Hello Work: Vol. 5, Ch. 4

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Chapter 4 ~ Journey ③ Transporting the Prisoner

After Tilika’s interrogation session, we get to know that the aforementioned treasures doesn’t exist.

There are gold eyes that are wearable. It gives a feeling that it will peel off. The base is left untouched.

Later, the thieves’ equipment’s and the gold eye got assessed by Norman-san, then the profit will be distributed between Fabio-san and myself.

Finally, it’s confirmed that everyone is guilty. The results of the interrogation are carefully recorded. I don’t know whether we will leave them with the police or the soldiers, but it should be a good evidence when we hand them in. The testimony is certified by a Truth Official.

I bring them to one of the carriages. All the goods inside were already stored inside my Item Box. This particular carriage was reinforced with Earth Magic to turn it into a sturdy prison. We put the thieves inside, and enclose the carriage completely. With only an air hole, this carriage has become a perfect prison without doors.

All of the thieves are quiet. Perhaps, the death threat is working on them.

No, it isn’t just a mere empty threat. They are serious, that’s why those thieves are afraid. This society allows people to do this kind of thing. Truly dreadful……

“In case if I really did kill all of them.”


When Tilika heard it, she replied so. For some reason, I have a right to make a decision. Nobody is going to raise an objection. I found them, then I either kill or capture them. Is it really alright for me to hold all the responsibility as a matter of course? Even though I didn’t do it alone.

It doesn’t matter if the Truth Official is present or not. If the same situation occurs, things will be more simplified. For example, if it’s only Fabio-san party who has found them first, and if the thieves managed to be captured, then the party hold the rights to kill all the thieves.

I tried asking around what they are going to do if they encountered a same situation. The people replied that they will take same action as I did. Even the residents of this different world, who has probably killed before, find that unnecessary murder to be disgusting. I felt a bit relieved.

“Just that, if there are no option left──”

A situation where there are no carriages like right now. If there are no method to safely transport them to a village, then the thieves will be killed. Right on site. I wonder if the decision makes on the crime spot hold much power.

For me who have become a Riajuu in this different world, I’m in a situation where I’m far from my wives’ comfort. Right now, I’m acting as a co-driver for the prisoner escort car. No more scouting. I tried to asking regarding that matter once, but I got asked to watch over the prisoners instead.

I need to look after the prisoners since I’m the one who caught them. Right now, at my back, is a carriage modified into a prison made by Earth Magic. The walls are hardened so a jailbreak is impossible. Even so, there is no way I can leave the monitoring job to the merchants alone.

And there are seven of them. That spells trouble.

“The mage husbands! The mage husbands!”

The thieves call out desperately.

“Toilet. Please, I’m going to leak!”

We need to take care of their meal and their toilet needs. Even though I can keep them all confined separately, then it will be more hassle for the next two days. If I abandoned their request now, I’ll need to think about how to clean up aftermath.

In the end, a toilet can’t be attached together with the carriage. There is no helping it, I need to let them out. As for their meal, they are getting bread at morning and evening, and their drinks are contained in a bottle, to make it easier.

Everything is done by magic from outside, so there is no danger. The prisoners are also quiet.

The highway approaches the ridge. The roads go through the hilly part of the mountainous area. Although there are plenty of part where it’s strictly hilly, we don’t face any problem proceeding thanks to the well-maintained road condition.

When we arrived at the camping site that day, there are nothing in particular besides our row of carriages. The small square site is on the side of the highway, and a streamlet can be heard.

The carriages are separated from the horses, and I covered them with Earth Magic. I don’t think they are capable of breaking the prison, just in case.

To my surprised, it turns out there are no problems to loosen the monitoring during night time. Despite saying that the monitoring is loosen, the prison is actually located at the middle of the camp. There are around 20 merchants in this group, and as for use I instantly build a hut with Earth Magic besides the prison and sleep next to the prisoners.

“Good work today, Masaru.”

Anne told me when I crawled inside the Futon.

When the merchants saw I created a prison for the thieves, they asked me to create a hut for themselves. Of course, they don’t actually demand it from me, I’m creating it for them sincerely.

This looks good, what a wonderful thing, I hear such praises filled with envy. Since I have surplus magic power anyway, I decided to create one for them. During this season, staying outdoor is a severe experience. Especially here in the mountainous area. They have their own proper camping set, but with a tent alone, they couldn’t escape from the cold night completely.

As a result, it was decided that I’ll build a solid house enough to fill all 20 persons in the camp.

