ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 3, pt. 1

Night time.

A different time compared to that of the calm afternoon, a time of struggle.

The island is unexpectedly quiet while the Gods are busy killing each other.

But here, in Minami ward, the lively vigor in the daytime is wrapped in silence like a lie.


I peek face out from the corner of the building and check my surroundings for safety.

“Follow me.”


Brünnhilde follows behind me, moving from corner to corner.

In the end, even after the fallen night, Charo-senpai did not regain consciousness. That’s why right now Brünnhilde is the emerging persona.

Incidentally, we didn’t manage to get any information out of the adults who were controlled at the coffee shop.

Apparently even their memory was tampered with.

With no choice, I decided to return back to the dorms for now.

We keep on moving carefully in order to reach the student dormitory.

“……Oi, how long are we going to sneak around like this?”

Brünnhilde complained.

I couldn’t hide my amazement,

“Acting like a straight man in this kind of situation is even weirder.”

I said.



Brünnhilde knitted her eyebrows, making them into an H shape.

“Playing hide and seek in such time like this……this is what a coward would do.”

“Be cautious.”

I warned the dissatisfied Brünnhilde.


Without my Devil Eye control, it seems that she is getting out of hand.

I bet she’s thinking of defeating all the enemy forces right now.

She is exactly the kind of person who is called an Inoshishimusha[1] in Japan.

Till now I didn’t understand how someone would have the nerve to rush into the battlefield where there are chances of enemies lurking around anywhere, waiting to ambush you at any given moment.

By the way, when I first met her she was just waiting obviously on the school rooftop.

Brünnhilde in the myth was regarded as a brave Valkyrie, but it seems like the real deal doesn’t do the myth justice.

“You’re my slave. Just shut up and follow my order.”

“I’m a knight!”

I forcefully commanded her to shut up after she loudly interjects.

“Anyhow, report to me when you found something suspicious. I don’t care even if it looks like a trap to you.”

I tell her without expecting much and quickly search for the next place to hide.

We’re about half way to the dormitory in the south.

I hope nothing pops up anymore after this……

*gasp* “Hey, Shinzen Raika!”

“What is it!?”

Brünnhilde cried out.

Looking at me with a serious face,

“What is that!?”

She asks, pointing to one direction.

What she is pointing at is a wall belonging to a certain store.

The shutter is already down, but the menu of the shop was printed directly on the wall with photos.

“Crepe shop?”

It was the crepe shop we all came and visited yesterday.

As far as I can see, there hasn’t been any changes compared to yesterday.

“Anything wrong with this place?”

“That’s why, I’m asking what this place is!”

“……it’s just a picture of a crepe.”

“Ooh, so this delicious looking thing is called as a crepe.”

Brünnhilde is lost in excitement.

The looks of her eyes and mind were completely deprived of crepe.


It was a parfait at the previous coffee shop. Does this girl love sweet things?

“Didn’t you get to enjoy a crepe while you were still residing in the God Realm?”

“This delicacy from the Human World is only applicable for those of upper ranking Gods. A lowly ranking God like me rarely gets to enjoy it.”

“So……an underling.”

“What! What are trying to imply, you bastard! I bet you are going to make fun of me, right!?”

“I didn’t think of that at all.”

It’s just that such thing never hit me before.

But, that is just fine.

“Let’s move quickly.”


Brünnhilde glances at the crepe shop, disappointed.

“The shop is only open at daytime. You better just give up.”

“Th-then you better bring me back tomorrow afternoon!”

“Why must I……”

I sigh at the lowly ranking God who suddenly decides something without first asking for my permission.

“Hey, it is a fair trade you know! That much is expected if we’re to cooperate.”

“You’re cooperating because you lost to me in battle.”

“I did not lose! It’s just that you used such a cowardly method like the Devil Eye……”

“You’re a barking loser. At least make a better excuse.”


This girl, doesn’t it make her feel slightly stupid when she talks like that?

Or was it just her complaining about her feelings?



“What a moody person.”


“Let’s get going.”

I ignore her and go on ahead.

“Hey, wait!”

Brünnhilde follows behind me in hurry.

Once again, we move between building to building, and then stop.

We are already near the downtown area of Minami Ward.

After that, the road will become wider and our visibility will increase.

Since the obstacles will be gone, it’ll be easier for us to notice an ambush way before we reach there.

Starting from now we need to become more aware of our surroundings.

Maybe I should ask her about that thing.



Brünnhilde replied in a somewhat irritable manner.

“What do you think about the guy who’s attacking us by using humans?”

“He is unforgivable!”

“If that is the case, who do you think could possibly be the enemy using this kind of raid strategy?”

I politely rephrase my question.

But instead of hearing my question, she tilted her head.

“Well of course, there will be people who take advantage of us.”

“Then will you lose against the normal people whose minds have been taken over?”

“There is no way such a thing will happen!”

“Of course. That’s to be expected.”


“There will be no hope left for us if you’re unwilling to attack normal humans who have been brainwashed by a God.”

In that case, I’ll need to prepare a countermeasure.

At the very least, there is no way I can fight them head on and win.

