Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 2, pt. 4

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After sending off the prince, I continue finishing the lunch. Olivia is currently practicing with Oba chan to create sweets for dessert.

I stifle a yawn while reading the book. After she is done preparing the sweets, we ate it and afterwards we will go out for our planned date. I was thinking about it when the doorbell was rung by a guest.

“There is a woman who introduced as Dianne Meitia. She is here to visit Olivia.”

“Eeh! Dianne!?”

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that the name of her close friend? It’s just been few hours since I’ve send the letter, isn’t it too fast considering her friend is from the Capital. Even if she pushes the forces to the limit, it should have taken at least 4 days.

“Isn’t it weird that she arrived here at the frontier three days earlier? This is faster than regular horse speed.”

Olivia is now famous for its marginalized front called [Goddess’s Bride]. There is no guarantee that someone might tries to trick us by proclaiming as her friend. Of course, that way they will easily get caught, but there are idiots everywhere.

“She arrived here on a Golem Carriage. This is the first time I ever saw one! The good one can reach same price like a mansion!”

The excited maid, Nina san (53 years old) informed us about our visitor. If I’m not mistaken, her husband and her son are craftsman running a horse carriage shop.

Does she really come with such an expensive carriage? Based on what I heard, she must be pretty rich lady. There is still chance that this is a fraud, it’s better if I welcome her along with the other.


★ Olivia Side ★


I heard that Dianne has arrived. I quickly went towards the reception hall. Although I’ve suddenly disappeared and made her worried, there must be a reason why she came all the way here in haste using such expensive carriage.

Just in case, my husband is coming along to greet her. My husband said that it’s an easy feat for an outsider to change their appearance.

However, when I asked whether the technique can be used by anyone or not, he mentioned that only people who are trained can use it! Rather, don’t compare everyone with you, a hero! Rather, this is making me mad!


Behind the door to the reception hall, I can see Dianne relaxing herself on the sofa. Noticing me, she waved her hand lightly.

Ah, as usual, she is so chick, enough to make my heart throbbed. Definitely, Dianne who is standing before me is a genuine article, else there is no way others can replicate her sex appeal.

Usually when you have big breasts you are often seen as fat, however, for me I seen is as a fashion where she is emphasizing her assets.

Her wavy red hair shine under the sunlight. Just by standing still, she gives off a beautiful impression as if coming out of painting……that is to say, she looks casual, without any hint of vulgarity.

“Olivia, I was surprised when I suddenly lost contact with you. Because of that, when I received a letter mentioning that you are married I was literally shocked.”

We hold hands and rejoice in our reunion. Ah, I get distracted since I’m full of joy. I better introduced her to my husband.

“My husband, this is my best friend which I addressed the letter before. She is the daughter of an Earl, Dianne Meitia.”

Dianne greeted him with complete lady etiquette. My husband returns her greeting just the way I taught him. He is still a bit stiff, but since he is so handsome, he looks fine by me.

“It’s worth practicing it to grace Prince Carl. Is it fine to do it the same way to greet the lady?”

“Yes, you are doing great, my husband. You look absolutely charming.”

Kukuku, my husband is blushing furiously hearing my honest praise. Even though he normally looks confident and dependable, his childish side which he shown occasionally is very cute. I can’t help it that it’s making me hugged his arm.

“It’s hard to imagine by reading the letter alone, but I see that flame is still burning. If I stayed inside this room for too long, I’m sure I’ll get burned by this flame of love. And here I’m worried that the flower has withered.” pg. 309

Hearing her comments, I relieved that I’m flirting without notice. Is it because I’m in the presence of my best friend?

My husband eyes are fixated on Dianne……isn’t he staring too much? It’s true that Dianne have bigger breasts. Getting worried, I tighten my hug around my husband arm.

“So, Dianne san, I understand the reason you came here is to visit your best friend who recently get married……if you are coming here to get your curse released, you can simply said so.”

Curse!? I can’t unheard that, just what do you mean by it, my husband.

“It’s the same type that plagued Olivia, well, they are much weaker though. It’s good that aside from Olivia and myself, there are only auntie as servant here. If you have a male servant, then I’m sure they already kicked me out.”

Dianne is a beauty with good proportions. She’s also a natural men killer, with sensuality that was dub as [Men Erector]. Truly a female desirable by every male. To think that she is bearing a same curse like mine……

“Yes, my engagement with my childhood friends is completely ruined now. There is no place for me anymore at the Capital. Although this is extremely thick-faced of me, I can only depend on my best friend now.”

