Hello Work: Vol. 4 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 ~ The Nameless Adventurer

I may have taken too much time to defeat the first Ogre. The group of Ogre is actually very close to us.

Besides, it seems that they have scattered away in the most troublesome way too. Like this we can’t one-shot them with a long-range magic.  

After regrouping with Ann, Tilika and Ellie, I started to chant the Earth Magic shortly.

“I’m going to make a tower with the Earth Magic. Gather up!”

The adventurer finally caught with us and now crawling besides me.

Right after the incantation started, the ground nearby our feet start to glow up. I’m rather hesitant to speed up the process since there are gravity to consider, but the Ogres are fast approaching. I can’t waste any more time.

“Guy’s, start chanting your offensive magic. Let’s take down as many of them before they’ve come close.”

The earth surrounding our feet merge in a rectangular way and start to risen up. It stopped when we reach about 5 meters and then we look at our surrounding.

The height of the tower itself is about 5 meters, but in the process of doing that it absorbs the surrounding soil, in which resultant a moat with a 3 meters depth. At the very least, the tower itself is quite high.

As long as the Ogre has no flying capabilities, there is no way it can reach us up here. Not only that, I can drop the rocks if they’re trying to climb up. Perfect.

Immediately after the Earth Tower is completed, the Ogres managed to catch up with us finally. They are just standing beside the moat.

Their number has been decreased to 5. I’ve always thought about it, the reason why they won’t run away even if there are only half of them remaining. It’s really strange. Even though I’m quite sure that they have shred of intelligence with them.

“We shouldn’t finished off the one just now.”

“Because the Ogre is likely to catch up with us if we’ve taken too much time.”

“That’s true. But you guys have done well. Like this, it is easy to attack on them.”

“O’ frozen dragon, pierce the enemies. Ice Dragon.”

“Water Stream!”

While Ellie is taking her sweet time, both Ann and Tilika activated their chant and the remaining Ogre are now one.

“Aaahh!! Please leave some for me too!”

“Yeah, yeah. Please get it done soon.”

As expected, the Ogre finally try to run away when it is the last one remaining, but Sati arrow manage to struck it knee. Then the second one, and third one. Like this it can’t run away anymore. Ellie going to give the final blow. Sati really has done real good job with this.

While we’re waiting for Ellie chant to get completed, the Ogre suddenly turns around. Did it give up on fleeing?

“Ah, the stone……”

The adventurer says.

Stone? Ah! The Ogre has a fist size stone in his hand.

Then it makes a stance……then it throws it.

I knocked down Ellie who is continuously dragging her spell and the rock quickly flew over where her head was located just now. It’s truly a power of an Ogre. The rock can easily reach 150 kilometers per hour.

“Wa, wa, wa…”

“Lie down, lie down!”

The Ogre is preparing to throw the second one. Shit, we need to finish casting fast.

The second one hits the tower and give a loud *dogan* sound. I bet he’s trying to hit us who has already lying down. If we get hit straight by that, I’m sure our body will get blown off. Sati continues to assault it with her bow. But it armors like thick skin manage to avoid it from receiving fatal injuries even though there are several arrows attached to its body already.

Just when the Ogre want to throw the third one, our chant is finally completed.

“Explosion!” “Ice Storm!” “Ice Storm!”

The three magics activated at almost same time. With me, Ann and Tilika magics combined, the Ogre was hit full blown and not even a remain left. This is quite a waste of material, but it can’t be helped.

“That was amazing! You guys, just what is this!”

The adventurer begins to make a fuss when the Ogre has been completely annihilated and our safety is assured.

“Calm down. Are you alone? Where are your friends?”

I was in hurry so I forgot to ask. There is a possibility that he is not alone. I hope he is though. It would be too late if he left his friend inside the forest.

“Err, ah. I’m just alone.”

“What are you doing inside the forest alone?”

“Hunting, I think…”

“It looks like you’re the one hunted instead.”

“That’s because……”

In short, since his travelling expenses is running dry, he tries to gain some money by going inside the forest alone to hunt.

Then he was found out by the Ogres, then he tosses out his weapons, luggage, and everything he has and start running away.

I heard about it before descending by using the Levitation.

“You’re lucky to get noticed by us.”

“Somehow I manage to escape!” (need revision)

“Are you aiming to the town?”

“That’s right.” pg. 216

“You’re going to bring along the Ogre together with you?”

“Umm……I’m sorry, Big Bro.”

Now I finally get the gist of the situation. If the Ogre really did reach the town as it is, how much damage it will bring I wonder. Although there are some soldiers stationed at the entrance of the town, they don’t have enough strength to handle about 10 Ogres at once. The people using the main road also need to be taken into consideration.

