Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 2, pt. 1

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Chapter 2 ~ Pushy Wives: Doesn’t feels like resisting the erotic temptation at all


Revocation of the Engagement


It feels warm and soft. I’m not sure whether I’m still dreaming or I’m already awake, but I’m overwhelms with pleasure.

── nnn, nmm…….schlop……slurp.


Reaching out to the direction of the sound, I touched a smooth texture. After stroking it, I heard a gentle cry.

“Good morning, Danna sama.”

“Oh, Olivia……morning…”

Awake, I saw she is stroking my member while facing myself. Starting from yesterday, this is the mansion where we’re going to live. Yesterday, after getting out from the bath, both me and Olivia went to sleep buck naked……waking up from my beloved wife service is awesome. While stroking Olivia’s hair, I let her resume her activity.

── *schlop**schlop**schlop**schlop*……….nmm!

Ahh, this feels darn good. Olivia is gobbling my cock in her mouth, and skilfully caress the parts where I feel most pleasure.

“Nn! Great Olivia, it feels damn good!”

Olivia smiled happily while servicing me. After that, I interrupted her blowjob and stick my cock between her big tits. On the same time, I start playing with her nips.

──Picha picha n’n’n~tsu!

It feels soft and fresh. Olivia tit fuck are magical, and the way she moves her two hills further increase my excitement. This is another kind of pleasure compared to inserting inside her directly. Moreover, the tip of my cock is pleasured by her mouth, and like this, I couldn’t hold out much longer.

──Pichapicha, zuri ~yuzuryuzuryu

“Oooh! Coming out, it feels so good I’m going to cum!”

Hearing that, she increased her blowjob pace and start sucking my tip vigorously. There is no need to hold back. I held Olivia head in euphoria

“Kuh! It’s coming!”

──Dopyudopyudopyu…… n kkuchukuchu


Looking at Olivia face greedily devouring my semen give me a thrill. She is always calm and composed, yet she turned completely wild when we have sex. Only I’m honoured to see this side of her.

Although I’ve just ejaculated, my member is still in a perfect health. This is it, my wife is too cute. I can’t hold it anymore, so I push her on our soft bed.

“Ahnn♪ Please don’t do that, Danna sama♪”

Although Olivia is protesting, her face and her actions are against her vocal and encouraging myself. You think I won’t noticed it? I can see your honey dripping from your secret place, and that is enough as a signal.

“It’s unfair to make me feels good alone. This time, I’m going to make you scream.”

I opened up both of her legs into M shape, and insert my lively member into her vagina opening.

“Mmnnn! Aaahhhh! N-no~! Danna sama cock is, at my back…it’s hitting my back~!”

──Zuryu zuryu zuryu panpanpa


At first, I insert my cock deeply inside her. Then I gradually start doing it rhythmically, and rapidly thrust inside. I’ve been fucking her constantly every day, yet her vagina feels soft inside each time, and snuggly fit my cock. I think her vagina is highly optimised for my own use. Such thought floats on my mind.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, aaahh! Nmmu!”

I close her mouth with my own. Her moans were muffled, and it’s now channelled through the sharp twist with her hands on my own. Of course, I still rapidly fucking her.

“Nnnnnnn! Chu, *smack*, *smack*!”

Facing each other, I tangle her tongue with my own. While doing so, I fall into an illusion where it feels like we’re blending together.

I repeat the piston movement with a blending sensation. Unexpectedly, Olivia wrapped her legs on my back and it gets stronger when she is getting close.

──Guchu guchu guchu guchu.

“Haa~! More~! It feels good! Please give me more of Danna sama big cock!”

Her love juice got mixed with my precum, and the sheet got soaked with it and bubbling noise is produced.

Each time I pushed in, I can feel her swaying boobs against my chest. I nibbled her nips with my tongue, and when I did it strongly, her inside tighten in response.

“Hyaaanh! That! N-no~……Danna sama~……ah, ahh, aaahhh!”

──Bikun bikun bikun.

“Guhh! If you tighten that much……I’m going to cum again!”


“Ha~a ,ha~a……Olivia…your nipples, did it felt good? No wonder you cummed so fast.”

“I mean……even I’m surprised myself…”

This is a new discovery. I’ve groped and licked her boobs before, yet I’ve never specifically attack her nipples. I see, her nipples are her weak point.

While enjoying our afterglow, I pulled Olivia to my chest and play with her hairs. In the meantime, Olivia strike a conversation with me.

“Um, I have a request, Danna sama.”

“I’ve got you, just leave them to me.”

Olivia laugh after hearing me answering her immediately.

“I haven’t said anything yet……”

What are you saying now, if it’s Olivia request, of course I’m going to accept, no matter what is it. I’m going to show my worth as a man by fulfilling all her quest.

