Hello Work: Vol. 5, Ch. 20

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Chapter 20 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ⑨ The Finale

Ever since that point, our focus was to defend the Western Gate.

Since there are no actual need to help the other locations, I’ve decided to fix our position here. Hence, our strategy will be focusing on defending this place.

In any case, make sure that this place is under your control. So, said the oblate to me. Since we were in command more or less, please take care of us till the end.

Two hours have past.

We descended and fought.

It feels like we were exposed to dangers for a long time already, when it’s actually just been two hours at most.

Finally, it’s time for a quick break. I don’t know if there’s no more room for composure left, or maybe it’s because of the mood, Ellie was not taking out her pudding this time.

It’s unknown whether the enemy noticed that we were already in a tough spot, but they are focusing their assault on us. The only reason we’re still survive is because of the amount of kills Sati had. We’ve encountered dangerous situations countless of times, yet none of us were fatally injured yet.

However, my mana is depleted now that I’ve shot down the 《Meteor》 again. My bow was overused, and now the string is giving out. The one that I’m currently using is the cheap one, which can’t withstand the abuse.

Fortunately, the elves nearby are fighting using a bow about the same size as mine. The elves bows are made of whitish wood. They’re flexible and tough. It’s not a high-class item such as Sati decorated bow, but it’s still quite easy to use.

Tilika planned to summon Taiga and let him fight again on the ground. Afraid he’s going to take some damages, I asked her to withdraw him first. I will have Taiga ready for an emergency.

Sati is still trying her best even though she already went beyond her physical limit long ago. It can be seen that she is currently struggling to release each shot of arrows.

Since many were killed with my Meteor, we can afford to relax a bit……

“Enemy, not reducing.”

I said it softly to Ellie. I hope she will change her mind and agree to run away soon.

However, if we leave the battlefield now, this elf defence line will surely collapse. That’s why, even though I want to back out, I can never muster the act. Even I can understand the implication of that action. I’ve completely missed the timing to escape.

Even if we are to escape now, we will barely make it.

“The Harpies have decreased, a lot.”

“That’s because Sati is actively shooting them down.”

On the other hand, there are almost no other arrows to shoot out. Did they used it all up shooting down at the enemies? Normally, the arrows should be flying around right now. Perhaps they have used it up faster than ever since they are not prepared to be on defensive.

But even if there are arrows left, there is no way they can keep shooting it. They are not machine. Not only their mana, the Elves must have hit their physical limits by now.

We need some plan to breakthrough this situation. Should I let Anne and Ellie take up the position as archers? But, even if I levelled them up with their remaining Skill Points, will the 3 of us prove to be a formidable fighting forces? After discussing this with them for a while, I increased their skills with what Skill Points they have left――


Our discussion was interrupted when Sati shouted, and pointed towards the forests. Further on the distance, two huge dragons appeared from inside the forest. They might not be as strong as Earth Turtle King, but I bet they were twice as strong as Drago.

The two dragons walked side by side. Accompanied by them are huge number of monsters. Even Trolls and Ogres that was not here before are together with the dragons.

So, the Demon side was keeping this troops just for this time?

“So, these guys are waiting for the moment when all of us depleted our mana, huh?”

“Nah, more like they are waiting for us to be sapped of strength first.”

Whichever it is, the enemy is hiding their trump card till now and unleashed it all at once.

“If I mustered the last ounce of my mana, then at least, one of the head…….”



“Forget that. When the time comes, please escape through the gate. My older brothers are determined to fight till their last breath. A reinforcement squad was already requested from the fortress. The help will arrive soon.”

There is no way the help will comes anywhere soon. No matter how fast they moved, the earliest will be by tomorrow afternoon. By that time, this country will already be overruled by the dragon.

“Lily-sama, lets escape with us.”

“Those guys are not the only one with a trick up their sleeves. I also have one. The Spirit Magic.”

“But that is……”

Isn’t her Spirit Magic incapable of offensive magic?

“When the lord has fallen, the Spirit will go out of control. An uncontrollable spirit will run amok, and follow suit after it’s lord.”

In other word, she is going to self-destruct.

“That’s the price I’m willing to pay to defeat the dragon. Considering how my life alone is enough, don’t you think that is very cheap price to pay?”