I glanced at him. He is some young looking male though looks a bit like a girl. I thought that he might be an adult since he has a broader back, but he looks about the same age as a high school student in Japan. His equipment is ragged and he is dirty all over, but still a handsome man nonetheless. No, he is a pretty boy. He doesn’t have large stature also, people might mistake him for a girl. Pg. 217

“I’m Masaru. What is your name?”

“Wilfred. Masaru bro, please call me Will!”

It’s a cool name. If it is the old me, then I might have burn in jealousy right now. Ikemen Wilfred. I bet he is still quite young as well.

“Alright Will. What about your weapon and luggage? Did you ditch them all at the forest?”

“I don’t know where are them since I’m too busy escaping. Besides, since my sword and luggage doesn’t worth much, I don’t think that it is worth it to return inside the forest just to look for them.”

For him who’s just avoided the situation of life and death, it is normal to feel like not wanting to go inside the forest back just to retrieve some cheap equipment. If you asked me it is troublesome for me too.

“Alright. Let’s get to the town then.”

“Wa-wait a moment! Please make me your disciple, Big Bro!”

“If you want me to train your swordsmanship then isn’t it better for you to head to the training ground instead?”

“That’s not it. The magic, please teach me the ways of magic!”

Right after, Ellie landed down using Levitation.

“We’re done. What’s wrong, Masaru?”

“Ah, you see this guy…”

“Please make me your disciple, Nee san!”

Will start performing a Dogeza. Talk about Dogeza, where the heck did he learnt about it?

“What? I won’t take a disciple, for your information.”

We take our confidentiality seriously, there is no way we can accept any disciple.

“I’ve never seen someone else use Earth Magic like this before!”

Since it’s consuming lots of magic power, there is no way any ordinary magician will pull this kind of stunt. This Earth Tower is just nothing but pouring all your magic juice into building it, no skill is involved.

“Not to mention, the other three as well! The consecutive assault using a high-ranking magic that I saw just now confirms that they all are a high-class magician! Therefore, please teach me magic!”

“Please enter the magic school just like how the others do it normally.”

Ellie says so with a fed-up face.

“That is impossible. Even so! I’m willing to do anything! So please!”

“If it is impossible to do it normally, even more so with us…”

“The beastmens over there used magic just now, isn’t she? I saw her casting Levitation. I never saw a beastmens using a magic before!”

What a frightful observation. She only used if for a moment just now.

Sati spent most of her 2 weeks-time holed up in the basement of our house practicing magic. Of course, her lack of magic power is supported by me. She still fainted every now and then though.

Because of that, she managed to acquire Levitation just the other day. Since her magic power is limited, it is impossible to lift her whole body. However, it is enough to lift her body lightly to boosts her jumps for about 5 meters. Her activating Levitation should be a fraction of seconds. I wonder how is he able to observe it.

“It’s not like magic is a requirement to become an adventurer, isn’t it? Training your swordsmanship alone is enough.”

“That is no good……everyone in my family can use magic. They tried to teach me, they even hired a tutor, but it is all no good.”

“Ooh. Are you a noble?”

“Umm, well…I ran away from the neighborhood so please forgive me, Nee san.”

I glanced at Tilika. Tilika nod lightly. Seems like this guy is not telling a lie.

“Just give up. It doesn’t work with your previous tutor, am I right?”

“My family members and my tutor are not really proficient in magic just like Big Bro and the others! Everyone here has mastered magic in quite young age! There must be some special training regime that they are following!”

Somehow this development giving me a sense of Deja-vu.

“No-no way something like that is true! Come, lets hurry up to the town!”

That said, Ellie quickly move from the tower. Ellie seems to be a bit overwhelmed. This is kind of suspicious……

“For now, I want to go back. It’s better if we reach home soon.”

“B-Big Bro, what about me being your disciple……”

“Next time okay, next time. We just arrived here from Gorbas Fortress. That’s why I’m feeling too tired.”

It’s the truth that I’ve been walking all day today, and hearing his request makes me get a headache.

“Okay. Sorry for disturbing you, Big Bro.”

I slowly jumped down from the tower by using Levitation. Tilika came down next.

When I look at it again, it really is one big tower. The moat is also very deep. I hope I can cover the top to make it like a rampart. It’s a shame that overall this tower looks too plain. Is it possible to reduce the overall magic power consumption if I make some of the insides part hollow? Since it is made of earth, it should be okay to pull out some since it is quite solid overall.

“Big Bro~”

“What is it?”

And please stop calling me ‘Big Bro’.

“I can’t get down.”

Certainly, the tower is 5 meters tall, and there is no place to grip onto at the structure. An ordinary person can never get down.

“Jump down.”

“That’s unreasonable~”

“Why won’t everyone go back first? I feel like improving this tower a bit.”

