Hello Work Chapter 10 Translation

Hello guys! Good Sunday. I’m currently done with the latest chapter translation. After the editing is done, I’ll post it up here. I have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully, I can wrapped up this volume soon. Not to mention that volume 9 is coming out soon, lol. Lend me your strength, everyone!😁

As usual, the unedited one can be found at my patreon page! Thanks for all your support!

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3 Responses to Hello Work Chapter 10 Translation

  1. The Butt Wizard says:

    You translate one of my absolute favorite LNs and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful. I was so happy at the end of volume two, but a few months had passed since it had last updated when I first finished reading so I thought it was gone for good. I will never take for granted what you do for us or how hard you work to do it.

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  2. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…


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