Hello Work: Vol. 5, Ch. 9

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Chapter 9 ~ Skill Acquisition Meeting

After returning to the village, we were invited to Olba-sans house.

It’s a one-story stone house, large enough for 2 people to live. When all 5 of us entered, it did get a bit cramped inside, but since I’ve been travelling for 2 weeks straight, I don’t really mind.

During that time Nania-san started cooking for dinner, we were guided to the bedroom. I put out my stuff from my Item Box and arranged them. The small room was quickly filled out.

“I’m sorry. This is the only room that is available.”

“This is still haven compared to when we were camping outdoor.”

We’re not in the state where I can say that we are homeless since I’ve been building houses with Earth Magic, but, even though its small, an ordinary house is far better than an instant build house. Plus, I can get on the bed with my wives and sleep together.

After Olba-san got out of the room, everyone gathered around the small bed and we started our meeting. While hugging Tilika, Sati clings to my side and both Ann and Ellie are at the opposite side.

“First, let’s celebrate the completion of the quest.”

“”” Yay”””

“We finally accumulated enough skill points!”

That’s right. Ellie wished to rise one more level, but in the end, she didn’t manage to. No, it’s obvious after looking at her Guild Card subjugation records. The prey simply goes by Ellie, which in turns makes her unable to defeat any.

Even during the annihilation of the Orcs settlement, the spot where her magic hits conveniently doesn’t have any Orcs around, therefore counted as zero. During the hunting trip, most preys were mainly defeated by Sati and myself due to our Detection skills. Of course, Ellie, has put some effort on herself too, but there isn’t much result.

We also did some hunting during our journey this time. I was practicing inside the forest and hunt at the same time, without Ellie. Then came the locusts, but unfortunately, they were all exterminated by me.

Ellie said that it’s not everyone else fault, but truthfully, she did grew sullen, yet she was still going strong, with the quest in mind.

“First of is Ellie.”




Elizabeth’s Skills Level 24 SP:0


Magic Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 2 Magical Power Enhancement level 4
MP Recovery level 4 MP Usage Reduction level 2 Recovery Magic level 1
Space Magic Level 5 Fire Magic level 1 Water Magic level 1
Wind Magic level 5 Earth Magic level 2 Throwing Technique level 1
Cooking level 1 Short sword level 2



【Spatial magic】 ① Create item box ② Short range teleportation ③ Long distance transfer ④ Create Transfer Square for Party ⑤ Space Understanding & Space Manipulation


I operated the menu screen to raise her Space Magic to level 5. Like this, all of Ellie’s Skill points are spent.

By the way, she is acquiring for herself  a dagger combat skill. She came to love a knife while practicing throwing techniques. She practiced it hard with Sati, and it was improving somewhat. Even during cooking, handling a kitchen knife never felt that familiar more than ever.

“Alright, it’s done. Just saying, make sure that you won’t use it all of sudden, okay?”

“I know.”

I open back Ellie’s menu screen and confirm the space magic level 5. Space Manipulation and Space Understanding. Rather than a level 5 magic, it feels more like a basic level 1 or level 2 magic.

Ellie wants a super destructive magic! Should I worry that she might say something like that?

“This……how do you actually use it?”

“Isn’t it a Space Magic version of detection skill? Why don’t you give it a try.”


Ellie’s face frowned while concentrating.

“I can see Olba and Nania at the other room.”

Suddenly, I had a bad feeling. Although my Presence Detection is not that detailed, I got a reaction of two people closely attached. They seem to be doing an exercise. Yeah, it’s ‘that’.


“I think it is impolite to see too much.”

“Eh, ah, you’re right.”

Ellie’s face got slightly red, and her face looks dreamy. What she just used was a level 5 magic. I’m sure that her ‘vision’ was more precise.

Looking at Ellie acting all restless made me go into a weird mood. I tighten my hug on Tilika, but of course it wasn’t anywhere near enough. Perhaps we should stay in the inn at the fortress, or return back home with Transfer.

I already acquired my own harem, but they rejected the idea of having fun together. They will absolutely get angry if I get down and dirty with Tilika right here.

Sati and Tilika are okay with each other, but the same can’t be said for Ann and Ellie. Indeed, I can understand the embarrassment from others seeing the intimate acts, but this was kind of making me sad.

But, right now, I’m happy enough with either Ann or Ellie servicing me individually.

All of the necessary information about me were shared by Sati. Sati’s knowledge were treated like a bible to those older women, and thanks to that each of them are so fulfilling.

I forgave Sati for telling the other three about our lovemaking. Especially Ann and Ellie, I believe that they’re incredibly interested with whatever Sati has to tell.

