Dark Magician as A Hero: Ch. 1, Pt. 2

**warning** Please don’t proceed unless you’re above 18 years old**



Ah~ my bride is very cute. Right now, she is wearing my spare clothes that is packed at the hem. It’s wonderful that her breasts area is filled even though the cloth is clearly oversize. She has a nice body that can’t be hide.

Alright, forget about the cloth. Since Olivia is a former Ojou-sama, she is not used by travelling on foot, and that resulted in us taking a break every while often. Since she never tells me whenever she is tired and force herself to walk even though her legs hurt, I inevitably need to be more conscious.

I can somehow heal her painful legs. Not only that, I also have a water and mixed juice that I’ve stored alongside plenty other thing in my 【storage】. Since the time is frozen inside and it’s located at others dimension, it comes out pretty handy.

“Ha~ haa~ please forgive me, Chris sama… ha~”

While resting and snuggling under the shade, we drink the juice. I don’t mind at all having to take many breaks. Looking at Olivia shy appearances makes me have a blood rush on my head. My breathing start to change and I’m getting into a mischievous mood.

“Since you’re feeling sorry, why don’t you lend me a lap pillow?”

She nodded shyly at my request. Then she adjusted her position as to make it easier to put my head on it. We’re a little out of the way back in the forest and the sunlight felt soft and pleasant.

“It’s fine if you want to take a nap, Chris sama.”

“Ah, the breeze feels so good……though it can’t be compared to Olivia’s thigh, if anything.”

“If you want a lap pillow, please tell me anytime……hyaan!”

Yea, that’s a nice yelp. Her pants are actually mine. In other word, it is the 『male』type with a button in front. Moreover, since it’s oversized, she didn’t notice it when it gets undone.

In other words, I make a small 『opening』at her pants and attacks her protrusion with my mouth and my tongue.

“Nn..mnnn~! N-no, you shouldn’t do that! The sun is still high……hiyaaann~!”

I forcibly open her leg from a knee pillow posture. I grasped her thin waist. The strings of her pants are undone and now it’s lowered at her knee. There is no way she can stand up and escape.

In other words, she is akin in a position bind with her own pants. I carefully caress her genital with my tongue.

“N-no……haaahhnn! I never have a gentleman at my womanly part before……”

“I can’t see it clearly yesterday. Female genital is like this. To think that my cock entered such a small place.”

I wonder if she remembers our copulation yesterday, but something wet others than my saliva starting to ooze out from her vagina opening.

“Nnn! Ah~ ahh~ ahh! N-no, you cannnn’t…”

She put her hands on my head, indicating a resistance. However, there is no strength exerted at all. I heard that a man who has done countless times with the prostitutes are able to make a woman cum whenever he wants with just his tongue. It’s still impossible for me though, since my experience is only with her so far.

After I confirmed that she is wet enough, I let her stands and holds the nearby tree.

“Olivia……can I?”

“Yes……I want it as much as Chris sama……”

Since her feet is basically bind with her pants, I inserted my cock in between her thigh and it fitted snugly. Wow, this is awesome!

While rubbing her breasts from behind, I repeat Sumata few times until my member sprang to full size. I want to make her feels more, but my patience already hit the limit.

―――schlop…jiyuu~n……*slap* *slap* *slap*

“Ahh~ ahh~ ahhh! Chriss samaaa! It doesn’t hurt like yesterday. It feels soo gooooddd~ uuunnn!”

“Isn’t that nice for you! Now enjoy it as my cock thrust inside your pussy!”

My heart is now unrestrained. When thinking that this girl has come to like my cock, my waist starts to move.

“It’s good! …… It feels good! Sex with Chris sama feels so good!”


Each time I thrust inside her, the movement become much smoother, faster and stronger. The slapping sound produced from our butts echoed alongside her moans inside the forest.

“Hyaaa~ ahhnnn!  So good! Chris sama cock feels soo good! Yah~ ahhhnn!”

I hugged Olivia and I can feel her inner vagina tighten around my cock. I can’t tolerate it anymore and take out my cock from her vagina and let it out on her back.

Both of us get tired and slumped on the spot. I kiss Olivia who has turned around with rough breathing. After satisfied tongue wrestling with her, I put her head on my chests.

