Hello Work: Vol. 4 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 ~ Boot Camp

After having dinner, I drove Will out to the garden. It is time for a family meeting. There is no immediate need for it, but we need to plan for our future.  

“I’d like to visit Nania’s place.”

Neither I nor everyone else wanted to go anywhere and I thought that we should increase the transfer point, so there is no objection towards Ellie’s proposal.

If we use a horse-drawn carriage, then it will take around 5 days to reach the kingdom. To reach Nania-sans village, we need to take at least 2 weeks.

If we go to the Capital and sell our prey, then we can get a slightly higher price compared to selling it here. But since the difference is not that much, that is not a deal-breaker for us. Since we can use teleportation, that was not an important factor.

“Either one is fine, right? Even though the other one is buying with higher price, it’s not like there is much of a difference no?”

“You’re not wrong, but since this time we’re going to sell in large quantities, there will be a significant difference.”

“Are you going to fly?”

It is possible to fly to the kingdom.

“It’s better if you don’t do that.”

“Why? It’s much faster than riding a horse. There is no problem with magic power if we take a break once in a while.”

To be accurate, the speed is about the same as a horse sprinting. The difference here is that we can fly for a long time, compared to the horse.

Is it because there is higher chance to get attacked by a Demon? We’re certainly vulnerable during flight, but we have detection skills. I think there would be no problem’s if we’ve made preparations for counterattacks in advance.

“Everyone has different capabilities when using the flight magic. Normally, people will be able to fly for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, they will get a cluster headache. It’s terrible.”

It’s said that the headache is so painful that you will lose any control you have.


It seems like Levitation can be used for longer period that Fly, but the end result is the same. The cause is the overuse of magic power is harmful. Last time, when we were being chased by the cow, how long did we fly? I was supporting Tilika as well, but I don’t think that I exceed the 10 minutes.

“People usually know once they learn it, but for most people it doesn’t matter since their magic power is going to get exhausted first anyway.”

In other words, there is no way for a human to reach the outer space……I’ve dreamt of making a space suit someday and going to explore the outer space before. What a shame. This is very disappointing.

“I think it’s better to go to the Capital. It’s not good to be selfish. We can go to Nania’s place afterwards.”

Ellie makes her mind while I’m still in shock about the fact that I can’t go to outer space.

“Money wise there are no problems.”

I already earn a lot.

“That is no good! Money is important!”

“You’re right. Well said, Ellie. This time, we’re going to the Capital.”

At that time, the Quest Menu flashes. It’s been a while since the last time I saw this.

I open the Quest Menu fearfully.


Quest: Help Nania】

Nania who is unfamiliar with a farmer’s life requires help.

This quest is not time limited, but it is advised that you better not go to the Capital.

Reward: 5 skill points for the whole party

Will you accept the quest? YES/NO


This is very suspicious.

As soon as we’ve decided to go to the Capital, this quest pops up. Does this mean that there is something at the Capital? Or is it because Nania-san is in a dire situation? But seeing that this quest is forbidding me from going to the Capital, it’s making me feel like wanting to go .

“What’s wrong? Does Masaru does not want to go to the Capital?”

Ann asked me.


I was a bit lost whether to talk or not, but in the end, I explained everything to them regarding the quest.

“We need to hurry!”

Ellie stood up and urged us. Well, it’s Ellie so it’s understandable.

“Hold your horses. It was said that there is no need to hurry. The quest basically instructs us to do 3 things. Go and help Nania san. Do not rush. Don’t go to the Capital. There must be a reason why the instruction is like that. If we want to take the quest, then we better follow the instructions.”

The previous quest was about the shrine.

I wonder if there is something bad happening if we’re to decline this quest. I don’t think there are any trouble in particular, but I’m still a bit worried.

This time, Ito-kami didn’t put the quest in the diary.

“You’re going to accept it, right?”

“Of course. It’s a quest from God. There is no way he won’t accept it.”

Both Ellie and Ann are pressuring me to take the quest.

I’m sorry. I refused the previous one……

“Can I put it on hold for a while? Seems like there is no need to hurry and I have other thing’s I want to confirm first.”

“If Masaru said so.”

Ann seems to be a bit dissatisfied, but as of now, there is no way for me to make an immediate decision.

“For now, why don’t everyone take a bath?”

I sit at the table in the living room and open the diary. Ann and Ellie come along and look into it from both sides. Sati and Tilika went into the bath first.

“Hey, what are you writing?”


I’ve been using a second diary since quite some time now, and since then I’ve been writing them in Japanese. Occasionally I’ll write about the destruction of the world, and quest details like today and the Shrine one. There is no way I’m going to let them read.

“That is no good, Ellie. You can’t simply forcibly ask him about it. This is an oracle.”

While saying that, Ann is steadily taking a secret look inside the diary. It is a diary for communicating to God written in a foreign language though.

There are few lines that are coming from God, but it is mostly my own personal diary. They might be disappointed after reading it.

I write a question and put it back inside my Item Box. I’m asking for something since I’m going to take up the quest. Now I only need to wait for the answer.

In the meantime, should I take a bath? I want to get washed by Sati.