I also tried asking her a bit, but after listening from Sati’s Skill point of view was enough to make me feel extreme embarrassment, like, who the hell is that handsome man!? That’s what I honestly thought.

According to Ann, she was thankful that I’ve never attacked Sati like a beast immediately after I bought her. Even in this other world where the act of buying a slave is normal, an act of getting a woman just to do anything one desire is not exactly tolerable. Just that sometimes there are some bastards who tried to take advantage.

“Next is me, me!”

Tilika gets on her knees and urges me so.

For the time being, I let Ellie test her Space Magic at the aside, and opened Tilika’s menu screen. Tilika had collected 40 skill points. She can upgrade to Summoning Magic level 5 now if she wants.

Tilika Skill Points: 0 Level 21

Cooking level 1 Evil Eyes of Truth or Lies Magical Power Enhancement level 5
MP Recovery level 5 Magical Sense level 1 Water Magic level 4
Summoning Magic level 5

“I already increased your Summoning Magic.”


“What’s wrong?”

“As I had expected, a pact is required this time as well.”

Well, I can understand that much, the problem is what kind of monster we’re going to face……

“I have no idea. It seems like I’m required to find it out myself. What should I do?”


From the looks of it, neither I nor everyone else had any good idea. Tilika now turned a bit confused.

Go out and search like it said? But where are we supposed to find it? I can’t imagine a summoned beast any greater than the Dragon. Shall I make an inquiry in my diary? Though, I doubt that I’ll get any answer from Him.

“Let’s think about that later.”

Ann gives a suggestion.

“Okay. Next one is Sati.”



Sati Level 25 SP: 0


Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind Eyes Physical Reinforcement level 5 Agility level 5
Evasion level 5 Shield level 3 Swordsmanship level 5
Archery level 5 Life Magic Magic Sense level 3



This time, I raised her evasion to level 5. Her physical strength enhancements are enough, and the rest are just contemporary skills, but this this is annoying. Both her Evasion and Detection skills required 10 skill points for level 5.

During the previous level up session, I’ve consulted Sati on the matter of Magic Power Detection skill. My line of thinking is that what if there are mages included within the enemy forces. Indeed, during our fight at the Gorbas Fortress, the enemies did brought along someone with magical capabilities. Right after I sensed magic’s that were shot towards us, I can neither evade or defend against it. If she is capable of sensing the invocation beforehand with Magic Power Detection, then it’s possible to obstruct or escape from it.





Angela Level 21 SP: 3


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 4
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 4
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 5 Water Magic Level 4
Physical Reinforcement level 3 Shield level 3



Other’s always labelled her as plain and not contributing much, but actually she is knowledgeable in major magic, weapons, recovery, as well multi-tasking many other things such as housekeeping and negotiating. Out of all the people in our party, she is the one who is the most reasonable. I want her to stay that way. If the people from the Templar Knight find out about this, they might faint.

The last one is me. I’m currently level 29. I gained 4 levels from exterminating the locusts alone, and hunting on the way help me collecting some Skill points too.

Physical Strengthening at level 4, Evasion, Magic Power Sensing, Earth Magic level 5.

Masaru Skill Points: 3 Level 29


Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 4 Stealthy Steps level 4
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 5 Shield level 3 Evasion level 5
Martial Art level 1 Archery level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 5 Magical Sense level 5 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Common Magic Life Magic Recovery Magic level 5
Fire Magic level 5 Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3
Earth Magic level 5 Mind Eyes



I’ve considered whether I should take on Spirit or Light Magic before, but after thinking hard again, that spell would make me awfully stand out. Even though it’s just a magical splash of some sort, what should I do if I messed-up somewhat, trying to cast a spell unknown to myself? I want to lead a simple life. The Skill points required were also great, but that problem can be overcome with my skill reset.

Next one left is Magic Power Sensing. The skill doesn’t look that important at first glance, but it’s actually quite important.

Even during our previous encounter with the Harpies, since the enemies are capable of sensing magic, they managed to disturb our chant mid-way.

With this, the curtain for our skills upgrade comes to a close. Coming up next is a discussion for our new agenda.

“Let’s build a house.”

For the time being, I need a base. I want a room where I can relax in various way.

There is no inn in this village. There is nothing wrong with freeloading in others house, there will be more people coming to work for the farmland, by building a base, there will be gates where it’s easy to slip back and forth.

Common sense dictates that building a base outside the perimeter of the village is dangerous and should be left alone. However, for us, it’s not a problem since we have enough fighting prowess and detection ability. Even if there was an intruder, I believe that they can be eliminated easily, plus, by making the entrance underground, our safety is pretty much guaranteed.

