Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 2, pt. 3

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In the case when the members of the house are away, or the people inside doesn’t hear the calls from the outside, at the side of the mansion was installed a letterbox. It is a box with a key that has empty holes for the use of storing postal items. Since the second prince find it to be useful, the letterbox quickly spreads around the frontier, and it is common to be seen installed at the wealthy residences. Pg. 232

Based on what I heard from Olivia, Prince Carl is fascinated with the latest technology. His hobby involved both inventing and spreading the technology. Everything is his idea, and with that, various jobs that had been taking considerable effort until now have become much easier and affordable for life.

His talents are not only in politics, but also heavily demonstrated in martial arts. He is without a doubt, a brave person. I also heard a rumour saying that when he was shy over fourteen, he took part in a royal city martial arts tournament, and completely overwhelmed the imperial guards by his bare hand alone.

Though, in reality, he is required to use some sort of weapon since it’s a sword tournament. [Since we’re using weapons, you must be too, for safety!]. At that moment, the Imperial Guards are still staying.

There is an informal discussion going at the back, regarding the fact on how the Crown Prince simply has a smile plastered on his face, while planting his knee on his opponent face. It’s been a hot topic among the girls in the previous years.

He was still 15 years old at that time, perhaps that is what they called a genius. He was trusted enough to lead the cultivation of the new country at the border. Pg. 235

Well, this so-called genius, at our home, ──since I just moved in yesterday, I don’t realize it─ seems like he has left a letter in our post box stating that he will call on the afternoon three days later.

It was early in this morning when the letter came. I can’t seem to remember the face of the person who sent his letter, perhaps I was too absorbed in sex. Well, doesn’t matter much.

It smells like sex in our bedroom. We were laying on the sofa while enjoying both breakfast and lunch ──with a knee pillow of course── and after finished reading the letter, I asked Olivia.

“Olivia, since the person who hired us is coming, shouldn’t we offer him some hospitality? Since he is coming at noon, do you think preparing a lunch for him is good?”

“In this case, as someone who has status in this frontier, for him to visit my husband, the hero, there is no need for you to stretch your hand preparing a meal. Tea and confectionary is enough as preparation.” pg. 236

Dealing with someone of such status, when we are meeting them for the first time, there is a fear about poisoning. The notion is ──If it is about tea seems to be no problem──.

In addition, since 『have meal with someone』is within the prince job prospect, he will likely have a meal prepared by other party and hardly can refuse. When a human is taking an extra mile to be cautious, that is when they will become troublesome to handle.

Prince Carl is famous for being a frank person who doesn’t care much about formality. But, I don’t want our meeting to become awkward due to my own naivety. I have to be careful.

“Receiving a guest is one of my duty as a wife. Please leave it to me.”

I really feel down now because I’m socially inept. In my gratitude, I want give her a thank you kiss……it’s difficult to kiss her in this position. Alright, let’s stroke her butt instead.

“Hi ~ya! N~tsu……”

I patted her butt. Mm, her butt is so soft and pleasant……as I was stroking her butt, Olivia caught my cheeks, pinched and pull them. We continue to play around until both of us are tired.

“After this, do you want to go out to the town? We can find tea ware and some furniture to accept our guest.”

While she is still stroking my cheek which she has pulled just a while ago, I suggest for an outing. She gives a slight touch as a response.

“Won’t we cause a fuss if we walked in the town now?”

No problem at all. I can simply execute an illusion that can easily deceive all ordinary citizens. I get up from her knee pillow and pull out an adventurer clothing from my storage space. I also take out same cloth with slightly small size which I have prepared for Olivia.

Dressed as an adventurer couple, nobody will have problem with that. This frontier is swarms by demons, so this much development can’t be helped. There are many adventurers who inevitably seek to make up. Here we have as many adventurers as the pebbles on the ground.

“It should be enough now that your hair colour has changed and you’re wearing adventurers clothing. Actually, I want to dress up my wife, but then you will get uncomfortable from the public stare, right?”

“Yes……when I felt a gentleman stare……I get very scared……”

That’s what I expected from someone who has experience malice since childhood. Once that sink in, I trembled.

“I will always be by your side.”

“……yes, my husband.”

