Dark Magician as a Hero: Ch. 2, Pt. 5



★ Dianne SIDE ★


Awoken inside a dimly lit room, I saw Olivia anxiously looking at me.

“Dianne, my husband said there is nothing wrong with you, but are you feeling ill anywhere?”

I checked myself as I get up……I was soaked in a water mixed with medicinal herbs. Just like that, I slept for several hours while wearing a wet cloth. It’s not surprising if I caught a cold, but on contrary I felt very light.

Later, I heard that he not only removes the curse, but also the bad synergy inside my body ──I was tired from journeying with horse carriage──in addition, it does wonder with the complexion of my skin.

“I’m in a rather good condition. Thank you, Olivia.”

I took a look at my cloth and I see that it is nicely wrapped around my body. This means that nothing perverse was done while I was asleep. I was rather confident with my body, so this somehow hurt my pride. Though, this really put Chris higher in my book.

Another thing that left a good impression to me was how he reacted when his wife asks him to attend to her best friend, how he play along without showing bad face and laughed the for the whole time.

As a matter of fact, in regards to Chris sama, if I find that he is an ordinary man who merely has an ability to save Olivia, then I will simply leave him the rewards and return back to the Kingdom. But……I have an impression that he is a stylish person who doesn’t bring shame to the title of a ‘Hero’.

Well then, how should I screw my position as the second wife as ordered by Father? How to persuade Olivia, so that we will all love each other? Towards him……how to make him fall to me?

The flower on the street will sleep with anyone depending on how much money they are willing to spend. Their loves are cheap, that must be what the public thinks.

That is not wrong, but don’t misunderstand, it’s definitely are not related to love affair. A flower that can’t go along with the whim of gentlemen, will just wither.

In that case, thinking about him as a husband after merely one night, then devising a way to draw his attention, while keeping my body and my mind devoted. How is that any different from other girls mad in love? The flower will bloom for those seeking for its honey, genuinely ‘fell in love’, till the other party leave.

Ah! I finally get what my teacher has been educating me till now. If I think about my partner from the bottom of my heart, while prepping my body to him, that is the moment when I “fell into love’.

“Dianne? Are you okay? Your face is red. If you’re feeling cold, then I will prepare the bath right away.”

“Fufu, you get it wrong, Olivia. I was together with Olivia’s handsome husband. I felt embarrassed thinking about it. He is totally handsome and stylish person……have you baked the bun?’

Based on her good mood, I’m rather sure that their relationship is a rather happy one.

“That is because my husband is the best man in the world. It’s totally normal to be heed over the heels for him.”

I already saw the content of her letter, but she truly is in love. There is no way Olivia can act this mad in love. Though, from what Father pointed out, she is totally worried that her husband might not be satisfied having sex with her……now, how should I approach this topic?

“You see……I never expected Dianne to come. Actually, I initially planned to discuss something with you while we continue exchanging letter.”



Guided by Olivia, we went inside a bath tub which is clearly too big for two persons. Together with my best friend, we soaked inside. I never expected to enjoy a bath like this at the frontier……ah~ the warm water feels nice on my body.

Since the bath is right in the house, we can be comfortable inside it whenever we are tired. The heavy things on my chest afloat.

Besides, keeping the body cleans always is just a lady etiquette. The prepared soap gives out bubbles, and now we are covered in bubble bath.

“What do you think about this soap specially prepared by the Meitia household? If this doesn’t fit Olivia skin, then I can prepare something else.”

Our house doesn’t only in charge of all the brothel in the country. The soap, or the sanitary supplies, our household are in hold of all the top brand of diverse cosmetics. This ──market monopoly──was rather in our palm. What Olivia is using now is, the highest-grade soap, chosen by our family for the best escort. Only a handful of people will get the chance to use it. It’s the finest quality soap that general public will never get to know off.

“It fit me perfectly……a, amazing. Your skin is so beautiful…”

I know right? This is one of Queen’s favourite item. I don’t like the fact that this is one of Angelica favourite too, but the money is not sinful.

“This is the present to celebrate your marriage. Fufu, please continue to have a good relationship with our household in the future, alright?”

“R-right……this kind of thing is what Meitia House do the best, aren’t it?”

She looks troubled. I thought she wants to please her husband, perhaps she wants to avoid spending lavishly?

“By the way Olivia, what is the thing that you want to discuss with?”

“Y-you know……this thing, I can only talk about it with Dianne……I…when we are sleeping together, no matter how hard I try to serve him, he always remains energetic……when he is holding me, once he noticed that I can’t go on, he will go to sleep too, even though he clearly wants to go on.”

……fufu, like this, I’ll be able to save my time and effort. This girl already understood, she alone doing her best is not remotely enough. Sometimes, a man who is very strong in nature, is peerless when it comes to sex.

“Olivia, since you’re my best friend, I’ll be honest to you. Truthfully, I was send here by my father. As a maiden, coming to the Hero’s residence……you must know what my intention is?”


