Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 13

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Chapter 13 ~ Elf’s Country Defensive Battle ② Elf King

“I know it is too late to say it now, but are you really fine? This is dangerous.”

The princess who got her spirit’s magic power recovered from Ann Miracle Light asked us that once again.

It really is too late. But, what will happen if I received the quest, yet I bail at last moment or failed? In adventurer case, they usually get fined with money.

Let’s ask it in today’s diary……nah, I better don’t. ‘Alright, since you failed, here comes the punishment game!’ The Itokami might probably answered such. No doubt.

“We are prepared to face the danger. Plus, we can still use Ellie’s Gate magic.”

Ann answered. The elf knight, Titus-san, ask that we will use the gate to transfer the royal family, and if possible together with the princess. Seems like she is thinking in the line where the village can’t be saved. Who knows if the situation is that bad? “Don’t you want to see the others first before we set out?”

“Aside from our party, the others would simply try to run away.”

Ann strongly asserts to the princess. If anything, the normally pacifist Ann becomes like this because of God’s quest.

“Such recklessness, as expected of adventurers.”

Adventurers work is to fight. Even my wives are thinking about the same thing.

There are many things that need to be considered, although it shouldn’t be so dangerous as far as we’re prepared. However, I guess I’m the only one who are thinking about the danger seriously.

But, because of that, I’m just a coward if I back down too much. I’m actually a timid person, though, since I’m just an ordinary Japanese, that traits can’t be helped.

“Before we depart, I have a favour to ask.”

I’ll ask her to keep our magic a secret for the time being.

“Using the gate will require several things to take attention for. I want at least a person to stay guarding the point.”

According to the princess, the Space Magic was developed by human. There is no elf user that managed to level it up that much, when most of them only capable of using Item Box, let alone transfer. Seems like their compatibility with Space Magic is that bad.

“Hmm. So, that is my opinion.”

This way, it is impossible to keep our Gate magic a secret anymore.

Though, we can simply go anywhere we set the transfer point. It’s not only convenient, but extremely dangerous ability as well. Therefore, it’s natural a person of higher ranking wants to charge a restriction.

“It’s decided. Patos, Titus. In an unlikely event where I couldn’t return, make sure you guys serve Emilio, and help him.”

The princess easily bid her faithful knights a farewell. Her magic power was already restored, so there is no time to be talking idly.


“Princess, I’ll pray for your safety.”

Both of them looked like they are going to weep at any moment.

I’m not bringing extra’s along with us. When flying in a group, the more the people, the slower we will get. Plus, it would consume much more magic power too. Then, there is a limit on how many people can be transferred with the gate. If we bring these two knights together, the number of people who can be taken during our escape will decrease accordingly.

“O’ wind!”

Responding to the princess call, her magic power, the spirits activated.

A pair of magic wing manifested behind princess back. Her body gently wrapped in a wind coat, and she starts to float.

So, this is the spirit version of Fly magic. She doesn’t even need to carry herself.

“My name is Masaru.”

By the way, I’ve never introduced myself yet. I went to face her and introduce myself.

“I’ve never mentioned my name to you guys yet, it seems. My name is Lilian Dora Pettycourt. I’ll allow you to call me Lily.”

Just like that, Lily invoked Fly.

During our flight, everyone introduced themselves. The wind draft is noisy, but there is no hindrance when speaking normally as long as there is protection of the wind itself.

“We should start thinking about the strategy.”

Ellie makes a suggestion.

Our normal strategy is to flexibly act after the initial magic release, but since this time we are in a tight spot, we need to set some policies to some extent.

“I agree.”

Rushing towards the country is easier than I thought. Since we are high in altitude, the demons on the land don’t pose any threat at all. Furthermore, flying at the spirits speed makes abandoning incoming monster a breeze. Though, there was also moments when we have difficulty escaping due to many people flying at once slowing everyone’s speed.

“First, Masaru will defeat the Earth Turtle King. Then the remaining magic power will be used to defeat the other small fries.”

Yeah, nothing different from usual. First rule, make sure to leave some magic power for escaping.

“Please wait a moment, just what……”

I understand what Lily-sama wants to say, but I don’t know the extent of the enemy’s ability. Even if I know it, I’m not good enough to form better strategy. Lily-sama might be more knowledgeable about warfare than me, since she is royalty. I tried to ask about the enemy specific fighting forces, but she doesn’t seem to know it.

The number of enemies are also unknown. She doesn’t know if the Earth Turtle King can be defeated too. For now, like usual, I will carefully gouge their fighting power after I release my first magic.

“A-are you sure it is fine like this?”

Lily asked me worryingly. I’m currently anxious, but for Lily who never witnessed our power, it can’t be helped that she is panicking more.

“Once Masaru gets serious, he will get this down.”

“It’s a bit scary not putting our best in this……do you think 70% is enough?”