“I-I’m asking from you too, dear husband! For Dianne!”

My husband smiled and patted my head. There is no need for me to worry.

“I’ve not prepared anything, but since you are alone, I don’t think it will take much time. Everything will be ready by this night.”



Now, we are well in the middle of the process of dispelling the curse, but……I can’t concentrate. The reason? It’s because I’m a red blooded young man.

It’s a shame that we need to cancel our date during the day, but there is no way I can leave my wife best friends eroded by this curse. Olivia is waiting outside the room.

Aside from that, for the sake of dispelling the curse, Dianne san is lying on the bed inside this closed room lit with only candlelight. I’m troubled on where to put my eyes when we are together alone.

In order to enhance the effect, I have her purify herself with herbs mixed with water. When she lied down, I can see Dianne san contours clearly. They are so visible, that I’m able to locate the protrusion on her bulges.

Besides her huge racks, they also have a nice shaped, and her body line from her waist to her butt looks extremely erotic. She is another type of beautiful girl compared to Olivia. She was lying down when, she caught my gazes, and laughed at my shocked eyes.

Enough, I’m closing my eyes to concentrate on this ceremony. But her perfume smell is disturbing my concentration. The aroma isn’t that strong, and it is unnoticeable when we pass each other. But since I’m concentrating hard, I can immediately detect it lingers in this closed room. Putting it short, this aroma is drifting around this room, making my heart pounds. I wonder if this perfected medicinal herbs perfumes are a luxury goods. Way to go, rich girl.

No! This is wrong! I already have a wife, Olivia. It’s preposterous to hold a lustful desire towards her one of best friend. No choice, I will have to seal my own emotion by using the art of Dark Magic.

Although Dark Magic is always associated with curses, it’s strictly defined as [Technique that interferes directly with spirits]. That is why normal people impression on us is bad. There are many times when we are viewed with cold eyes. One day, I will hit my master who taught me without thinking about the bad after effect.

Anyways, I better concentrate on dispelling first. I’ll think about that later.


★ Olivia Side ★


How long has time passed, since my husband entered the bedroom with Dianne? It’s already dark outside. By this time usually I already get ravished hard by my husband. Isn’t it time for us to get sleep already?

I can’t help anything when it comes to magic. The only thing I can do is to pray for my best friend at the other side of the room.

No, I was just thinking too much, because this is the first time I was left alone at night since the first time I met my husband.

I remember the time when I spend my childhood at the Duke residence. Since I was spoiled by both mother and grandma, father separated us and locked me inside dark room without my maids. …..

── Gacha.

Just when my mood turns to south from remembering bad memories, it dispersed when I heard the sound of door handle. Coming out from the inside is my tired husband.

“Olivia, Lady Dianne curse is no more. She should be waking up soon.”

“Thank goodness! Thank you so much, my dear!”

I hugged him and give him a light kiss. I’m anxious leaving her alone, so I’m staying by her side.

The process must be tiring. This is the first time my husband is not demanding it from me.



After I reached bedroom, I unseal my pent-up emotion. Actually, I hesitated to use this technique, since the aftermath reaction is very bad.

The emotion that I sealed was [Sexual Desire]. Opening the seal this time takes time and hurt a lot, seriously, it hurts like hell!


After being forcibly suppressed, the moment it is unleashed everything leaked out. This might apply to everything though. This time, I was staying in a closed room for several hours with that gorgeous Lady Dianne, the recoil reaction that sealed was larger than expected.

During this sex starved monster mode, I might hurt Olivia if I embraced her right now. I tried applying a magic to calm my spirits, but my desire is just colossal. The same goes for sleeping magic.

“Right! Muscle training! I should be ready to hit the sack once my muscles are tired from training!”

Then, squat, push up, back extension……mg groin ached, making me stopped. Anyways, I ran out of breath and sweats. I lay down on the bed and tried to close my eyes. No good, I can vividly imagine Olivia in her naked glory, plus Lady Dianne sweet aroma!

Trying to get to bed, I forcefully closed my eyes shut and stopped moving. That’s when I heard footstep from the corridor. Then I heard the doors creaked.

“My dear is……seems like he already calls it good night.”

Olivia’s voice. There is no way I’ll embrace her when my libido has run amok. When I imagined her getting hurt from wild sex, my spine froze.

I fell in love with her in first sight. Feeling sympathetic to her fate, I brought her to the great temple to remove her curse.

