Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 7

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Chapter 7 ~ Journey ⑥ Arrival

With the remaining magic power, I’m using Earth Magic to repair the broken road by burying the soil that I’ve dug around at the nearby area. The burnt smell is likely not going to disappear anytime soon. In my opinion, the repaired road doesn’t look all that bad. Pg. 90

“Fixing the road is nice and all, but doesn’t it feel like a waste to use magic power just to block the craters?”

Ellie seems to be bored of waiting.

But, this area is full of holes now. No matter how you look at it, it’s strange. This main road is usually crowded with people going to the big town. If there’s a person intrigued enough to find out, it’ll be just a matter of time before they discovered that we were the ones who did it when we were eradicating the locusts. They will definitely won’t be happy.

Thanks to those four people hard works, we somehow manage to control the fire. However, there was nothing that can be done about the charred woods. Though, since there are no longer big craters nearby, we can simply say that the forest was burned by Fire Magic.

The area that got destroyed by the Meteor is in smaller perimeter than I initially expected. The boundary is visible once we walked around. The aftereffects are still lingering around. The visibility is as worse as ever due to the rising steam and dusts. Still, the affected ground can easily cover a few ballparks and football field.

Fabio-san came when I was nearly depleted of the magic power that I’ve received from Ann.

“What in the world……”

The trees at the impact site has suddenly disappeared. The main road looks beautiful, as if just recently paved. The land nearby looks like in a state of vegetation. The burnt smell is still lingering around. When he looks closely, there’re several big holes that can’t be completely covered up.

It’s a scenery full of mysteries.

Fabio-san is acting as a leader for the evacuating group. From the look of it, the Meteor was not visible to them. However, after they’ve escaped far away, he returned back here to take a look and to confirm the situation.

“The locusts are completely annihilated.”

Ellie declared smugly.

“Is that the truth? I’m going to inform this to everyone ASAP!”

Fabio-san took a quick look around, and then ran down the slope. His horse is probably tied down there.

“He’s quite a thoughtful person, that guy.”

“No need to spare them all the details. The most important thing is that the locusts are completely annihilated.”

Nobody saw the Meteor, so everything is good? But I’ll fill the holes up anyway, just in case.

“You really hate to be conspicuous as usual.”

“I’ll be in trouble if my identity as an apostle was found out.”

“You cannot be an apostle just because you can use a high-ranking magic alone.”

Is that so?

No matter what, I don’t want news such as myself wielding weird power to spread around.

The event today slowly instills me with quite bit of confidence.

Perhaps, even if the Demon King appeared, I might be able to defeat him. Cheat magic is too strong.

If my identity as an apostle was found out, then they will know that the world is ending after 20 years.

Just look at how powerful this Meteor impact is. There is no doubt that they will appoint me as the Hero.

No matter what happens, the final battle is unavoidable.

However, just because I’ve enough strength, doesn’t mean that things would become easier. Take the Orc King as an example. That time, I easily got badly injured. If it’s capable of shooting arrows behind our back, then we’ll long be dead.

The gap between our defense and our offense is that big.

I realized it several times during my Special Training with Sergeant-Dono. Just because we’ve strengthened and raised our level, we still can’t bear a wound inflicted on our body, be it a cut from arrow or sword, or directly hit by magic.

Human can die easily with a stab of a knife.

If we recklessly charged into the battlefield, it won’t matter how many lives you have.

There is no convenient thing such as a resurrection magic in this world.

“But, I’ve never met a high-ranking mage other than Ellie.”

Maybe there exists several other mages who are capable of this feat.

“There are many mages among the nobles. They’re as good as those from the Knight Squad and the Military Corps. Many of them become an adventurer and work as a mage.”

Even during our defensive battle at Gorbas Fortress, I didn’t actually notice, but there were actually many active mages who participated in the battle. However, as soon as their magic power run out, they immediately took a break, so their actual active time is short.

I didn’t know about that since I was busy treating the people at the shrine.

Of course, they are among the nobles as well.

The number of mages who wished to become an adventurer are also dwindling.

There is no major attack during the last 10 years. Even before that, for a very long time, there was no attacks massive enough to take down a country.

During this peaceful period, the number of mages at the frontline are getting lesser. The demons are still treated as a dangerous being, but within this Human Realm, normal adventurers are enough to handle them.

Rather than taking down the demons, its already been a long practice to make profits by using the Earth Magic to build houses or castles. The old one will retire, and the fresh graduates will fill the space at the private company.

