Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ③ Subduing the Earth Turtle King

Looking at the newly issued quest, my maxed-out enthusiasm reaches the peak.

I select the YES option.


Rather, the rewards this time are ‘???’ instead……I’m too eager to take on the quest that I hurry up without looking first.


“Everything will be alright. This is Masaru we are talking about.”


Looking at my expression turns grim, perhaps they think that I got cold feet again. Then, Ann tries to reassure me.


However, they are mistaken. I was determined to do my best, and this felt as if cold water was poured on my head……


“Yeah, leave everything to me. I will definitely defeat that Earth Turtle King.”


Naturally, I declared that to everyone softly. Up till now I’m worried whether my magic will be ineffective, but even Ito Kami said that it can be defeated.


Thinking about it the other way around, let say if I shoot the Flare full force, the probability that it might fail will be high……perhaps that’s the reason for this message. It might have been fatal.


It would be nice if the side effect just includes my consumed magic power only, just like when I was practicing my Recovery Magic, but it’s well known how terrible it would be in case of offense magic. Worst case scenario is when the supposed long-range magic misfired.


All in all, it will be more powerful than the previous Meteor. The surrounding area will totally get blasted, including me. A large hole will be opened at the wall, and the Elf Country will fall without even waiting for the Earth Turtle King. Once misfired, the magic can’t be stopped, until they are finished. I shivered just trying to imagine it.


“R-right! Just do it!”


No need to be gloomy. I will definitely win this time. Just like playing mahjong, strike swiftly. When everything is over, let’s return back to our newly built house. That’s the plan.


“Lili-sama, can you guide me to an empty place where I can observe the Earth Turtle King.”


“No problem. Then Mother, I’m going.”


After the Queen sends us off, several other elves were waiting outside.


“Father is currently resting. He will be in slumber until we detect any movement from that side.”


“Understood, Lily sama.”


“This way. Follow me.”


Following Lily-sama leads, I found the other elf is coming as well.


“Um, Lily-sama.”


I’ll be troubled if the other are following us, so I tried to gesture the signal through our eyes contact.


“That’s right. Everyone, I’m currently being escorted by these guys. Please return back to Father’s Side.”


“However, Lily-sama!”


An elf with a beautiful face keep glancing at me. Perhaps, they are being cautious on me, whose origins are unknown to them.


“They are competent adventurers. There are no problems.”


“……understood. However, even though their movement has ceased for now, there is no telling when the Earth Turtle King will start moving again. Please be careful.”


“I know. Let’s go.”


We leave the observation tower, walk down the stairs and went up the wall. Several elves were standing on the sentry for a defense, and as I looked outside, I could see the Earth Turtle King is standing still.


The Harpies are flying around the Earth Turtle King. Behind, a large army of Demons can be seen.


The trails that was left by the Earth Turtle King are devoid of any tree, and they were swarmed by countless monsters. Also, when I take a closer look inside the woods, I can see some silhouettes flickering. By using my detection skills, I’ve confirmed that the forest is jam packed with demons. I’m sure they will swiftly follow through the Earth Turtle King once it managed to breach through.


“It is huge.”




“You’re entirely correct.”


While walking through the wall platform, Ann, Ellie and Tilika gave out their impressions. Certainly, that creature looks stupidly huge even from here.


The Earth Turtle King is wearing a faint bluish silvery armour covering its whole body. So that is the anti-magic metal, the Efilt Bart Ore? From afar, I can only see its upper body is covered, but it’s actually covered without gap from its head to its leg.


“……Masaru, Masaru.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Tilika?”


“That turtle, I want it.”


While walking over the wall together with Sati, Tilika comes close to us.


“By turtle, you mean that Earth Turtle King?”


Tilika nodded acknowledging it. No, even if you said that you want it…….


“Make it a summoned beast.”


“Can that be possibly done?”


“It’s possible. After Masaru defeats it, I’ll subdue it by using my Summoning Magic.”


I see. So, what she wants to do is making that turtle as her Familiar. That’s a good idea!