I turned to face everyone and tell them that.

“Right. I got quite worried there when it starts to throw stones. I thought that I’m dying just now.”

“Yeah. Let’s make it more like a rampart.”

“I’m going to stay here with Masaru sama.”

“I’m going to stay with you too.”

“Well then I’m going to head back first.”

“Then Ellie, shall we go back together? We’ve leave the house for so long. This is a good opportunity to clean it.”

We can’t rely on the orphanage kids to help us clean the house during our absence this time.

“Eeh, then I’m too, with Masaru…”

“Now, let’s go!”

Ann grabbed Ellie’s hand and dragged her away. By the way, I already instructed Hawk to check the surrounding roads from the meadow to the towns and make sure that it is safe. The 2 of them should be alright.

“Um, Big Bro?”

“Oh, give me a sec, okay?”

For the time being I need to take down Will.

Activate the Earth Magic, deforms the tower and create a stair. Is that the sequence? But I better don’t waste my magic power on the stair alone now. As expected it is better to use the rope or a ladder instead.

“Wow, you’re amazing, Big Bro. You don’t look like you’re going to run out of magic power anytime soon at all.”

Well came down using the ladder.

“There is no need to call me ‘Big Bro”. Masaru is enough.”

“No way! Masaru bro is my benefactor!”

“I mean, aren’t you from a noble family? What are you saying now…”

“Well, I thought that I want to experience being an adventurer. That’s why I’ve been studying about it.”

His ways of doing is completely wrong. If it was me, I will completely devote my time practicing my swordsmanship, instead of exploring the dangerous forest. As expected of a bonbon from a noble’s family. He doesn’t know how the worlds work.

I thought that I’m naïve enough being a peaceful Japanese person, but this guy has it worse.

“Since I’m going to be here for a while, you can go ahead to the town first. You’ve no business to do here anymore.”

“I’m going to wait for you. What are you planning to do?”

“I’m concerned about this tower. Since I made it hastily, I never consider the structure material. I want to improve it so that it will be safe to use.”

“Is that so. It is rather inconvenient if there is no stair to get off.”

“No, there shouldn’t be any stair. What if the enemy use it to climb up?”

“You’re right. But what if you want to climb it up or get down?”

“Since everyone in our party can fly, it is not a problem.”

If Sati support her jumps with a Levitation, then this much height is no problem.

“Huh? Then what about people like me that can’t fly?”

“Why should you bother, adventurer who’s name I can’t remember.”

“It’s Will. Please remember it, Big Bro!”

Our conversation won’t go anywhere if I were to listen to him. For now, I’m going to leave the staircase alone. Right now, I’m going to create a wall so that people can hide behind it.

I activate the Earth Magic and surrounded the top of the tower with a wall. The overall tower’s height decreases accordingly, but right now it doesn’t matter. I tried to make the height of the wall around my chests.

“Why don’t you put decorations on the wall too, Masaru sama.”

“By the way this has the same feeling like the one at the fortress.”

Following Sati advice, I’m going to decorate the rampart.

“With this, it is easier to hide and aim at the enemy. I wonder how strong it is…Sati, try it out.”


Sati pull out her sword and slash at the wall. The rampart got sliced nicely. Okay, I might have selected a wrong guy to do it. If it is Sati, she is totally capable of slicing even a stone wall. Tilika is impossible, and I don’t know if this unknown adventurer is up to the task.

“A guy who I don’t even know his name, will you help me a little?”

“It’s Will, Big Bro……”

“Here, use this sword and try to slash this wall.”

“You want me to do it!?”

“It’s dangerous you know to walk around unarmed. Don’t worry about it since it is just a cheap sword. I’ll also toss the sheath in as an extra.”

“As expected of Big Bro! I’ll follow you for my whole life!”

“Putting that aside, try to attack the wall. I still have reserve, so it’s okay to slash it with all your might till the thing is destroyed.”

I’ve never done an endurance test for the earth wall. This is a good occasion to try various things.

“Please leave it to me!”

Will hold the swords and unleashes streams of attacks on the rampart wall. Although it is hardened, it is formerly a soil so it can be cut well. Besides that, Will is having a good stance despite being a nobleman. I guess he gets a proper training as a person from a noble lineage.

“*pant* *pant* how is it?”

“The wall strength is still lacking.”

Only this part is still rigid. I wonder if I should apply a curing. Since it has a proper thickness, it is not weak enough to get broken anytime soon. Overall, there should be no problem.

After that, I remodeled the tower, then examined its structure with everyone, and attacked it with various magic to check the strength. Finally, together with Tilika both of us demolish it with a flashy magic attack and went back home.

Anyway, how long will this adventurer who’s name I don’t know will follow me?

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