“Is that so. There is nothing for us to lose, so why not?”

Ah, I can hold a party too.

“But, is it fine to build on your own volition?”

“Not like the land is owned by anyone else in the first place.”

According to Ellie who is a noble, strictly speaking, the unused land belongs to the lord and hence is the property of the country. However, there is no problem for cultivation activity once we have paid our taxes.

Severe punishment befalls on those who evaded taxes. With the current state where all residents are living inside the wall, they have become easier to manage by the officials. In addition, the Truth Official makes it harder for anyone to build secret farmlands.

But there are also rules imposed for the ruling party. They are required to collect the pre-determined amount of taxes properly. They are not eligible to raise the taxes amount on their own.

This kind of job falls on Tilika.

Nonetheless, it’s not an easy task to impose misdeeds. With the privilege that comes alongside their aristocracy, any Truth Official can’t simply reach out and ask them questions. First, a set of evidences must be properly prepared, and if the accusers has a lower status, they are required to bet their own life.

“The Truth Official from the olden days have gone way too far.”

Because of it’s unfair condition, the story about it has never reach the masses. True to their intention, they honestly don’t want this to become widespread.

It happened long ago, when the Kingdom was still within the Empire territory. Massive purge was ongoing for when the Truth Official held the highest reign within the administration.

What was the result? The internal affairs of the Empire are tattered. The aristocrats who were put on verdict united and rebelled. The Truth Office got destroyed. The Empire barely suppressed the rebellion, and the damage it brought along were enormous. Many lives were lost.

Since then, any operation from Truth Official as a magistrate were conducted very carefully and some flex were administrated. The act of protecting and managing a vast territory such as the Empire are not all flowers and sunshine. That’s how you efficiently operated a country.

As long as all the territories were protected, any act of evil or two can be easily overlook.

“The technique to create Devil Eye were lost during the upheaval of that time, now left as a mystery.”

Things have gotten serious since then. Many Truth Official were slaughtered, and the technique to create Devil Eye were lost altogether.

Luckily, the Emperor living during the political purge was still alive, and with his support, the Truth Organization was barely kept alive. Their method of operation might be wrong, but the Truth Organization were still useful.

However, the method to create the Devil Eye were left incomplete.

In addition to its low rate of success, there are also side effect for the successful one. Headaches, blindness, growth halt and many other physical disabilities. It was said that those who can’t adapt will likely died.

Although mortality rate has decreased after years of research, faulty one’s like Tilika still occur occasionally.

“Many lives were lost due to our careless behaviour. It is a sin that should be carried by a person who became a Truth Official. A lesson.”

The Devil Eye were originally gifted by God. Then, it was lost due to the mistake of the Truth Official. That’s why they have to bear the pain and suffering.

In Tilika case, in addition to her growth halt, she will also experience mild headaches after getting too agitated.

“I’m still feeling light headed.”

“That time during our interrogation with the bandit, don’t tell me you’re having headaches too?”

“A little.”

When we were interrogating the thief, I thought she was tired, and want to go sleep early……

“No need to endure it once it become painful.”

After saying that, I hugged Tilika on her knees tightly.

“Un. Alright.”

“So, do you want to store the Skill points for removing your Devil Eye?”

The Magic Eye of Truth skill. At first, I thought that Tilika’s body will return to normal once I’ve used it. However, she refused it. The reason is, she has doubts where the Truth Organization will get the info somehow. Another thing, she is satisfied enough to spend all her Skill points on Summoning Magic.

“I can’t simply accept such benefits.”

“But that is just an event in the past……”

“I’ve come to accept whatever happened to the Truth Organization.”

“Each strength comes with their own responsibility.”

Ellie said. Agreed, Tilika nodded.

Noblesse Oblige, a sense of duty for doing a noble thing……

“We are the people who is keeping the world in harmony. We’re proud of our work. There are no regrets.”

“The shrine and the Truth Organization are both an important task decreed by God. Since Masaru is an apostle, I need to do my best.”

In response, Ann throws a legit argument.

God is real in this world, and He intervenes in various ways. That’s the reason why everyone decided to embrace faith.

But, I’m a human being from another world. I’m not obliged to follow this God. The only reason I’m following the orders are because of the rewards. Everything depends on my mood.

“Let’s do our best in the future……”

I don’t really know what I want to convey.

“Now that I think about it, there was a large-scale political purge at Siory town, and it’s still happening. Is it fine?”

“We received the permission from the headquarters. Those aristocrats were not covered, so occasional discipline is necessary.”

A warning, huh. Although they brought it to themselves, the criminals targeted in Siory Town were a bit sad……

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