Hello Work: Vol. 5 Ch. 6

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Chapter 6 ~ Journey ⑤ Annihilation

The merchants and the escorts were to be evacuated with the other villagers. We are the only ones who are going.

Fabio-san said that he will join during the fight with the locusts, but things will go smoother if we did all the job alone.

I decided to walk together with everyone to the location. We get to know the size of their group and their position because they were mostly discovered by Hawk, since the locusts are also flying. The sky is not safe, and it’s also troublesome to reduce our magic capability by using Levitation or Fly.

“The locusts are edible, aren’t they……?”

“I’ve ate them once. The taste is quite okay.”

Ann said.

“I’ve never eat them before. “

Tilika seems to be interested with what Ann had said.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s save a couple of them. We’ll try taste test it later.”

It’s said that insects are a source of high protein. Since the locusts are around, I think this is a good time to have a taste of them.

“How do you cook locusts?”

Sati asked Ann. We continue to progress while talking about the good stuff.

For now, we already know the identity of the monsters and their location. My detection doesn’t catch up anything yet. So relaxing.

“This swarm of locusts only happen once in a decade. This timing is very good.”

Ellie said while sighing.


“The God Quest.”

I see. This? So, this is the quest?

“They will surely go towards Nania’s place.”

“That’s the most likely.”

“If we’re late, then Nania’s village will get destroyed. If the timing isn’t good, then God know how much damage will occurred.”

I open the menu and check the quest.

Quest: Help Nania】

Nania who is unfamiliar with a farmer life required a help.

This quest is not time limited, but it is advised that you better not going to the Capital.

Reward: 5 skill points for the whole party


Doesn’t it write here to help Nania-san who is struggling with her new life? Then God should have written about the locusts.

Ah, but if such thing was written down, then Ellie will run out of control. Perhaps, this degree of expression is good enough.

“Let’s do this.”

I don’t feel that motivated, but if this is connected with the quest, then I have no choice but to carry it out.

“Yes, let’s go!”

I feel a bit motivated.




Sati looks at me anxiously. The locusts have not come to our view yet, but their noises has already reach my ears.

──*locusts noise*

As we approached nearer, the noise gradually increases in magnitude.

I got caught up in the mood just now, but truthfully, I’m scared. I’ve wanted to run away for a while already now.

The mountain was covered with locusts, nicely forming a curve along the mountainous pass. Although I already heard about it from Tilika’s report, the actual sight is pretty staggering, a nightmarish kind of spectacle.


As far as my detection goes, I can only detect huge swarm of locusts feasting all over the place. Only little plants and young trees are left. A large number of locusts were attached on a big tree, eating all the leaves. The locusts are green in colour and varied in size. The smallest one is about the size of a kitten. Together with the small one is several big one, flying towards the villages’ direction.

“If we don’t seriously do this, things will get ugly……”

“Y-yeah, you’re right.”

The carcasses might get charred off if I obliterated them with a strong Fire Magic, and there will be nothing left to sell for money. However, for a large swarm like this, that is not something that I can help with.

By the way, there is no reward for this hunt. Even the smallest locust is counted as one, so if the Guild were to pay for each of them, they will go bankrupt. However, their carcasses can be sold for a reasonable price as a food ingredient. So that’s not a problem.

“To be honest, I would like to request for a reward.”

Ellie seems dissatisfied since there is no reward to be looking up for.

Our strategy is, first, I’ll shoot my most powerful magic. Afterward, I’ll annihilate the remaining locusts with everyone else.

The initial plan is to unleash joint magic like usual, but this time there are too much enemies. This time, I need to give my best. Those that would get hit by my magic will most likely be unchangeable with money, but considering the situation, it can’t be helped.

“This is a quest issued by the God Himself. Doing it free of charge isn’t bad at all.”

“Well, of course it’s fine for you Ann. Myself, I need money.”

“That’s why I said we need to bring up the issue regarding the rewards money……”

“I don’t need to be indebted to Ann, I can do just fine with Nania alone.”

“We’re a family now. There is no need to be so reserved.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Yes, yes. The bunker is going to be done soon.”

