Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 17

I changed magic power to mana, as suggested by Crywolf. 

Chapter 17 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ⑥ Fate


Together with Ellie-sama are the squad leader and a bunch of elite looking elves walking a little on the passage above the wall of the South Gate. Another battle will begin after this.

While paying attention to the incoming arrows, I moved from wall to wall, but in turns I became the centre of attention.

“The Meteor just now……”

“Seems like he is the one who defeated Earth Turtle King too…”

“Are they the adventurers that was brought here by Lily-sama?”

“That human……”

“Whatever the case we’re saved.”

Apparently, the rumours already spread out. Towards the direction from where the Meteor landed, many elves came to give support, and it can be seen that the messenger is busy making a round.

We are currently in a battlefield. Just because I don’t want to stand out, I can’t afford to hold myself back just to avoid them from talking.

There is no concrete reason as to why I want to conceal my identity towards these people in the first place. I just want my Divine Blessings to be concealed, and they are more likely to become suspicious of me if I try to concealed it too much.

Ellie was showered by attention from the elves from just now till then, and she couldn’t be any happier.

“You see?’

I know. There is no choice but to unleash some flashy magic. It’s a given that word will spread out from it.

But what about Drago? We still have some moment to spare currently, but we never know if he will become necessary. Should I tell about it to Lily-sama first too?

But if a dragon suddenly appeared on the battlefield out of nowhere, I’m sure it will only cause confusion. I can’t let her summon Taiga for the same reason. As soon as my concentration returns to the battlefield, we already arrived at the designated place.

“Here we are. Please.”

This is the point where there are the most enemies congregated together. I release the Meteor magic here again.

Started chanting 【Meteor】――

This time I’m setting the range and magic consumption to the minimum since my mana is at the brink of finishing.

Though, the main enemy forces were already hit by Meteor once. This shouldn’t pose a problem.

Nonetheless, it’s still a level 5 magic. The casting will take some time. I took a look around the area of impact.


A number of meteorites falls outside the ramparts again. Now, the land has been completely burned.

My body turned heavy as I’ve used up all of my mana till the last bit. Yet, I still took out my bow and arrows and start finishing off the remaining enemies together with everyone.

“It’s fine if you want to take a break now, you know?”

“I’ll try to defeat the enemies, even if it’s just a little.”

I’m literally in a pinch right now. My mana was completely depleted, although my physical strength still remains. My body has turned languid now that my mana has bottomed up. Even one Orc is enough to kill me as it is. That’s why I better kill them before I get defeated.

While shooting down the enemies, I noticed that Sati has get to my side and starts attacking too.

The weakened elves were making their comeback too now that the situation has been reversed. The enemies are still advancing, but now their numbers are sparse.

I wonder if the monsters that infinitely sprung out from just a moment ago has finally ended.

“The remaining enemies are not that many anymore.”

I continued my assault for a while, and when the enemy’s ranks are clearly thinned out, I rest my hand and tell that to Lily-sama. Even while I was still shooting my bows, the messengers repeatedly come by to report something.

“The situation at the western gate is more severe than here.”

West from here is the direction of the fortress. Are they concentrating their main strength at that side in response to the fortress might?

Then that must be mean that we have evaded the worst over here. Should I go to the west once my mana is restored? I just need to take a little break.

“What do you think?”

I asked about the situation at the western gate to Ellie who has come back after sweeping through the enemies remain.

“Either way, we need to take a little break first. I have no more mana left in me. Perhaps we should take a meal now.”

Now that she said it, my stomach is rumbling. Ever since we took breakfast, I’ve only drank Magi Tea at best, and I haven’t get to eat anything yet.

It felt like we’ve been fighting for a long time now, but when I check the clock in my 《menu》, it is still around noon time.

“Lily-sama, we’re going to find place to rest. Sati, we’re going.”


I call back Sati who was still attacking the enemies alone.

“Good work, Sati. Are you not tired?”

“I can still go on.”

Sati still has some strength to spare. She has strong arms. I’ve stop pulling my bow way long before her, yet she still has energy after all this time and I’m tired enough.

“Well there is no reason to push yourself. Let’s get something to eat.”

“Yes, I’m already hungry.”

“Do you want me to prepare something to eat?”

“There is no need, I still have some left.”

I don’t want help from the busy elves.

Lily-sama guides us towards the southern gate tower. Inside, there is a small room, jam packed with elves taking a break and rest, while some of the wounded are being treated.

Lily-sama talked to a commander-like female elf and we were shown to a room. A large table is situated inside where everyone can sit together. We’re going to slowly take our meal here.