Perhaps, me getting here in hurry spill it out. However, it must be a complicated feeling to have another woman in her love nest after all.

“I don’t have the slightest intention to compete with Olivia for this gentleman love. If Olivia said she doesn’t want me as mistress, then I will send you our best escort, specially picked by our family, to repay for my curse. If you get tired after playing of her for several times, we will dispatch another girl. It’s fine to make her your mistress too.”

“T-that is……”

Well, based on the Hero personality, he probably won’t simply cast her away, so that saved the hassle to bring the another one. Also, since the girl is a prostitute, she will simply remains as plaything, instead of being his wife.

“No, no way……unless, my husband chooses to…… take a stranger……no, I’m scared……I’m my husband wife……I don’t want to be related to a stranger, or anything else.”

Yes, Olivia is fine if her husband really did want to take a stranger as a mistress ──the mistress is obviously a woman──but she is afraid of greeting her relatives. In my case, since I know well of Olivia circumstances, when my relatives come, I know how to handle the situation.

“Sorry for being so selfish, but I’m still afraid to serve my husband alone……please Dianne, I want you to be my sister. If you wish, I will become the mistress……”

“Please calm down. What do you think your husband will feel if he heard his most beloved woman said that?”

I embrace Olivia who is about to cry. Her male phobia on the surface seems to take a root deep inside her. This really pains my heart.

Well, we were close friend since our childhood, and now, we are going to becomes sisters. If I can’t protect her and her husband, then my pride as a woman will shattered.

“Your gloomy thought will disappear once you make love with the gentlemen. Since this is a good opportunity, I will teach you the knowledge used on that ‘field’. It’s different from the sex education taught to the oblivious young noble girl, the real way of ‘pleasing the gentlemen’.”



“Apparently, my husband, he……was already asleep.”

No, he is just feigning sleep. I can tell from his breath……well~ he can’t go to sleep because he is feeling horny?

I came into the bedroom guided by Olivia. I entered the bedroom with her key. There is no light, but the moonlight shone through, illuminating his body contour.

“For the time being, move according to my instructions. First, your underwear.”


Good, good. She is really obedient towards my teaching. I specially tailored it for when I’m staying here, the so-called victory underwear. The one I design for Olivia was made with ‘adult’ on mind, with the main material being translucent.

We quickly dropped our clothes and get at the right and left side of the bed respectively. Then, we started with blowjob, while facing our butts to his face.

──Chupa chupa chupa.

“Nnnnn~tsu! Like that, stroke it lightly with your tongue……the sensitive place that I taught you……”

“Hamu hhahhahha~tsu……my husband, you are bigger than usual……so sturdy…”

His size is truly abnormal. I’ll be troubled if she said that this is the standard.

“Chuchu…… n, n mu……Dianne, just like this?”

“Good Olivia, just like that. However, isn’t this thing too big……? The dildo that I used for practice can’t even begin to compare with it…… chukuchuku…… hamu, nnnnn~tsu!” pg. 366

──Chuku chuku chupa chupa.

Immediately, Olivia imitate my example and served the Hero’s cock lovingly. Me too, I feel my body becoming hotter while servicing him……and suddenly, Olivia’s butt was grabbed and massaged.

“Kyaa! My dear…”

“My deepest apologies for disturbing your slumber, Chris sama.”

It seems that there is a limit to how much he can pretend to sleep while getting blowjob by two people. We continue to service him as it is, but Chris started caressing our asses and pussies as if he doesn’t want to lose too.

──Kuchu kuchu zuryu zuryu pe cha pe cha…….

“Haaanhn! Ah…ahh….m-my dear, you are churning the inside of my pussy……I want to service you……”

His finger gently caresses Olivia’s inside, while I ravage the inside of her mouth with my finger. Well, I adjusted my position so that his eyes will focus on me.

After I was done eating his ass, he gently kissed me and let his tongue crawled inside my mouth……don’t, my mouth came from your butt.

“Nnn mu~u~u~u! A ~a~a~a! N-no, leave my clitoris alone! My mind is going blank……”

Gradually, at first, he starts caressing her buttock, now he approaches her pussy and begin caressing it with his tongue…I’m trained to endure the pleasure, however, even my sensitivity will increase if he continue being this gentle and caring.

──Picha chuku picha chuku zuryu zuryu zuryu.

“Ah, ahhn, ah, ahhhhhnn!”

“Ku~un! Olivia, you can stop servicing his cock now…….”

Now that she got gently fingered by her beloved, I asked Olivia who is now in trance to switch from giving fellatio to give him a tit fuck. If she continues, then her teeth might accidently hit his dick. We don’t want that to happen.

Chris sama can’t handle the stimulus from the tit fuck plus my help stroking his balls. He is showing sign of cumming very soon.

“Hi ~a! A~tsuann ~a~a~a~a~a~a!”

I reach my climax first before Chris sama began to ejaculate. That is because I’m trained so that I can control whenever I want cum.