After a while, we start to chat and it seems that she is too exhausted to even stand up. Like that, I decided to camp at that spot.

At night, I get completely recovered. However, since she is sleeping soundly, I can’t bring myself to be mischievous and attack her. While enduring the urge, I keep my libido till dawn.



On the way to the remote region, we arrived at many small settlements. Since I let Olivia rest as much as possible, we always end up on the bed together. Since we’re always on the bed together, it’s hard to hold back so we end up having sex each time.

Will having sex too much end up as a burden to my bride (planned)? In order to suppress her curse, it’s important to have a strong spirit bonding with her. But does it necessary to be sex? Well, since we’re still young, it can’t be helped.

Besides, since I can use 【storage】, we won’t be in much trouble even if we can’t get any room. There is no problem safety wise as well since I can use Beast Clearing Technique.

Just that on the way of our trip, we encountered an accident. I was careless since the sky is clear during morning. After we’re finished having lunch, the sky quickly darkened. Then it started to rain.

As for the road to the remote region, I don’t know if it’s because they’re expecting many goods to be carried over or something, but the road is extremely wide and easy to walk. They might make it so a carriage can pass through easily, but no matter how far we walked, we can’t find a rain shelter at all.

If it’s a busy highway, then there should be some small huts or the like in anticipation for the traveller to take breaks. I’ll be in trouble if we can’t find any soon, especially under rains like this.

“I’m troubled. I don’t want to walk under this rain, and I’m not good at digging around the ground either.”

Although I take out the umbrella from the 【storage】 and walk together under it during this rain, I believe that action is only suitable if we’re at a city. When I tried it on a public highway like this, it’s not suitable at all.

“Chris sama, if you tilt the umbrella too much, then you’re going to get wet.”

“It’s okay to get soaked once in a while since I’m a man. Rather, I’ll be more troubled if Olivia catches the cold instead of me.”

Since it’s a heavy rain, we’re getting wet even though we have an umbrella. I turn my other hand and hold her waist. Getting close, I can feel her body temperature.

It’s quite hard to walk since the umbrella is too small for both of us. It’s not like I’m enjoying the sensation of her breasts pressing against my body, so please don’t misunderstand.

If there is a big tree around, at least I can use it to shelter her from the rain. But, no matter how far I search, this place is just a grassland. There is no suitable place that can be used as shelter. There is no need to continue walking since I can just prepare a tent, but I would like to start a campfire at a dry place if possible.

Because we’ve been travelling under the rain for so long, our clothes are soaked and it’s becoming harder to move. While I continue to search for the shelter, I found a cabin that was used by worker during break time.

“We’re saved. Let’s take a shelter under that hut.”

While holding Olivia in one arm and the umbrella at another arm, I run towards the cabin. The cabin surprisingly has a strong build, even though it’s used for resting place for lodging and road construction worker.

But it looks like the place have not been used recently so it’s quite dusty. I cast a light wind to use as sweeping, and the lighting mechanics are quite simple. Inside, there are bed, and a small furnace is also installed.

“We’re saved. Let’s rest here for today. I’ll put a fire on the furnace, so let’s dry our clothes there.”

“Is it okay to use this place without permission? Won’t the owner get surprised when they come?”

Eh? Aah~ Olivia is an Ojou sama, no wonder she is not familiar about the cabin at the mountain or the highway.

“A cabin like this are usually for the travelers to take a rest. Originally, it’s used by the one maintaining the road and the hunters, but it’s fine to use it during rain or for staying overnight.”

By the way, it’s fine to use the item inside the cabinets. We just need to put it back properly after using. Instead of lodging fee, people usually keep a preserved food and dry towels. It’s just a manner to exchange a cloth with a cloth. (idiom?)

I’m going to laid out the fur. I’m not so good at collecting fur, but since I’m not going to sale it, it’s fine to use it as blanket since the size fit so well. It’s made of a five-meter weasel.

Just like that, we continue using the cabin according to the unwritten rule. After putting the fire on the furnace, we stripped ourselves and dry the clothes in front of it. After wiping our wet body with a towel, we change to a dry cloth. Finally, I can brew the tea after making ourselves comfortable……

“Achoo! Nn, I’m sorry…”

“Did you catch a cold because you’re walking under the rain? I already start boiling the water, so please sit there and wait.”

