Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 18

Chapter 18 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ⑦ Orc, Invasion

We finally catch a breath after all of the serious talks was done.

In the morning, we were at the fortress to shop, and now we ended up in a war. I used up my mana completely once, and now that I finally sit still, the fatigue hits my body.

We’ve been shooting our bows for long period of time now, especially for Sati. Despite herself saying that everything was fine, I don’t think she is not completely tired by now either.

If possible, I would like a place where I can lie down and relax, a futon if I’ve got the choice. It would be much better if I can relax together with all my wives too. The idea was still fresh in my mind where I planned to laid back with everyone in our newly built house.

Especially since I just got my chance to sleep with Ann the day before, after our long arduous journey to get here.

I will definitely have my way more with Ann the next time we return back home. Definitely.

“Your Highness! The enemy has launch another full frontal attack. This time it was at the western gate.”

The elf messenger ran inside the room and reported the news.

“We will go as reinforcement!”

Oh, Ann……before we can do that, we need to be there first.

This time, it should be tough to fly our way towards the western gate with Lily-sama’s magic. There’s a group of Harpies centered around the Western Gate, attacking it.

At the western gate, we can see thunder roaring down and flame’s rising up.

Following the Harpies attack on the wall, the stationed elves counter-attacked with their magic. Since they don’t have enough hand for defense, a huge number of Harpies have leeway of assaulting them.

“Leave them to me! O wind! Come, and become my front!

Ellie started chanting. A large-scale wind magic was about to be shot at them.

“I’ll give it my all.”

Ellie told us that while she was chanting.

The elves continue to counter-attack, but they were overwhelmed with the large number of enemies. Ellie’s judgement was correct, by lashing out a large-scale magic at the enemies from the side, it’s possible to reverse this situation. She mentioned how she won’t hold back, so I’m sure that she will pour in all of her mana inside this attack. Me and Ann are still here to help replenish her mana afterward.

Perhaps, sensing that there is sudden large concentrated mana nearby, they are coming towards us next.

It is still difficult to target an enemy that moves quickly with a bow. Calm down, myself. It’s fine. I will carefully target them one by one. Even if I miss it doesn’t matter.

Sati too is rapid firing her bows to the Harpies. Together, Ann and Tilika, aided by the soldiers who are busy trying to keep the Harpies at bay. Getting shot down one by one, the Harpies are unable to come close.

The memory where me and Sati were drowned to near death experience come flashing back in my mind. It’s okay.

I’ll never be engulfed in that kind of emotions anymore.

“Go forth and howl! 《Tera Storm!!》”

Ellie’s chants were completed, and the Wind Magic’s highest tier magic activated.

A large storm manifested at once, spreading through the battlefield. The whirling wind cuts the earth, the trees, the monsters, as well the Harpies who was in lower altitude. At the end, the Harpies were slammed to the wall and dropped down to the ground.

The spell was activated relatively closed to the wall, but with some distance as not to affect it. The Harpies flying nearby the wall was caught off guard as a strong gust of wind was suddenly blown their way.


Ellie who has used up all her mana fell off immediately after.

“No-nothing to be worry about. Though, this time I truly did used to much mana.”

I checked Ellie’s MP, and it truly has reach rock bottom. I need to help her replenish it quickly.

“Leave it to Me.”

Ann asked me to leave the magic recovery to her.

“Hey, this is bad. They are breaking through the wall!”

I tried to bring down as many leftover enemies as I can, when Lily-sama’s voice came into my ear.

Not far from our location, a huge number of Orcs are trying to break through the wall. Leaning forward to confirm the situation, I saw a large hole at the wall, enough for each Orcs to pass through it easily. A lot of monsters are focusing at that area.

Isn’t that Earth Magic!? The enemy mage……not here. No, he should be somewhere nearby here. No good, I can’t trace him even with my detection skill. There is no way I can turn around and look for him now. The wall comes first.

The battlefield turns into a melee fight. Now under attack from both the sky and the ground, the elves are engaging with the enemy’s head on. Right now, they have the privilege of magic stripped from them.

