Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 2, pt. 2

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The Capital


★ Heultor Side ★


It happened when I, Duke Heultor, was reading the report inside a room located in my territory. During that time, there is no way I can know, the fact that the curse which has plagued my own daughter since was lifted by the hand of the Goddess. Pg. 205

Suddenly, a silhouette of a woman cradling a baby appeared into my vision……it comes to my mind what I’ve done towards the daughter that I’m supposed to love……the number of abuses that I’ve done till that day comes into mind.

──The time when I get violent without any reason.

──The time when I treat her like a servant.

──The time when I fed her the same thing like the livestock, or when I forced her to bath in cold water at night and left her outside, or when I act abusive compared to her sister……and many more.

──I……my daughter……turns her, into a slave?

My feet trembles uncontrollably. The inside of my stomach flows backwards, my vision turns dark.

“Ga~tsu! A…… a~a…… I~ what have I! -Ge bo ~o~o~o~o~o~o!”

My head is a swirling mess. I don’t know what is what anymore. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW!

Suddenly, I felt pained at my hand. Before I know it, I already pierced it with a fountain pen on my own……. not enough, think back, what I’ve done to my own daughter? I proceed to hit my own head to the marble pillar……when I’ve come into my sense, I’m already lying on my bed.

A person noticed the abnormality and came. It was said that I was bleeding on my head, and that time I was bathed in my own blood and already lost consciousness. Right after I wake up, I ordered them to find Olivia.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now, and start searching for Olivia. What about the official business? Finding Olivia is better than doing those things!

I regretted a bit for spitting out my anger out of my chests like that. I summoned the butler who has served my children since they were kids. I was doing business as usual, when I suddenly tried to commit suicide and get into concussion. I really am in the wrong.

The butler who has served since they are kid was used to this degree of circumstance, although this time it’s the entire opposite.

When my children were still young, the servants were used to oppressed Olivia since the beginning, and uphold Angelica. Because of that, they might be disturbed and confused when I suddenly ordered them to find Olivia.

The maids, who are sympathetic to my daughter, knowing that I’ve abused her since the start, stopped working and start pretending for a search. Though, I can’t scold them for not being Olivia friends, since I’m not qualified to tell it on my own.

Please, don’t start moving yet……the doctor tried to stop me, but I quickly threaten them with a sword. Don’t disturb me when I want to look for my daughter!

First, I went to the slave dealer where I last left my daughter. I asked for Olivia whereabouts, but they’re bitching about how that is a confidential information. In other words, they want to rake in money as much as possible. Regrettably, time is against me right now. After I cut off the slave dealer fingers, they quietly vomited out the info.

I’m going to look for the man who’s taken my daughter with full force. But, if the search was to extend to outside the kingdom, there is just that much I can do even with my status as a Duke.

The search continues, but there is no result even after some time passes. My wife and my mother were surprised at the sudden changes of my heart, and asked me why. By the way, when my wife throws the question as why I sold my daughter as a slave, since it’s bothersome for me to explain, I want to told her a lie that it’s to save her from the danger of my anger if she stayed at this villa.

Then, I tell her the honest reason……my wife slapped me silently. My mother, she took out the horse leash and whipped me with it several times.

Please forgive me. It was my mistake. What can I do now? Somebody, someone tell me where Olivia went please……the anguish continues for several days till the first new arrives from the border.


★ Angelica Side ★


A faint light from the small flame on the candlestick illuminates the luxurious and spacious room. The flickering light and white smock drafting around makes the mood inside the room darker and decadent. It was a room at the royal palace prepared for sole purpose of my use. Beautiful boys whose I don’t remember the name are lining up at the wall with just an undergarment hiding their lower body. It’s enough to understood the situation just by looking at a certain growing part of their body.

“N ~tsu! Ufu~tsuufu fufufu fufufu! Hey, there is no need to restrain yourself. This is your [reward] you know.”

──Kuchu kuchu kuchu kuchu.

Ufu fufufu! Look at this man who duped his fiancée at the ball party just now. His figure right now is just like a dog licking at my pussy. What would his former fiancée feel? Just by imagining that I get extremely excited.

The one who is together with me on this huge bed is, Carlo Layfon who has just abandoned his engagement just now. This is a reward. This is a treat to this dog who have abandoned his fiancés and decided to devote his love to me. It is a treat to a given dog who fit into the superb collar of my love.

──Kuchu kuchu kuchu kuchu.

“Ha~a n! It’s good, you’re so good. Did you do the same to that woman?”

“There is no such thing! The only one I will pleasure is Angelica whose I love!”

Surprisingly, I can’t forgive a man whose has a lingering scent of other women. I’m sensitive to the fragrance of the other woman, despite me being a woman myself.  Pg. 214

Her family business, the burning red hair, white skin like those of porcelain, different from the other women. Jealousy……

A beauty that is comparable to my older sister, a melancholic expression like a moon. All men have their eyes glued to her ‘womanly’ charm, especially her large bosom and her thin waist…… Everything that she possessed is enviable!

That’s why I carefully seduced Carlo, so that he’ll choose me instead of that beautiful woman. While Dianne miserably run away from the ball party, her fiancée is serving like a dog.

“Fu fu~tsua wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!”

At such a pleasant time too, how glad do you think I’m when I receive the report on how my sister was sold as a slave? I’ve been loved since I was young, by my father, my brothers and all my servant.

All men loved me more than my sister……of course, as I grow older, I realized the truth. Beauty, style, culture, in fact, I am inferior to my sister in everything.

From that moment on, my sister was disliked by all the surrounding men. And inversely, their love for me increase. I was unable to understand it when I was still young, but I get it now.