I took out bread and soup, fried chicken, freshly baked meat and fruits from my Item Box. All these foods are arranged side by side on the table.

“We don’t know when can we eat after this, so please take your time to fill your stomach, everyone. Same goes to Lily-sama too.”

While eating, we discussed about our future plan. We secretly talked about how to allocate the Skill Points too.

It’s hard to discuss about it normally during our meal time without getting discovered.

“What should we do with the Skill Points?’

“Just leave it to me.”

That’s pretty much what we can say. Lily-sama must be wondering what we are talking about. We simply shrugged it off, saying that this is another thing, and apparently, she is convinced with that. Furthermore, we are currently in war. There are much more things to focus on.

“Right now, I’m working on to get some potion for us.”

We were short in Mana Potions for we have been fighting battles since yesterday. Of course, we have stockpiles of it, but it’s not nearly enough for everyone in this kingdom to consume at once. Not only that, since the potions have an expiration date, they can’t be made more than necessary. Our next battle is expected to be as fierce like this one too.

“I have good news for that.”

It was said that there was a potion called as Elf’s Spirit. The materials needed are rare. Plus, only handful of people are known to be able to craft it. However, in turn, it’s able to fully restore mana for whoever consumed it.

“Alright, let’s go to the western gate.”

After hearing Ellie’s plan, we all agreed. Once our mana recovered, winning this battle is no more a stretch.

Right after we finished our meal, the door to the small room was opened and an elf came inside.

“Aha, I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Yes, I still have some hard time procuring it. Though, it must be useful for someone who has defeated the Earth Turtle King.”

Ah, right. It can’t be helped.

“Four of it, huh. Just enough for everyone here. Thanks for your hard work. How is the situation outside?”

“The situation here at this southern gate has stabilized. However, we received lots of relieved request from the western gate.”

“Is the situation that bad?”

“At the moment, they are still holding their ground, but without their mana, they…….”

I receive a small vial of Elf’s spirit and drink it. Checking out my mana, I see that at least 40% of it has recovered. The others have recovered their mana fully.

“This is awesome. I wonder if we can get more.”

“This is the last Elf’s spirit batch we have stored.”

The elf who brought these told us so.

“Even if we have extra, it’s only effective to drink this once per day only. So, there is no point.”

Likewise, another magic potion can no longer be consumed. According to the generally believed theory, a human has a latent mana besides their normal one. This magic potion only helps to draws out that.

Therefore, once it was withdrawn, we have to rely on natural recovery until it’s collected enough for another potion.

“Still, why am I not fully recovered? It’s only around 40%.”

“That shouldn’t be happening……”

Lily sama take a glance at the elf who brought this potion.

“I brought the real spirit potion!”

The label written on the bottle clearly stated that this is indeed the spirit potion.

“As for us, we have recovered fully.”

Ann said, followed by Tilika and Ellie nods.

There is no way we can measure the manarecovery rate. Though, it really is possible to know by comparing the state when we are exhausted and after taking the potion. Well, what I said might sound stupid to some, but here I notice that nobody noticed that yet. Do the elves have a skill to roughly estimated mana inside one body?

“Perhaps it’s not meant to recover fully our mana, but to just to restore it to a certain point?”

“No, that is most unlikely……but, the amount of mana that can finish the Earth Turtle King in one blow……”

With my latest level up, my total mana has increased to some point. I’m saved if this potion can truly replenish all my mana at once.

“Why don’t you rewrite the explanation on what the potion can do……?”

“No, there is no need to go that far……look, I doubt anybody else will have same experience like mine, so please don’t mind it too much.”

“I agree. You, keep this case a secret.”


The elf who brought the medicine over left and now we are alone again.

I put out pudding as dessert. I need this to counter the bitter taste of the earlier potion. I still have more thing to talk.

“This is delicious.”

“I still have more if you like it.”

After trying it once, she finished another three plates. Even the others ate at least two of it. I always restrained myself by not eating more than one, but this time I felt like it’s fine.

“Lily-sama, do you know anything about Summoning Magic?”

I was in a bind on whether to tell her about the Summoning Magic, so I asked her while we are eating. Just like the 《Skill Points system》, just by hearing word like Drago is not enough to make Lily-sama capture our conversation.

Everyone nodded in agreement. It’s unfair to let her out of the loop. Even I believed so.

“……Summoning Magic? I don’t know.”

“To summarize, it’s a magic used to summon magic beast. Tilika.”

Tilika stood up, and make Hawk appear on the desk.

“What an interesting magic. Is this the ‘Drago’ that you’ve been talking about?”

So, her surprise is just on this degree, huh.

“This guy name is Hawk. Next, Taiga.”

