Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 1, pt. 3

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New House


The next day, I formally become a couple with Olivia. The second prince, Carl Magny ──the present head of this frontier project, Carl Caroling── A large-scale development project with his banner on it was also promulgated.

Just like our earlier plan, I’m going to participate in this cultivation project, because that’s the only thing that I can do as a boy who grew up in the mountain with the old man. Based on my discussion with Olivia, even a low born like me, can rise to a nobility by becoming a knight.

Well, that thing can be think later on……

“My beloved ♪ Here, ahn~ ♪”

My wife already cut the bread into pieces, and now Olivia is scooping them with a potato salad with her spoon.

“This is the first time I ever taste such delicious bread. I’m sure it’s because of the person I’m eating with. Here, my turn now……ahn~”

Looking at her offered scope, she instantly blushes and when I eat the potato salad. Ah, this is happiness. Well, let’s not bother with the maid who is casting uncomfortable gaze towards us since just now.

Served together with the breakfast is small tomatoes, ──they are tomatoes with a high sugar content that can only be found in this region── sitting next to her, I lifted her chin, and try feeding it into her mouth.

“Danna sama……”

Understanding my intention, her cheeks flush and her eyes gently closes. Just like that, I continue feeding her the tomato.


She ate half of the tomato, and I eat another half. This is the first time I eat it, it tastes kind of sweet.

“Geez, Danna sama is already acting naughty during our meals time.”

“I’m not going to be overboard here when we’re in public eyes. This is the first time I’m having breakfast together, after we’re married.”

By the way, the maid excuses themselves when I try to feed Olivia. Good for them to be able to read the atmosphere.

“You might say that I’m getting in dirty mood, but Olivia is the first one to offer me the [ahn~]”

“Uh……b-but that is…”

Olivia, who get disliked by the opposite sex indiscriminately, left her with few friends. That’s why, she often reads books when she has free time. Among those books, romance novel is her favourite, which left her with strong longing for love.

“If I ever get married, this is one of the thing that I want to do. Before this, I’ve already given up but then I meet you, Danna sama.”

Then, with her cute face, she continues feeding me with [ahn~]. Next time, let me cut the bread.



By the time our meal is over, ──I really took long time to finish, I’m enjoying it, I’m sorry── Trabant san, the great priest comes over.

“Good morning, you guys have a good rest last night?”

I wonder if this guy was eavesdropping us during our talk just now. While stifling his laugh and smiling, he greeted us as if nothing happens.

“Ah, this is the first time I ever stay in a nice hotel like this. I hope I’ll get the opportunity again next time.”

Trabant san and myself are sitting opposite to each other, with Olivia standing behind me. Even if I tell her to sit next to me, it’s unthinkable for her to participate in the talk of men regarding the matter of Magnus Kingdom.

Of course, Trabant san belongs to the upper echelon of this society as well. I need to study about their system if I’m to be one of them. I can’t do this ass-heartedly and shame my wife.

“Now, it was quite hectic yesterday, so we can’t listen to you properly. What do you planned to do in the future, Hero?”

From Trabant san viewpoint as the great priest, he wants me to act as behalf of the temple as the hero.

“Just like how I originally planned, I’m going to participate in this city development spearheaded by the second prince. I’m going to work hard so that my wife can attain good life.”

“In that case, if you’re associated with the Tria Temple, then……”

Trabant san try to suggest the same thing like what he said before, and I intercept him with a gesture.

“I get your point of view, me being a hero who gets the blessing from Goddess of Law herself and all, I understand them. I’m in a comfort zone, but what about my unborn children? What will happen to them?”

I don’t mind lending myself to the temple, since it’s a guaranteed measure to let Olivia and myself to live a luxurious life.  But what will happen after I died? There are only some assets remain that I can leave behind.

That’s why, I want to leave a ‘house’, I want to leave a visible heritage, thing that people call as ‘home’, not few pages of historical documents or some temple records. I want to make sure that my descendent live a flourished live.

“Well, I might come out with many reasons, just for arguments sake, but truthfully I think that living for the temple is hard. I’m the type of person who is more comfortable to hunt the demons or ploughing the fields.”

“If the Hero himself said so, then there is nothing more to say. If you wish to participate with the city development, then we will give you full cooperation on that part.”

It’s natural that the Great Temple is not participating with the cultivation and development, but they still hold great influence. The temple has been here for long time, so they have strong influence and most people here is a believer.