“No……I’m fine. It’s just a bit cold after getting hit by the rain……kuchuu!”

That’s definitely not okay. I picked up the blanket and then I notice that she is wearing yet another cloth of mine. She might be feeling cold since it’s too loose.

“It’s okay if I stay in front of the fire. I have the blanket as well……kuchuu!”

I check her forehead. It doesn’t seem like she is having a cold, but this symptom might indicate that it’s a matter of time now. I’m ashamed to not notice that she is fatigue so much from our journey and act nonchalant about it.

But this is really bad. Right now, Olivia is wearing the smallest cloth that I have. I don’t have much spares to let her wear layers of it too. not only that, I don’t have girl’s underwear. It’s a mistake to think that it’s fine to buy her stuff at the city, instead of the rural village.

Speaking of the failure, a thought come floating after thinking about the city. I need to leave here some clothes and furs for the child of these hunters, since it’s essential for mountain life.

……hmm, I wonder if there are any small size clothes here in this cabin? When I tried to look it inside the storage, I found one with a size like underwear.

The white short-sleeved t-shirt is made of a stretchy and soft fabric, and a character-like pattern which I have never see before is drawn on the chest. It’s somewhat cute with a round pattern.

I come with a dark blue pant that hardly stretch. Though, even if it’s a few size smalls, it’s still wearable. The clothes were tailored with a fine and good-looking fabrics.

It doesn’t smell and it’s not dirty either. What? I believe this is still brand new. Such a fine and luxurious fabric, I wonder who is it that leave it at the cabin like this.

While wondering, I give it to Olivia and have she wear it.

“Mnn…the chest part is quite tight, but it’s fine since it’s warm.”

Looking at Olivia wearing the clothes that I gave……make me feels excited. Since it’s a soft fabric, Olivia big boobs are insisting to sprung free, and because the dark blue pants are quite tight, it’s perfectly digging around the area of her butt and her skin.

She looks naughtier compared to being naked. I am driven by the urge to push Olivia who is trying to put on clothes, but it is selfish to hold her while she has a cold. I’m a man who is in love with her, so this behaviour is inexcusable.

“Come here, Olivia. Let’s have a rest inside this blanket together.”

“Yes, Chris sama……kushun!”

While cuddling together in the blanket, I took the stew from inside the 【storage】.

Only the sound of rainfall and the cricking of the firewood echoed around us. While getting comfortable with each other, we continue chit-chatting and finally we’re asleep.



When I get up in the morning, the rain already let up. I sleep earlier last night without doing anything, so now I feel refreshed.

“Good morning, Chris sama. I’m going to draw some water, so please use it to wash your face.”

Olivia head to the water well nearby with a tub. I’m surprised that she’s trying to take care of me albeit trembling from cold just yesterday.

I can get as much water from magic, but the thought of using it instead of her hard-drawn water is not praiseworthy. I’m at unease on whether a duke daughter like her is capable of drawing water or not.

“Do you know how to draw water from the well? I can teach you if you want.”

“Err……I have seen the maidservant drawing water, so it’s okay.”

Well, everything is an experience in this world. I leave drawing the water to her, and put more firewood into the furnace. I warm the soup temporarily and readied the bread. Not only that, I prepare some cheese and dried fruits as well…


I rushed to the back of the cabin immediately after hearing Olivia screamed. There…with the tub turned over is a damp Olivia.

“Are you okay! Did you get hurt anywhere!?”

“Y-yes……that, when I tried to pull the rope, the tub flipped over and the water spilled……”

In short, everything is fine since she is not injured. Just that she got showered by the water. Still, she will get sick if she stays like that.

“I already put the firewood at the furnace so you can get changed now. The water is cold so you might catch the cold again.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

Ah~ Olivia sorry face looks very cute. I kissed Olivia who seemed sorry and rub her butt at the same time, making her goes ‘Kyaa!’

“Ahnn! Y-you can’t, Chris sama. I’m still wet…hyaanhn!”

“Sorry, sorry. Olivia looks too cute.”

She turned and return to the cabin. After drawing the water from the well, I followed suit……there Olivia is inside with the white cloth and her dark blue pants.

