Hello Work: Vol. 4 Idle Talk

Idle Talk: Masaru Spring Development Note

Let’s think about the possibility of Olba-san prosthetic leg.

During the time when we’re preparing for our wedding ceremony, I was ridden by guilt for not trying to find any possible solution to heal his leg.

I saw a prosthetic leg user during my time at the fortress, but the design was too simple. That guy wears a wood in exchange for his foot, though it doesn’t hurt when walking, it’s still inconvenient during a sword fight.

During my time at Japan, I saw they made a prosthetic leg with a spring on for Paralympics’ athlete on TV.  I thought of making something convenient like that. Though, there are many challenges if I tried to give birth to the idea, so I decided to train my Earth Magic more until I reach a more flexible level.

Transmutation changes the material, it’s a magic of state alteration. The changes that can be done are soil to stone for the most. It’s impossible to change iron to steel, much less iron to gold. As the skill level increases, there are more things that can be done, and depending on how you used it, it can be pretty useful. But overall, it’s not a versatile magic. Since the transformation only changes the looks of the material, it gave a kind of superficial feeling.

When I worked as a healer at the shrine before, there was a patient named Julio-san who is running a blacksmith. If I want a material then I can borrow his workshop.

When I got married, he came together with Gina-san.

[Gina-san is capable of doing everything, you know? She can help with your house chores. If you don’t mind, she can even start living together with you!] Hearing that, of course I refused him. Seems like he hasn’t given-up on his suggestion for a maid and a concubine.

Gina-san is not someone you can call a beauty, she is more akin to a cute person with a nice style. Julio-san as a father is indeed a hardworking person.

As a person who is aiming for a harem, I’m tempted to bring the young girl to my home……it’s a pleasure to accept their kind gesture, but I’m looking forward with my life together with everyone else. My new life is filled with fun and happiness. But there’s many more things to think about now, compared to when I’m alone and when it’s just both me and Sati only.

There are already four people in my house now, adding more is just insane. When I told Gina-san that, she gave up easily. Well, that’s expected.

I borrowed the blacksmith studio and I tried to make an experimental spring using transmutation but it has problems in strength and durability. Perhaps the design is bad or the material is just bad. The spring is unable to support my own weight.

I have little to no knowledge regarding the structure and design of a spring, so I thought that I can at least make the material durable. I tried to harden the material with transmutation, but this also doesn’t work. The quality is fluctuating.

After I did a detailed examination, I found out that the part where I strengthen and the part which I don’t are mixed with each other, identified by the mottle, everything mashed together. It’s difficult to produce an artisan level product with a magic.

What are the materials used for the prosthetic leg that I saw in a TV? It’s darkish, so is it carbon? Or is it plastic? I don’t think I can get it anywhere here.

I don’t know if its carbon or charcoal, but I tried using transmutation on the coal lying around in the workshop, and I can only get a hard plank. Moreover, it’s extremely fragile and breaks easily. It seems it’s a failure.

So, it’s plastic after all? But looking back at the carbon, it failed because it’s too thin.

After a while, I start thinking about a hydraulic suspension, but I got no idea how it actually works.

In the end, I decided with the spring.

In other words, a revolving spring. For that, I asked Julio-san for an iron bar that can be used as material for the spring.

I process the iron bar with transformation, but I can’t form a beautiful coil shape.

However, after several failures, I came up with the idea of winding it around a wooden stick of moderate thickness, and I then managed to proceed smoothly afterwards.

After completing the spring, I ask help from Julio to install it into the prosthetic leg.

The part where it’s supposed to be attached to Olba-san’s leg will be fitted and adjusted later. Right now, it doesn’t feel bad when there’s weight applied on it.

After this product is finished I’ll take it to Olba-san.

Their lodging has moved to a place which is slightly lower grade than before. I guess they are saving.

Though, it’s much better than the place I used to live where I keep looking for the most cheaper possible solution before.

I used the cloth as a cushion, fit it at his legs and tie them down together with a leather belt. With Nania-san’s support, Olba-san tries to stand up and checks the feeling around his foot.

“This spring is very impressive. It feels like it’ll be fine even if I run.”

“Please don’t put too much burden on it. It’s still a prototype.”

