Chapter 1 ~ Encounter of Fate: For now, it’s fine to be stupid and honest about your desire

**warning** Please don’t proceed unless you’re above 18 years old**



My name is Chris. I don’t have a family name. When I was young, there is an old man living in my neighborhood who always says while messing around that 『if you can use magic then you will get popular with the ladies』. At that time, because I’ve an erotic thought, I foolishly went to become a disciple of that old man. Until my age reach 18, I’ve been training my whole life at the mountain.

Fortunately, the hunters who bring us food etc. kindly taught us a lot. Else, I’m going to become a socially awkward person like the old man who has nothing but magic in mind. Like this my common sense was developed.

Now, it’s time to put the end of this life! While reluctantly part away with the hunter, I steel myself to go to the city. With high spirit, I start off my journey. In the neighbouring countryside, there are lots of monster appeared. In order to return the favour of the surrounding villager who has took care of us during our magical experiment……we have exterminated lots of demons and now that place is one of the safest location in Magny Kingdom.

The journey is going smooth, and not long after I’m going to reach the royal capital.


I heard a girl screamed coming from the bushes at the side of the highway. I immediately go and check.

When I reach there, I saw a man with a demonic appearance……and a girl with a slave like cloth.

The man doesn’t notice my presence because he was clouded with negative feeling. Then, he stabbed the girl’s thigh although there is an onlooker beside which is me. He is giving off a crazy figure while stabbing the girl and laughing loudly.

Even though she is just a slave, this is a matter that can’t be overlooked. The girl seems to notice me, and I used a magic to robbed the assailant out of his consciousness. He will not be able to wake up for several days, but I bind him just in case.

I throw the man away out of the sight of the girl. I face the girl who is bleeding and groaning.

“Are you okay? I can use magic, so please calm down and I will heal your injuries.”

The looks of the girl’s eyes show that she is still frightened, but she muttered slowly and ask for my assistance. I touched her wounds and activate the healing magic.

“Umm……are you perhaps not disgusted with me?”

After the treatment is over, the girl asks a strange thing.

“Because you’re a slave? I guess that is not a good standing, but I can’t say that I dislike it.”

The girl’s name is Olivia. She has a dirty body, full of wounds and painful looking scratches, indicating sign of abuses. After healing her, I washed her dirty face with a wet towel. Actually, she has a beautiful face foreign to this country.

There is no way someone will feel disgusted looking at such a fine child. Oh crap, my heart won’t stop beating. This is a first time I see someone with a cute looking face.

I take a look at the man. If this guy is the owner, then won’t it give me the ownership privilege since I took her from him? I’m sure will get happy as heck if I can make this beautiful girl to become my girlfriend ―――naturally I’ll release her from a status of slave ―――of course, she is going to be happier that way compared to when she was with a man who will stab her with a knife. No doubt, I’m sure she has the same feeling. For now, I’ll……

“N-no, it’s just that whatever I do, I get a feeling that the gentlemen will get disgusted with me……even when I was still younger, my father……”

I guess such man exist too. I’m going to say this again, there is no way I’m going to dislike such a pretty girl. If there is someone daughter as beautiful as this living in my neighbourhood, then it’s normal for me to approach her every day, right? I’ll carefully corrode her with the use of my magic power.

“Perhaps, is there any chance that you receive another curse besides the curse of 『Enslavement』?”

“I don’t know. I’m always disliked by the gentlemen even since I’m still young……though I’m quite admired by the lady and the other maids……”

I refuse to believe what Olivia has said. I touch her body and carefully examine her with magic. Deep inside her soul, there is a curse of enslavement……what is this!

“I’m going to make it clear. First, in your body, there is a curse which will reverse the feeling when it’s directed to you.”

“N-no way!”

Although it is kind of hard to notice, it’s clearly written there as [curse] so I’m a bit shocked.

“There is another one. This one is more malicious. If there is a malice directed towards someone else, there are going to be concentrated on you. This one will have no effect unless there are malice nearby.”