The safe and profitable works are more desirable compared to the unstable and unsafe job of an adventurer. I can understand it well.

Then, without battle experience, they won’t be able to grow into a high-ranking mage easily.

That is a good thing on its own. If the amount of magic user increase among the civilians, the economy will become better.

If you look at the area nearby to the Demon Realm, we can see lots of damage remaining, all caused by the demons. However, the Kingdom and the Empire are vast and powerful. Although the one at the border are devastated, it’s still not accounted as a major thing as a whole.

From the looks of it, that is what the residents of this world regarded as peace, when it’s treated as dangerous period if in Japan.

While waiting for Tiger to finish scouting, I chatted with everyone else. Not long after, it came back. There’s not much except for several locusts that he managed to catch. This way, we can finally confirm that all locusts are eradicated.

We walk back towards the village leisurely, and there I can see that the villagers are returning.

The villagers were thankful towards us. They offered us rewards, but I politely decline.

It was an easy task for us to annihilate the locusts since they were not a great demon. I explained to the villagers that my action doesn’t deserve a reward.

I came into understanding during this trip that this year around there are lesser rains in this area. Even if they want to reward us, they can’t give much, and even that might be enough to harm their livelihood.

It’s apparent that this village is having difficulty financially. It’s hard for them to give out money.

Even Ellie, who’s having money trouble, doesn’t say otherwise.

That’s why I won’t accept this young lady.

Nevertheless, this young lady doesn’t show any sign of being forced, plus she is beaming with happiness.

“If you are married to a competent mage, then your life is secured. Besides, it’s an often case where strong magic traits are inherited to the child.”

Ann explains so.

Does that mean, that they want my offspring? Such an attractive offer, if only my wives are not staring dagger to me. Scary.

“Goodness. We’re declining in Masaru stead.”

Well, if I increase another one, I don’t think my body can handle the addition. It’s such a waste though, seeing that she is such a cute young lady. Ah, I’m sorry. Please don’t scowl at me like that, Tilika-san.

We’re accepting the villagers offer to stay at the village today. It’s hard to thread through this mountainous pass during this time of the day. Besides, as the main escorts, our magic power are at the bottom.

A banquet was held at the village that night. It’s twice as painful today because I’ve completely used up my magic power. I went back to our room after getting some magic power from Ann.

Since I’m sleeping on the same bed as Ann, there is no way I won’t get into the mood. However, today we’re staying at the village chief’s house instead of the inn. It’s frustrating how I need to abstain myself. No, maybe, if I do it secretly……

“Of course, you can’t.”

It’s useless. Ann is particularly strict about it.

“After we reached our destination, let’s take our time doing it then.”

“You’re right. Plus, we can use Transfer to directly to go back home.”

If possible, I would like to take a vacation for about one month or so. I’m sure that this isthe big event, and after this we only need to take our time helping Nania san out.

Today, I’ll endure myself by hugging Ann’s soft body to sleep.

The main dish for the party is some baked locusts, provided by Ellie.

The village boasted it’s cooking skill, and Tilika commented that their cooking actually tastes really good.

During breakfast, I was given the leftover from last night. I ate some, but aside from the taste, the visuals are not appealing at all……as expected, this dish is not for me.

Before we left, I make a last inspection to make sure that all craters are covered.



Two days later. We finally arrived at our destination, Garland Fortress.

It’s a bit on the smaller side compared to Gorbas Fortress. Still, it’s a massive fortress, hosting many residential insides.

We unload the goods at the fortress Merchant Guild. There, we parted away with Norman-san and Fabio-san. There are going to stay for few days, and afterwards, they’re going back.

As for us, we’re dropping by at the fortress Adventurer Guild. We’ll only go to Nania-san once we finished handing out our kills, and collecting our subjugation rewards.

I actually feel a tad bit reluctant, but knowing full well the extent of the surrounding monsters is a life and death matter to Adventurer Guild. There is no way I won’t report them.

“The locusts you said?!?”

“But my magic annihilated them all in one shot……”

I explained the outcome to the surprised guild staff. Afterwards, he feels relieved and his face soften.

“They didn’t come out in the amount where the army or guilds members needs to be dispatched, aren’t they? I’m glad that they were in smaller scale.”

“Ah, yeah. I agree.”

“Please let me examine your card.”

Ah, here.”

I’ve no choice but to let them see my card, since it’s required for confirmations of my hunts.