Of course, there are many other Spirit Magic user in the vicinity, however it’s been confirmed by Lily-sama that its not possible. That is because the self-destructing phase will require mana too.

If the spirit run amok while the users have insufficient mana, the damage inflicted will be minimal. The Spirit Magic alone consumes much more mana than a normal magic used by human. Naturally, the mana will only recover fully after a week. The only reason Lily-sama is able to preserve her mana is because everyone is stuck on protecting her. There is no way the other Spirit magic users has that kind of leisure.

I always wondered if she preserved it in case to take flight in emergency……

“I can only do it once. That’s why, I will preserve it till the last moment.”

There are many monsters surrounding the dragon, however, if I managed to approached it unnoticed with Covert, then I might be able to take it down with my Magic Sword. I don’t want to think what will happen afterwards, but I’m sure that is better solution compared to self-destruct. I will be able to escape if I start flying at the sky somehow.

The other head, the Elves need to deal with it some way or another.

“Sati, you’re staying here. Become everyones guard. No matter what, you need to defend them.”


“No worries. I have 《Covert》 as well 《Stealthy Steps》 skills. If the situation turns to the worse, I will use 《Fly》 to escape. Ellie, I’m leaving everything to you. Absolutely, run away with 《Gate》 when things turn bad, understood?”

Even if I fail and die, Ellie will somehow manage to do something.

I wonder how effective is 《Covert》 and 《Stealthy Steps》 in a battlefield like this. I nearly said it out loud, but stopped at the last moment.

“No way, that kind of thing!”

The dragon is approaching. Based on it’s movement speed, it’s  highly unlikely that any of us are capable of restoring our mana before it reaches here.

“There’s no time to argue anymore.”

It was when I was concentrating my mana on my sword that I noticed it. There was something further behind the two dragons.


Sati also noticed it. There are two other dragons moving towards here.

And behind them, another figure different to the other four dragons can be seen. One with larger body, with wings.

A gigantic dragon gracefully leaved the forest.

“Ah, Lily-sama. There are three other dragons coming from behind.”

There are five in total. As expected, this is impossible. Let’s run away.

“Ellie, you should make the Gate ready anytime soon.”


One of the dragon is heading straight towards this place. Even if I managed to defeat it, the tide won’t turn. Ellie too seems like she finally gives in.

What about Lily-sama? There is not much time left to persuade her. Perhaps we should forcibly make her comply.

We should make it so that Lily-sama parents and elder brother run away with us too…….

“Masaru-sama, that!”

Sati pointed towards the sky. Is that a flying dragon I’m seeing?

Somethings feels off.

Magical reaction? Something is fighting……it fell!?

“It’s the adventurers!”

My 《Hawk eyes》 were unable to see that far into the distance yet. The performance is that of my normal eyesight. Or is it because I’m not accustomed to it yet? Anyway, Sati was able to see the adventurers fighting.

“The reinforcement has arrived!”

So, Ellie said, but isn’t the fastest they can arrive is by tomorrow afternoon?

“No mistake, that is our reinforcements. They might have been deployed as soon as possible. There is no other way they can make it here on time otherwise.”

If the lesser adventurers advance on their own, then it might be possible to reach here as soon as this squad.

Ah, the second head also fell down. I can see some people fighting against the third head at a glance.

Looking at how fast the other two was defeated, I don’t think it will take that long for the third dragon to be defeated. Then, the problem lies on the dragons that’s reaching the wall. The reinforcement wouldn’t reach here on time. The enemy doesn’t consist of those dragons only too. There are also numerous monsters on between. If we don’t stop the dragons on their track now, they will most probably bust through this defence wall.

This defence wall of Elves Country boasts it hardness and it thickness. But just how long will the dragons take to tear a hole on it?

“I will engage one of them!”

“Masaru! I’m coming with you!”

With the amount of mana Ellie currently has, it might be possible to defeat the other dragon. However, what if this is not the end of the enemy’s trump card? Still, to survive while preserving our mana is……

“Ellie, do it!”

If she were to receive Ann mana, then it’s possible to accumulate enough mana to open the Gate after an hour. If I can get back here safely, combined with mine, we will be able to shorten that time more.

The adventurers party that came along for reinforcement are surely one with a high rank. If they manage to breakthrough till this country entrance, then we will surely manage.