In other word, the stranger action will affect the emotions directed towards her. If someone else is getting praised, then nothing will happen. On the other hand, if someone else is hated, then the malice will be directed to her as well and she will be hated for no reason.

It’s useless to escape this curse. No matter where she run, she will get hated by this curse and the one that will reverse emotion……this is a curse so wicked that it will better to end her life right here and right now.

How did I know? Fufu…… that fucking old man, instead of teaching me a magic to make me popular with ladies……he taught me all about the curse and a dark magic related stuff, but there is nothing about making me popular at all! Teaching me Dark Magic saying that I’m going to get boobies, isn’t it going to turn away the ladies instead!

If the hunter never pointed it out to me, then there is no mistake I’m going to make a mistake once I get at the city. Fortunately, the old man has an abundant collection of others spell as well. That way I can grow to become a normal magician.

Dark wizards have high resistance against curse from the same attributes. Although they tend to be evil wizards, there are many type of them ―――probably limited to a heterosexual―――that they can easily resist the curse.

“So to speak, it is easy to unravel the curse since I have a background on it. There is also a particular one about enslavement.”

……then, Olivia suddenly burst into tears, and she start to hold it out with a snobbing sound.


~~~~~ Olivia point of view ~~~~~


“Urrgh *sob*…that fucking bastard!”

“Hick! Hick! Chris samaaaa, crying for my sake sob sob……*wail*!”

After I revealed everything inside my chest, tears flowed from Chris’ eyes like a waterfall. It’s the first time I saw a gentleman burst into tears, that’s why I get quite surprised. At the same time I see someone burst into tears for me, I realized that my heart get all warm and fluttery. The tears won’t stop coming out.

My former name is Olivia Heultor. I was a former member of a duke who rules over 3 houses.

From early age……as long as I remember, I wasn’t alive compared to Angelica who is 2 years younger than me.

My father only cherishes my sister, my older brother and my younger brother. Even the male employee is looking at me in sinister way.

However, I was loved by my mother, grandmother and the female servants. It still makes me ashamed as a member of a duke household……

My father said that since I don’t have a talent like my younger sister, it’s better for me to live my life devoted on caring for her. But my mother and grandmother was against it and do something about it.

From what my mother said, it is unknown to why my father hates me so much and he will never take it whenever my mom tries to persuade him. Since the man hold the power in the house of mobility, there is nothing much that can be done.

After I grow old enough, I started to interact with the other noble children. However, the boys only see my sisters and I received unscrupulous slandering. Still, I manage to have a good relation with the older girl. Perhaps they feel bad for me.

After I get much older, when the stories about marriage come out, my sister get married quickly and it seems to be much trouble.

At that time, together with the Her Majesty Queen, although there is a talk about marriage with the Price, it got cancelled since His Highness Prince was totally hooked with my sister and opposed the arrangement. Because of that, my engagement was cancelled, and it ended……

My father banished me since I was a stain for the family and was made into a slave. As a slave……I was bought by a man who hated me…and then he brings me here deep in the forest……

“hikhik……snorted……what an unbelievable story! For the time being let’s undone the enslavement curse that has been binding you.”

A slave is a person who was bind magically so that they can’t escape from their owner. If I go 100 meters away from the man who was knocked down and bind by Chris sama, then I’ll get tormented with a severe pain that will burns my whole body.

Besides that, the order from the master is absolute. This slavery magic denies a human of their right and dignity in every aspect.

Chris sama said that he can easily undone this curse. However, this is a high-ranking curse which was applied to me specially.


“Fuhh, what a detestable thing. Here, it’s done.”

Eh? W-what? The sigil which symbolise me as a slave disappeared?

“As expected of the other curse. There is no way I can cancel it with brute force alone. I can only weaken it to some degree. Next time we need to go to a temple to get it undone.”

Curse……no more? I’m no longer a slave?

“I originally want to go to the capital, but I don’t have the slightest intention to suck the same air like that bastard. Maybe we should go to a city with a temple next. What do you think?’

“Is-is that so……then why don’t we go to the northern Laron region? It is the home of Lady Goddess Great Temple. Since a large development plan is starting soon, maybe you can make some money depending on your ability.”

Although I don’t have much acquaintance, I’m pretty sure that the Queen said at the tea party that the plan is going to commence soon and lead by the second Prince Carl sama.

I wonder if they already open the recruitment once we arrived there?

“Since I’m not familiar with the geography, you sure save me Olivia. Then let’s head there together. After we undone your curses, I’m going to ring the bell for you.”

“Bu-but……won’t it be annoying to bring me along with you? Besides, I’m dislike and I have nothing to return the favour.”

There is nothing worth it to bring a girl who was banished by her family like me. I’m just going to be a burden……when I think so I was suddenly hugged.

“Is that so. Then, after we released you from the curse, why don’t you become my bride?’

“Wawawawawa……b-but what about my household…ah…”

More like, aren’t I’m banished from that household already.

“I can make lots of excuse, and I’m going to make them anyway, but I want you to know that I want to make you my bride since I fell in love with Olivia… is that bad?”

Since I’ve been crying from just now as well, our face are mutually messed up, but Chris sama looks straight into my eyes…… his face looks more dignified and more charming than anyone else that I know. Before I know it, I already said yes, while making a small nod.

Looking at Chris sama who seems glad at my reply, I can feel my chests start to tighten.

“Just wait. I’m going to make you forget your painful past. It is a duty for a man to make sure that his woman leads a happy life.”


