ISNR: Vol. 5, Prologue

Translation credited to Kifune. Much thanks!👍😀


“Enough with the farce. Help me out Kunisaki, no–”
I’ll say it.
The word that will mark the end of our daily lives.
“……What are you talking about Raika?”
Kunisaki–no, Apollo laughed loudly.
In a very worthless way.
Like someone interjecting into their own joke.
“Why do you think I’m a god……your jokes are too heavy man.”
I remember having discomfort for the first time was during the fight at the amusement park that night.
I ignored Apollo’s excuse and continued the arbitary conversation.
“I was taken hostage by Osiris and Maria when the situation became unfavourable.”
“The golden arrow that killed Ammit. The secret agreement with Zeus. From these two evidence, I have spectulated that the one who saved Maria was from the Greek mythology and stipulated that that it was a god who is skilled in archery, Apollo.”
Apollo sliently listened to what I have to say for a moment.
“Like I said, it makes no sense.”
And I unpleasantly spat out.
This was the time where everyone hates the gods.
There is no human who aren’t suspicious and won’t ruin the mood of the gods.
However,I ignored the other party’s response.
“The problem here is why would Apollo save Maria.”
Apollo reacted with a twitch.”
I continued to press forward.
“The outcome of the mythical proxy war has nothing to do with Maria’s safety.”
At that time, I just happened to save Maria.
The outcome of the war was totally irrelevant.
Besides Apollo has no reason to lend a helping hand.
Or, if you thought by saving Maria I would have defeat Osiris without holding me back……that’s out of the question too because it’s a bit strange.
“If you wanted as the result Apollo, then you should have kill her yourself. That way, it would be more effective for certain.”
“However, why did Apollo shot Ammit instead of Osiris?”
I was thinking of the reason of doing that this entire time.
“That reason was spoken directly from your mouth before.”
I said that while looking at Apollo’s eyes.
A very repulsive line.
” You have said that you liked Maria.”
“That’s why you saved her. Am I wrong?”
“……Like I said”
Even now, Apollo still tries to argue.
“Enough, Apollo.”
At that moment, the voice of a third-party entered.
Whose voice does it belong?
I already knew whose it is.
“Hi, Raika-kun.”
Tenka stood in front of the classroom door with a smile.
“Zeus-sama……! Why did you came out?”
Apollo raised his voice in a fluster.
Seeing that Zeus called him “Apollo”, there is no need to beat around the bush anymore.
I bet to her it would just be like a friendly fire.
But, Zeus act as if she didn’t care about it,
“I said enough beating around the bush.”
And lightly tapped his shoulders.
After that she looked at me with a smile.
“It might just be a wild guess but since his suspicision is over 80%, acting dumb is useless now.”
Apollo nodded slightly.
I’m not really convinced by this, but whatever.
I confronted Zeus who is grinning and starring at me.
“This was supposed to be a prank to find the identity of a greek god’s compatibility so what is going on here?”
Zeus asked in a menacing way.
Things ended up like that was well within my expectations.
I saw it coming and that’s why I called Apollo.
For the sake of planning for the future.
For the sake of victory.
Well then……let’s open the act of war again.
For the sake of surpassing the gods and taking back everything.
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  1. Daiz71 says:

    Did I miss something?


  2. monyot says:

    where is vol 2 – 4 ? i thinks last chapter still vol 1


  3. GM_Rusaku says:

      ( *¯ㅿ¯* )
      U   U Thanks..
    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\ Nepu…..
    |二二二二二二| Work……
     |    |  Now Resumes…..

    Wow, a major time skip, will read this after the skipped volumes are done.


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