My overall magic power has increased since the time when I invoked the Meteor. Therefore, the destruction level will increase too for sure. I don’t think that I’m able to control it that well yet. In addition, I didn’t get to practice it at all. This emergency sure comes out of nowhere.

If I used only 70% of my power, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Though, whether I can adjust my power that precisely or not, I don’t know.

“You should take this seriously!”

“I’m concerned about my magic power control. If my magic goes out of control, thing will get bad you know?”

“Ah, okay……if you failed, then I’m finished……”

Lily-sama will be the one in trouble if I failed. There is nothing that I can do since it’s the truth.

“Putting that aside, Spirit Magic sure is amazing. Is it possible for us to learn it?”

Let’s talk about different topic with Lily sama.

“I never heard anything regarding a human successfully mastered one. And even if you learn this, you will not be able to use other magic system, so it’s inconvenient.”

For example, Lily-sama who obeys the spirit of the wind can use wind system magic freely. As compensation, she can’t use magic of other system such as water and fire. It’s surprisingly inconvenient. I better give up learning it.

“Forget about me, what is Masaru’s specialty?”

Ann is a priest. Ellie has her Space Magic. Tilika is a Truth Officer. Sati is a beastkin accustomed with bow and sword, so that is pretty much her role. (Crywolf:changed beastmens to beastkin.)

Although she can sense my tremendous amount of magic power with her Magic Sense, on the outside, I still have an appearance of an adventurer who is carrying sword around. Certainly, I haven’t explained that side of myself yet.

“I’m a magic swordsman. My specialty is Fire and Earth Magic.”

“Such explanation is not good enough, Masaru. Lily-sama, Masaru is extremely good with his Fire Magic. His firepower won’t lose to that of an S rank magician. With that, I’m sure he is able to defeat the Earth Turtle King.”

Ellie’s trust on me is heavy. This time, the Fire Magic that I’m planning to use, Flare, even during the practice I try invoking it with least amount of magic power. I wonder if my anxiety is shown at my face?

“Everything will be alright. Masaru will do it.”

“That is right! Masaru-sama will definitely beat it!”

“Masaru, do your best.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I will give my best shot.”

I got motivated by my wives’ support.

“A-are things going to be alright……?”

However, that enthusiasm seems to increase Lily-sama worries more.

Right, somehow, please accept my apology.



Right after the vast forest, we arrived at the battlefield.

On the far side of the ground, a high rise white wall, there I could see a white castle. With a huge castle at the center, there are many towers and other buildings surrounding it. Nearby, I could see a greenery which maybe form of plantation and farms.

Being a capital of the elves, it has a vast site, much likely 10 times bigger than Siory Town.

As I approached it, I can see the Earth Turtle King at the other side of the wall. Even though they mentioned earlier that it sizes spans 100 meters, it is still not comparable to the entire Elf Country. From my observation alone, I can’t ascertain whether there are smaller size monster army with it. There are quite some demons who were flying at low altitude. They haven’t noticed us yet.

At first, I’ve thought of releasing the boulders down akin meteor shower, then I realize that it might be a waste of effort. There is no way they are going to be effective against that huge Earth Turtle King. In case Flare failed, I might need to release down my Meteor (magic).

Just when we reach the top of the castle, Lily-sama suddenly descent vertically without any hesitation. Ann gave out a surprised scream. I squeaked a little.

But this is the only way to cut across this battlefield. We can’t ask her to slow down the speed. Inside this battlefield, there are several demons who are flying around.

As expected, the demons are not able to invade through the sky above this country. In the end, we landed on what looks like the rooftop of the castle.

We run after Lily-ama who dashed into the castle. This place is unmanned.

“Did everyone gone to the castle wall already……we are going there too!”

Again, we are being carried with Lily-sama’s Fly magic again. When we were approaching the wall, a sounds of battle can be heard. That explosion, did that come from magic?

After I activated my Magic Sense, I detected lots of magic power dispersing from the tower of the wall. We were brought inside the room, and after descending at the veranda of the tower, we can see crowds of elf.

“Lily-sama!” “Liliane-sama!?” “The Princess has returned!?”

Lily-sama moves past the crowd while answering the call of the elves.

Since we are together with her, naturally we came along as well. It hurts when all the elves are giving us that piercing gazes. “Why the hell are the humans here?” That’s what I felt from their gazes.



Looking at her father, he is a young-looking elf, sitting at the back of the room surrounded with the other elves. Just like what the others had told us, the elves are young looking just like in the rumors.

“Why did you come back?”

“I’m going to fight too!”

“What about Emilio?”

“I’m going to send him to the fortress safely. They should be fortifying their defence right now. That is the end of my reports. How is the situation with the Earth Turtle King?”

Simply by watching the battlefield from the sky is not enough for me to grasp the current situation.

The Elf King get up and roam towards the window.


