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Chapter 16 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ⑤ Dark Elves

Today I learned that the Dark Elves joined the Demon King’s side in exchange for a breast enlargement……

“O-of course, that is not all.”

Noticing how amazed I was with her previous statement, Lily-sama tried to explain further. Pg. 213

The Dark Elves were the losers of a power struggle within the elf clan. Tracing their roots back, they are actually related to the royal bloodline of the current ruling elf.

This occurred several hundred years ago. The Elf Country was not yet established and some of the elves had set up a small territory at a certain place in the empire. Many elves lived a life of wandering, and finally, it was time for the Dark Elf clan to leave the old Elf territory.

Lily-sama mentioned that she doesn’t know many details regarding the power struggle, but in general it was of the same kind as those that can be found anywhere else, just without bloodshed and gore.

It’s not like they were kicked out or anything similar. The Dark Elf clan voluntarily left the old elf territory. Since the olden times, and even now, there are not many elves around. Even if there are disputes between elves, it rarely gets fierce enough to result in death.

Soon afterwards, they returned with a changed appearance.

They now had silver hair on top of their black skin, and a strengthened body.

The elves are strong magically however; physically, they are the weakest among all the different human types. After isolating themselves from others for a while, they came back with the strength of those beasts (ed: beastkin?) and dwarves. In addition, somehow, their chests became larger as well. Pg. 214

By pledging allegiance to a new God, they would be bestowed a new wonderful body, have an extensive territory while not being disturbed by the Demon, and they were promised a life in paradise on this world.

The promises are true, but there is much more to it. Their new God is an Evil God. The monsters are only following them as their subordinates. This occurred before the existence of the Demon King was revealed. The elves, having a long lifespan, have more wisdom and tend to be more mature in making decisions. Those who were lacking in faith betrayed their God, and a few young elves went rogue in order to find a new path.

Then a full-scale invasion by the Demon King’s army occurred. It was then, that the Dark Elf betrayal came to light. They had turned to evil and after transforming into demons, together with other demons, they came to attack.

From there it turned into a bloody struggle.

The angry elves rallied their families and tried their best to hunt the Dark Elf. Of course, everything is done in secret. If such knowledge became public, then it would mean dishonour.

The legend only contains details about the hero, the Demon King and demons. Their existence doesn’t come to light as much as it should. As a result, the general population doesn’t know about the Dark Elf at all.

Even for those who know, considering the fact they were stabbed in the back by the Dark Elf, and considering how many people were slain, they are forced to remain silent. There is nothing that can compensate for the amount of spilled blood.

In addition … among the human types … aside from the beastkin, it was said that the dwarves are the traitorous tribe.

Now the question comes, just what is a demon? Their existence is still shrouded in mystery. That is what I understood so far.

“Are there any male elves that came into contact with the Demon King?”

“There are few males among our rank. Most of the ones who changed to the evil side were female.”

So that is where the rumour came from, saying that they were enticed with a bust enlargement offer.

“Be it their chest or their paradise on Earth. The moment I heard about it, I felt like it was all a foolish thing. Although, this country truly is a paradise for us elves……”

While muttering this, Lily-sama looks at the beautiful white castle at the centre of this country.

“The only reason I’m telling you this is because you defeated the Earth Turtle King, and ultimately saved this country. Please, keep everything you heard a secret.”

I would say that this country is yet to be saved, Lily-sama. The battle is still on-going.

“It’s unforgivable. Betraying God and turning into an evil spirit,” said Ann, making a point.

“Seriously. But if found, it is better to deal with them from a distance. They are terrifically strong. If you want to hunt them, you need to do it from far away.”

Even now, the elves are still pursuing the demons, yet they have been forced to turn back many times. I want to hear more details about that, but it seems that Lily-sama only roughly knows about this matter, and she doesn’t know what is happening behind her back.

“Please leave it to us. We will definitely track them down and defeat them. Right, Masaru?”

“Ah, yeah. If we find them, that is.”

“They are aware that they are being hunted. That’s one of the reasons why it is so hard to track them down.”

Coming close and ambushing them, with Sati’s and my skill of [Stealth]……no, it is impossible. Even with our Stealth, there are just too many opponents in the first place. I wonder if we can carry it out efficiently. Plus, our opponent has a pretty good Detection skill. Pg. 216

It would be suicidal to leave the stronghold to try finding enemies in an unknown location. Based on her story, the enemy must be strong. What I don’t understand is, why did they withdraw instead of going for the kill.

While listening to Lily-sama’s story, our surrounding area suddenly became very noisy. The enemy force has remained spread-out on the plain, and there are many messengers moving around, like the elf that came hastily to report something to the captain. Afterwards, they came over here.