“I’m going to take a bath? Both of you want to join?”

They declined. What a shame. Once we all bathed together, but it’s kinda cramped inside. Maybe I should consider to remodel the bath soon.



“What do the both of you think about the quest?”

After feeling satisfied being washed thoroughly, I hop into the bathtub together with Sati and Tilika.

“I’m fine with whatever decision Masaru-sama take.”

“I agree. It’s important for you to decide it. If you really want to take it then just accept the oracle.”

“You’re right. There is no need to rush it.”

Although I feel that it will not be possible except for YES this time, I have a murky feeling about it.

Well, I’ll reach the conclusion once I get out of the bath.



Here it comes.

『You are free to choose this time just like previous time. However, please be alerted with your schedule once you accepted the quest. 』

Tilika come and look into the diary. Since Sati is responsible for bath, she is still inside to attend both Ann and Ellie.

“Whatever you choose is fine.”

If we need to take a tight schedule then we need to take the day off. Ellie will probably wish to go soon, but it’s super inconvenient. If push comes to shove we can go there with Drago. Can we take a horse carriage without changing it halfway?

“Putting aside the quest pros and cons, the 5 points are still attractive.”

Right, it’s only take a little bit more for Tilika to reach the Summoning Magic level 5.

After everyone has done bathing, the meeting was conducted again. Of course, we are going to accept the quest. Ellie want to start the quest right away, but I tell her that it can’t be done since we need to mind our schedule as excuse.



Early in the morning next day, everyone is going to the Adventurer’s Guild. All of them already went ahead of me. I’ll definitely bring Will to the practice ground.

“Practice properly, Will.”

“Yes, Aniki. I’m going to do my best!”

Will already have a good sleep and a nice breakfast, so today should be a great day for him. However, considering the misery that he’s going to face in the future, his smile kind of look sympathetic.

Including Will, the participant for this round is 10 people, which are 6 people more than the time I took it. Since its winter, many people are taking a rest. That’s why they need to secure much more healer. I’m in charge of the second half starting at afternoon. After halfway a day, most of the participants will get exhausted, that’s why it’s the toughest time for the healer. However, there is no problem since I can continue it all day long, and it’s a good condition because I can train with Sergeant-dono later.

I leave Will with everyone on the ground and he wave back at me, smiling.

Today we’re getting the reward from our trip going through and coming back from the forest. The reward can be collected at the guild warehouse.

There are Guild Vice Leader and the new Truth Official. Alongside them is 5 members of the Merchant Guild. They all are coming for appraisal and remuneration. Ellie already submitted the Ogre the other day so the inspection already started.

It is exactly 10 of them except for the last one since it can’t be recovered due to its condition being in pieces.

My Item Box is nearly full now. I doubt Ellie can store in much Ogre in hers as well. I’m going to organize the rock once all this is over.

Thinking about it carefully, there is no actual need to put everything in the Item Box. We can just keep it next to Will’s hut or at the basement of our home or even at the Rock Private Warehouse.

No, should I really, keep our kills over there? Yeah, I think that is more preferable.

If we chilled the carcasses with ice, then it should be able to preserve. I’m going to expand the cellar and make a warehouse.

“Do I have to put it out in order?”

I confirmed it with the Guild Vice-Leader. The new Truth Official seems to be a young man. I just saw a glimpse of it but he also has a strange eye. The officer exchanges a word or two with Tilika earlier, but now the mood is silent and it’s frustrating. I wonder if all Truth Official’s are like this.

“Yes. I’m counting on you.”

First of all, I’m taking out the Harpies. It’s quite troublesome since I need to take them out one by one because if I take it out all at once them they’re going to overflow. There are about 200 Harpies. The warehouse is large, but I wonder if it can fit everything inside at once.

Next is the Orc. There are also lots of them. In addition to the one from the Orc Settlement, we encountered another group while travelling and we kill them each time. They are the most common enemy in the forest.

“This is truly a spectacular sight!”

“Isn’t it too much……? For a 2-week worth.”

“We hunted from the entrance to the end of the forest.”

After I’m done with organizing the Orcs, I take out the next kills one by one. Large Bear, Large Boar, Troll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Lizardman, Forest Wolf and Black Leopard. There are about 10 kinds of insect, such as Mantis, Spider and Ants. Although they are insects, they are in huge size. When the Ant came out, my heart skipped a beat. I’m glad that it’s weak.

We also saw a Large Bat, Lamia, Cyclops, Centaur, Cockatrice, Huge Monkey or Gorilla. Also encountered an Orochi and Large Earthworm. It took me, Sati and Hawk to search for them, such chaotic times. The detection range of our party is fairly extensive. About 50 kinds in total. I guess it covered almost all of the monsters in the forest.

People from the Merchant Guild is already calling for more support and since the space at the warehouse is not enough, once they’re done with the Orc and Harpy, I put them back inside my Item Box.

“Surprisingly, you’ve hunted lots of prey.”

Looking at the wide variety of kills in the warehouse, the Guild Vice-Leader said so, impressed.

“Let that one out, Masaru.”