There are people among the merchants who are familiar with a carpentry work. They made a fine door from the nearby tree. Now, the building looks like a normal stone house. I’m putting some fine interior detailing as well, like installing a fireplace to use during cold, and hardening the wall. Like this, this house can be used for several years.

“Travelling is troublesome. Let’s go by our own when we’re going back. Let’s use the gate that time.”

“Right. That is better.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t want to go through this arduous process either. I’m worried about Nania.”

“I enjoy this journey. It’s relaxing and fun.”

Tilika is already fast asleep beside Sati. Maybe she was tired from chasing the bandit all day today.

I just want to live freely together with my wives. Why am I taking care of the prisoners and building house like now?



Next day, fifth day, afternoon. We finally got through the mountain pass and arrived at the village where we originally planned to turn in the thieves, but we got refused.

It’s small village. Indeed, they will surely get in trouble if we ask them to help us process the thieves.

According to the village chief, there is a town with a lordship, one day away from here. This case can be handled there. If we must absolutely leave them here, then they will execute the thieves. I promise to take the thieves to the other town in panic. Seriously……

“Anything we can help you with?”

Now that my works is over, next is Angela turns to do her business.

If the town has a shrine, she will visit them. If the town don’t have a shrine, she will do missionary work instead. Her main activity involving treating the other.

There are no people who are seriously ill, but there are some people who are sick. We decided to take care of them at the village chief’s home.

Other than that, they have received less rains this year. The captured thieves also mentioned the same thing. Well, hearing stuff like water shortage is normal, but will praying to the shrine bring a rain?

“You get it wrong. We’re going to dig a well.”

I see. Then, it’s time for Earth Magic again.

Doesn’t that mean it’s for me? Me again……

“Please, Masaru.”

If you plead cutely like that, then there is no choice. This might be a charity service, but it is still one of my important wife request. I’ll do it.

Digging a well is easy by using Earth Magic. The task just involved searching for a good location, and taking out the chunk of earth by using Earth Magic. There is no necessary need to dig too deep, so that’s one thing off the mind.

Whether there is an underground water running, or the village chief is just good at choosing locations, all the three wells that were dug produced a significant source of water.

After confirming that they are indeed the water spring, I surrounded it with a firm wall. Then, I produced a roof on top of it, and the end result is a well that can be seen anywhere else.

After building the well, we were shown to the reservoir ponds for agricultural water outside the village walls. The reservoir is in a state where the water is lowered until the bottom is visible.

The reservoir is still capable of producing small stream, but right now it’s in a state where the water is almost nonexistent. I tried to cheat by pouring the well water, but it is still not enough.

It’s clear as a day that the crops will die if this situation persist.

“Instead of building a well, isn’t it easier to use Water Magic?”

I asked them.

“But the amount of magic required will be……”

“Lots of magic power is required if we want to use this method, is it?”

Ann quickly cast a glance this way.

I don’t know from where the water materializes when we use magic. However, if we want water alone, then it shouldn’t consume much MP, and if I’m serious, then I can still produce considerable amount. We have four people adepts with magic here, all of them are skillful enough, capable to handle Water Magic without problem. Since there are nothing special going on at the inn, they are all here and it’s a good thing.

“Then, everyone, can I ask for your favors?”

“I don’t mind.”


We immediately fill the reservoirs with water. There are quite a lot coming from all four of us together.

But where does this massive amount of water really come from? It’s way too much compared to the moisture in air. So, it’s either the air itself is converted with elements conversion or the water is summoned from the other places? It’s a mystery.

While I’m in deep thought, the water keeps on pouring inside the reservoir. When the water level keeps rising, all the villagers shouting ‘Ooooooh!’.

The water level has risen to about 70 to 80 percent when everyone stopped due to low magical power. The villagers cheered for us. There are three new wells and the water level in the reservoir has been restored to an acceptable level, they shouldn’t have any problem going through this drought. This is just a temporary solution, and in the end, they will need to rely on rain again.

Afterwards, we are invited to a welcoming party at the village chief’s house. Compared to the inn, it’s a place where I can enjoy with leisure together with my wives. Then, Ann looks this way with a frantic face. Well, next we’re going to start treatment over there too.

We moved to one of the room at village chief house, and villagers come in for treatment. From my understanding, the priest often comes to the village that doesn’t have shrine, and in turns, the villagers received the treatment, therefore it’s a mutual benefit.

Since this is a volunteering works, the villagers are not charged for the treatment. However, the villagers give their thanks to the God and the shrine, and to Angela as well. Sometimes, they give us crops that they harvested from their fields, such as vegetables.

