Hello Work: Vol. 4 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ~ I’ll take responsibility until the end

“By the way, adventurer who’s name I don’t know over there, how long are you going to follow us?’

Currently we’re still at the grassland. We’re still walking to the towns.

“Aw geez, Big Bro. You still haven’t decided whether you’re going to take me as a disciple or not. And my name is Will.”

I’ve given him cold shoulder so that he will give up, which he doesn’t. I hope he will give up soon though.

“Don’t you already have a magic tutor or family member that can teach magic at home?”

“My tutor is no good, he just tells me to do my best all the time.”

There is no way he can tell his client who is a son of a noble which screams money to give up. That’s why he is cheering for you.

“Just give up. What is impossible will remains impossible.”

“Sati san is from a Beastmen kin but still capable of using magic, right? From where did you learn it?”

“Masaru sama.”

“I knew it! Big Bro is awesome! Please teach me as well!”

Sati get all smile since I was praised.

“Isn’t it fine if you can’t use magic? Normally, most people can’t use it either.”

It is said that only 1 in 10 people have a potential to become a magician. I wonder if there is some kind of prerequisite for it such as the level of ki, since 90% of people are not able to learn magic.

“You see. My family is fine with me being the single one that can’t use magic. But when I imagine myself not capable of using magic when everyone else does, do you know how ashamed I felt towards my own self? I feel so pathetic.”

Hearing that makes me think about my dark past. I’m, as well, always feels ashamed to be in my house. Still, the members of my family have been kind. But sometimes I get told off as well.

Is the rice that you’ve eaten without working taste good? Such thing.

“Ah, umm, that’s it. I don’t know anymore. But you see, even Sati here is desperately practicing for just Levitation spell alone.”

“Even that much is enough! The important part is that I’m capable of using it. Sati san, you understand my feelings, right?”

“I’m very glad to be able to use magic.”

“Right! RIGHT! That’s why, Big Bro, I’m under your care!”

“No way, I can’t do it. In the first place, I can’t spend my time to teach you when I have a job as an adventurer.”

“If you include me inside your party, I’m fine being a grunt and do all the chores!”

“Doing chores is already my job.”

“Huh, then I’m going to carry all your baggage’s!”

“Say, the Ogres that we’ve beaten just now, how many of them can you carry home?”

“Th-then I’m going to be your vanguard! I’m confident in the strength of my arms at least.”

“Then let test your mettle. Sati, have a match with him.”

If he is defeated by a small kid like Sati then he might finally give up.

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

With that decided, I handed to them both wooden sword from my inventory.

“It will be fine if you manage to land one blow on Sati. I can use Heal, so please don’t hold yourself back.”

“Are you fine with this, Sati san?”

“You can be serious right from the start. Right, Sati?”

“I always join the practice at the training ground. Please come at me seriously, Will san.”

“I understand.”

Both of them take a stance with the wooden sword. By the way, right now we’re at the place where the town wall is barely visible. There should be no danger if we’re to hold a match here.


Will make the strike first, albeit a bit soft. As expected, he is taking Sati lightly. Sati receives the strike calmly and affixed her wooden sword at Will’s neck.

“I already asked you to come at me seriously.”

Even at the training ground, it is usual for Sati to be look down. ‘There is no way I can hit such a small kid’. That’s why this kind of interaction has been happening like forever.


In his next tries, he put some force in his slashes. After 2 to 3 light slashes, he gets blown by Sati attack at his torso.

“Is that your serious blows?”

He finally realizes that the girl in front of him is not an ordinary opponent. But realizing that won’t do anything good for him.

Will is serious this time. He is trying to hit Sati desperately, but without any success. Sati is committed to receive Will’s attack, but his attack doesn’t show any sign of making hit.

But Will’s swordsmanship is not as bad as I though. He has the strength, and his stance is solid as well.

If his opponent is a mere Orc, then he might win. He has huge potential for a kid his age.

“That’s enough, Sati.”