Looking outside the window, I can see a massive turtle keep still with its upper body facing on the ground.

“We managed to buy ourselves some time. That guy, it seems that it has given up on climbing and have a rest midway.”


“Right. Go to the next room. There you can hear the detailed report.”

“Understood. You guys are coming too.”

We move to the next room. The king and the queen. Together with Lily-sama is us.

“How about Elder brother?”

“He is in charge of defence at the South Gate. So?”

“I’ve bring along some adventurers with me. They can be useful.”

Lily-sama introduced us to these people.

“Together, let’s do our best to save the Elf Country.”

On behalf of us, Ellie bows her head to the Elf King. Ellie is a great partner.

“Thanks for your offer, adventurers. I can feel strong magic power coming from you. I’m sure that will come in handy. You must have come here with a determination to die.”

“Father, actually, there is more to that. These guys can use Gate magic. In the unlikely event, we can use that to escape.”

“I don’t need that.”


“My dear Liliane. When the time of danger has come, go with these adventurers and run.”


“I will never run, no matter what happened. I’ve lived for 200 years in this country. I will fight till the end, and when the fated time comes, I will fall together with this country.”

“What about the other Elves!?”

“Ars has grown worthy to succeed me as a King. The elves escape is commanded by General Elion.”

“It’s too early to give up, Father!”

“I don’t know. Right now, the situation has turned for the worse. We are trying to accumulate enough magic power to defeat the Earth Turtle King, but the continuous attack from the Demons are preventing us.”

“Th-this person will help us beat the Earth Turtle King……”

Lily looked at me uncertainly.

“Um. For that, I will give my best shot.”

In accordance to Lily-sama awkward introduction, I answered with my own level of self-confidence. Not like my declaration has any assuasive power in it. “Hahaha. If you can do it, by all means! Fufu, uwa ̄ hhahhahhawwa,-ge hogge hoggo hoggo ho!”

Perhaps that hits his nerve, he immediately burst into laughter……


“D-dear, get a hold of yourself.”

“Uu, forgive me, cough, cough!”

The king continues coughing. I don’t know whether he is tired from wearing a calm façade all this time, or that he simply tired because of lacking magic power. His complexion looks bad.

“I’m going to take a rest for a while. Wake me up if there is any update.”

“Yes, dear.”

He entered into slumber as soon as he hit the bed.

“Mother. Even if it’s Mother alone……”

“This country is where we have peacefully lived till now. Many spirits have taken root at this land. There is no longer any option for us to abandon this country. However, Lily. When push comes to shove, you and the other youngster can restart our country at other place.”


That time, the slumbering king’s magic power oozed out, and formed a humanoid form. Standing near the wall, it’s taking a look at both the princess and myself.

I guess this is the spirit under the possession of the King. It has a female stature and blue in colour. Like water.

Our country……the King, please save……O bearer of the blessing.

The voice of the spirits echoed inside my head. This message is definitely directed to me……

“I understand.”

I nodded towards the spirit. Soon, the spirit returns back to the Elf King.

“What was that, just now……?”

Blank, Lily sama looks at me and asked.

“I can hear the voice of the spirit.”

Looks like Lily sama doesn’t heard it. I’m saved. It will become troublesome if she heard about the Divine Protection.

“What did the spirit say?”

“Save the King and this country.”

“I never heard the voice of the spirits. And it’s rare for the spirit to independently manifested themselves.”

The queen looked surprise and proclaimed so.

“Hey, what happened?”

Ellie whispered to me.

“The spirit takes a human form and spoke to me.”

“Did you saw the spirit?”

Then, Ann asked.


“I want to see it too!”

Next, Tilika.

“It’s vague, but I definitely saw it too.”

Sati said so.

I wonder if that is because of her high Magic Sense. I’m currently level 5 and she is level 3. If the level 3 can only see it vaguely, then it’s impossible for normal people.

“Dear adventurer. What are you called?”

“I’m Masaru.”

“Masaru. I’m asking this of you on my behalf. Please, please save us.”

“I understood. Please leave everything to me. I’m going to give my very best.”

I declared that to everyone. Watching how determined both the king and the queen are, my worries quickly got blown away.

Currently, this situation feels like they can be solved by others, yet I……I’m going to save all of them.

Now, I understand. Perhaps, the reason why Itokami put a quest to save the elves is because of this.

My anxiety remains in fear of my magic power control, but I will definitely defeat the Earth Turtle King with my full power.

At that time, I saw the menu appeared. A new quest is flashing.


Quest: Defeat the Earth Turtle King!


The Earth Turtle King can be defeated by using around 70% magic power.

Using full magic power is not recommended because there is danger that it will become haywire.

Rewards: ???

Do you accept the quest? YES/ NO


Ah, I see. So that is it.


Tl note: The spirit version of Fly magic can carry multiple people on one time. But the more the people, the slower the speed.

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