We only have few magic power left, but I’ve confirmed that there is no seriously ill person. Since we’re in colder season, there are lots of people who got a cold. Together, Ann, Elizabeth and me alternates while waiting for our magic power to recover.

There are 10 people who came seeking for treatment, and we managed to finish in 30 minutes.

Immediately after we ended, the party started. Foods filled the wide dining hall in the village chief house and all the villagers were already inside. We’re treated as guest of honor. Still, when I hide my presence with Stealthy Step, everyone just walks past me. What a convenient skill.

I taste a variety of dishes prepared by the villager’s while drinking liquor served to me by Sati and Tilika. On the meantime, Ann and Ellie are socializing with the villagers.

They’re collecting information. I’m truly saved by these excellent wives.

Even during this banquet, the hottest topic are the thieves and the drought.

If the drought continues, they will have no other choice than welcoming the winter this year with the minimum stockpile ever. They are truly grateful towards us for helping them dig the new wells and replenish the water level.

The thieves did muttered something about the water during their sleeps.

It’s a troublesome thing if thieves were spotted near the vicinity. I don’t know, maybe if we said that there are 7 of them, then even the soldier or the land lords will make a movement.

The hunt will cover all the mountain and it may involve lives. Even if the adventurers were coming for help, the burden will be way too heavy for the villagers.

If I’ve found it earlier, I’ll already hunt it. I won’t ask for money. Their gratitude is enough.

I don’t have any intention to be remembered, so I declared that this is all help from Ann and the temple. This way, even the trust on God will increase.

Though, I’ve gained this ability from the God, so I’m not wrong.

I left the banquet earlier. I feel really sluggish now. I’ve used too much magic power during the time we were raising the water level and treatment. Since they are familiar with the circumstances regarding magicians, they let us go soon and brought us to our room.

Today, we’re staying at the village chief residence. The villagers said that they have already contacted the people at the inn.

Ellie is already staggering towards the bed. I also drank bit more sake and quickly get on the bed without doing anything else.

Another person residence…….



Next day, sixth day of the trip.

The highway crossed the ridge and moved to the flatlands, and the rural scenery comes into our view.

Coming back to my situation, just like the usual, I’m in charge of guarding the prison carriage. This is because I’m the only one who has the fastest response whenever something happens, and only Ellie and I are capable of Earth Magic. However, Ellie doesn’t want to do this chore.

“By all means. Please! I don’t want to do it.”

“It’s okay, I’ll do it……”

There is no way I can refuse if my beautiful wife begged me this much.

Sati and Tilika said they want to accompany me, but if there are 3 people sitting there then the place might be cramped. We still have long journey, so it’s impossible.

We arrived at the big town in the evening. It is surrounded by fine wall, like in Siory town, and surrounding it are cultivated areas.

We separated with the other merchants at the gate entrance. I went to show the gatekeeper the thieves that we’ve caught and explain how we encountered them. Fabio-san helped me with the negotiation. He has worked as a merchant for a long time, so he has experience handling case like this many times before.

“Well done. After we interrogate them, we will give your reward.”

But, still. We catching the thieves is still sudden. If we want to sell them off as slaves, then we will need to wait for at least a day. That is if they hurried up with the investigation. Though, there is a genuine Truth Official within my family.

“There is no need for that. I already interrogated them.”

Suddenly, Tilika comes in front and tell them.

“Third Class Truth Officer, Tilika Yamano. I’m accompanying them for a mission.”

“A Truth Official!?”

Normal human’s doesn’t have one red eye, and the guild cards description is genuine.

Looking at her appearance I doubt anyone will worried about a spoof counterfeit card.

I think she looks legit enough, even if the people are doubting her, they will know once this process start. Or did they think that people can get away by imposing as a fraud?

Thanks to Tilika, the interrogation went smooth as butter. Based on the previous interrogation records and my explanation, they confirmed the situation.

Soon after, I received the money from selling those thieves, and it’s lesser than I expected.

“Criminals, who have killed people before, don’t sell high.”

According to Tilika, an expert in handling criminals, these criminals are usually sold to place that requires manual labor like mines or armies. Even with the enslavement and binding, the attack prohibition commands only apply towards their master. That’s why, normal people are not compelled to buy them.

Anyways, I can finally catch my breath now that the thieves’ surveillance job is no more.

Including the thieves’ possession, we manage to add 50 more Gold coins into our party account.

Three days of work, including subjugation and transportation, give us an equivalent of 500 thousand Yen.

Then, I’ll distribute it among our party.

Although we don’t spend much on travelling and living expenses, I would still like to make some money.

I wonder if we will encounter groups of Orcs on the way.

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