“Just leave that to me. I’ll completely dominated him in the battlefield.”


“Tilika-chan, amazing!”


Tilika looks happy when Sati praised her plan.


“Let’s do it here.”


Continuing our walk, we finally arrived at the roof of the tower. There were many elves that were alerted with us, however they dispersed after being ordered by Lily-sama.


It is one level higher than the wall platform, and here there is nothing that obscured our visibility. Even the Earth Turtle King looks way clearer here.




Sati cried a voice.


The Earth Turtle King is stirring restlessly, trying to move. It seems that the time that was bought for us is coming to the end. It’s struggling just to move its forefoot, though its effort are letting it to get out a bit from the hole.


“Perhaps I should hurry up.”


“There is still some time left.”


As Lily-sama said, the turtle lower side is still inside the hole. It’s tough to pull up the whole mass of the armour which practically covered it whole body out. That’s where we get to buy some time.


“Even so. Can you really do it?”


“Just leave everything to me. My Flare can shoot through even that anti magic armour.”




“Yes, the Flare.”


“……hard to say, since we also have Flare users……. they weren’t effective.”


“Ah, is that so.”


It’s no brainer that the elves who has live hundreds of years have mastered the highest form of magic.


“Well, Lily-sama. Just because it’s a bad idea, it doesn’t hurt to try.”


Ann tries to cover up for me, but Lily-sama still looked skeptical.


“I will leave it at that. However, wouldn’t it be far more ideal to cooperate with us?”


“Then, please let me have one shot first. If I fail, then we will proceed to that.”


The mission this time will leave a flashy ending that will likely make me more suspicious. Let’s end everything quickly.


“Understood. We will do it that way……”


Since Lily-sama is convinced, I’m going to start soon. When I thought so, I felt a strong magical reaction.


It’s coming from the tower where the Elf King was.


“Lily-sama, that is…”


Five fireballs were formed outside the tower.


“That is the Flare! And five of them, nonetheless!”


“Masaru-sama, the Earth Turtle King.”


After notified by Sati, I take a look at the turtle and it seems that it’s trying to withdraw its head and foots inside the shell. When it completely shells itself, all that left is the anti-magic metal armour outside.


“Like this Masaru won’t even get a turn anymore. This is the end for the Earth Turtle King!”


If that’s the case then how about this quest? Will it be considered as a mishandling? It’s a pity that we will not get the rewards, but it’s nice that we can save time and effort. Plus, it’s better if the elves are the one beating this battle, instead of leaving it to the outsider.


The Flares are gradually formed. High level magic usually takes time to cast. In my case, I have High Speed Chanting skill, so I managed to half the time, though for ordinary mage who doesn’t have it, they will encounter difficulty controlling after certain period of time.


The enemies don’t look like they are going to move anytime soon. Is it because they’ve placed great trust on their defence, or they simply don’t have a method to interrupt the casting.


Looking at the magic formation carefully, I can see there are some other magic casted alongside the Flare. Many small fireballs are formed besides the five Flares――

Then, five Flares and countless fireballs are launched at once!


Bang! A flash of blinding light comes along the eruption sound when the magic hits. The explosion sound reverberates till here.


“Did we get it!?”


Lily-sama, you are raising the failure flag……


By the time our sight is recovered, the Earth Turtle King is confirmed to be alive. With this it is confirmed that combined power of the strongest magic Flare x5 is not enough. But, part of the armour at the back shows a burnt state. The attack surely put a dent.


“No, no way……”


Continue looking, it can be seen that many monsters are clustered at the back of the Earth Turtle King where it took the hit just now.


“By the looks of it, they must be repairing.”


Sati said so.


That’s a given. They will try to repair it as much as possible.


“I’m going.”


Let’s finish it before they are finish repairing. If I attack the damaged part, then there is higher chance for success.


Besides me, Tilika is quietly looking down. I don’t know the procedure for Summoning Magic, however I’m certain that we can’t do it without permission. We must consult about it to Lily-sama first.


Flare, at seventy percent. I tried to remember the feeling during Meteor execution. I need to make it weaker than that time.