Like that, I surprised her with a hug and a kiss. One minute, two minutes……after kissing her continuously for a while, her trembling finally ended.

“My lady, will you go out with me?”

“If you don’t mind me, I will gladly accept.”

I take Olivia hand and said something which I have read from the book. She smiles and responded. Our hands intertwined, I get to the door to open it when……


Just in time, Head Priest Trabant was about to get off the carriage. He was lucky to visit me while I’m still around. Though, we never set a time when we want to meet.

“Ah, good morning, Trabant san.”

“The sun is already above our head, Hero. There is no helping it though since you guys are still a young couple.”

How embarrassing. I’m going to make sure to be more careful from now on. Certainly, it can’t be argued how I’ve been living a debaucherously, like having sex immediately after waking up in the morning. Pg. 243

“Good lord, it’s a right choice to come visiting you in the morning.”

By the looks of it, it seems that he fully understands what I’ve been up to since early morning. I wonder if he fully grasps it, or this head priest just have that great observation skill. Maybe my pattern is just that easy to read.

“This is about what we’ve discussed yesterday, regarding the matter of your servant. They can do the job, but I’m afraid that this area is not their expertise.”

Prince Carl has notified about his preferment to hire local people. That is because the resident of this neighbourhood has many free times due to working efficiently. Taking Olivia androphobia into account, people that is hired must be around our neighbours.

Their jobs are basically to assist their master. Whatever they are doing, they will be watched by everyone living nearby. This is more reliable way to avoid bad people.

The servant who was introduced by Trabant san was a wife of a craftsman at town near to this mansion ……not necessarily the most elegant person, but she looks like an auntie who is good with anyone.

“Nice to meet you, Hero. I’m Martha, wife of Mr. Alan from the tailor shop.”

Martha san finished introducing herself. Apparently, she is 55 years old this year. This is the first time I’m experiencing this, so I don’t exactly know what. The household of hero is quite awkward, huh?

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chris, and this is my wife, Olivia. Other thing, I would like you to call me by my name instead of [Hero] please.”

“Thanks for taking me in, Chris sama, Olivia sama.”

Was it rude that I think she is surprisingly polite? I though she will be quite rough, considering that she is a craftsman wife.

Due to the recent economic boom and increase of apprentice, the housework was mostly shared ── The new apprentice doing most job, such as drawing clean water ── this auntie became quite free.

I show her the layout of the mansion to make it easier for her to clean. I gave Martha san some gold coin for her to buy the necessaries. I feel bad leaving everything to her, but she said that it’s fine.

I tell them that we are going for a date, and will come back before the sun goes out. This is our first time, so I’m looking forward to eat and shopping inside the town.

After dressing and altered her outer appearances, she no longer become an attention to other. Holding her hand, we went to the city which we’re going to live from now on.



There is a magic tool called “Cardboard which Copies Heart”. Although it is an expensive magic tool that is not offered to general residents, the lords or wealthy has it. Even the temple owns one. The residents in this area sometimes sharing to buy it. Pg. 248

This magic tool is used mainly to replicate the document. By placing a paper on the wooden board, people can copy whatever it is in mind onto the paper by imagining and sending magic power correspondingly. Most of the time, it is used to print out a figure of person or a landscape.

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, despite newly born as a hero, the notion where everyone on the street will get to know my face baffled me. However, the temple has distributed my face around with the help of “Cardboard which Copies Heart”, and now everyone is aware of me.

Lots of boys and girls, who seems to be an apprentice priest, are distributing my face around. They seem to be proud of the birth of the new hero, and want everyone to know about it.

Since we are disguising ourselves, naturally we receive the poster as well. I smiled at Olivia bitterly. On the front, it shows my face. At the back was written about my profile which is nothing but beautiful and unrivalled thing. Oi, isn’t this temple advocate the truth? So, it’s fine to lie as long as it’s not written in black and white?

“This is just a third-party portrayal. The original copy of my husband that I received yesterday looks way cooler.”

“Well, I think this is about right. To be honest, I don’t want others to know that we have the original copy.”

“Cardboard which Copies Heart” is truly a useful item. However, the weakness is that human perception always has some kind of subjective addition on them.

For example, if the person is someone you hate or don’t like, the figure that will appear will give bad impression to others. Conversely, if you are thinking about your favourite person ──a person you are in love with, etc── the final product will look more beautiful by a few percent.