Ellie’s magic is truly a salvation since it reduces large number of enemies while making them confused.

“Block the hole!”

I should go over there and help closing the hole with Earth Magic…….no, can’t do. It’s fine if it was Sati and me alone, but there is no way I will bring Lily-sama and the other’s into a melee combat.

If, I leave it alone……is there is only me and Sati……

“I’m going to fight too. I still have some mana left. Don’t worry about your job as an escort. The spirit protection works perfectly.”

Seems like she knows that I’m currently in bind.


To be honest, my concern is not on Lily-sama. No, whatever happens, I worried more about my wives.

“The moment I decided to come back to this country, I’m ready to die. This is not a situation where I can leisurely think about my survival.”

“Masaru, please don’t worry too much about us. We are capable of protecting ourselves.”

Ann said while bringing her mace out.

“Drago is ready to be deployed anytime.”

Tilika’s word bring a hammer to my decision. In emergency, we will Drago out. I’m still worried about Ann since she doesn’t have that much battle experience.

“Understood. I’m going straight into the middle of the battlefield. Sati, I left everyone to you.”


Sati give’s out a loud reply.

I’m planning to bring the Golem out, but their movement is too slow and I need to concentrate in order to control them. I pulled out the sword from my back and take out the shield out of my 《Item Box》. In addition, I left a bunch of arrows to Sati. I want to preserve my mana by using a bow as my main weapon, but I’m afraid that I’ll make a mistake since I’m unfamiliar with that battle style.

Again, I confirmed the hole on the wall. Although the elves kept on unleashing magic past that hole, the enemies number are just too overwhelming, and in the end, they manage to pass through. The hard part is to cope from the Harpy’s attack from above at the same time. The elves attention was drawn towards defending the intrusion. None of them is free enough to deal with the hole itself.

The elves gradually got push back inside, and retreated deeper in the wall. Since the wall itself still intact, there is still a possibility to defend. As a member of a race that dominated long range attacks, they never once neglected their melee combat training. However, the strength margin between the elves and the monsters were too wide, and there are not that many elven soldiers in the first place.

As soon as their mana is completely depleted, they will be fully drawn to close quarter combat, and the frontline will not last long then.

“Let’s go!’

I continue to fire the arrows while rushing forward. Disregarding the Harpies at the vicinity, I finally arrived on top of the place where the hole opened.

I dropped a large number of boulders to underneath. Ten or so boulders dropped from the height of 50 meters shattered or broken upon impact and didn’t completely close up the hole. I tried to close some part of the hole which was covered, but it’s impossible to completely shut the opening. However, since the opening of the hole now have boulders piled up together, it somehow halted the advancement of enemy’s intrusion.

“I’ll get down on my own. Please seek for help. Make sure not to leave the Harpies around.”

There is still danger remaining by staying up here. If they put their attention to the Harpies, the wall is enough to block everything underneath. It should be much safer than participating on the battle holding on below. That also applies to me. Even if the Harpies decided to occupy the upper part of the wall, the one below is just groups of Orcs. Nothing hard to deal with.


The blade of wind comes slashing down, cutting every monster blocked by the boulder. After I confirmed the situation beneath, I land down with 《Levitation》. I instantly take out large number of boulders and piled it up together to block the remaining hole.

My 《Stealthy step》 was activated, yet the monsters surrounding me are aware of my presence. The Orc closest to me attack. At my back, I can hear a sound as if someone trying to separate the boulders from the wall.

I cut down few Orcs, and went to the boulders.

I touched the boulders directly and activated my Earth Magic. I lumped the boulders together, completely blocked the hole. I apply some cure as protective measure. Now, there is no way they can break through, unless if they have a mage at their side.

Sati seems to be actively taking Harpies down on the wall as I can’t see any Harpies nearby.

I shot fire arrows toward the back of the wall to reduce the Orcs. Perhaps due to the increase of my magic affinity recently, I can one shot the Orc now. even when using level 1 magic, I can annihilate more Orcs by rapid firing it rather than using wide range magic. At the same time, the invasive monsters went further inside the country at once. Soon, I’ll be able to annihilate all Orcs around the hole.