“If you raise its height a little bit more, then I think it’ll be okay.”

“I’m worried with its durability. You might get in trouble if you start sprinting.”

“Let’s be careful then. Furthermore, it’s about time I learn Levitation magic anyways.”

If he can use Levitation, then there are no worries when the prosthetic leg gets broken. If the joint of his foot hurts, then he can still ask for a Heal. That should take care of the pain immediately.

“That’s right. I think it’ll be better if you can use heal yourself.”

For an adventurer of Olba-san caliber, he must at least possess some magic power. Even if it’ll take some time, there is no harm in learning.

“Is it fine for me to take it?”

“Yes. How about the height adjustment?”

“I have an idea. If you use my current prosthetic leg as a base, then the problem is solved.”

I confirmed the length, and proceed to mold the joint the mold part with Earth Magic.

“Well I’m going to bring back this prototype and finish them by tomorrow.”

“I’m going there as well. Where is the place?”

“A blacksmith’s workshop located at the South of the West gate. His name is……”

Another day, we tried to make as many spring combinations from multiple materials of thickness level and strength level.

Although the appropriate strength and thickness still requires extensive testing, the material that is used is Black Steel. It’s often found being used for luxury swords, with a satisfactory hardness and thickness.

With Olba-san’s observation, I finally created the final product using the black steel with the reference on the prototype, and handed them over to him.

Olba-san is satisfied that the thing turns out to be quite good, but I’m still not. There is still a possibility to cure his leg if I developed a forbidden magic.

Bishop-sama ask me to forget about it, but I still can’t when thinking about Olba-san. This prosthetic leg is nothing more than an atonement to make myself better.



After my work is done, I told Julio-san that the spring and prosthetic leg is free for him to take.

A patent doesn’t exist in this world; therefore intellectual property right is ambiguous. Once seen, it’s easy to imitate the spring, plus it’s not like it’s something that I’ve thought of myself. If it’s done poorly, then it will go bad with many problems.

In addition, I taught Julio-san the application of a spring that can be used for carriage’s as well as a spring bed.

He was surprised that I’m giving off the idea for free when I can make some cash on it. I hope that when the idea of the spring spread, someday people can further develop prosthetic’s.

“What a noble reason for giving it for free! Then, let’s spread this Masaru-springy thing around.”

I managed to prevent him from spreading out my name after much desperate persuasion.

Incidentally, the spring bed idea became popular amongst the people because it’s a nice surplus for their night fun.










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  1. Teguh the Farmer says:

    Thanks for the chapter… ^_^


  2. Imperishable Panda Emperor says:

    I never thought that other girls stats is too mediocre compare to Masaru and Sati.


  3. Mhoffm says:

    Hi Workingneet, If you find yourself in need of a backup editor, I’m willing to assist. I’ve read all your chapters up to this one, and have really been enjoying them. HoffmPublic@cox.net


  4. Ryuu-kun says:

    Sati’s status is insane for someone who is normal.


  5. redkoolaid2015 says:

    He really at least needs to do something about the girls HP, they are in danger all the time with low hp like that. Also, why the hell won’t he upgrade his physical stats, he keeps working on his swordsmanship so its obvious he wants to be able to fight close combat.


    • tearsax says:

      Actually i think the author has messed up big time with the HP stats.

      For example, at lvl20 Masarus base health (without Physical Enhancement bonus) was 402HP and 4 lvls later “only” improved to 410. While Angela and Tilika at lvl20 have 81 and 33 respectively. Not even a fourth, thats just broken. Plainly unbalanced.


  6. ChiefGamer says:

    Woah! Elizabeth’s Loyalty is seriously waay too low. Plus Angela’s also didn’t increase by much in all this time 68->71 only. Tilika is great in retrospect. Seriously though I don’t like Elizabeth that much and I loved Angela until her views on god we’re revealed to be a bit more intense than what was let on before. Anyways Sati is the best girl.


  7. acorn says:

    Last few chapter of volume were the worst of almost all series..was waiting for surprise “Will to be reversed trap but…then they showed illustration”. Also sister brother party. When only dude talked wad bad. But meh..guy has access to sexual skills if it starts being too many people.


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