The day before yesterday, Olivia make a copy of my face by using the “Cardboard which Copies Heart” ……however, it was beautified. Although it is just a picture, I look way too beautiful and my face is glittering as if shining. Too embarrassing.

Since it is too embarrassing, I hid it inside my storage space on the spot. But since it looks the best, I was asked persistently by Trabant san to copy it, and it was agreed that I am allowed to keep the original copy.

We call the figure portrayed on the “Cardboard which Copies Heart” as original copy, the one copied from the original as child copy, and the copy of the second level as grandson copy. Duplicating the original copy multiple times make the quality becomes inferior. The one distributed around is the grandson copy, so that is how everyone will saw me, but this is in worse quality compared to the real one.

Well, I’m fine with it. This is somewhat embarrassing, but as the times flies this fad will settle down. The problem is……a line created by townspeople are formed, and I take a quick glance at the source.

“Ladies and gentlemen! There is a limit to this grandson copy. I saw it! Our beloved Tria, the Goddess of Law manifested and give the bride her blessing! Their beautiful appearance is what you would call “Bride of Goddess” ……”

Nearby the clinics operated by the temple, a table full of paper bundle and a line of townspeople can be seen……they are mostly male.

Isn’t the priest who is yelling his sale is a child who was dancing together with Trabant san that day? Is he working? Don’t tell me this priest job is to sell Olivia poster?

Certainly, on the day before yesterday, I also borrowed the “Cardboard which Copies Heart” to photographed Olivia? I was imagining Olivia’s nude body on my mind, and got my ears pulled by her since she is looking at my side. I did the next one properly.

By the way, from others perspective, although I meant to imagine the original appearance, it can’t be helped that I have some bias formed which makes it appear more beautiful to others. I tried to repeat it but same photographed appeared.

Naturally, I’m head over heels to Olivia, and it’s enough to make the priest who saw the photo to turn beet red……No, my Olivia is the cutest and most beautiful in this world. Although the picture is inferior to the real thing, it lives on its own way.

Of course, I keep the original copy. The one they given out is the child copy. There is no way I’m going to show the original to others. Though, at first, they thought of distributing Olivia copy together with mine as a set.

That is Trabant san original intent, but the people who are responsible for managing the temple fund said “The paper bill is not free, so we make an announcement for the heroes and sell Olivia sama portrait!” and that is how we are pressurized.

I feel sorry that after some hours handing out the child copy of Olivia, they begun selling them. however, I was convinced that the fund will be used for orphanage and to run the clinic.

“I’m really glad that we’ve disguised ourselves. Imagined what will happened if we roam around with our real face.”

The fact that people want to see Olivia directly because she is a bride blessed by the goddess makes it worse. Olivia’s feared to be noticed. However, I can change her face with illusion and our date can be resume.

“My dear, right now, I’m still scared……however, one day I hope that I can stroll around this town without hiding my face……I want to have dates with you again.”

Though all the men who gathered around are not conscious of her, I can feel her hand trembling slightly. I tighten the grasp and led her down the street.

“I see, there is no need to be impatient. I will always be by Olivia side. Someday……. whenever it is, there will be no more disguise, and I will date Olivia which beautifully make up.”

“Yes! I……will do my best!”



Three days later.

This is the day which auntie is delightfully waiting for, the day Prince Carl is coming for a visit. After the promulgation, we are supposed to call him Lord Caroling, but since people around are used to call him prince, so he doesn’t mind.

“Nice to meet you Chris dono, I’m Carl Caroling. I don’t mind if you call me Carl.”

He looks to be well aged. No, it’s rather suited to call him a young-un who looks like a child. He has a blond hair, with a pair of blue eyes. Coupled with that is a well-formed appearance, it can be said that he is a pretty boy with a beautiful face. This might be rude, but he is exuding a chic aura akin of a girl……. his fist looks trained with weapon. He is wearing a cloth reinforced with metal which an amateur will never notice.

After observing him for a while, there are other knives hidden in the cuff which can be taken out simply by moving the wrists, iron plate and knives are added at his shoes, and by removing the cord which bundles his hair, it can be used as a strangling tool. This prince is scary!