~~~~~ Chris point of view ~~~~~


For the time being, I take off my clothes. I’m going to wash myself at the river with a wet cloth.

Fortunately, the water that flow in the river is very clean and it is also suitable to make as a drinking water. I find a rock and make a shade.

“Just leave that worn out cloth here and take my spare cloth. It might be a bit loose, but I think we can make do with some stitching. Please endure it until we arrive at another village. Before that you can take a bath here.”

“Yes, Chris sama. I’ll gladly take up to your offer. Before that I’m going to cleanse my body first…”

Somehow, I’m going to the riverside together with my bride (on plan). She then stripped out of her rags. Since the slave clothing has no underwear, she is currently buck naked right now. I also take out my cloth.

“Kyaa~! Ch-Chris sama…”

Surprised at me suddenly get naked, Olivia yelps and in dismay hurriedly tries to hide her breasts and lower half with her arms.

Wow! I know that she has big boobies since her hand can’t hide them well, but never to my expectation that they have nice shape as well!

“What? Is it wrong to take out clothes when bathing at the river?”

“T-there is nothing wrong with that……it’s just that we are unmarried, and to think that I expose my skin to a gentleman, much less outdoor……”

Ahh, that shyness of her is cute as well. Her silver hair that reached to her waist lightly wavered and sparkles, reflecting the light from the moon. She looks like a goddess. The question is, can I hold it in? Of course not.

Before I know it, my line of sight is focusing at her boobs. The contour from the waists to her butt look erotic as well. She is an extraordinarily beautiful girl with an outstanding style…

Once again, there is no way I can hold myself back. I brutally molest the shy Olivia with my wet hand.

“Iyaahnn! C-Chris samaa~ mmm…hmmm~”

I hold the confused Olivia from the front and assault her with a kiss. I move one hand to her breasts and another hand at the opening of her vagina.


I don’t know what to do at this point. I thought that I’ll stop once I touched and kiss her, but it’s impossible. The girl who give her consent to my proposal is right now at the mercy of my hand, naked.

While caressing her body, my reasoning slowly slipped out due to the extreme excitement.

While embracing her, I lie down at the rock. There is no way I’ll let a girl on the hard surface of the rock.

“I-I can’t do it. There is no way I’m going to ride a gentleman……”

“I don’t mid it. More importantly……you know what to do, right?”

My superb article already risen to the max. There is no way she won’t notice it poking at her skin.”

Her face turns beet red and she nodded. Even a naïve young girl like her will receive adequate sexual education. She lowered her hand which was at her breasts and start touching my superb article. The feel is completely different than when I touched myself. I wonder if it because of a girl’s hand or because it is Olivia.