I already seen what I wanted to see, that’s why I’m stopping Satie. At that moment, Sati repelled off Will’s wooden sword and beat him to the ground.

“Are you okay?”

I go to Will and heal the part which has been beaten by Sati earlier.

“Thank you, Big Bro. But, hey, how come are you so strong, Sati san?”

“You won’t win even after trying for 100 times.”

“Masaru sama is way stronger!”

Sati insisted so. But I wonder how it is actually? Even though we’re both at the same skill rank at level 5, I don’t feel like I can win over her at all. If I include my magic then I might be able to win, somehow.

“Are you serious……”

“To begin with, we are from a B rank party who can single-handedly handle the Ogres. You’ve no chance at all.”

The only people who is currently B rank in our party is Ellie alone, but both me and Sati are going to be promoted to B rank soon, so it’s not technically wrong.

“No way…”

It’s sad to see Will get all teary-eyed, but getting into a vanguard business means serious skills. Even I myself was injured many times, sometimes even facing a near death experience. The only way we managed to get through many times was because of our high magical firepower. With the current Will swordsmanship skill, there is no way he can survive.

I have no intention to drive this guy like a slave. It is simply impossible for this Bonbon from aristocrat family. I’ll be in trouble with his household if something happens while he is with my party.

“Alright, we’re already near the town. Let’s go.”

In the end, I couldn’t just abandon Will in this wilderness. Even though I pick him up, I don’t have the slightest intention to keep him forever. This just happen because I’ll feel bad if he happens to die if I left him alone here.

“Please lend me some money, Big Bro. I’ll definitely return them to you afterwards.”

“It’s fine, but how are you planning to return it back to me later?”

“I’ll somehow try to earn some money. If I can’t make it, then I’ll borrow some from my family.”

“Didn’t you nearly die when you try to hunt at the forest moment ago? Where is your family house?”

If it is just nearby here then I’ll escort him back. It’s better for him.

“The Empire of Hoss.”

The empire is far from here.

“Aren’t you running from your house right now? How are going to manage that? In the first place, aren’t your family looking for you?”

“I’m the youngest brother in my house. There are still my big brothers. That’s why I’m not obliged to inherit the role for the household, so I’m kind of free to go. I already talked with my brothers properly before I leave the house.”

There is no problem as troublesome as a family members looking for their lost brother.

I don’t mind lending him some money, but he doesn’t seem to be making any soon. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m extorting him somehow when I do run out of money, and he might do some reckless thing and endanger himself again. I’ll feel bad if he died on me, honestly. I don’t know any easy way to earn money for beginner though. At time like this I better consult on someone more experienced. It’s better to ask Sergeant dono or Guild Vice Leader.

I passed through the eastern gate of the town, I was greeted by the usual soldier on duty.

“Masaru! Did you go through the forest from Gorbas Fortress? I saw your wives just now. How was the battle?”

“Well, we encountered Harpies nest and Orc nest. The rest doesn’t give much impression to me.’

Regarding the Ogre……it’s better if I shut my mouth. If I report to the guild, then this Will boy here will get into trouble.

“Wow. Of course, you exterminated them all, don’t you?”

“Of course. I make sure to crushed them all thoroughly.”

“I see, I see. Just not long ago, you’re struggling against a mere Wild Rabbit. Look at you now. So, it’s true that a man will change once he got a wife, huh?’

“Well you see. I did train myself hard you know.”

“That’s not it. They are all a beauty. Oops, sorry to take your time. Please get through.”

“I’m going to stop by at Adventurer Guild. There is something that I want to talk about with Sergeant dono.”

After we get into the town, I told both Sati and Tilika in front of the guild.

“Then I’m going to see Drewin.”

“Umm, Big Bro. Who is your wife?”

“Oh. They are my wives, all four of them.”

“All four of them!? Truly my Big Bro! Even my father only has 3 at most!”

Still, it is 3 persons. I wonder how is it with his household.

“How high is your household among other nobility?”