I calmly take a look around. The corpses are all over the shop. Not only the monsters, the elves included. How many elves were defeated in this battle?

I can hear loud noise from afar. The battle is still far from over.

I want to enter deeper inside to help the elves, but on the same time I’m afraid to be separated too far from everyone else.

I still have plenty of mana left. It might be more efficient to annihilate the monsters outside with Meteor, and leave the monsters inside to the elves.

But, the situation doesn’t allow me to make that choice.

Several Orcs emerged from the shade of the wall and heading towards here. I confirmed their appearance.

There is a beast further at the back. It’s appear to wear armour, compared to normally naked Orc. Its overall physique is two times larger than normal too.

No mistake, that was the Orc King.

Its huge club was filled with blood. Looking back at its body, they are fully covered with blood. Its clearer now that I have 《Hawk Eyes》.

There is still a distance between us, where I can get away easily. However, the staircase to the upper part of the wall is nearby. Doesn’t matter the small fry, there is no way I can let the dangerous Orc King roaming around.

I rise up by using 《Levitation》. I’m currently at the height where the Orc King attack can’t reach. I’m conscious with the Harpies, but apparently, they are not nearby. Sati really is not pulling any stop.

I continue rising until 10-meter height. In the meantime, the Orcs gathered at the closed hole. It seems that they are trying to pry open the hole, but unfortunately the rock is infused with the wall. Not only that, it was hardened too. It’s impossible to destroy now, even for the Orc King.

On top of the place where they are gathered, I dropped 99 boulders at once. All of it centred around the Orc King.

The Orc King raises it face and realize that there are boulders dropped on top of it’s head. Unfortunately, it’s already too late. About half of the Orcs get crushed, alongside the Orc King.

Landing on the ground, I shoot 10 disarrayed Orcs with 《flame arrow》.

After defeating all the remaining Orcs, I went to recover the boulders, when the boulders in front of me suddenly get sent flying.

The Orc King which I initially thought was crushed under the boulders popping out and lashed an attack at me.

Crap, I got too careless.

The Orc King came out full of scratches. In his hand was a huge club and he started swinging it down.

I dodged his assault.

It’s a close call since I was surprised. Due to its injury however, it’s movement is kind off dull. But it still come at full power. Just one hit and I will turn into a mincemeat.

This Orc King can’t be dealt with a half-ass attack. Dodging its attacks three more times, I finally gathered enough mana to activate my Fire Sword.

I continue dodging its attack. One time, I finally able to land a hit vertically from upside, and its metal armour was torn like butter.

*fwoosh* the Orc King fallen.

“Fuh, that scared the hell out of me……”

It will not spring alive now, isn’t it?

I make sure the defeated Orc King is truly dead, and take a look around.

There are no more survivors among the Orc crushed by the boulders. There is no sign of other monsters in vicinity too. There are no Harpies overhead. I better get back soon. I unlit the flame that was put on my sword. The edge of the sword appears to be chipped a bit. This sword was used to slice up an Orc King. This much is to be expected.

I sheathed my burning hot sword and collected the remaining boulders and Orcs. The Orc King especially will fetch a very high price. As for the fallen elves……I decided not to look at them. They are not breathing anymore, completely dead. Since the Resurrection Magic doesn’t exist, there is nothing that can be done for the dead. I can’t simply collect them and put it inside my 《Item Box》. Plus, I don’t know how to handle their corpse.

By the time I finished collecting the leftover boulders and Orcs, a group of elves descended to this passage. Apparently, the battle inside has ended.

“Are you the one who closed the hole?”

“Although what I did was an emergency countermeasure, the wall was strengthen with Earth Magic. It shouldn’t be easy break now.”

After telling them that much, I activate 《Levitation》, waved to them and head to the top of the wall.

I’m rather worried about them.

Editor Crywolf641 Note: As you Noticed I put ‘《》’ at the time they use either A Skill or Magic to make it more neat looking. Or better looking. For me it looks good. Don’t know if you readers would like it though.

I also made that whenever they chant I would make they Italic to differentiate between normal conversation or words to a chant. Which works for me.

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