“There are briefing and registration session conducted for participants at the border. There are many people gathering there. Let’s go together. People at the town must be aware that you’re a hero by now, so it’s safer if you go by using our temple carriage.”

It was a big fuss yesterday. If I walk in the city today I’ll be surrounded for sure. It’s fine if I’m alone, but now that Olivia is with me, things going to get rough.

“Olivia, why don’t you stay here at this hotel? You’re not good with crowd, no?”

It’s a miracle how she survived with the curse since her childhood. Plus, most of the people gathered here in this city is a man. I can easily imagine her great distress getting into contact with them.

“Olivia sama too was recognized as the wife of the Hero who is blessed Goddess Tria, both her name and her face. It’s better if you join us together.”

Trabant san words just now give me a bad feeling, so, I slowly……look at the window. At first glance, they’re hidden behind Olivia. When I focused more, I can see many people are flocking at the entrance of the hotel imposingly.

Besides getting blessed, now that her curse is undone, she will give impression of a pretty girl. Rather than taking a look at the portrait, people want to see the real one. Even if I voiced my complaints now, nothing will change.

There is still a way to change her appearance by applying magic, but doing that without proper reasons feels like a waste. However, this is a trouble as now I can’t have a date with Olivia……yeah, nothing wrong with changing my wife appearance.

“I’ll leave the horse carriage to you. I’ll have a look out, so let’s go to the frontier border quickly. Olivia, never leave my side.”


When she takes a look outside the window, her face quickly grown pale and her hands shake a bit.

Since I don’t have the option to clear the people forcefully, I can only distract them by showing how we are flirting while we’re getting on the carriage. All of them recognized me as a hero, and I sensed some gaze filled with jealousy, but this is better than the horrible spectacle on how my wife getting ogled by public instead.

By the way, when the horse carriage stopped, I thought we’ve arrived at the frontier border, yet they deviated to the residential area, and went to a large mansion. The gate and the entrance looks brand new, devoid of any dirt and dust.

“Is this estate owned by the earl living in this border?”

I don’t think Trabant san will do something that will harm us. Now that we’ve been brought to some unknown place, just in case, I gripped Olivia hand tightly and have a lookout.

“I’m terribly sorry. The residence of this house, the Earl passed away not long ago. The word that hero has arrived has reached Carl sama ears, and by his order, this house is to be given to you. It’s a matter of time now……”

While looking out of the window, he told me when we passed the entrance. After a while, we stopped. Seems like this is the destination.

Prince Carl himself has gathered anyone who has potential to be involve in this land pioneering work. Those who has gathered ranges from head of mercenary group to high-profile adventurers. They were given executive treatment and some of them will receive a settlement.

As for the prince, if he doesn’t give the honour to the hero during this development phase, he might turn the temple into his enemy. It’s not like I mind it too much, just the annoying people from the temple side.

“A word from Carl sama himself, he would like to hold a face to face meeting with you. Is there any time that you specifically want? Carl sama will rescheduled his time to align whenever you wish for.”

However, the aid mention that his schedule is full till evening at the earliest, so I tell him to come contact me again. The man nodded and return back the way he came. Now, I can only wait here in this mansion until the prince arrive.

Since he is so busy, it’s okay to wait for few days, there is no problem. That’s because right now I’m a married man.

“Well then, I’ll excuse myself. Oh, another thing. Would both of you like to have servants? I can arrange for some if you don’t mind?”

“Um, what do you think, Olivia?”

Personally, I don’t need them, but a noble like Olivia might have different idea than myelf.

“The role of managing the servant falls under the responsibility of a wife. I’m not trained in doing house chores, so please help us arrange them.”

Based on what Olivia said, the household will be in chaos if they are handled by new, inexperienced person. I’m surprised to hear she believes that it’s the duty of the wife to make sure the house is safe for me to get back.

Aside from that, Olivia mention that she has never washed even a handkerchief, or dressed a salad by herself. The type of educations that she received is how she should behave in public and manner. And what is more important is how to manage the servants and the concubine.

“For the mansion of this size……I think we might need around 10 trained servants.”

“Then, Trabant san, please arrange ten of them. For now, just think of this as a down payment.”

I take some Gold coins from my 【storage】. Most of them are already deposited in Merchant Guild, but I still bring some with me in case of emergency.