I let him check the other four first.

The checkup went smoothly until Tilika’s turn. He examines Tilika carefully. After all, it’s weird for a Truth Official to join an adventurer party.

“As expected of a B rank. How marvelous for you guys to sweep up this many monster during a trip.”

Lastly, I gently passed my card.

The cards recorded all the demons that I’ve taken down. Right now, 20 are displayed from the new minutes on one screen. The old kills can be viewed by scrolling the screen. After they’re checked, the staff will put a confirmation mark with a special magic tool provided by the guild.

The guild staff continues checking my card, and after a while, his expressions turns fuzzier. Then, he completely stopped, and stared hard on my face.

“Excuse me……how many of ‘them’ have you defeated?”

“That is……there are too much of them, so I don’t know……”

There is no subjugation reward since they are not a strong monster. I don’t think that it’s something worth mentioning, so thought that they’ll simply glance through it. But apparently, that’s not the case.

The guild staff resumes his checks.

After a few minutes, he finally finished counting.

“All of it, with just a single shot……?”

“Well, you see……it’s a range magic, so, I wonder why……”

I don’t mean to say it as one-shot.

“Pl-please wait a moment. I’m going to call the top officer.”

While holding my card, the guild officer hurriedly walked to the back.

“It’s not something that is possible to hide. Just give up.”

“Do you think it’s possible for me to say that that they’re just small locusts?”

“Then, you’re lying.”


“It’s wrong of you if you don’t report stuff like this properly.”


After a while, a guy who seems to be the Guild Chief came out. Based on his physique, he might be an adventurer himself.

I explain to him quietly regarding the full scale of the locust’s invasion and how they were killed. I take out the bit about Meteor though. I only tell him that I used a long-range Fire Magic. The Guild Chief is interested to know, but it’s not something that can easily imitated albeit knowing the full details.

“Is this all true?”

After we finished reporting, I get press on by the Guild Chief. It’s an appropriate response towards a young adventurer like us. He somehow resembles the Vice Chief, but I feel more comfortable with Vice Chief treatment.

“Everything is the truth.”

Tilika says with a slightly inclined voice.

“W-well, of course that’s the case.”

The number of subjugation recorded on the card is a group of locusts on a scale which the military will act. It was supposed to be a huge disaster. I killed it with a single magic before the damage was done. Aside from the villagers, the ones who saw the locusts are only our party.

The report on the card is absolute. There is also the testimony from a Truth Official. Though, I understand his feeling of doubts whether all of this is a mistake. But there is no merit for the guild to dwell on that matter any longer than necessary. The reason was, the locusts doesn’t come with a punitive reward.

An honor, from subjugating bunches of locusts, maybe? I rather hide the fact where I’m, the actual preparator.

In the end, the guild decided that we won’t get a reward, but under Guild Chief discretion, he decided to give us bounty.

Then the trouble come. It’s impossible to hide the fact regarding the locust’s suppression, and I don’t want it to be too spread out. However, if rewards were paid, they cannot hide the confidential.

It’s a requirement to put out the subdue name. If that’s not met, they can’t withdraw guild money. Because then, the Guild Chief might be suspected of an embezzlement.

“We don’t need any rewards money.”

It’s a waste, but it’s wiser to give up here.

Even without the money, we should be doing just fine. For now, I’ll refrain from being conspicuous as much as possible. Ellie is the only one with a money trouble.

“Wait! What is your deal, refusing the rewards money like that!”

As soon as we leave the guild, Ellie starts snarling. She’s been glaring at me since a little while ago.

“Calm down. I got a better idea.”

“What? Good way to earn money?”

“No. It’s not a method to earn money. What I want to say is ──”

Money isn’t necessarily the choice. We can get the pay through labour.

I don’t know the details of agriculture, but I’m an expert in using the Earth Magic. In the middle of our journey, I learnt a new thing──housebuilding.

“Don’t you think it’s possible for me to start our own plantation, by using my Earth Magic?”

House, field and waterway. I wonder if we need a wall? I’m experienced in building a wall, heck, if I try my best, I might be able to build like those fortresses. I explained the plan to Ellie.

“That is a very good idea! Let’s start some really good plantation at Nania’s place!”

No, rather than helping out, I was thinking about this in term of paying your debt off……that’s what I honestly thought, though, I can’t say it while looking at Ellie smiling happily like that.

Well, maybe I’ll consult Olba-san, the husband.

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