“Lily-sama, the southern gate area is currently under enemy attack. I was hoping for some reinforcements……”

At the same time, she cast a meaningful glance at us.

It seems like they are asking for us to be dispatched, but Lily-sama is the royalty that we adventurers have pledged to protect. There is no way I will leave her side without an order from her.

“I don’t mind……Ellie, how about it?”

Since I always consult about everything with Ellie first, she might have the impression that Ellie is our leader. Well, I understand it since our relationship really does look like that.

“Let me think about it. We still have plenty of magic power left. Masaru, what should we do?”

“Let’s see……”

Even if we continue waiting for the enemy here, at the moment there isn’t much to do at this particular spot. It would be better for us to move to another place that is swarmed by the enemy. Though, it might get a bit dangerous.

“You guys have accomplished enough. It’s fine to claim that you guys won’t fight any more.”

“We will continue fighting. We are your escorts; therefore, we will follow wherever Lily-sama goes. Let’s go help them now.”

“Ooh! Now you’re talking!”

The current situation is more severe than I had anticipated, but I’ll clear the quest somehow. I won’t leave Lily-sama in awkward situation by pulling out at the last moment.


Just when Lily-sama was about to activate her spirit magic, another elf came running towards us.

“Lily-sama, you need to remain on this side! The King is calling for you.”

Perhaps this has something to do with the defeated Earth Turtle King. Indeed, I declared to the King that I would defeat it boldly. I really should have kept my mouth shut that time…….

“Please tell Father that I’m going to the southern gate to defeat the enemy.”


“Alright guys, we are going.”

After everyone gathered around Lily-sama, she invoked her flying magic. Immediately, we descended inside the wall and flew at a high speed above the ground.

There is nothing to complain about since it is much faster this way, but this way the enemy can easily sense our movement based on her magic power. Besides, it is always better to conserve magic power whenever we have the opportunity. I tell Lily-sama about my concern.

“There is no choice but to give up on that. I can’t afford to waste any more time. Did you not expect me to say that? The spirits are not good at offensive magic. There is not much that I can use. I really dislike that.”

Offensive magic will never be activated unless their user is in a dire situation. Even then, their firepower is below average. Spirit magic was not that effective against the Earth Turtle King either.

On the other hand, they have great defensive capabilities. The pitfall was dug using spirit magic. They also have many uses outside of battle. When it is time to fight, using one’s own magic power for casting offensive magic is much preferable.

While talking, we arrived at the southern gate.

Finally reaching the wall, we observe arrows flying everywhere and the situation is quite dangerous. Occasionally, an arrow flies towards us, but it was blocked by the wind barrier. I fixed my eyes to the area the enemy was attacking.

“Whoa, they are all over the rampart walls!?”

The enemy force has gathered at the outer side of the walls. Having passed over the moat, Orcs have made their way by hooking ropes and ladders onto the walls. They are seriously trying to scale the walls. Enemy archers are shooting arrows to back up their capturing unit.

The elves angry roar can be heard. None of their composure is left intact. From the look of it, they no longer have any offensive magic power and are now fighting with their bows. Many injured people can be seen.

Fortunately, the monsters haven’t reached the top of the wall yet and the monsters flying on the sky (ed: from chapter 15 – harpies) are still not involved in the fighting.

I would never imagine this huge rampart could be captured easily from outside the wall, however, disregarding the lives of all the individual attackers plus an inexhaustible army…….it might actually be possible.

“Let’s make haste. First, let’s annihilate the grouped enemies!”

“Ellie, leave it to me.”

I start chanting 【Meteor】――

I will be struck by arrows if I poke my face outside so I am staying right here, behind the wall. There is no reason to target all the enemies. I just need to hit most of them. I need to widen my spell’s area of effect. My first priority is to eliminate the enemy group of archers.

―――― Casting completed. This is just an ordinary Meteor, but my success is guaranteed, no problem.


I keep my silhouette behind the wall, and release the Meteor.

A lot of massive stones start appearing above the enemy force. Slowly descending, they start glowing bright red while falling.

Although I attempted a normal Meteor, because I increased the area to be covered, more than half of my remaining magic power is gone. I will need to stop casting magic for a while.

The falling meteors also hit those monsters who are flying on the sky. Apparently, they were waiting behind to find an opportunity to launch their attack.

Then, the meteors landed with a thunderous roar that echoed everywhere.

The rain of arrows ceases, and the battlefield turns silent.

I peek outside the wall and assess the situation.

All the trees in the vicinity are knocked down, leaving a wide-open area. Smoke is rising from areas with some remaining flames.

“O, ooh……amazing, Masaru.”

“This is no time to be surprised. We have to eliminate the remaining enemies fast.”

All that is left are some enemies clinging onto the walls and some at a nearby area. A simple bridge was laid down over the moat, which the enemy used to cross over to reach the base of the walls.