I can see in his eyes that he is gouging my power. Unlike the hero which the public are known of, I’m actually a professional magician. A close quarter combat is beyond my expertise, but I think I can manage normal soldier of my size.

“I know that Chris dono is the one who volunteered to join the cultivation development, but may I ask why?”

“That is to compliment my main goal after meeting Olivia, which is to make her living a better life……. that’s all.”

“Ahaha, this is your private residence, so there is no problem for you to speak up. Isn’t Chris dono the oldest among us?”

The prince friendly attitude is helping me from being stiff. Before the cultivation starts, there is a need for procurement of material and after piles of preparation are done, it will easily take a month. Seems like it’s fine to do whatever I want in that time period.

During the waiting period I can still defeat monsters and collect rewards. I can also receive money by selling the monsters drop, and it seems that large amount of money is offered for those hunting big game. Likewise, I will not get bored. I can bring my wife for a date, and she is working hard to show her appeal.

When the cultivation begins, I have to fight demons at the frontline as a hero. To tell it frankly, that is what I’m expected to do.

Afterwards, we continue chatting about the society and whatnot, and the prince returned back as scheduled. Going towards the gate, just before he gets on the carriage, I was asked by him.

“By the way, I heard the truth is that Chris dono is a dark attribute magician……actually”

I don’t remember telling anyone about my magic attribute, but this prince, what kind of information network he has……yeah, this is the absolute worst person to make as an enemy. I’m convinced of that after our less than 30 minutes conversation.


★ Jeanne SIDE ★


──Great! The magician hero is here! Horseman map which led to extermination of the weapons, and win!

Although my lord, Carl sama always have strange monologue which I’ve never understood myself, there is no way in the first place I’m capable of guessing what’s on the mind of the person who has led the land rich. Five years ago, this land is a rural place, remotely located at the countryside.

In today’s meeting, I met the man who received protection from goddess of Tria temple. As far as the state lord is concerned, he gave off a really good impression. From their conversation I can tell that he is a good-natured person. Furthermore, he is a well looking boy who clearly suited the beautiful lady who is sitting at his back.

Well, in my case, I rather like the way prince……gefungefun! What are you thinking, Jeanne! How dare you have wicked thought, such as loving your own master! Ah, but while I’m training, I imagined my own hand as Carl sama and moved it to my breasts……

“Ahhn, you can’t do that, Carl sama! We are still training! Everyone is watching now, at least please endure until we’re at bed!”

“Jeanne, I can’t tell you not to have any erotic delusions……but at least please don’t say it out loud!”

Uuu……my lord harsh love hurts. Since you can kill monsters bare handed, please don’t get cranky with your fists now……

“I take all the trouble training you because you have talent in fighting, but where does I go wrong……”

“Carl sama is the one who has took me out from my poor village. Since I want to be use of you, I’ve been practicing very hard till now.”

Five years ago, Carl sama rescued all girls who were initially planned to be sold to other countries because their hometown is starving. Not only that, he also prepared works for us. As for myself, I worked myself hard to become a knight.

I just finished swinging my sword outside, so my arm is sunburned. Sigh~ the women who are working inside the mansion are all fair skin and their skin is beautiful and enviable. When there are gathering for females, I’m the only one who is brown skinned, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. As a result, I tried my best practicing, and I got more sunburned from practice, and now I can hardly remember how my skin was before hahahaha!

And last year, my enthusiasm was recognized, thus allowing me an honour to become a knight. It feels good to unloaded all my feeling of gratitude to the prince that day, directly in front of him during the ceremony.

“I believe that honesty is virtue, but you need to fix your bad habit where you speak whatever crosses in your mind. Please refrain from speaking unless you are asked!”

Well during that time, all knights were giving me a warm look. Even the previous generation have big laugh.

“I was seriously embarrassed! That night I was seriously having bad time with Deshiderata!”

Carl sama red face looks so cute! Don’t tell me, he is being shy?

“This is making me mad! It’s not like I let out whatever crossing my mind!”

Well, while having the usual interaction, we arrived at the official estate for this frontier region. Carl sama schedule after getting home is to meet Deshiderata sama, and afterwards, he is free for good today.


★ Jeanne Side ★


“Welcome home, Carl sama. Thanks for the good work, Jeanne.”