“Is that fine? I thought we’re going to bring to the Capital and sell it for a higher price.”

“We’re just going to show it. If they’re willing to give us acceptable price, then we can sell it here.”

“Hmm? Do you still have more?”

“This is it.”

I took out the superior Orc and Harpy from Item Box. Since it’s obviously bigger than the other variant, everyone can tell that it’s a higher class by a glance. They are the same type as the normal Orc and Harpy, and the description for them in the card is the same. That is why the subjugation reward is the same, but the material and the meat can be sold for high price.

“I don’t know. Since we defeat the Harpy by using a magic assault, it is not in a very good condition. As for the Orc, the head was broken.”

Ellie explains to the people of the commercial guild who have gathered.

“We planned to sell it at the Capital, but if your offered price is reasonable, then we might sell it here.”

Of course, we want to sell it quickly, but for now we can just leave it inside the Item Box. I will leave this negotiation to Ellie for the time being.

“I wonder what we should do with the Orc and the Harpy.

“There is a vacant warehouse, so just put it there. Can you ask for ice for refrigeration?”

“It’s fine. The ice will be on service.”

“I see. That warehouse.”

After I returned, the superior Harpy and Orc was sold at a good price. Ellie who’s worried about Nania-san since morning has her mood improved.

“Just to be sure, all of this was hunted in a period of 2 weeks?”

The assessment with the Merchant Guild was done, and now is the time for our reward.

“Of course.”

“Even though you said that the Orc and Harpy has made a nest in the forest, this amount is just too much. Did something happen again in the forest?”

There are even superior Demon included in our kills. Of course, people will have their doubt.

“That’s not it. This amount is expected from us if we go for hunting!”

Ellie san, you’re not explaining about it properly.

“In short, it’s because we have people with searching ability. If we move while doing recon for large area, then it’s possible to get this much.”

“I understand the mechanic, but how did you conduct a large-scale search?”

How much should I tell?

“Sati searching capabilities combined with mine.”

It is a well – known fact that the beast’s ears and nose are good. But it might not be as rare as Sati though.

As for mine, I’ve an Earth Magic called Earth Sonar.

Originally, it’s used to detect the shape or circumference, but after using it lots of time while building the basement, I’ve found other use. Although accuracy is still somewhat frustrating, it is convenient when digging the underground. It’s easier to understand than the feeling when using detection.

“Of course, that’s not all, but there is no need to spill every detail now, right?”

I also show it to the Guild Vice-Leader for evaluation.

“Is there any possibility for any remains of such monster in the forest?”

“I can guarantee you that they will not. As far as our observation tell us, that is.”

The Harpy is the remnant from that time after the subjugation of the Dragon. The Orc is the one that ran away during the battle at the fortress. So far, there is no sign of abnormality.

“I understood. Next tell me the whereabouts of the Demons according to what you remember.”

After that, while referring to everyone Guild Cards, we tell where we encountered the Demons from whatever we remember.

“This is all for the report. Regarding your rewards, since there is large amount of prey, we can’t give it to you right now. We also need to conduct an assessment for the material and ranking up. Please come back to the guild after 2 days. Everything will be wrapped up by that time. Is that okay?”

“My rank will go up, right?”

“Yes, there is no doubt. But A rank is impossible.”

“I understand. Next time we will go for bigger hunt.”

“Wahahaha. I’m looking forward to it.”

Since it’s afternoon, it’s time for me to check up the training session. Did Will manage to survive?

According to my own unpleasant memories, the first day is the toughest. It’s hard enough to make me want to die.

The current training ground entrance is closed. In order to go in, I need to go through the guild’s office. The door here is also locked with guards. I only can get through after I tell them that I’m a healer on duty and after they check up my Guild Card. It’s strict like hell.

Entering the training ground through the door, I saw a total of 10 newcomers carrying a heavy baggage and silently walked around the ground. Two people wearing a wizard-like robe are sitting and waiting near the door.

“Oh, you are?”

“I’m the healer in charge of afternoon duty.”

It’s still early. I come here because I’m feeling bored after having lunch.

“Ehh, it’s still very early. We’re still in duty, so for now why don’t you just observed first.”


I borrow a chair and sit next to them. Ah, while I was watching one of them fell. One of the healers rush in after getting the signal from Sergeant dono. Looks like Will is not the one that fell. He is doing better than expected, that Will.

While I’m watching them march, Will notice my presence.

“Aniki! What the heck is thiiisssss.”

He’s screaming while getting off track and come running towards me. Oh, he still looks as lively as ever.

“You, what are you planning to do going towards the healer! As punishment, you’re going to carry more weight!”

Sergeant dono scares him away when Will comes to grab at my shoulder.

“Sir, yes sir! Uooaaaaaa!”

Will cried and rushed to the place where the weight is located. Now, now, Will, it’s not my fault. Please stop looking at me with those look full of grudge.

“Your acquaintance?”

“Something like that.”

Is Will related to me? I think it’s not wrong to call him my acquaintance…

“It’s nice if he managed to survive this.”

“I agree.”

Will, your hell has just begun. For a whole week, I want you to work very hard.



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