Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Volume 1 Completion

I would like to thanks everyone for their patience during my translation period. I would like to congratulate myself also for finishing this project also. What a ride this 4 months has been!

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9 Responses to Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Volume 1 Completion

  1. Bugfragged says:

    Is there going to be translation for Brünnhilde’s character sheet at the end of the book?


      • Bugfragged says:

        If it explains stuff not mentioned in the main story, then yes please.


        • Kifune says:



          Fertility god Freyja, was exceptionally proud of her popularity among the valkyries, excluding the fact that she is a part of the goddess of fate, Skuld. In addition to Brynhildr’s case, due to stories without mythological groups were handed down and in order to earn many faiths, low rank valkyries with nothing but their divinity were given an exceptional (B). At the same time, stories have an effect on the mystical sword that she holds and her favourite horse.


          Power: A
          Magic: C
          Speed: B
          Rank: B
          Miracle: D
          Pantheon: Valkyrie

          Brynhildr is a valkyrie, the eldest among her sister and the proudest heavenly knight there ever was. One time, she defy Odin according to her conviction. Even that means her status as a god would be stolen and deprived of, she didn’t changed her mind. After that, much suffering struck Bryhildr. However, she kept her beliefs and did not lose her pride all the way until her imminent death.


          A mythical dragon-slayer sword that Brynhildr wields. Even the scale of a dragon can easily slice a class A tier magic shield. Orginally, it belongs to the war spirit who is connected to her but the ownership had been transferred when participating the third mythical war.


          A mythical horse who is a descendant of the supreme deity, Odin’s warhorse, Sleipnir. It also has the legs to run in the skies.

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  2. Kifune says:

    Are you going to translate the last? illstutration


  3. Mark says:

    Are you going to make an epub?


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