She leads my penis to the opening of her vagina. While doing that she looks at me, smiling with intoxicated eyes. Although she is reluctant, her face is so beautiful, and it looks more obscene than anything else.

“Chris sama, although I’ve encountered many hardships, fortunately this body of mine is still of a maiden. Olivia is happy since she is going to give her first time to the first man who ever love her.”

Olivia tighten her grasped on my superb article and gradually lower her waist. She is welcoming my cock at her womanly place. Although she looks frustrated by the pain, it is obvious that her face flushes with excitement.

Simultaneously, as she sink her butts, I thrust my hips upward with all my might.

“Urgh, aaaaahhhnnnn~!”

From her womanly place, I can see the blood is flowing down. In inside Olivia vagina. When I think about it, I get more excited. However, I didn’t move since I can see that she is grimacing in pain.

“Does it hurt, Olivia? Let’s not move for now.”

I hold her butt with both my hand and kissed her. I’m going to stay like this until her pain subsided.


“Haa…haa… Please don’t worry about me, Chris sama. Please ravishes this body to your heart content.”

While smiling with a trace of tear on her face, Chris urges me to continue. Olivia is becoming more and more loveable.

“Yaahnn~! Uuunnn~!”

I have not starting my waist yet. I groped her breasts and start to wrestle her tongue with mine.

“N- no please……not my breasts…”

“What? Doesn’t it feel good? If it’s hurt then I’m going to stop.”

“N-no…it doesn’t hurt…”

She doesn’t seem to dislike it. I play around with her ripe fruits, sometimes strongly and sometimes gently.

While I’m enjoying her big tits, after a while I can see that her painful expressions have disappeared from her face, and she seem to have calm down. Then I tried to push my waist up slightly.

“Aaahhnn~! Yaaaahhhnnn~!”

Apparently, the pain has completely disappeared. Just a slight push from my hip is enough to induce an extreme pleasure for her. Since it feels good for me too, I continue grinding her, or more like I can’t stop.

“Ahh! Ch-Chriss samaaa, so this is sex! Olivia is happy since she can offer her virginity to Chris sama!”

“Same with me! I’m happy to be able to meet you, Olivia!”

Before I realized it, I’m drowning under Olivia. I don’t care though, since she is my bride. Olivia delirious voice further stripped me off my reasoning and I keep on pushing harder……like this there is no way I can hold it for long now.

“I’m cumming, Olivia! I’m going to cum inside the deepest part of your vagina, Olivia!”

“Haahh! Haaah! Yes, please do it, Chris sama! Mark me as your wife! Please impregnate me……please give your wife Olivia your child!”


“Hahh! Ahhnnnnnnnn!”

The moment I ejaculated, Olivia convulsed on top of me. She lets her breasts on top of my face due to exhaustion.

“Haa~ Haa~ Fuuh~……Thank you, Olivia.”

“Me……me too……I love you too, Chris sama…”

While embracing each other, we smile and continue kissing. Of course, after we finished cleaning ourselves, we get into the second round and keep doing it until late at night. Since it’s already late, we sleep at the riverside that night.



It’s somewhat of a high quality. An adventurer who is subjugating the monsters as business is now homeless. Now, he gets loved. The comfort level is still below that of the bed, but if we don’t mind it too much then it’s fine.

It’s shaped like a cocoon made of ten silkworms that I got from the hunters during ceremony. If we make a framework, then it’s possible to fit person inside. This thing is quite popular since it is thin and light and it is convenient to carry.

The problem is that it’s required for someone to watch over the tent during resting time. In other word, if the monsters attack while we’re resting, then there is no way we can resist.

An expert who is accustomed with the framework assembly is said to be able to pitch it up on the tree. Like that, it’s possible to take a rest even if the person is alone.

As for my case, there is no worries since I can use a magic to drove the monster and wild animals away. That way I spent a night together with Olivia in this single use tent……crap, when the morning comes I can feel my reasoning is slipping away.

