first. Even though armed adventurers were gathered, a group of 100 people are way too less to deal with thousands of armies.

“We will bypass the Elf Country and ambush the Earth Turtle King. The monsters will get confused. During that gap, I will launch an attack on the Earth Turtle King. I will try to manage it somehow with this lance. Even if it is a large creature, it is still a living being. There must be vital points. I will look for it, and defeat it.”

Garcia laid out his plan. His S rank title is not just for show.

Hearing that made Titus trembles, slightly.

“After that, the elves need to manage themselves, somehow.”

What we’re heading to is the centre of enemy forces. There is no hope for survival.

Not everyone agreed with his plan, of course. The wizards also decided to leave after releasing their first shot. No one here is capable to shield the wizards in the rough battle. A magician is useless, unless they can cast their magic.

Still, more than half of them volunteered for the mission, even if that means they are throwing away their lives.

Of course, Titus also feels the same.

“My apologizes……your lives, I’m gratified that you’re using it for me.”

“What, everyone will die, someday. If we’re accompanied by a cute elf lady like you, then it’s more or less a great deal.”

Ever since they started becoming an adventurer, they’re always playing with death.

If you don’t like it, then there is always a safer option. Unless you’re ready to expose yourself to the risk of danger, one will not become an adventurer.

Going for their own death, Garcia said that it rare for someone to be able to choose who they died for. The same goes for the people that he leads.

“That’s why, lady, don’t cry. Please smile, for our sake.”

——I wonder, how long has it been since I last cried. Furthermore, I cried twice in one day. In the end, I just want to see Her Highness, but if I were to die together with these people, then it’s not that bad a feeling.

So, Titus thought, showing a smile purely from her heart towards the adventurers.

But both Titus and Garcia main concerns doesn’t lie on the Earth Turtle King.

What they saw after they arrived at the battlefield, are five dragons proceeding towards the country.

The army of monsters which should’ve been surrounding the country now are nowhere to be seen. Garcia and his companions shoot down the dragons, and the remaining army scattered away.

Everything, without sacrificing even one person.

With the dragons defeated, the demon’s army quickly withdraw, and the Elf Country defensive battle finally comes to it end.

Thus, Garcia and co fulfilled their wished to tour the Elf Country, while Titus reunited safely with her beloved princess.






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