By the time we finished everything in schedule, the day is already evening. Today is one of the day where we are done earlier. Pg. 273

Despite being pregnant, everyday Deshiderata sama will greet back Carl sama at the entrance. Carl sama is worried and ask her to take as many rest as possible, but his once tired eyes are gone, and replaced with a happy expression.

Deshiderata sama is a girl deeply in love, and now she is pregnant, but……. sigh, it’s been five years since I’ve been in service for Carl sama, but there is no gap for me to slip in. These two are supposed to be married due to politics, but.

“Then, I’ll excuse myself. Carl sama too, please get into bed as soon as possible.”

Our schedule is packed tomorrow since morning……sigh, let’s quickly get to bed. After this, Carl sama is going to bed together with Deshiderata sama……sniff.

“That remind me, Jeanne. Actually, early today I asked Chris dono to perform his [art] on you.”

No way! Certainly, the hero is actually a dark magician……d-did he put a curse on me? Or is it, since I’m a blockhead, I’m actually getting fired!

“Listen to me first until the end, you idiot. Make sure to give me your full attention since I’m only telling it once. A Hero is an intermediary between goddess and mortal realm. Therefore, they naturally can use a sacred magic and stronger than the priest.”

Sorry, my bad! I’m an obstacle, aren’t I? Especially to a married couple like you, I must be a disturbance! I’m sorry that I’m in love with Carl sama!

“According to the fortune teller, the child inside Deshiderata belly right now is a boy. So, for now I’m going to make you my concubine. Jeanne is my knight, and being a woman, so it’s not like being my concubine is a problem.”

Yes, I will enter the monastery. I will keep this feeling in my heart for the rest of my life. I am going to clean myself and properly serving God … ….

“I have the Hero cast [Blessing] on you. As the goddess intermediary, the blessing from heroes are supposedly more effective than the great priest himself. No one will question your status.”

This Jeanne will contribute to the town which has brought her……up? Blessing? The priest who are performing for marriage ceremony……eh? EH? WHAT? Pg. 277

“It can’t be helped that you are going to misunderstood the light and dark magic since it’s confusing. After you washed yourself, come to my room. Understood? Repeat back my command.”

“Awawawa yes! Knight Jeanne will head to Carl sama bedroom after purifying herself!”


★ Carl Side ★


Now, my personal knight, Jeanne was saved by chance during my extermination mission. Since then, she never hides her gratitude, and continue to aim to become a knight under my command.

Her gold hair hardly loss it glosses even without much care and when she sweats, her hairs sparkle. She quickly turns from a sweet girl into a beautiful lady. The number of times when our eyes meet also increases years by years. Frankly speaking, at first, she just wants to return the favour, but after many things happen, we fell in love.

My wife is the one who get the bun in the oven first but, Jeanne is too straightforward, she said that it’s foolish to get jealous.

After we both discussed, we decided that I’m going to take Jeanne as concubine after I found out that Deshiderata is pregnant with a boy. Her consent? No need to ask. Since we’re blessed, there is no reason for me to hold back anymore.

“I-is this a dream? Did Jeanne fall asleep on the carriage? K-ka-Carl sama is, together wi-with me……”

“It’s cute when you get embarrassed, Jeanne.”

Deshiderata gestured her hands and invites Jeanne to the bed. Somehow, this girly Jeanne looks very cute. Jeanne comes sitting on the bed, and obviously she doesn’t know what to do.

I pushed her confuse self on the bed, and seal her lips. This is the lips which continuously vow her lips in the past five years, and now they are mine.

“N nn ~tsu~tsu~tsu~tsu~~~~ n~tsu!”

Simultaneously, when I’m kissing Jeanne, I can feel her strength leave her body. Now, her body is left to my mercy, where I’m going for her breast first.

“Puha~tsu…… kiss…… Carl sama is…… fu ~e, fu ~e~e~e~e~e~e~en!”

Her face turns beet red, and now Jeanne face is a mixture of a cry and a smile. My wife hugs her from behind and caresses her head.

Oops, if I only kiss Jeanne, then Deshiderata might be jealous. I also kiss Deshiderata who is appeasing Jeanne. I insert my tongue and intertwine with each other … ….

“N nn mu~u! Chukuchuku…… puha~a! Geez, enough! Tonight, you must do it with Jeanne.”