I have no choice but to believe that.

With an imbued wind magic in my sword, I jumped off the tower. The Flame Magic Sword is too conspicuous.

I continue to cross the moat with 《Levitation》, and use 《Covert》 to hide behind the Orcs corpses.

Though, looking at the Dragon up close makes me regret my decision instantly.

Just because I managed to defeat the Orc King effortlessly with my Magic Sword, I got too carried away.

A large creature over 20 meters tall is running here at full speed.

By the looks alone, it possessed several times momentum of a trucks cruising at full speed on a highway, or a full speed train on its track. Even if the Magic Sword has the sharpest edge, it’s absolutely impossible to take it on the front.

The dragons raise it speed further, stomping directly towards this direction. It’s stomping create a small earthquake. Witnessing all that, I prepared myself to die. Killing the dragon is out of my capabilities. More like I will die instantly, crushed by the dragon’s feet’s.

The crater that was created by my Meteor just now, even though it manages to halt the advance of the other monsters, the huge dragons simply run through it.

Right now, my mana has recovered up to the level enough for me to use an intermediate level magic.

But will that be enough to stop the momentum of this things……?

The Earth Magic! I concentrate all my mana in my hands and extend it towards the crater that was formed by 《Meteor》. Then I jump out of the way of the dragon’s course.

The dragon’s right forefoot fit snuggly into the hole. Jerking forward from its own momentum, it flew over the moat while spinning mid-air, and it’s back coming into contact with the wall. It roars loudly when it crashed into the wall.

Taking the impact from such large creature full brunt, the wall shakes, a crack can be seen running throughout it. However, the wall endured, and the dragon fell into the moat, splashed splendidly.


I ended up getting a huge amount of water from the moat splashed into my face. Raising my face, I saw a dragon fit the moat nicely on its back and struggling to escape.

On my hand, my Gale Magic Sword still remains.

The horde of monsters are falling far behind the dragon since they can’t keep up with the dragon’s full charging speed.

They didn’t even notice the dragon here. If I want to do it, now is the only time.

I quickly went on its head. While jumping over the moat, I cut a slit deeply at the base of its neck.

As a result, the dragon sinks deeper inside the moat with a ‘plop’ sound.

Due to its heavy armoured body, it sinks into the bottom of the moat quickly. The dragon’s struggling is creating a huge water updraft.

Only later, the situation registered in my mind. Crap.

The water become cloudy and I couldn’t see anything. Swept by the current, I can’t determine my footing. My breath, already……drowning……

At that time, I was grabbed by something. Dragged across the water, I finally resurfaced on the ground.

“Masaru-sama! Masaru-sama!”

Sati! Sati has come to help!

“Gahah! Gehoggeho! Sati……I…I’m fine…”

Thanks to Sati saving me, I ended up swallowing less water. It’s a miracle that I’m unhurt.

No, is this really fine? It’s extremely dirty, and I have drunk a load of water from a moat where there are countless bodies floated.

Forget that, first comes the dragon……

“I can’t resist myself from coming. Even Elizabeth-sama told me to go.”

The dragon’s neck was cut into pieces, the blood came flowing out of it and dyed the water of the moat red. It’s no longer moving.

“Ah, you saved me, Sati.”

Ellie made a correct judgement. The remaining enemies are…….!? Shit, they are close!

“Sati, we are escaping.”

Before that, there is something that I must do. I collected the defeated dragon into my Item Box. I don’t want the enemy to find this body filling the moat.

Together with Sati, we returned to the top of the tower reunited with everyone.

“Masaru, you need to take a better care of yourself!”

The worried Ann ran towards me.

“I’m impressed! Your strategy of creating a pit hole in the moat and luring the dragon inside is not bad at all. The way you execute it is still poor though.”

Ellie said trying to calm Ann down.

I never have such strategy in mind. I’m just acting according to my wit. The luck was on my side considering how the dragon got caught in the hole easily.

By the way, it seems like Ellie still have some room to watch over me while delivering her Wind Magic from on top of the tower. We’re fighting against the same enemy, why is there so much difference between how a mage and a warrior fight……nonetheless, I will never fight against a large creature again.

“Geez, your body is covered with mud. 【Purification】.”