I slept with her countless of times. While drowning in her body during sex, I deepen our affection and makes her rely on me.

Imaging her frightened eyes, there is no way I can ever bear that.

I will ignore the rustling sound. For now, I’ll keep my eyes close and sleep……



I heard someone is talking……I wonder if Olivia with someone……have they gone sleeping? Finally, I can sleep. Pg. 324

But afterwards, my eyes were forced to open due to an intense pleasure coming from my crotch……and I see two asses lined up.

“Chuchu…… n, n mu…… Dianne, do it like this.”

“Un, you are great, Olivia. However, isn’t his one big……the dildo that I used for practice is not even comparable to this……chukuchuku…… hamu, nnnnn!!”

One of the butt belongs to Olivia, no doubt about it. There is no mistake since I always rub and kiss it every night. The other one belongs to who? Size, tension, shape, everything is extremely refined……. perhaps, this is a dream? Am I too frustrated that now I’m seeing things?

……there is no way that is happening! I raised my upper half and massage the asses. What a wonderful feeling.

“Kyaa! D-dear.”

“Sorry for disturbing your slumber, Chris sama.”

So, the other ass belongs to Dianne. Got to admit, this woman is extremely erotic. But that is just right, since you are the cause for my lust, I’m going to let it out on you. You are not naïve enough to think that you are safe from me fucking you when you show up nude in front of me, don’t you?

Their skimpy underwear shines under the gentle lamp, and boldly emphasizes their feminine body line. This is more erotic than being nude. I heard about it later, it seems that this underwear is custom-made by Dianne specially tailored to garner male attention and rouse their desire. As expected from an expert, amazing.

As for Olivia, she is wearing the one that I bought during our town visit. Her design is akin to underwear, with addition to some frills. I was supressing my desire till just now, but looking at Dianne now, I easily lost to her temptation. I no longer have any hesitation to devour my wife best friend right here and now.

──Kuchu kuchu zuryu zuryu pe cha pe cha…….

“Wa u~tsu! A~tsua~tsu……d-dear, your finger, is in my pussy…… we are to service……”

Although I intend to devour Dianne to the fullest, I still won’t leave Olivia alone. I gently caress Olivia secret place with my finger.

“Nnn mu~u~u~u! A ~a~a~a! Not my c-clitoris! Don’t sucked it!”

Kissing Dianne ass, I went deeper and give it love bit. While enjoying the smoothness of her ass, I gradually lick it till I reach her womanhood. Dianne pussy is already wet; however, it seems like it’s screaming for more. Looks very inviting.

──Picha chuku picha chuku zuryu zuryu zuryu!

Both of them give me double fellatio. Occasionally, their breasts bump together. Getting this much pleasure at once will makes me lose it soon. If all my pent-up desire shoots at once, then the euphoric sensation will be too much. everything is coming out soon.

“Hyaann! A~tsuann ~a~a~a~a~a~a!”

Dianne back give up. She is too weakened now to continue her blowjob.

“Ha~a ha~a……I’m supposed to service Chris sama……yet I’m the one who cummed……I……am defeated.”


My body is still burning with desire. Dianne looks at me, overwhelmed. Looking at her unbelief face, somehow, I get a sense of conquest, which makes my lust rising even higher.

“N mu~u~u! M-my husband finger fucking me is going to make me cum!”

Olivia is reaching her climax too. She is more sensitive than usual today. Did she get excited since her best friend is present?

“I’m really sorry, dear. Please use my mouth to satisfies yourself.”

Olivia continues her blowjob relentlessly. It’s useless to continue as it is……what I want is to fuck them right in their pussy!

I changed my position and was presented with butts lifted up from them crawling. In this posture both of their pussies are clearly visible. Based on their expression, both of them are aware too.

My dick is painfully erect from their double fellatio earlier. Getting impatient, I grabbed Dianne butt and pierced her wet pussy.

──Ni ~yupu puchizzu pupupu pupu…….

“N a ~a~a~a~tsu! T-too big…… wa ~a~a~a~an!”

Looking at our joined part, I can see blood trickling down her hips.

“I’m glad, my virginity is claimed by the hero……ah, happiness. Please, impregnate Dianne to the brim……”

It’s a common sense to stop moving until Dianne has calm down. However, this time I’m drown in lust, in addition to excitement that I’ve got from robbing the pretty Dianne of her virginities, my head gone pure white. Even while remaining still, her pussy is convulsing, and the pleasantness further melt my reasoning.