She got angry. Since my wife is hugging Jeanne from behind, I hugged her from the front.

“Thank you for always being at my side and thank you for loving me. I……I’m also in love with you, Jeanne.”

“Fu gya! Awa ~tsu! Awawa wa……both of you! I got played around by both of you! This is just like in my dream! Ah, but Carl sama is with Deshiderata sama, so……wah! If this is a dream, please wake me up! My first experience might be in the dream, instead of reality……ouch! So, this is real……”

While hugging her, whether she is still confused or not, I continue to reveal my inner feelings further.

“You……Jeanne is so cute. Everyone is envious of me for having a cute girl like you around.”

My wife is pushing onto Jeanne and playing with her breasts, while biting her ears off. Aren’t you more excited than usual? Be careful not to strain your stomach.

“That’s right. It’s unbelievable that such a cute girl like her is nearby.”

Since Deshiderata already playing with her breasts, I go for her ass and thigh. Although Jeanne brown skin looks coarse, it’s actually really soft and supple.

We’ve been like this for 10 minutes, huh? She managed to get over her confusion, but since she is being caressed by two persons plus being inexperienced, this stimulation is overwhelming her.

“Dream……this is not, right? If it is, then I will be at the monastery?”

“That’s right. I got blessed by the Hero too. That’s why I’m bringing Jeanne to my bed and pushing her down. The reality is both you and Deshiderata are beautiful women. This is like a dream becoming a reality, isn’t it?”

I kissed her again, and this time she appears to calm down. Then she put her hand on my cheek.

“N ~tsu…… chi ~yu, chi ~yu…… n~tsu~tsu!”

While kissing, I roamed my hand on her clothes, and leave her in her birthday suit. On the side, Deshiderata is also undressing herself and exposing her porcelain white skin.

Deshiderata boobs, despite being a great pair prior to pregnancy, seems like it’s getting bigger after conceiving my child thus increasing her sex appeal every day.

Jeanne’s trained and tightened limbs are filled with healthy freshness, and Deshiderata body is as pure as a snow. Lining both of them together makes an exquisite sight.

“Hyaa! “D-don’t take it off, please……d-don’t look at my armour tan line……my body is sunburned, and doesn’t look feminine…”

Is this the trace of her armour? This is truly an unnatural tan line, but, in order to teach her that I’m fine with it, I trace my tongue around it. I gradually moved to her lower body, and lick her secret part.

“A~tsua ~a~a~an! N-no~! That place is dirty……n mu~u”

“Jeanne body is so beautiful, truly a perfection……enough to make me envious.”

That inspired a deep kiss between two beautiful women, and down here I continue to caress her secret part. Jeanne pussy is already overflowing with love juice, as if she just leaked herself.

── Picha picha kuchu kucha…….

“Ha~a n! A~tsua~tsua ~a~a~a~a!!”

Since my wife is monopolizing Jeanne lips and my member, I keep on caressing Jeanne with both of my hand, and tried to intertwine my tongue between their kiss.

“Jeanne, this is a sacred place where children are born, why are they dirty?”

──Kuchu kuchu picha picha.

“T-that is because……that is the place……where I piss……hi ~a! N ~a~a~a!”

Her face becomes even redder. Was it too embarrassing to say? Since she might turn confused again if I poked into her too much, I stopped myself and she is already wet enough.

I stopped caressing her and left her legs wide open. Her virgin slit, which has never seen the light of the day, are now hanging in front of me, unaware of itself melting the reasoning inside of me, stood there inviting.

Deshiderata stopped being mischievous since this is the time where Jeanne is going to turn into a woman. She holds Jeanne uneasy hands.

Jeanne, the village girl, are now giving me a look of heat. Jeanne face clearly said she loves me, and this is starting to crumble myself, despite being an expert on controlling my own lust.

No matter how tired I’m, always, I will make Jeanne who is now beaming with a smile……my own thing!

I took of the obstructive cloth, and rub my already raging boner at her opening……I aimed my dick at her vaginal opening slick with her own love juice.

“Jeanne, I love you.”

“M-me too! I’ve been in love with Carl sama since the first time we met!”

I put my hand on Jeanne back who’s currently staring at me, putting out my strength……and pierce her hymens with my cock!