“Ha~a ha~a……I was planning to service Chris sama……yet I was the one to cum earlier……I……cummed.”

I already heard about it from Olivia. He is the type that wants to take a lead in sex──well, there are different types of men, etc. ──that’s why I came first, as to rouse his rough manly instinct.

“N mu~u~u! M-my dear’s finger is making my pussy a mess. I’m cumming!”

Olivia also climaxes at good timing. Well, in her case, I bet his finger is going crazy inside her pussy.

“My dear, sorry for climaxing so soon. Please bear it with Olivia’s mouth.”

I want to comment on that, but I better don’t. Their action naturally opposed, I guess that is indicator of how compatible both of them are with each other.

Suddenly, the excited Chris sama makes us get on four, and get behind us. Whoever he wants to start first is entirely up to him. I protrude my ass out casually. Then, Chris sama grabbed my butt and rammed his cock inside my maiden pussy roughly.

──Ni ~yupu puchizzu pupupu pupu…….

“Ahhhhhh! T-too big……. waaahnn!”

Ahhh! My virginity……the resulting blood from my broken hymen dripping on my thigh, thus tainted the sheet red. No, I can endure this much, the pain when accepting the male penis for the first time!

The pain and other thing is nothing for a girl in love. It’s to pleasure the man which is important.

“I’m glad……that my virginity is claimed by the Hero. Dianne is……ah, this is bliss. Please continue making love to Dianne, and impregnate me……”

──Zupu zupu panpanpanpan~tsu!

Looking at my back, I watched the man who has stolen my virginity……ah, her face looks contorted, his body is getting drunk with pleasure. Does my polished honey pot feels that sweet?

“Haa…haa…. you feel so good, Dianne! I’ve been holding back since just now, so I’m going to release everything now! Just as you wish, I will inject it deep inside your uterus, and make you bear my child!”

Ah happiness! This feels crazy good, it making my waist unbuckle like crazy. Please, love this flower and claim it as your own!


“Ah~ come, pleaaaseee~! Come inside Dianne virgin pussy! Impregnate me, with Chris sama big coooocckk~!” pg. 376

──Dopyu dopyu dopyu.

“Ha~a! N a ~a~a~a~a~a~a~a!! Soo hoooottt~ Chris sama hot semen is pumping inside my tight pusssyy~!”

“Ha~a ha~a……I’m not finished yet. Just one shot is not nearly enough……”

Inside my vagina, his hard rock cock doesn’t get limp at the slightest. Aah~ please taste me more.

“Dear, I know that Dianne is cute, but this is unfair. Me too, I want……”

Chris sama is not defeated just yet. To my future husband who I dedicated my maidenhood to, I will make sure you are satisfied tonight.

Then……Olivia and I embraced while we changed position, and while he cummed inside me four more times, Olivia also get creampied for another three more times. While overlooking her sleeping happily on Chris sama arm, Chris sama continues to thrust his hip from down below.

While lying on his back, he is fucking me while I’m on top and hold Olivia with one hand. He keeps on going, even though he already ejaculated inside my vagina four times non-stop. Although his cock is not as big as when we started, it’s still huge enough to churn roughly my inside.

──Zupu zupu zupu zupu.

“Hahhahha~tsu! N’n n’n n ~u~u~u…… a~a I’m cumming! I’m so sorry Chris sama ~a~a! Dianne is going to cuuummm~!”

He repeatedly thrust inside me while I’m squatting on him. On the same time, his other hand is furiously kneading my boob, which makes me unable to control the pleasure any more. Each time his hand touch me, I was introduced with a new weak spot that I’m never aware of, and he never fails to make me weak on my knees every time.

“Aah, I’m at my limit again! I’m going to ejaculate inside Dianne pussy again!”

“ N ho ~o~o~o! I’m cummmmiiiinnngg! My head is turning crazy, and I’m going to cuuuummmm! A~tsuann a ~a~a~a~a~a……”

──Dopyu dopyu dopyu.

It’s taking everything I’ve got just to retain my consciousness. This is only possible due to the pride that I’ve fostered since my childhood. Chris sama is……my beloved master still can keep going……I can’t let myself sleep now……

For a moment, my consciousness faded, and I fall on top of my master’s chest while still sitting on top of him. I’m not falling that hard on him, and I saw him smiles and embrace me in his arm.

Warm……comfortable……this is the calm feeling that can only be experienced when you’re with your beloved……

Suddenly, my lips were glued to a hot thing…ah, my master is kissing me.

“I get too caught up since Dianne body is too erotic. I wonder if I can wake up energetically tomorrow morning?”

He gently laughed. Ah, he was completely satisfied……I’m happy. My womanhood is already exhausted……

“It’s already bright outside. Well, doesn’t matter. Let’s sleep till noon.”

Good night……now that I remembered, today is not my safe day. Moreover, I drunk a magic potion that will increase the probability to get pregnant before I crawl in……my master ejaculated inside me five times with his big cock……everything came into my mind right before I get to sleep……well, doesn’t matter.

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