Olivia pink protrusion can be seen slightly on top of the wet t-shirt. Then, looking closely at the dark blue pants, I can see that it’s sticking to her skin and her womanly place can be clearly seen.

Because we don’t have sex last night, my reasoning snapped easier than normal. The scene where she is taking her shirt off and her big boobs come out really get me.

I don’t know whether it’s because of the wet shirt, or the fact that she is dressed in the strange cloth that it feels so inviting. Surely, there is no way I can resist the temptation of Olivia whom I love so much. Rather I’m feeling very happy.

While Olivia is trying to get out of the shirt and the shirt still stuck upside down, I get behind her and gently caress her boobs.

“Hyaaah! C-Chris sama…nnmm!”

She seems like want to say something, but once I closed her lips with mine, she stops resisting and left her body to me.

“Chuu…nn…Olivia, cling to the pillar over there, and thrust your butt this way.”

She nodded and do as I tell. Her dark blue pants get stretch out and an obscene line is formed.

The bright morning sunshine fall into the cabin through the small windows. Her figure wrapped in the light makes me remember our first time together. Beautiful, and she is mine.

My affection gradually changes into desires of lust, and towards Olivia who is about to accept me, my lust transforms into an uncontrollable animalistic lust.

Crap, thinking about erotic things make me too excited. I rubbed my erected cock to her pants cladded pussy. The rough feeling of the fabric feels good on my cock.

“Aannhh! Chris sama cock is……hyaa…Chris sama feels so hot……”

I rubbed her clitoris with my cock over the fabric. This is going to become a habit. Getting my cock pinched with her thighs combined with the unique sensation of the fabric is going to get me addicted.

After enjoying it for a while, her thighs feel more slippery than normal. Apparently, her pant is wet from her love juice.

“Although this pant is made of water resistant fabric, it seems that you love juice get wets enough to seep through it. Olivia has become quite a pervert.”

“Yaaah! Me……Chris sama keeps loving me every night……since Chris sama is so perverted, I have also turns into a pervert girl…”

After few days since we met, I keep on embracing Olivia every night. Since it was the first experience for both of us, I tried various positions, and each time Olivia cummed, I continue doing it more.

It’s another pleasure of man during sex. There is nothing more satisfying than to see the girl you love writhing around in pleasure while in your arm.

While stimulating her secret place, I grabbed her boobs from behind. Olivia pussy gets flooded with her love juice. I’m sorry, but I’m going to enter soon. There is no way I can stand it any longer.

I lift one of Olivia legs and shift her pants aside. Her pussy is giving of a steamy sweet smell, just like a sweet nectar. I can’t stand it any longer! After positioning my cock, I pierced her pussy.

“Nhhaaaaa! Good! Chris sama cock is soo big! It feels soo good!”

Since Olivia’s pussy is coated with overwhelming love juice, she accepts my cock smoothly. This is the first time it felt like I’m reaching deeper than usual. When I hit her uterus, Olivia vice rises.

“Hii! You’re gorging my inside! Chris sama cock is reaching the back of my pussy! Hyaaann! Feels good……aaaaahn!”

Each time I repeat the piston like movement, Olivia’s love juice keeps overflowing, and her legs shaking in pleasure. While looking at Olivia face who is feeling it more than normal, I can feel my excitement slowly building up.

“Does it feel good!? Did my cock make your pussy feels good!?”

“Yessss! It feels good! More, please fuck me harder!”

In order to satisfy Olivia who is obviously more turned on than usual, I tug her hairs and start thrusting more violently into the back of her vagina.

Only the sound of overflooding love juice, the sound of genitals slapping each other, and sound of rough breathing can be heard inside the cabin.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Cumming! I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming too! I’m going to cum deep inside your pussy!”

“Aaahhh! Please! Please give me Chris sama baby! I want it! I want to be impregnated by Chris sama child! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Simultaneously as Olivia screamed, her vagina tightens and I ejaculated inside. Since I’m getting too excited, I felt like my cum is much more than usual. This is as much as my first time.

Olivia who has cummed reclines on me as if she was exhausted, and breathes roughly. Her satisfied expression is very enjoyable, and when I try to change my posture……at that time, I heard a growl.

“Wawawa! Th-this is not it, Chris sama! Th-th-th-this is…!”