“Gi~tsu! A ~a~a~a~a~a~a!! Carl sama! Carl sama ~a~a~a~a”

Jeanne is enduring the pain from her hymen getting torn. Perhaps remembering her first experience, Deshiderata hug Jeanne chests and stroke Jeanne head to comfort her.

“Ku ~u~u! It’s tight!”

Although it is not gentlemanly to make a comparison, unlike Deshiderata who wraps around me softly, the tempered Jeanne vagina is tighten around my dick.

A slight movement is enough to send a pleasant sensation, and as soon as she gets a hold of herself, she is trying to move away. I hold Jeanne waist and push her against the bed, effectively make her stop moving.

“Hurts! It’s painful, but……Jeanne is……finally able to give my virginity to my beloved Carl sama……I’m blessed…”

While looking at her smiling despite feeling pain, I decided to finish earlier today, and have fun with her only when she is used to sex.

──Zubo zubo zubo nupu nupu nupu.

I move slower than normal and try to reduce her pain as much as possible. At the same time, I’m playing with her nipples, hoping that the pain at her vagina will lessen.

“A~tsua~tsu! N ~a~a! No! Shi ~yugoino~o~o! No ~I can’t think anymore ~o~o~o”

Since I can’t have sex with Deshiderata due to her pregnancy, my semen has accumulated, and I feel like want to cum faster.

“I’m going to cum! Jeanne pussy feels too good, I’m going to ejaculate! I’m going to pour my sperms deeply inside Jeanne uterus!”

“Ha~a ~tsu! Carl sama ~a~a~a! Pour it deeply inside my pussy, please! Will you please hugged me when you ejaculate, Carl sama?”

This is my limit. I push my cock into Jeanne innermost part, and creampie her. since I’m not getting any sex lately, me accumulate sperms don’t seem to stop spurting anytime soon.

──Dopu dopu dopu pyu pyu.

“Hyaa! It’s coming out! Carl sama dick is spurting violently inside me!”

This is the first time she tastes an ejaculation inside her vagina. Once my ejaculation subsides, she lays weakly on the bed. I hugged Jeanne brown skin body, and kissed her arms, on her nape, on her stomach, on her breasts, basically her whole body.

What a good smell……I get horny smelling Jeanne sweet smelling sweat. Even though I ejaculated once, my dick doesn’t flop at all. This is because Jeanne smell too sweet.

“Dear, we’ve refrained from having sex since my pregnancy……may I serve you, just for this night? Watching you having sex with Jeanne……gosh, that is so hot.”

After I nodded, Deshiderata happily jump on my cock and start her blowjob. Compared to her first time, she has improved much. Looks like she has practiced a lot after calling the high-class prostitute.

“Mnn! You got even better, aren’t you Deshiderata. Even though my cock was inside Jeanne just a while ago……”

“Ha~a…… my dear’s cock…… chi ~yu, chi ~yupu…… the taste has combined with Jeanne, and now it tastes different……”

Though weakened, it seems that Jeanne wants to have something from Deshiderata and myself. She then got up.

“Carl sama, if you wish, please love Jeanne until you are satisfied. You can do anything you want……I’ll gladly take it.”

Pretty girl, you know what, from tomorrow on I will love you whole night, as long as you wish. But right now, Deshiderata is the one servicing me, therefore I can’t focus on Jeanne too much.

“I’m cumming. I’m going to ram inside your mouth, Deshiderata.”

──Pyu pyu doddo~tsu.

“N mu~u! N kun ku…… ha~a ha~a”

I caress Deshiderata head after she has gulped down my semen. I lay her on the bed. Now I have Deshiderata on my left, and Jeanne on my right.

“I guess it really hurt for the first time. Don’t push yourself anymore today, just go to sleep. Plus, we’re busy tomorrow.”

“Yes, good night, Carl sama. Tomorrow……Jea……nne is……going to……you……”

Jeanne is now as good as sleeping. I kiss her sleeping face and her face relaxed on my arms.

“Good night, dear……”

“Good night……I love you, Deshiderata.”

“Me too……I love you so much……Carl sama……”

Embraced by two beauties, I make myself comfortable and get to sleep. Looks like I’m going to sleep soundly tonight.

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