For those women who are more beautiful than me……I’m going to drown them into the spiteful mud. I have the right to make that decision.

“Kukuku …… Ah ha ha ha ha!”

It’s annoying, but I can’t get rid of this jealousy. Right now, Dianne is supposed to be immersed in the spiteful mud……she will gradually sink inside nicely, and after a week period, she will be in the same circumstances just like my sister.



I can’t stop laughing. Ah, this feels very satisfying. Maybe I’ll allow Carlo to insert his tonight.

“-Kun ~tsu! A~tsua~tsua~tsu! Fu fu, aren’t you surprisingly good, Carlo?”

From the moment he climbed this bed, this dog has been constantly erect. Looking at him closely, aren’t his bigger compared to the Crown Prince?

“Since you chose me, why don’t I give you the reward? Come……”

As soon as I’ve given the permission, he immediately get on top. Arara, you really look like a dog.

──Gucha gucha gucha guchuguchu


“N a~a! Fu-furiously…… nnn~tsua ~a~a~a~an!”

This guy, he straight away rammed his bulging cock inside……and it feels so good!

Since he is so skilful, I wondered if he really has no experience with other women. Though, I guess he has slept with his business partner on quite occasion. His huge cock strikes directly to my uterus, and I felt a pleasant sensation that I’ve never felt before.


“Uun! Haa..haa…haa……”

Eh? He already cummed……once he ejaculated, his cock rapidly shrinks. Looking closely at him, he seems to regret it a lot. Maybe he gets too excited because this is the first time he inserts it?

Sigh……his cock is big and felt good, but he came way too fast. I’m done yet, but, well, at least he gets his reward.

“Feels good, Carlo? Well then……you, come.”

The man who was waiting at the wall climbed onto the bed happily. At the same time, Carlo, who seems to wear a bitter face, gets off the bed and stand at the wall.

The next guy is……what is his name again? Well, doesn’t matter. Please try your best, so that I can give you the reward.

The night is still long … … more, I want more love. Give all this love to me.


★ Dianne SIDE ★


The day after my engagement was revoked, I received letter from Olivia. I’m heading towards the Laron region at the border with our family treasured Golem Chariot.

The golem carriage runs several times faster than the usual carriage, and it can also function to scared off little demons away. Of course, it’s not a cheap thing, but as a Countess of Meitia who controls over the sex industry in the Kingdom, I can proudly say that we boast as the third wealthiest family in the Kingdom. I wonder why father is such in hurry……

“According to the letter, there is no other woman besides Olivia who came with the Hero to the temple. You understand what this means, right?”

“Eh? Y-yeah, it seems that it was just yesterday when they got blessed. Of course, there are no talks about the concubine yet.”

It’s such a lovey-dovey letter, as if coated with a sugar itself. Like this, I’ll incite nothing more than anger if I suddenly open a topic about the concubine. Pg. 225

I was surprised to hear that she married a hero, but I’m more shocked to hear about the curse that have been eating her out for years. Hearing about the malignant curse makes me feel nauseated. So, this is the reason as why this girl is always hated.

“You should thoroughly examine the contents of the letter. Reading it lightly, it’s clearly stated that Lady Olivia is unable to satisfy her husband. I can understand her suffering.”

As expected of the leading figure in the sex industry, he’s alerted in cases like this. But, isn’t Father one of the person that hated Olivia too?

“I’ve no emotion for a woman any longer, probably since I started this business. If I follow my heart, then my emotion might be scarred forever. You might not understand me, since you’re a woman yourself.”

But I believe that my woman emotion was not disturbed. I see, the reason it’s not affecting women, is because that curse doesn’t work.

“Besides……huhu, I told that the woman won’t feel it, but apparently, I think you might be affected. Dianne, maybe you received the same curse like Lady Olivia.”

Father suddenly said something ridiculous and outrageous, no no no! Plus isn’t that bad news!?

“It’s a fine scenario. The curse is resolved, and in addition, she’ll receive appropriate training. The hero would like to enjoy his lady companionship, but the lady is quite a tender-hearted personality. It’s the best moment to ensnare him.”

A person with a tendency to do goodwill. I can come up with lots of ways.

“Good. Lady Olivia position as the main wife can’t be changed, but if you manage to get the second seat, then we’ll be able to reap great power in the future at the developing border.”

I understand, it’s a thing that I must done before other nobility send theirs. This is also for my family, plus being together with my best friend as a sister is not bad at all.

Women who married a same guy will be considered as a sister and have a connection like a relative. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the hero is potentially to get more wives in the future. It’s the truth that everyone wants the hero superiority.

By the way, the second prince Carl sama of the border, I’ve nothing about him yet. Right now, there is nothing at all.

As for those who are selected as a bride, there is a pre-requisite to become one, and this is used to dispel any confusion.

Currently, his wife is resting at home because of pregnancy. Outside there, there are still numerous women who wanted to get engaged with him. Well, he is still a beautiful young man, and a genius as a boot.

Aside from that, I don’t have anyone else that I can talk to, so my marriage depends totally on how I manage to persuade Olivia. Olivia will be surprised if I pressed for this matter suddenly. Boohoo, I don’t want to suddenly turned into his wife. I would like it if we have some romance encounter first.

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  1. Angel Xiriga says:

    Angelica : Right now, Dianne is supposed to be immersed in the spiteful mud……she will gradually sink inside nicely, and after a week period, she will be in the same circumstances just like my sister.

    Me : Flag Raised!

    Dianne : Boohoo, I don’t want to suddenly turned into his wife. I would like it if we have some romance encounter first.

    Me : Flag Raised!


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