My goal is to burn that part for good.

【Flare】 Start chanting ――


“It’s useless……even the concentration attack from the best five of Elf Kingdom Fire mage alongside the other doesn’t work. Just how much can a person do……”


Lily-sama murmured powerlessly. I wanted to reply, but the chant is already underway. I have to put all my concentration on this.


Flare is the final form of Fireball magic. Following the chant, a huge, high temperature fireball is form diagonally above at my front.


Despite being assured of my success, this is still only my second time using a high-ranking magic. I need to carefully concentrate my magic power.


The fireball that consumed my enormous magic power is getting hotter than the one used by the elves, and gradually rises in temperature.


The heat waves hits our bodies. The fireball appears as a second sun during this midwinter.

The Earth Turtle King stirred, and quickly withdrawn it neck inside it shell.


But it is useless. In front of the might of my 70% Flare, the anti-magic metal and it shell are not enough as a defence.

……or that’s how it should be.


Clenching my teeth, I finally manage to reach the required magic power level at last.

I was afraid that the enemy will launch their strike first while I’m still chanting, but the Earth Turtle King doesn’t move just like before. Even the demons who are repairing it armour aware of me, and start evacuating.


The magic chant finally approached completion. As expected, it is hard to control till the end, though I fare better now since I’ve experienced it once during the casting of Meteor. The cast should be finished anytime soon……

――and the cast completed within expected time.




The fireball is fired. The heat permeating the surrounding disappears, and the harsh coldness of winter returns.


The Flare fly at high speed and hit the Earth Turtle King.


A bright flash shines the surrounding, however this time I properly protect my ear and eyes with my hand. A loud explosion sound and shockwaves arrived at the wall few moments earlier.


As I saw it, the Earth Turtle King large upper body has disappeared entirely, and what seems like fluids were spouting. And the large body falls into the pit.


“You did it!”


“Wa-wa……he really did it…….”


I open the quest tab from the menu and checked. Yeah, everything is alright. The quest is cleared.


My level only raises by 2? It’s lesser than I initially thought, perhaps the Earth Turtle King is not a strong monster in the first place.


I slowly regulate my breathing. I felt a bit sluggish since my magic power has depleted so much.




“W-what happened, Tilika?”


Tilika looks at me with watery eyes.


“My magic was obstructed, and it failed……”


Was her summoning magic blocked by the anti-magic metal? That’s the most likely case.


“Masaru……please, somehow.”


“Let’s see. Can we still make it in time if we go directly at the anti-magic armour now?”


Tilika shakes her head.


“Sorry, I guess its impossible then.”


“U, uuhh……”


“W-what’s wrong?”


Lily-sama who is observing the Earth Turtle King, noticed the commotion that we made at the back and asked.


“Um. Everything is fine. Something small just happen.”


Sati is telling something to Anne and Ellie. I believe she is explaining the circumstances to them.


“If that is it then I guess everything is okay.”


Now……I hope I can return to home now.




I look at the direction Ann pointed to, the Earth Turtle King.


Well, I guess that is to be expected.


If I ever managed to defeat the Earth Turtle King, I was hoping a little that they will give up and withdrawn.


In the presence of tens of thousands of monsters and demons, they all started advancing towards here.


The other quest, 【Save the Elf Country】is yet to be accomplished.


Right at this moment, the Elf Country is besieged by numerous monsters, and they start their offense.


There is no time to relax after defeating the Earth Turtle King.

The real battle is just starting right now……


(Editor Crywolf641: Thanks to the help of @Suzaku Ryou I manage to clarify if ‘Efilt Ore’ was right.
Mentioned in chapter 12 ‘
Efilt Bart Ore’ don’t know what the ‘Bart’ part means though.)

Tl note: Even I don’t know what’s the difference between Masaru’s Flare and the elves one.

              What a mystery.

Editor: I think it’s just Masaru’s Magic Power being higher stats than the Elves.
You know like those in a game with High Intelligence and then cast magic that looks like a cheat.

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