──Zupu zupu panpanpanpan~tsu!

My waist doesn’t stop. It was still recently that I’m undoing her curse, and right now I’m fucking her raw.

“Ha~a…… ha~a……it feels so good, Dianne! I’ve been holding it up till now, so I’m going to cum! As you wish, I’m going to ejaculate deep inside your vagina, and pour my seed in your uterus!”

“Commeeeee! Please cum inside my virgin pussy! I want to get impregnate with Chris sama big cock!”

──Dopyu dopyu dopyu!

“Ha~a! N a ~a~a~a~a~a~a~a!! Hoott! Chris sama semen is too hot, it’s going to burn my inside!”

“Ha~a ha~a……not yet, just one shot is not enough.”

I was planning to continue without pulling out, when Olivia came to my side.

“Dear, it’s not fair since Dianne is so cute. Me too……”

She shakes her ass shyly. My prettiest wife in this world is inviting me, can I deny it? Absolutely not! That is a given!

I grabbed Dianne butt and start fucking again, this time with Olivia underneath. I enjoy the feeling of the vagina while playing with her tits. Olivia close her lips and give out cute pant.

“N mu~tsu! N nn nn ~~~ ~tsu~tsu! Chi ~yuchuchu…… puha~a”

──Nyupu nyupu nyupu nyupu!

“A~tsua~tsua! N ~a~a!! Feels so gooood~ Back, it’s hitting me deeper at my back!”

Since I’ve ejaculate once, my mind has become calmer. I repeatedly fuck her while enjoying her vagina. I feel like teasing her, so I pulled out my dick out of sudden.”

“Fuen? Dear?”

“Olivia, you are coming, right?”

She obediently nodded. I stopped my thrust, and her astonished face looks cute. Pg. 338

“If you want to cum……try to talk dirty like Dianne.”

I said so and start fucking her again. Slowly, as if to irritate her.

“Fuee! S-stop teasing me……”

“I wonder, Olivia. How does this feel?”

Dianne whispers something to Olivia. Since I’m not feeling enough by ejaculating once, I continue pounding her butt to her stomach. It’s so good, I’m afraid it will become a habit. Since Dianne is not reluctant, I increase my grip and continue enjoying her butt.  Pg. 340


As I continue rubbing Dianne big ass, Olivia finally decided what she is going to say. Her face turns red, and her voice came out as a whisper……


“Sorry, I can’t hear it, too soft.”

As I said so, I slowly push my dick, and stopped.

“Hyaan! D-don’t stop……I-I’m saying it…”

Olivia face strain from shame.

“O-Olivia’s……pussy is dedicated for Chris sama only……please, impregnate it with your big cock……I-I won’t be satisfied if not for your big cock…my body has turned lewd because of it……please dear, makes your slutty wife cummed……”

Too effective, my reasoning has completely rendered useless. Olivia getting red after dirty talking looks cute as hell! Dianne whose ass I’m stroking is cute too! Having sex with both of them feels like a dream!


“A~so fierce…… fu a~a! A-amazing! I’m cumming! My husband massive cock is going to make Olivia cummm!”


Olivia vagina tightened when she came. Not capable of enduring it anymore, I creampied her.

“My mind can’t think about anything anymore! It feels so good I’m going to get dumb! ~u~u! Wa ~a~a~a~a~an!”

“Ha~a ha~a……that’s one hell of a climax, Olivia.”

My enhanced sexual desire has taken a dip, but it’s still far from over yet. I usually wait till Olivia recovers, but usually she will go straight to sleep. However.

“Fufufu. Olivia looks blissed. She is so beautiful enough to make another woman jealous of her. Naturally, for the husband who has deflowered her, your manly lust is not satiated yet.”

Dianne strokes Olivia hair, who is currently sleeping blissfully. Then she draws herself near.

“Without letting the fire put off, let’s burn everything till we sleep. It’s unmanly to made a woman bloom just to let her go without making her lit.”

Olivia and Dianne. Both of these girls are attractive and inviting me. It can’t be helped that my member is getting up again.

Dianne spreads her legs out, and invitingly shown me her pussy overflow with my sperms. The way she presents herself is naughty, yet beautiful……I’m falling.

Afterwards, I ejaculated five times more inside Dianne, and I have another shot in Olivia pussy who has recovered somehow, and by that time I heard birds chirping coming from outside the window.

I embraced them in my left and right arms. Satisfied, I finally get to sleep……

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