“This is a good mood, but my stomach is getting hungry as well at this point. My stomach is aching. Since we’re too absorbed in sex I think the bread that I prepared earlier is already burnt.”

Olivia’s panicked face is so cute, so I said that the sound actually comes from my belly.

We wipe the remains of our copulation with a wet towel. After cleaning the cabin, we have breakfast. Then we continue our journey to the region. I’m going to undone her curse soon so that we can live a happy live like today every day.



There are many things that I’m struggling with since I’m unfamiliar with a journey. However, after couple of days flirting around and having sex, I feel like Olivia is smiling more and more.

Since I leave quite an impression on her upon meeting her for the first time, I see that she is comfortable with me. However, it’s clear that she is still nervous whenever we pass through another traveller on the road. The evident is her beautiful hand trembles each time this happen.

Each time we will take a break and I hugged Olivia till her tremors stopped. There are a mercenary-like group that sometimes try to speak to her, and it pisses me off. While wiping my sweats and recover my breathing, I used Dark Magic to erase their memory.

Some of them are surprised looking at Olivia. They usually quickly apologize and left us alone. But, for Olivia, as long there is a man nearby, her symptoms will start and her consciousness will gradually slip away.

I can always change her perception with an illusion magic, but my magic power is at limit just from supressing her curse alone. Since I’m using lots of magic power, I can only maintain the illusion magic for a while.

Due to that, since the number of pedestrians on the highway keep on increasing, we’re not able to proceed properly. Therefore, we hopped into a merchant carriage in exchange with the magic materials that I have. Since she is not feeling well, I leave some space between her and other items.

It’s painful since we can’t have sex in the carriage, but I can’t afford to make my wife (final) to get scared any longer. Well, we can still do it in the bush during break time and she can stroke me when I’m in the mood at night.

In order to weaken the curse, it’s necessary for me to continuously pour my magic power into her. It’s not like I can’t hold back and turned into a beast.

The technique also requires me to ejaculate my semen into her vagina in order to stabilize the magic power afterwards. My love towards Olivia is genuine as they are.

Thanks to that, it’s possible for her to greet people temporarily when I’m nearby. She still keeps her gaze down, with her arms linked with mine, and myself always ready to backup.



We arrived at the town near the border. Beyond the gate was a scenery wrapped in the hustle and bustle the way I had never seen before.

Looking around, there are merchants selling many things from adventurer related stuff, to a weird looking cloths and dubious looking food. On the way, children wearing colourful clothes can be seen running around and laughing.

“Ooh! This is some awesome atmosphere going on. Are they holding a festival?”

“Yes. One of the primary reason people are gathering here is because this place is becoming a pioneering village. That’s why people are increasing here every year. Although it doesn’t reach the level at the capital, it’s going to be one of the biggest town in the Magnus Kingdom, that’s why the new Feudal Lord is getting enthusiastic.”

The merchant that we’ve encountered the other day, Tsuigame san seems to come from this town. He proudly looks at the town full filled with hustle and bustle. Our promise is only to send me until the town, but since he also has a business with the Great Temple, he doesn’t mind to bring us along the way.

While moving our way there, I heard that Tsuigame san was trained at a Bottle Shop which is well established shop at the Kingdom. He said that he is going to thanks for the goodwill of the people at the Great Temple when he asked for permission to open a branch at the town.

The building itself was completed, so after we’re finished unloading the stuff, we need to go to various place near the Great Temple. I decided to help him since we’re taken care by him for several days.

Olivia also offered to help, but there is no way I’m going to force her when she still has a phobia with man. But if I leave her in a café somewhere, I’m sure my wife (confirm) Olivia who is the prettiest woman in the world will definitely get hit by a guy there.

I use 【storage】 to carry the goods from the loading place, and then move them to the room inside. I like to help him sort the stuff, but then I decided to left it there.

“Thanks Chris san, magic really is convenient. I’ll give you lots of service when we opened up.”

“Same here. Tsuigame san has helped us in lots of way too, especially for my wife. This is the way I thank you, just think of it as me repaying the favour.”

After thanking the person who has taken care of us for these past several days, we went ahead to the Great Temple. It’s impossible for Olivia, the world prettiest woman to go unnoticed when we’re taking through the streets.