“We all are going too!”

Ann, Ellie, and Tilika prepare their magic.

Sati has already moved out to swiftly strike at the remaining monsters. The elves have also recovered from their surprise and started a counterattack. If our enemies are not shooting any more arrows, then the elves are practically safe being 50 meters above us.

And when I had time for a break, I opened up my menu and noticed that I have gained two levels. My remaining points are 43P.

I decide to raise my Archery from level 3 to level 5. Next, I compliment it with Hawk Eyes. I also increase my Physical Strength to level 5. The rest of the points I’ll leave for later.

I took my bow out from my Item Box.

“Are you a bow user, Masaru?”


Although I initially set my archery skill at level 3, I don’t use it much in actual combat. I really need to do some training.

I choose a spot beside Sati. Activating my Hawk Eyes, I look at the surrounding battlefield.

My vision is quite normal at 20/10. When I focus on a spot, that particular spot becomes extremely vivid. The feeling is quite different when compared to using binoculars. When I concentrate, I can even look at extreme details, but I also feel a momentary confusion due to the sudden change in my visual perception.

Not only that, I can also clearly see what the Orc faces really look like and also the other corpses on the battlefield.

They might be on the demon’s side and our enemy, however the sight of so many corpses piling over each other still makes for a dreadful scene. I might be getting more used to it now, but I still don’t feel very comfortable.

However, that is not the end of this frightening sight. Beyond the Meteor’s area of effect, there is a new batch of Orcs approaching. Arrows again sporadically come flying our direction.

I search for the bowmen among the Orc ranks, pull out my bow – nock an arrow, and release.

I missed. The arrow falls short. It is difficult to adjust between my new eyesight and how much I need to stretch the bow.

I shoot another. This time the arrow flew over an Orc’s head.

One more shot. This time I finally hit. The arrow sticks deeply into the Orc’s face and it collapses.

I finally grasp the sensation. If my target is not moving then I likely can aim accurately. However, I still need to be careful with my aim.

Beside me, Sati is racking up kill after kill, but I can’t do the same. Perhaps this is because I’m using a cheap bow, and that our experience gap as level 5 bowmen is that wide.

Together with Sati, we took out as many enemies as we could. There is no sign of mage, but I tried to detect one anyway. So far there is no response.

The archers from the elven side aren’t that good either. Now that our fighting distance is greater, their hit rate is dropping. This might be because of their bow. Most elves use bows smaller than the kind that Sati and I are using.

Despite the overwhelmingly advantage of being at a higher elevation, the elves are still having a bad time and being pushed around by the sheer quantity of Orcs.

Even though there was some relief given by my Meteor and Sati’s sniping ability, their rest is only temporary.

“The enemies on this side are relentless.”

Ellie said so after I have taken down about 10 attackers. It seems that they are finished taking down the enemies attempting to climb the wall. They’ve destroyed the bridge too. The arrows from the enemy archers have pretty much stopped at this point.

However, when I look with Hawk Eye, the fighting around the gate might have eased, but far from here there is still a big army of the enemy waiting to come.

Just how many monsters are involved on this battlefield……

“How is your magic power?”

“It’s impossible for me to cast Meteor unless I take a break for a while.”

“I can still take out another enemy force.”

Ellie said so. Checking out the rest and their level of magic power, they still have about 30% left. This is the point where we need to be careful when consuming our magic power. Even so, our levels have risen thus increasing our available points.

What to do now?

I should discuss about it with Lily-sama regardless……

“Do you still have any Magic Potion around?”

“I have, but the effect……”

The current Magic Potion is from when our levels were lower than they are now.

“I will fetch some from our side. Please wait a moment.”

Saying that, Lily-sama got one elf to come over and then went with him.

“Everyone managed to level up this time. How many points do each of you have now?”

This is the time to hold a strategy meeting.

“We are not in a place to assess the current situation in leisure……”

Unlike me, my wives can’t reset their skill once they’ve decided, but now we’re in an emergency. I’ll have to ask them to decide on whatever skill they want and then raise it without a moments hesitation.

After configuring each of their skills, Lily-sama finally comes back.

“This is not much, but for now please accept it.”

Still, the recovery rate is at least ten times that of those I normally bought. Now that my magic power has recovered slightly, I think I can at least shoot another weak version of Meteor.

But, only one shot. If Ellie and the others are involved in another large attack again, then their magic power will fall to rock bottom. Even after raising their skills, the effect wouldn’t be apparent to their low magic power.

The enemies at the southern gate were defeated, however the mass of enemies far beyond that are still alive and well. Those monsters are advancing through the crease that resulted from the Meteor impact earlier.

There are too many enemies. This quest, is it even possible to clear it…?

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