Not only am I covered with muds, there are rats in my wet cloth and it’s cold. This feels like wasting my mana, but I warm myself up with Fire Magic and took out a dry towel from my Item Box.

“Thanks, Ann. Ellie too. I was saved because you sent out Sati.”

I thanked Ann while she is wiping my armour.

“Even if I forbid her, she will jump down anyway.”

What is the current situation of the battlefield? I still can afford to fight. I should change my cloth quick.

“The situation?”

“Just take a look. The enemies are in a mess thanks to these adventurers rushing in.”

All five dragons were defeated. The reinforcement squad slowly advancing to this country’s entrance while killing off the remaining monsters.

We can take a breath now.

The rest of my mana……. I used up everything to create the hole……my level has risen; my skill points should have too. I should have accumulated a lot of points, any skill that I would ―― pg. 272

When I opened the skill list, *notification sound*, I received 10 skill points.

What the……?

“The quest is cleared!”


Hearing me shout suddenly, Lily-sama asked with a blank face. Oops.

My mouth slipped a bit, but she shouldn’t be able to conjuncture anything by the word ‘quest’ alone. This much is still fine.

“We did it! We’ve won! Take that!”

The remaining monsters start to turn on their back and run away disorderly.

“O, ooh!?”

“W-we’re saved……”

My knees lose it strength once the realization hit me. No more.


Ann hugged me tightly. Kind of a waste now that I’ve readied my armour……no, the battle has already ended. Let’s take this off. Being wet felt gross.

“Let’s go home.”

I tell that to Ann who is still hugging me.

Right. After we get back, Ann will reward me for my courageous spirit. Thinking about that made me strangely happy.

“Yeah. I agree.”

“Ellie, we’re leaving the gate to you. Let’s go back home.”

“EEHH!? But……”

Ellie looks genuinely surprised when she heard me.

“Lily-sama. We’re already tired, so we’re going to go back home. See, the war has ended.”

Dozens of adventurers are waiting at the Western Gate, looking at it, a giant gate made of iron bridges was about to be opened. Looks like they manage to defeat the leftover monsters nearby the gate on time.

“Ah, crap. We still need to wait for a while to recover mana.”

“Well, that’s that. But are you sure you want to get back home that soon?”

“The quest was fulfilled. There is nothing more left for us to do here.”

“But look, we’ve rescued the Elf’s Country and all, and there are many other things.”

“T-true. We still haven’t reward you yet. Perhaps, a grand ceremony……”

Ceremony. That sounds like a hassle. Plus, there is no way they can hold one right after a battle like this, aren’t they?

“Well, some thanks will be fantastic.”

“No, that are not okay!”

“But see. Won’t that be amazing?”

As I’m getting out of my armour, I swing my Guild Card to let Ellie take a look on it.

How many subjugated monsters was recorded? It’s too much that it became too troublesome just to count. This should net us a lot of subjugation rewards. This, I wonder if it can be considerate as a fair enough payment.

“Err, I will bring together with us the dragon that Ellie has defeated. I’ve defeated the other one, but selling one of them should be good enough. Don’t you agree, Lily-sama?”

“Eh, yeah. I have no problem with that arrangement.”

“Good. Sati, follow me.”


I take Sati into my arms and slowly landed below the wall. I can see that no monsters are left at the surrounding area. This time I brought Sati along as precaution. It’s irresistible not to slaughter each monster that left.

We don’t go straight away to the dragon that Ellie has knocked down, instead we take a long detour around the battlefield. From nearby the road, we collect the corpses that are still in good condition. Afterward, we decided to get to the dragon.

The dragon was torn down by slashing its body to shreds. Must’ve been ripped by the Wind Magic. This way, there are not much to sell. Maybe we will just eat it here. For recovery.

“Even so, I’m, tired.”

“Yes. I’m hungry.”

“The dragon before. Let’s cook it later and eat it.”


Sati replied cheerfully.

Now that I think about it, I’m tired but I’m unhurt too. I ended up drowning, but there aren’t any visible wounds.

The others shouldn’t have done anything risky enough to injure themselves too.

“Sati, you hurt anywhere?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Ah, but see…”

She shows me her palms. Her palms are full of blisters. Let me apply 【Heal】 really quick.

Seeing how fierce our battle has been, the only injuries Sati suffers are only blisters.