Her phobia has improved somewhat compared to when the first time we met. This is due to my constant effort of pouring my semen inside her every night. But she still feels tense, and when it happened she clings to my arm.

Since it looks like she’s acting all love-struck with me, an occasional sound of people hitting the wall can be heard. I know the feeling dude; my bride really is the cutest thing in this world.

“Olivia, first I’m going to apply to lift your curse at the Great Temple. This process is hard and time consuming, so the fastest might be a week from now.”

After having the curse expert take a look at her, I’m sure they will say that the curse is too powerful, but if given enough time, their high priests might be capable of lifting it.

Of course, we need to make some donation. Since she is accepting my sperm as a medium since our first night, the process should be easier. Just the thought of it make me impatient!

That’s right.

“U-um, Chris sama, are you going to donate to the temple? How about the money for our stay……?”

“There is no problem. There is some gold left from that time I’m still hunting monsters and selling material to the hunters. If it’s still not enough, I’m just going to hunt some more again.”

I felt like my necessity is enough just from my 【storage】 alone. But now I think it’s wise to manage my money properly and deposit them at the Commercial Guild.

“Don’t mind it so much. It’s a husband duty to make sure that his wife has a proper place to live and better livelihood.”

“Chris sama……”

Aah, she looks really cute while blushing. Looking at her makes me feel pumped up to hunt enough to make the surrounding demons extinct.

I can hear sound of someone hitting the wall louder now. Even their gaze of jealousy feels comfortable. As a Dark Mage, I can use this malediction and turn it into useful energy.

“After finishing our business at the temple, let’s take it easy at the inn. We’ve been travelling for few weeks now, I’m sure the fatigue has been accumulated.”

“Yes, Chris sama. This is my first time staying at an Inn, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Although I’ve been using magic to clear the place from any monsters and beasts each time taking rest, sleeping outdoor all the time must have been a burden to a lady like Olivia. She need to have a proper rest……not that I want to push her down.

It’s okay, surely, maybe, I think so, we’re still young and staying together……no, I can’t! Olivia need to rest. Should I seal my libido till everything is solved?

Suffering from this trouble, I walked from the centre of the city to the Great Temple.

Upon arriving at the Great Temple, I can see a huge uncle standing at the front gate. Although the main gate is very large, it’s not disturbing in any sense. He is looking conspicuous anyway by wearing that terrible looking cloth.

Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with a traveller like us. When we passed by him, we greet him as a traveller and try to pass through but……

“Please wait, are both of you Chris sama and Olivia sama?”

The moment he saw me and Olivia, his voice reaches us, echoing at the entrance. Before I noticed, many priests with similar clothes like the uncle appeared? We get surrounded by them.

“Yes, I’m Chris, umm~……you, may I know who you are?”

He looks like a good man, so I’m going to keep my honorifics.

“Forgive our rudeness. I’m Trabant, the Great Priest of this Temple, which house our Goddess, Tria sama of the Law.”

From the way it looks, he is the Great Priest who is the head of this Temple……I take a look at Olivia and she looks surprised. No, this feeling, is she frightened?

“Please listen to me. We’ll feel bad if suddenly we’re stopped by many priests at once.”

“Ah, sorry for my inconsideration. Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, please come inside. You guys! You guys get out first.”

All the other priests lowered their head and left after getting yelled by this uncle priest. But why is this Great Priest uncle leading us like some sort of VIP?

“Actually, few days ago I received an oracle from the Goddess. It tells about the arrival of Chris sama and Olivia sama. That’s why I’ve been waiting at the front gate.”

Yes? What is this Goddess oracle? I don’t think we’re such an important guest.

“Chris sama, the oracle is absolute for every priest living here. Let’s act an adult and follow them.”

Dear all, there are too many guides following us, as a result we’re getting surrounded. Though I don’t mind it since Olivia especially asked me so.

As per request, I’m walking behind the priest like an adult. I behave like always, not overdoing anything. Still it’s a pain when we stopped all the time on the way there with my wife just to listen about the temple details.

I wonder why they’re guiding us inside……I need to resolve the curse first. It was as bad as taking a caterpillar on the shoulder and throwing it out gently. (idiom?)

Then, the leader himself (?) brought us to a shiny place.

Right, this is the Great Temple. Somehow, we’re brought here to the most important place in this temple where even the priests rarely can enter during [Arrival of Advent], here to face the Goddess.