“Well, it is quite a big name and it is an old family as well. That’s why, I’ll definitely get the money to return to you once I go back home.”

“We’ll think about it when the time comes. I’m going to meet a person, you go hang around for a while.”

I left Will at the guild hall and went to see the receptionist.

I greet the people behind the counter like usual. The rewards will be delivered later, so for now I only get to report the battle and show them my Guild Card for my subjugation record. As for Sati, she went along Tilika to find Guild Vice Leader.

“Harpy nest, huh? Can you tell me about the location details later?”

“Okay. By the way, there is something that I would like to discuss with Sergeant dono.”

“That’s remind me. Someone has a request for you, Masaru. Tomorrow, there is a beginner training course, but they are still lacking for a healer. I know that you have just returned from long journey, but is it too much to ask after all? I promise you it won’t be a hard work.”

“The request is coming from Sergeant dono himself, right?”

“Seems like it.”

The beginner training course will be held for a week. I want to meet Sergeant dono, but this really is a bad timing.

“Since it will take long time, is it fine if I consulted with other members first?”

“Yup. Please give me the reply tomorrow. Oh, if you want to meet Vauct then he is at the training ground.”

I found Sergeant dono as soon as I reach the training ground.

“Aah, Masaru. I see you have returned safely.”

“Yes, Sergeant dono. I’m going to be busy tomorrow. I was asked to be a healer for a beginner training course. Whether or not I will accept it, it’ll be decided after I hold a family meeting later.”

“Understood. If a healing specialist like Masaru is participating, then everything will run smoother.”

“Sergeant dono, actually there is a favor that I would like to ask you.”

“What is it? Just spill it.”

“I want to train my sword again, this time more seriously and thoroughly.”

“Hmm, in that case, once the beginner training course is over, I can train you every day.”

“You sure it’s fine? I thought that I will disturb you with this, with the training and all.”

“What, there is nothing for me to do other than raise my voices. Nothing too much for me.”

“If that the case, then I’ll leave everything in your hand. As for the healer request, I might take it up.”

“I understand. Let’s train thoroughly.”

Oops, I almost forgot the most important thing.


I told him about the event where I picked up Will at the forest.

“That’s why I thought about bringing him over as well.”

A beginner workshop being held now is like a God send. Like this, I don’t need to specially ask someone to help him train.

“That’s fine. Just bring him over.”

I did feel bad a bit for him, but everything is for Will sake.

“Big Bro, done with your business?”

“Yup. There is something I want to talk about with you, Will. The guild is hosting a beginner training course. Why don’t you spend some time and join?”

“Eh? A beginner training course?”

Will make a confused face.

“That’s right. Instead of just spending your time at home tomorrow, why don’t you go and participate. They are going to give you meal. I’ll lend you some money as well.” pg. 234

“Really!? I’ll do it. I’m going to participate!”

“I see, I see. Then learn seriously okay.”

“Alright, Big Bro!”


If this guy manages to survive the beginner course, then there is a chance that he will become a better adventurer.

“What does a beginner training course do?”

Will asked while we’re walking home.

“Let see. Firstly, it’s going to be hold for one week. They’re going to be trained by a professional adventurer directly. Not only that, all the cost is covered by the guild. This includes all the accommodation, meals and the lectures.”

“Wow, they are really generous. But still, a week.”

“There are many things to learn. Last time I participated, it is not enough even for one week. Even now sometimes I meet the coach for additional lessons.”

In addition to strengthening your physicals and sharpening your techniques, this training also aimed to teach the beginner about the mental attitude and ways to survive as an adventurer. Even thought I was formerly a NEET, the reason I’m able to confront against the monster without difficulty was because I was given the basic direction from the beginner training course. Never hesitate to kill the demons. They’ve come with intention to kill, there is no need for any mercy or hesitation.

“So, Big Bro participated in this training too. Do they teach magic as well?”

“Too bad the magic is not included.”

Will seems to be dejected, but hearing that I’ve participated in the same course make he looks more determined.