I’m planning to shoot the Meteor down, but I’m unsure how much power it holds. Although, for the time being, we have taken a good distance away. Considering the possible destructive power that it might have, I decided to build a semi-underground safe place with Earth Magic. Besides, if the survived locusts come here, we are capable of overwhelming them.

After everyone get inside the bunker, I close the entrance with a boulder. We’re completely cut-off with the outside, except for a small opening as a window. Since we’re capable of detection, we can still sense the locust’s movement outside. No problem.

“It’s quite cramped.”

“Just for a little while longer. Be patient……”

I take a look at Tilika.

“The locusts have started moving.”

Said Tilika.

I start chanting. 【Meteor】──

“This is bad. Just like I initially suspected, they are aiming for Nania-san village next.”

I concentrate on my magic power. I’m going to increase the area of effect as far as possible. I must annihilate all of them without exception.

“Hawk, evacuate.”

A huge amount of magic power converges inside of my body.

My body starts getting hot.

It’s hard to control magic power without a proper state of mind. A huge amount of magic power, unlike anything that I’ve seen before, is squeezed out of my body.

I can no longer afford to take a look outside. It’s likely that it would misfire unless I give my full concentration.

I don’t ever recall the probability of chanting with a Cheat Skill is 100%. This might fail if I’m not careful.

The pain is unbearable. My magic power has risen up to a level which was unseen before.

This is my best shot. There’s no way I can redo this again.

Normally, when your concentration is disturbed during chanting, the magic power will merely scatter. However, this time they’re densely packed. There is no telling what will happen.

The casting time should have been halved due to my High-Speed Chant level 5, but this is taking forever.

I clench my teeth and continue concentrating.

My magic power is getting dense, that now it’s possible to physically touch them within this bunker.


Just a little bit more.

However, my control and concentrating is already nearing the limit.

I won’t be able to continue any longer soon……

Just a bit more left──

The long chant is finally over, and the Meteors is activated.

Surprisingly, after my magic power was channelled out, my legs turned weak and I get on my knees.

I’m trying my best to retain my consciousness. I’m looking forward to see the result through the small window opening.

The previously clean weather without any clouds are getting dimmer.

A myriad of meteors glowing in red are filling the sky and falling from high altitudes towards the swarms of locusts.

The dark sky instantly turns red.

“Wind Wall.”

As planned, Ellie deployed the wall of wind in front of the bunker.

“It’s falling. Cover your ears!”

It’s a better idea for us to cower under the bunker, instead, we keep an eye’s on the apocalyptic sight.

A large number of meteorites is falling to the ground while making a thunderous sound.

In an instant, a large explosion occurs and the ground shakes violently.

The sound and the impact reach the bunker, and the roaring sounds reverberates clearly through my head even though I’ve already covered my ears.

The dusts rouse quickly, turning the area dim again, avoiding of any sunlight.

Darkness and silence dominates the area.

My ears are still ringing.

This is overkill.

No matter how you look at it, this is clearly overdone……

Sati is crouching while covering her ears. She is trembling and keeping her eyes shut.

Both Ann and Tilika worriedly nursed her.

Ellie is saying something to me, but I can’t hear them well.

What is this? What happened?

Last time when I used it, it doesn’t pack this much firepower. During that time, I suppressed it a bit before unleashing it.

The area is still dim, but it’s gradually turned brighter.

I stored the boulder and rushed out.


The mountain was scrapped off, lots of craters were made on the ground and the area are burning all over. I can’t see through the smoke, but it’s doubtful whether they are any living thing that are capable of surviving after this much. My detection didn’t catch any reaction.

The four of them came out from the bunker and witness the aftermath of the meteorites impact.

All the trees and living beings who once belong natively are now gone. It’s like a scene from hell itself.

“T-this is more powerful than I thought.”

Finally, my ears got better as I heard Ellie’s voice.

I’m unable to give her any reply. All my magic power is now depleted, and now I feel lethargic.

“W-what in the world……”

“For the time being, we need to put out the fire.”

“Right. Masaru and Sati take a break first. We’ll try to put out the fire by pouring down water from above.”