“Fufu, thank you so much. Actually, I would like to send a letter saying that I am safe to my friend in the Capital.”


★ Dianne SIDE ★


“Dianne Meitia, your engagement is revoked! In the first place, a woman who is selling herself like you doesn’t deserve to get engaged with Marquis Layfon!”

……that, is what that idiot yelled at me loudly during the bouquet where every noble in the Kingdom is gathered last night.

Since I’m not interested on watching it any further, I quickly went home, reported it to my parents, get onto the bed like usual and wake up on usual time. After I’ve groomed myself, my father come in and tell me that the engagement has been revoked.

My father is much smaller compared to the other adult male. Although he often gave of an impression as balding old man or a small villain, his figure sitting on the grand chair while wearing luxurious clothes is emanating a figure full of dignity.

Well, that is normal, considering our family status. All the wharves in our country are state-owned and it is our Earl of Meitia that governs the administration.

The sly and crafty old merchant are always seen with the companion from the brothel. If they are discovered to run an unapproved brothel, then they will be utterly crushed. It’s not only applied to normal civilian.

Because of my father, I’m thought of as a bunny girl, it’s normal that a man who is known as this type of woman would probably want to cut the ties……this is hard to explain with word.

That’s right, our family governed and control over all the brothel in the country. For that reason, there is an unwritten law between nobleman regarding the red-light district. That is to say, we’re not [sophisticated] enough, lesser than a dog status.

“The son of Layfon family insisted to revoked the engagement……you’ve been together for long time. Are you guys not compatible?”

Certainly, Charlo Layfon and myself relationship goes way back during our childhood. We got along well, enough for him to be my boyfriend and then our engagement was determined soon after. That’s why, I’m still holding affection, and saying that we’re incompatible is a lie……

“Right now, we’re in the state where the flower is chasing after the bee. It is extremely boorish, Father.”

To put myself forward for a man who doesn’t wants me, that is not very refined. Plus, the bee has leave the flower before its fully blossom.

“Our standing now should’ve been balanced out now, since he is so crazy towards ‘HER’.”

Father sighed after I mentioned that deplorable thing. That [HER] refers to the one Charlo is crazy for, my best friend Olivia, her own sister, the Duchess daughter, Angelica Heultor.

At the age of 15 this year, she made her first debut to our society. Certainly, her appearance is what I rate as pretty or a beauty, but from my point of view is too uncanny. All the woman presented raise their eyes looking at her behaviour. She flirts with all men, making skin contact, her actions can only be said as obscenely luring all the men away.

Even after the warning that I received from the elder sister Olivia, there is no hint as to why there are sudden change of behaviour between the men, that makes them love-struck. Indeed, those men are blaming Olivia. Even her father and brother……honestly, I don’t understand why those two will dislike Olivia, despite being their daughter in the family.

Although this might sound bad, if she becomes a prostitute directly managed by our household, she will become an unattainable flower which can never be touched by the lower aristocracy. My best friend good looks and behaviour are holding that much of value.

Ah, what a mess. I wanted to meet someone from the Heultor family last night, to ask things regarding Olivia who I’ve lost contact. Seems like something bad happened, and those related to Heultor family are unable to attend.

Now that thing has come to this, I need to make a visit directly, because I don’t want to face Angelica. While thinking about such thing, suddenly a sound was heard from outside the window.

“A familiar used to deliver the letter. This, just who will send this here?”

My father clapped, signalling to the servant to open the window. The crow familiar drops the letter and fly away. It’s not always the case, but a letter sent with a bird type familiar usually signifies an urgent matter. It’s temporary burned, and give a howl, as if implying that its important and need to be attend to now.

Normally, people will be wary against a familiar and skipped the first 4 or 5 times, but for a bird type, there is no way one can send it without help from high ranking magician. During urgent case, people won’t get stingy and deliver one or two of this type.

Another harm of using familiar, is that there is a risk of them not caring enough and breaks others window.

The servant picked up the letter and confirmed that it was signed off by Olivia. Then, I read the letter……and I also shown it to my father.

A smile appeared on my father face when he read the letter……

“Dianne, it’s a shame that your engagement was call off. He might have been on the edge yesterday, so he settled everything by today.”

This is rather a surprise, how much a romantic man my father is. He might not look it, but my father has always prayed and believes in fate etc. He is a devout believer despite his villainous face.

“Head over to Lady Olivia at Laron Region right now. We will deliver your personal belongings later.”

“Eh? It’s true that I want to meet Olivia, but there is no need to rush, no? Based on the letter she sent, she states that her husband is taking care of her.”

Like that, I’m relieved now to know that my best friend is safe. Yet, why is my father urging me? She wrote the letter stating that she just got married, so I’m definitely going to visit her.

“Nobody know that a Hero was born in that city. That’s why you should use this knowledge as your advantage! I want you to get married to this Hero.”

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