Trabant san and myself know that the temple is more than capable of hiring the servants. This is an unnecessary action on my part, but he received the coins quietly.

They are going to arrange the servants tomorrow. For now, there are only two people in this house. Let’s go take a look around and shopping for our needs, while disguising of course.



Last night, I was determined to build a bathhouse for both of us, who ever thought my wish will be realized this soon. Tonight, there are only both of us in this big mansion. I wonder what should we do……

“Nnnn~ chu! Danna sama, do-does it feels good?”

I’m sitting at the edge of the bathhouse made of marble. Looking down, I can see Olivia on all fours and currently servicing me with her mouth.

“Chu~! Nnn, mnn~!”

After I found a bathhouse in the mansion, I quickly filled them with a hot water and bring Olivia in. While washing each other back, I tried to finish fast so that we can get on the bed soon. Can’t wait for Olivia service. However, since the first time we met, all the sexual advance was made by me, and it seems that she wants to apply the result of her studies now.


By the way, her studies were taught to her by a [Private Tutor]. As a lady of a noble, she must be able to please her husband and cope to any of his sexual order.

I wonder if this crawl on all four fellatios is a thing for me……my goodness, this really makes me feel excited. The cute Olivia is grabbing my legs while licking my cock like a dog, and sometimes she gobbled it down.

The stimulus ain’t that great, but due to my love for her, and looking at her trying her best, it’s enough.

“Haa, nnn, mmnn……haa, haa~……chu, slurp, nnnn”

Olivia looks at me gladly when I stroked her head. Maintaining her eyes contact with mine, she started to suck my cock more rigorously. The pleasure is too much, that now I’m shaking my ass to counter her movement……shit, I can’t endure it much longer!


I can’t tolerate her blowjob anymore, and release inside her mouth. I told her to spit them out, yet she drank all of them.

“There is no way I can forsake my beloved essence. Olivia is……all my body and mind belong to you, Danna sama.”

Looking at her happily smiling, that’s incredibly obscene……my will to bring her to our bedroom as fast as possible vanished in an instant.

I help her stand and put my hand under her legs. Then I thrust my cock inside her while both of us standing.

“Hyan! Aah! In-inside, you’re digging so deep inside me!”

Having nothing to grab on, Olivia desperately wrapped her hands around my head. Due to this posture and our height difference, I’m unable to kiss her. However, I’ll make do by thrusting inside her more violently than usual.

“Hyaaa~! Aah, ahh, ahhhh~! I’m going to become an idiot! My beloved cock is going to turn me into an idiiooooot!”

I lifted Olivia up, and starting thrusting in and out of her more powerfully. Her waist-long hair is now a mess due to our intense fucking.

“Olivia! Olivia!”

“Haa, haaan! My beloved, Chris sama, just like that! I love you so much!”

Olivia embrace me stronger now, and she stick her body closely with mine. All these skin contacts and touching is increasing my lust!


This feels so goddamn good! I can’t help but thrusting my cock inside her vagina greedier and greedier! More! I want to taste Olivia more! Sadly, my limit approaches me soon.

“I’m cumming! I’m going to do it deep inside Olivia pussy! I’m going to pour all in!”

“Kyaah! I-if Danna sama ejaculate inside me now, I’m going to cum! Danna sama semen is going to make me cumm! Uuuunn!”


Despite the fact that I’ve started right after I ejaculated first time, the quantity of my semen is no way inferior even though it’s the second time. Olivia, who has attained her climax, are now embracing me weakly.

“Haa, haa, haaa~”

“Da-Danna sama……my head has turned all white.”

When I take out my cock, I can feel the stickiness of my cum mixed with her love juice inside. No tong after, my semen comes dripping out from her vagina opening. I still have plenty of room, but I don’t want to strain Olivia too much.

I sweat lightly even though I just had a bath. Now that Olivia is totally spent, I give her a princess carry, and bring her to our bedroom. Her breath gradually turns normal.

“Good night, Olivia. Tomorrow, let’s disguise ourselves and have a date. Tell me what you like to decorate our house then.”

Looking at the defenceless Olivia who is sleeping naked, I desperately suppressed my desire to have fun with her exposed melons. I hugged my wife and sleep together with her.

──forgive me Chris sama. I’m not able to satisfy your urges completely. What should I do……

Whether it’s a dream or real……I felt like I heard those words uttered with regret and sorrow.

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