The tent is made of a water-resistant material. It has high heat insulation and gust resistant. Although there is a hole for airflow, the inside of the tent is quite hot with two persons body temperature. We got sweaty while sleeping. It’s filled with a girl’s scent which is totally different than the man.

I’m relieved that she looking at her sleeping comfortably. We’re each person first sex partner, holding her hand I think about how I fell in love with her in first sight.

The stimulation is quite too strong for me who was a virgin until yesterday! Ah, girls body feels really soft.

She was enslaved just not long ago, and the enslavement was ended unreasonably. Right now, she’s probably exhausted both physically and mentally. She’s not showing any sign of waking up at all.

Last night I got carried away and do it forcibly, but should I be concerned about her body more?

Although she said that it pained for the first time, maybe she disliked the fact that she is having sex with me itself. Since I keep changing position many times after, maybe she thought that I’m a rough man……

Although I get carried away since I’m intoxicated with Olivia’s beauty, I recall that that I was taking her quite forcibly at time. The main purpose for lifting her of her curse has not changed, but it’s true if she said that I don’t care much about her since I keep forcing her when she is having male phobia.

While I’m contemplating myself, Olivia woke up. The gesture she makes when she is still sleepy is also cute. Is it a weakness if I fall to every expression that I think is loveable?

That’s not it! First of all, I must apologize for yesterday! She might get too shocked that she wants to go back to her hometown. It seems that she has completely wake up when I’m trying to form the word. Not good, I need to say something fast!

“Olivia! Please forgive me for yesterday!”

“I’m very sorry Chris sama!”

What? Why is Olivia apologizing first thing in the morning?

“E-eh? Aren’t you angry at me for forcing you to do it outdoor since it’s your first time and we just met?”

“I’m not angry. I-I’m happy that Chris sama love me and that you want to do it with me. But since it’s the first time I’m sleeping with a gentleman, I’m afraid that I’ve misconducted.”

Feeling sorry, Olivia keep her eyes down and put both of her hands together at her chests. Oh! She is indeed a lady with a sheltered upbringing. The only thing about man that she knows are just those stories that she has heard.

I remember about my hometown. The husband always hides at the hall when they got exposed. The scene where the auntie is beating their husband is quite intense as well. It’s the same case for other people as well. Their favourite phrase is [because you’re a man? What the hell?]

I’ve been thinking of unnecessary thing. I strongly hug and kissed Olivia to make her feel secure again. Aside from that, after we’re done with sex last night, I gently wiped her body with the wet towel and after that we went to bed buck naked.

Naturally, I’m still naked right now. Despite thoroughly ravaging Olivia’s body last night, I can feel that crotch is getting full stamina after night long sleep.

Of course, Olivia who’s glued with me noticed and her face turns beet red as she stared at me.

“If that’s Chris sama wish……t-then please do whatever you want.”

Don’t do that Olivia. Aren’t you just a virgin until just yesterday? If you said it with such a cute voice, then there is no way I can stop you know?

Inside the small tent where it’s hard to move, I placed my fingers at Olivia pussy while keeping close contact. Olivia’s body trembles for a moment and her love juice gradually flows out from the inside of her vagina.

“Kuuhh~ ah~ ahh. N-no, Chris sama……it’s embarrassing……”

“Can you feel it Olivia? Can you feel my protruding fingers? It was painful yesterday, but does it feel good today?”

Her wet eyes don’t indicate any sense of pain. While making a slutty face, her body grew hotter and hotter.

“I-it hurts at first, but……that……if I entrust both my mind and body to you…ahhh~!”

Sorry, I can’t hold it any longer. I insert my cock inside her pussy. Though there is some resistance, her pussy managed to accept my cock all the way. But still, her pussy feels really tight and it’s feel soft wrapping around my cock.

“Mmm~ nnn~! C-Chris sama, does it feel good?”

“Ah! It’s the best! I just inserted my cock and now I want to cum already!”

It’s hard to move so much inside this tent. Whatever, I already did it roughly yesterday, might as well enjoy having slow sex today.

I hold her soft butt and thin waist with my hands and press it firmly so that I can push my cock deeper inside.

“U-um……are you not moving?”