“First, allow me to apologize for the gruelling deeds by Goddess of Love.”

All the priests who accompanied us start kneeling and singing their praise. Olivia who get apologized start getting frustrated and freeze on her feet.

I wonder why the Goddess apologize. In short, for Goddess of Love, she start linking her consciousness to her favourite girl and experience a popular life.

There’s nothing wrong with that. The girl is just linked to the Goddess of Love, and because the links and protection are cut off around marriage, there is almost no harm……but the situation escalated.

The Goddess blessed her favourite girl, she continues gathering more favour and affection, and in turns sacrificing her older sister who was nearby. This resultant in curse of reversing negative feeling.

Although I don’t know the rule in the God Realm, in this case the Goddess of Law decided to punish the Goddess of Love. Because the curse has been ongoing for 15 years now, her punishment is to be sealed for 1500 years in the nothingness.

……so to say, here is the main issue. It’s fine and all to seal the Goddess, but now there is less one pillar of protection by the Goddess. Since this country is in rough condition, the Goddess of Law decided to protect all by herself.

The Goddess leave her thankful words, and the priests behind us are all crying. I can hear the sobbing sound.

“Wizard Chris, I’ll grant you my protection, and from now on you’re a Hero.”

……wait, hold on for a second! I can’t hear you clearly, Goddess sama……ah! I hope I have a smoke bomb somewhere and just disappear!

“Oooooooooh! Hero sama! A hero who received the blessing from our Goddess has born in our temple!”

Bad, the Great Priest uncle is going with the flow and getting too excited.

Hey Goddess! Come back! I’m not even your believer!

《Ah, next, I’m going to bless both of you as a husband and wife.》

I heard the voice from I don’t know where and the glittering light started to drift during this advent. From my observation, this ritual is usually used during wedding ceremony, etc. It’s also used for reducing the pain during child birth so the process can be smoother.

This blessing is more effective when used by higher priest. The wedding ceremony here is decided dependent on how much blessing can be poured by the priest during wedding.

The size and the amount of light are different from the blessing used by the rural priest that I’ve saw before. Considering that the Great Priest are usually invited by royalty wedding, it’s great that I’ve got the blessing directly from the Goddess herself.


Olivia is still frozen, trying to process all the information. The guy behind us already started to dance some weird dance. What should I do?



Many things happen, and we finally get released when it’s already evening. What we have now is the best room in this town. We’re invited to stay at the temple, but I refused them.

But there is ‘that’ guy who don’t want to calm down. ‘Both you and Olivia is a young couple, are you trying to calm down?’ I told him to shut up.

The priest of the Goddess of Law is famous for living in a strict commandment. If we have sex in the temple ground, it will turn into a scandal, no doubt. The authority of the temple will receive a backlash if such a thing is done by a hero.

Instead, I am thankful that they have prepared the finest accommodations for us. Above all, it is wonderful that there is a bath in this inn……it’s regrettable that the bath is separated from the room. After I’ve made a name of myself, I swear on my wife name that I’ll build a bath of my own.

“Hiyaanh! An, Chris sama, please don’t touch them too much……”

Oops, while thinking about the bath, before I know it Olivia has returned from the public bath. While thinking, I unconsciously rubbed my wife breasts. My love for breasts is on troubling level, but I don’t feel like curing it at all.

“Mou! When Chris sama doing that suddenly I get surprised.’

She must have polished her skin during bath, her skin is practically shining. Beautiful……before I know it I already hugged her.

“You’re beautiful Olivia. There are many things that I want to tell you now that the curse is lifted. But first, please be my wife.”

“Yes, if you’re okay with me I’m glad to be yours.”

……I’m proud, and it would be a lie if I said that I’m not excited to see Olivia in her prettiest time yet. It is incomprehensible to say …… but for now let’s push down my excitement.

Olivia and I talked with each other while cuddling on the bed. After that both of us feel tired due to the fatigue collected during our unfamiliar journey.

Before I knew it, I already succumbed to slumber. Just before my consciousness ceased, I felt a soft and warm sensation touched my lips … ….

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  1. Kryzin says:

    Thxs for the chapter.


  2. zait0 says:

    hmmmm you know what i hard to see where the plot in this chapter


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