“Good, Sati did a great job today. Especially, the last one where you saved me.”

“Am I, being helpful enough to you?”

“You’re a big helper.”

“But, everyone else are using cool magics……”

I wonder what happened? Range magics are flashy, but doesn’t mean that it can eliminate more enemies than what people think. Heck, in the end Sati need to do the clean up once someone messed up their magic.

“The others are only able to shoot out their magic because Sati has been keeping out for them. this time, Sati is the one who have worked the most. I can vouch for that.”

Sati seems to be convinced. It’s really the truth. She has been shooting her bow for forever.

And later, after counting the number of subjugation, to my surprise, Sati is only second to me when it comes to the number of monsters we’ve defeated. Ellie was shocked.

We returned to everyone and Lily-sama greets me with a full smile.

“It’s just like what Masaru have said. All the monsters surrounding this country has run away.”

“Then everything onward will be fine. I’ve already collected the corpses of the dragon. I’m going back home.”

“Yes but, I haven’t given you my thanks.”

“Didn’t the elves side also suffer a lot from this war? We’re really fine, so why don’t you take yourself to restore the order.”

Sorry that I couldn’t join your ceremony.

“Well said, Masaru. Lily-sama, we don’t need anything else. We are saving this country under the Gods guidance.”

“Likewise, Angela-dono. Towards the God who guided you to come here, I express my extreme gratitude.”

Ann gently refuses the reward. We won’t have any problem with money since we’ve got these two dragons corpses.

No, is it really fine for us to take both of these dragons together? Since I’ve destroyed the surrounding walls with Meteor, won’t they need some funds for reconstruction……?

“After all, I think it’s better if we leave the other dragon here. We don’t need that much money, so taking two heads are kind off…”

“It’s fine, nothings wrong with that. Just take both of them.”

While we continue discussing, Lily-samas knight, Titus-san came running inside. She was together with the adventurer’s reinforcement squad, and hurriedly ask around for Lily-sama whereabouts.

“Ooh, you guys! Good job. You really guarded Lily-sama properly till the very last end.”

“Are those adventurers with Titus-san?”

“Correct. Since Princess is hiring adventurers, I figured that why shouldn’t I? when I put up the request for reinforcement, I managed to gathered around 100 people, including two S rank parties.

Wow. So that’s how they instantly killed those dragons.

“I never guaranteed them any rewards. Still, they gladly followed me even though I can’t guarantee their safety. If it’s for the elves, we will gladly sacrifice our lives! So, the adventurers said.”

Oh……so that’s the reason. The adventurers are elf admirers.

I’ve heard rumours how an elf related quests are immensely popular. I never thought that they are willing to bet their lives for one, though.

“I’m gratified to you all, too.”

“Don’t be. Well then, we’ll entrust Lily-sama escorts job to you back. We will go back to the fortress, and return back home afterwards.”

“H-hey. Are you seriously saying that you will decline the rewards ceremony? It’s no big deal even if you want to stay at the royal palace tonight.”

The sun is already setting. Normally, one will find a place to stay, but we can simply go back with Gate.

“This country is still in a state of chaos, am I right? I will come back once the situation has calmed down.”

If we stayed at the royal palace tonight, then Ann will refuse to do it.

Because of that, we’re going back home for sure.

“Princess, there is no reason for you to keep them here for much longer. Let’s leave them return to their home. As for you guys, you have my gratitude. Lily-sama, why don’t you greet the other adventurers. I’m sure they will love to meet you.”

“Ah, whatever we have done here, please keep them within yourself.”

“I understood, please don’t worry. Then, we’re going. See you, Princess.”

“Alright. Hey Masaru, absolutely, you must come back here sometimes.”

Lily-sama gets dragged by Titus-san and went away. I’m still worried even though I was told not to worry. But, I’m sure Lily-sama understands our situation.

“Your mana should have recovered anytime soon?”

“Just a little bit more.”

“I will help you a bit so that we can return faster. Ann still have debts with me that she still need to clear. I’ll be looking forward to it!”

“That……I told you anything, but please go easy on me, okay?”

But that’s all are just talk. We used the 《Gate》 secretly inside the small room at the tower. Now, we have returned back to our new house. But as soon as I took my equipment off and lay on the bed, I fell fast asleep till next morning.


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