Tilika call back Hawk, and release Taiga next.


She didn’t leak a shout or some sort, but seeing that a tiger appearing out of nowhere at her side surely make her lose her composure.

“So, this is the Summoning Magic……”

“Correct. We call them out when we are in a ‘difficult’ situation.”

After Lily sama get an OK from Tilika, she went to touch Taiga.

“So fluffy……and it looks strong too.”

“Very strong. I can ride on his back.”

Tilika proudly said. However, we are just getting to the serious part.

“Aside from them, there is still Drago. I believe they will prove to be a beneficial add on our fighting force……”

“Oh my. I wonder just what is he.”


Tilika said the word.

“Dragon? Can you really call a dragon over and command it?”

“Absolutely. He is a wonderful guy over 10 meters tall.”

“……then he will clearly become a strong addition to our military strength.”

“Is it fine for us to call him over?”

“If you notify us before calling him out……then there is no problem. I’ve heard before how the enemy has dragons on their side. To think that this kind of magic exist……”

“I don’t want to disclose this to public, but I see now that the situation doesn’t permit it anymore.”

“Then, I’ll inform everyone that the dragon is on our side. As for the summoner, I’ll try to be as obscure as possible.”


It’s fine if she wants to disclose the information to everyone. Perhaps, she is hiding it just in case something happens.

“But you surely have many things under your sleeve. Are there any that you haven’t shown yet?”

“The Summoning Magic is our last trump card. If possible, I really want to hide it.”

“Certainly, it’s unheard before that someone can call out a dragon.”

Once leaked, I’m sure it will turn into a sensational information.

“You guys, somehow……you’ve changed?”

Lily-sama has seen too much. Miracle Light at the forest entrance gate, Meteor as well the Flare. All of these deeds are indeed dubious. I’m sure this is where she will draw the line.

Yet we still need to use Summoning Magic. All the talented magic users are gathered in one party, yet we are still unknown. Not to mention B rank.

To think that someone that she hired without thinking much has such a monstrous strength, I’m sure that even Lily-sama will doubt her actions now. However, given how much work we’ve done so far, there is no way she could pursue this matter any further.

She is going to follow after us later as well.

Next, she will come into conclusion that every one of us’ s career is anything but top secret. Suspicious. Just what is your true identity? With a little investigation, she will find out that one of us was an ordinary mage not long ago, another one was a priest and another one is just an adventurer. That would be bad.

Next, she will investigate my power. Just how can they improve in short amount of time?

Of course, this will happen after the war ended. I’m just thinking about what will happen after we manage to survive this battle. If I keep Lily-sama who is also a princess here full with doubts and anxiety, I’m sure she will become a pain later in the future.

“We……have come all the way here to save the Elf Country.”

But I wonder what I should say. I’ve been exposing myself to danger in order to clear Ito Kami tasks. Even if I told her that, I’m not sure if that really is what Lily sama wants to hear.

“I believe that you have many doubts in your mind, but I hope that will clear it all up. I don’t need anything else, just that you not inquire further.”

Not good, I don’t deliver it well. It’s not a lie, yet it doesn’t clear anything either.

“It’s definitely the truth.”

However, Tilika helped clear the doubt.

A Truth Official testimony holds that much weight. The sins of lying committed by a Truth Official will resulted in destruction of their Devil Eye and deprivation of their status. Therefore, an absolute trust is put on every Truth Official.

“We met under the guidance of God, and that lead us here, Lily-sama.”

Ann who is also a priest tell that solemnly.

Not to mention, I’m sure that this event is 100 percent orchestrated by God.

“Gods guidance……I see! So, our encounter is just like a destiny!”

Ooh, right, right. That’s what I felt too. As an apostle, guided by God, I have encountered the elven princess. I guess we are fated to meet.

“Maybe that is what happening.”

Perhaps Lily-sama plays an important role during this quest. Unless Lily-sama is with us, I don’t know whether the Earth Turtle King can be defeated or not.

I wonder if this whole conversation touched Lily-sama hearts. She is currently excited and looks so happy.

This is the first time I seen her smile ever since we first met. Looking at the princess openly smiled with an innocent face plucked the strings of my heart. She was a beauty in the first place, but this……no, cheating is bad.

“Thank you, God and Spirits, for letting me meet all of you. There are no words of gratitude enough to describe your noble works. As a representative of the Elven royal family, I, Lilian Dora Betty Coat promises to absolutely rewards your works!”

We manage to ease Lily-sama doubts, but wasn’t it a little too effective?

I’m still thinking about how I will flee once the situation has grown to be more than bearable, but now that I’ve seen how much touched she is, I felt a little troubled……

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