“I wonder if I continue training, I’ll be able to defeat the Ogre in a blow like Big Bro and everyone else.”

“Someday you will. For now, just focus on completing this beginner training course.”

It’s important to give some encouragement to this guy. This guy is still young, and there is still many possibilities that this guy can explored.

“I’ll do my best!!”

“Ooh, go for it.”

From tomorrow on, there is no doubt that he will be pushed to death.

After I get back home, I found the interior has been completely cleaned. I made Will wait first at the garden.

“The cleaning labour is not necessary, seriously. I have enough magic power, I can clean everything at once!”

“It’s nice to do some cleaning once in a while you know~ It’s not like we will always have enough magic power.”

Ann make a comeback. I don’t have a say in this matter as per which method is the best. But in my opinion, using the purifying magic has it owns perks.

“It’s good, no. Not like everyone is not capable of using magic in this house.”

“Oh well. Looks like everyone has returned, should I prepare the meal now? Masaru, the food.”

“I brought Will along, please prepare for his portion as well.”

I told her while taking out all the ingredient from my Item Box.

“What Masaru, you bring that guy back? Why don’t you just ditch him somewhere else?”

“Hey, don’t be so mean. It’s only for today.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I thought I can finally relax in the room up stair for the first time in a while.”

“Then, it’s fine as long he is at the garden, right? I’ll let him have his meal over there.”


I’m going to create a hut at the garden for Will, then.

“Next thing is about tomorrow.”

I explain to them about the request for me to be the healer for the beginner training course starting from tomorrow.

“I’m planning to take a break anyways, so it’s fine. But why would they need healers?”

“Nobody knows about it……I want this information to stay here. Apparently, the beginner training course aim to train the adventurers intensively. They will be trained until they collapsed, then healed and the cycle repeat.”

I tell them more about the training course. It is truly dreadful, as if they are putting on you the slave collar.

“Woah…And Masaru finished the coarse too.”

“Yeah. They choose the name ‘Beginner Course’ just to camouflage the actual content. That’s why everyone just keep silent. If the truth were to spread, then it will increase unnecessary wariness towards the newbies adventurers.”

“Really. Then it’s fine to lend him the garden for this night. So, from tomorrow onwards, both of you will be at the guild?”

“I’m going to stay over there. I think everyone will be confined inside, so there is no way to get out.”

There is no way to escape since they will put on a slave collar.

After I’m done discussing, I went out to see Will who is waiting quietly.

“Sorry, for making you wait.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“The dinner will be prepared soon. You can stay at the garden.”

“Eh? But there is nothing in this garden…?”

Will look around the garden, surprised. Right now, the season is winter. It will be tough to camp outside.

“I’m going to make one for you now. Didn’t you saw my Earth Magic? Let’s make an exclusive room just for you.”

I was planning to make a kennel, but it will be a bad manner. Sure enough, Will seems to be impressed.

Once I’ve got the rough estimation of the size and placement, I activated my Earth magic. Since the basement is made deeper underground, it is fine to dig some soil to some extent. Still, I better replenish it later when I’ve got time.

Immediately, a hut about 5 tatami mats size is created. It is easier since the amount of soil used is not much.

“Amazing, in a blink of eye…”

“I made it strongly so it will not be blown off by the snow and wind. There is no window, but it is better since you won’t get cold. I kept the entrance small. The only thing left is the bed.”

I go inside and created the bed. I put large amount of rabbit fur from my Item Box on top of it as a blanket. The rest I used it to block the entrance. This is a fine quality place, coming from an Earth magic alone. Yup, this is good enough for a small room.

“Thank you for doing this for me, Big Bro!”

“Don’t mind it.”

He is going to get it tough tomorrow. That’s why I’m going to make it comfortable for him, at least for now.

“Come, it’s about time the food is ready. I’m really tired today. Let’s eat plenty and have a good rest for tomorrow.”

“Okay, big Bro!”


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