Olivia asked while pressing her big boobs on my chests. It’s already feels good as it’s. I’m notonly enjoying the warmth of her vagina, but also the feeling of her full butt. Me caressing her butt makes her squirms a bit.

“Nnhnn……fuuhhnn……Chris sama burly cock is……aaah! It’s still very big……nmhmmm~!”

I’m happy that Olivia is becoming more honest with her feeling now. I kissed her and insert my tongue inside. In the conjunction with a small movement with Olivia’s waist, the feeling of her breasts pressing against me also feels great.

“Chyuu~ hamu, puha……Olivia, you feeling good? Does it feel good to have sex with me, making all the moves yourself?”

The feeling when she is moving in and inserting my cock all the way back is very good. It felt like Olivia’s pussy is swallowing my entire cock, which feels different compared to moving myself.

“T-that……yes……it feels good.”

Oh! My shy wife (planned) is super cute! It’s awesome! She has a cute face, and in the same time she has erotic body as well. She doesn’t even hate it when I’m having rough sex with her. Olivia is the best wife (planned) ever!

“T-then Olivia, why don’t you try to move now. I’ll adjust to your rhythm. Okay, one, two……”

Slowly, in this narrow tent, I push in simultaneously with her.

“Ah ahhhh~!”

We did it slowly, but the moment when my cock slaps against her pussy at the same time, a rush of pleasure runs in our body, much more than our first-time sex. Her overflowing love juice makes an obscene sound whenever our genitals make contact.

Compared to when I’m the one moving, I feel like my cock is reaching her deepest part more when doing it together with Olivia. Of course, that’s not all. Since it’s impossible to move a lot, I give a small thrust repeatedly in a rhythm. Inside the tent, only the sound of wet love juice and rough breathing from both of us can be heard. A voice full with carnal pleasure resonates in the tent.

She is feeling it! This girl is having pleasure with my cock! She is no longer a shy girl that is too embarrassed to have sex! She is now a girl who’s shaking her hips back and forth with slutty expression!

“Ah, ahh, ahh, ahhh! Chris sama! I’m going to come! It feels too good!”

“Me too! I’m going to cum in Olivia deepest part!”

I can feel the tip of my cock is hitting the back of her vagina. I’m knocking the entrance of her womb many times, as if trying to pry it open. Right now, if I were to ejaculate inside, will my semen pour directly inside her womb? She is a first girl that I’ve feel into love, and now I’m going to impregnate her!

“Aaaahhh Chris sama! I love you so much…uuuhhnnn!”

“Me too! I love you Olivia! I’m cumming!”

At that moment when lots of semen are poured inside, her narrow vagina further tightened up. Although I already ejaculated lots of time yesterday inside her, it seems that I still don’t have enough. Is it because I’m doing it with Olivia?

“Haa~ haaa…Chris sama hot children is running wildly inside me…haaa~”

We hugged for a while and enjoy the afterglow. I’m worried for Olivia physical strength since we’re having sex continuously like this. After getting out and adjusting the tent, I prepare the breakfast. Though, right now is not what I called a morning. Seems like I’ve lost sense of time while enjoying sex.

Since I’m doing something that feels good in the morning, my body feel fresher than ever.

“Chris sama, from here we need to head west to reach the highway to Laron region. That is the closest and safest route to head north from here.”

“Alright! Let’s reach the city as fast as possible! After lifting your curse, I can finally propose to you officially.”

After we’re done with preparation, I carry Olivia and run towards the highway. To the Laron region! My legs get much faster and lighter while imagining my happy future with Olivia……but, even though my mind is empowered, my leg strength is still lesser than those of the hunters.

“Hah, hahh…*pants**pants*……n-not yet…I need to lift the curse faster and marry Olivia……”

“Chris samaaa! Please don’t push yourself!”

Even though she is light, seems like it’s impossible to run at full speed while carrying people. The momenti reach the highway, my knees get on the ground.

“Mou! That’s why I said not to overdo yourself!”

Olivia pinched my cheeks while I’m resting on her lap pillow.




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