Yeah, I beg you. I don’t have much magic power left.”

“Shouldn’t you replenish your magic power?”

That’s what Ann said, but I want to give priority on extinguishing the fire. If we don’t hurry, a forest fire going to happen.

“It’s fine. Putting out the fire only requires magic power. There may have been some surviving locust.”

I take out the MP potion from the Item Box and drink it. I also chugged down the Magi tea. Afterwards, I feel a bit relieved.

I’m going to wait till both Tilika and Ann have fly away.

For now, we’re going to put off the fire, but what if the terrain completely changes……

The ground is full of holes. The main road has completely disappeared.

I wonder if I can cover them up by fixing them with Earth Magic. That might be impossible.

When I check the menu, my level has risen by 4.

What? My HP has decreased to half……although, I shouldn’t have suffered any damage aside from tinnitus. Don’t tell me, that my HP was converted to magic power during casting???

“Hmm? What wrong, Sati?”

I was sitting while checking the menu. In the meanwhile, sat sideways and stared at me. Our eyes met.

“Masaru sama is really amazing after all.”

“Yeah, the Meteor was really amazing.”

It’s more than I initially expected. It’s likely to blow all enemies even if the power is halved.

Plus, with my MP Consumption Reduction level 5, the amount of magic power that I should have consumed will remains as half. Meaning that, I require another half, no, the increase in the consumption is about one third?

This means that the magic consumption is six times over. It’s not amusing that the Meteors power is excessive. This also explains the difficulty to control my concentration.

What if I fail to control it back then? This magic of pure destruction will run amok. Me, all of us will definitely get caught into it……

Next time, I should refrain myself from using Meteor. No, even for other magic, consuming all magic power at once is a bad idea. It’s safer to limit them to half.



The fire extinguishing is progressing smoothly, and steams are rising from the site.

I feel like my magic power is completely exhausted. I can barely see anymore. As expected, the locusts were all wiped out.

That’s right, the quest.

I open the menu and check out the quest, but apparently there is no change with the quest status.

The condition to clear the quest is not eliminating the locusts……? Does this mean that they are not eliminated completely yet? Do I need to go meet Nania-san after this? Or is it because Nania-san trouble is just an ordinary one, just that we encountered the locusts purely by chance?

For now, I’ll ask the question in the diary first. I wonder if I’ll get any reply.

After a while, the three of them came back.

“I roughly sprinkled water around, but the fire is mostly gone.”

“As far as we can tell, all locusts were annihilated.”

“I’m going to go take a look around.”

Tilika’s familiars are extremely useful. Originally, the task to look around fall on us. Initially, I thought that it’ll be a burden on Tilika, turns out that they can move independently with the simplest of instruction. They differ a lot compared to my Golem.

“Only bits of them are left for recovery.”

“They were burnt very nicely.”

They are completely burnt. I’ll try sprinkling some salt and water later.

In the meantime, we need to inform the villagers and merchants that the locusts are all taken care of. We can’t proceed though since the terrain were destroyed. Our carriages can’t pass through unless the road is repaired first.

“Ann, will you spare me some magic power? I want to fix the main road.”

“I’m fine with it, but rather shouldn’t you rest for today? It’s fine to fix the road tomorrow.”

But, I want to fix this mess before anyone else sees it.

Ann transfer some magic power to me. My HP recovered after a while.

The area is full of craters, more than I expected. The depth is about my height and it is four to five-meter wide. This scenery spread as far as eyes can see.

The burnt smell got stuck at my nose. The burned trees and locusts are all over the shop. The ground was wet due to the previous fire extinguishing measure. There are steams rising up.

Previously, when I tested out the Meteor, the ground doesn’t get full of holes like this. My intention is to increase the area of effect only, but I wonder if the firepower is proportionally increase together. I should test it 2 or 3 more times when I have the time.

In fact, there are many other ways to verify it, but there are many other things that should be given priority.

I want to take time lazing around. I want to flirt more with my wives.

I still need to gather more information regarding the impending doom of this world. We need to self- strengthening ourselves to survive too.

I felt very satisfied, but then I remembered that I’ve work 100 times harder than when I was in Japan……

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