Even Brünnhilde understood that much.

“If the enemy knew we were apotheosized, they would avoid such a pointless attack.”

“So the reason they’re attacking us is because they don’t know?”


“What’s wrong?”

“No, I’m just surprised that you’re capable of making a sound argument.”

“You’re implying that I’m an idiot aren’t you, you bastard!”

Brünnhilde got mad.

“As for whether you’re an idiot or not, there’s really no reason to ponder on it in the first place.”

“Don’t just leave it at that!”


“For now, the enemy is still not sure whether we’re apotheosized or not. But they probably have started doubting us.”


Maybe the change of topic was too drastic or she’s just a slow-witted person, but Brünnhilde didn’t manage to catch on.

“In short, the previous raid was their attempt to determine whether we’re apotheosized or not.”

Those people were manipulated by the enemy. They were acting like zombies.

They can’t do much against normal civilians.

But if the person in question is apotheosized, then there would be no problem to kill them.

“…eh? Then isn’t it bad for you to use your Devil Eye?”

“That’s right. I’d rather not use it if possible. If only a certain person wasn’t so useless.”


If the enemy was watching that battle, my ability would already be in light.

“But there are other problems.”

“Other problems?”

“The question now is why the enemy is doubting us as being apotheosized.”

“What do you mean?”

“It was just yesterday that both you and I became apotheosized. And today they are already attacking us. They noticed us too soon.”

Compared to yesterday, my daily routine hasn’t particularly changed much.

It’s probably the same case for Charo-senpai as well.

What exactly is making the enemy suspicious of us?

“Just to make sure, have you encountered and fought other Gods besides than me?”

“No. You are the first one.”


She had said last night that I was going to be the first prey for her sword.

I don’t think she was faking her words at that time, plus there is no reason for her to do so.

“……but, there is still a possibility that the guy peeked on us somewhere far away during our fight yesterday, isn’t it?”

“Then, the enemy will be certain that we’re apotheosized.”

They are still in doubt, they are suspecting us.

If they truly watched our fight, then they won’t be in their current state.

“Just why is the enemy doubting us. Furthermore, why have they mysteriously stopped suspecting us?”

“Too confusing.”

Brünnhilde twisted her head with a weird face.

“That’s right. However, this is a good chance for us to learn more about the enemy.”

It’s a complicated mystery, but if I manage to solve it, I’m sure we will get to know the assaulter’s identity.

“So? Did you manage to solve the mystery already?”

“……Alright, let’s go.”


“Just shut up and follow me.”


“Shut up.”

I go on ahead, leaving Brünnhilde who persistently asks.




A human falls down from the sky, catching us off guard.





The shadow gracefully lands on the road.

Just how Brünnhilde leaped last night, the person didn’t collapse on the ground.

That means, you’re flying in the sky.

『一一, Well, I guess. There is something like magic and jigsy which enables one to fly in the sky. 』

If they’re capable of flying, then there’s no need for any magical equipment in the first place, no?

『一一There are Gods who can fly by default, but right now I’m currently residing inside your body. Human can’t fly, right? 』

Since it’s the original ability of the God itself, why won’t it transfer to those apotheosized?

It seems to be an exception if the body itself is “Regalia” like Balor Devil eye.

“Come forth, Nothüng.”

Brünnhilde summoned the sword of Gods and armor of dragon slayers.

She might have her sword, but the enemy is what matters.


The enemy is wearing a robe that is covering their whole body, and the only visible part is the one under the hood.

But still, I seem to know the sex of the assaulter……which is something I don’t understand too well.

I can somehow see her, but at the same time I can’t. It’s a weird feeling I’m having.

It’s like whenever I try to focus my eyes they shift indefinitely.

『一一Oh, it’s probably a kind of equipment that hides the wearer’s identity. Unless that thing is removed, there’s no way you can know their identity. 』

Even if people try to take a peek from below, there is no way to ‘recognize’ the user.

It seems to be that kind of instrument.

It’s normal that the enemy will try to hide their identity, but things become troublesome because of it.

I can’t use my Devil Eye this way.

Naturally, I want to use the ability of my eye.

But in order to do it, I need to first recognize my target’s identity.

Recognize, take control, and activate the ability.

That is the basic principle of my Devil Eye.

That’s why, if I don’t get past the recognition phase, my Devil Eye is useless.

Just to make sure, are these the guys who were behind the earlier assault?

『一一 I wonder. It’s a basic tactic to hide your own identity. There’s no way it’s done unintentionally. 』

You’re right.

It’s a tactic where you conceal everything about yourself.

“Hey, what are we going to do?”

Brünnhilde asked.

“There is no reason to let them escape. However, be careful. If possible, let’s catch them alive.”

“Hmph! That’s a tall order!”

‘What a cheap guy’, Brünnhilde said while I looked at her back.


She raised her sword high and tried to knock down the enemy from above.


The tiles explode.

The enemy turns its robe and avoids the sharp sword slash.

Brunhilde jumps, chasing after the enemy who is flying away.

Although the other one is only avoiding the attack so far, both of them are displaying an inhuman feat.

Now that I think about it, if their ability conforms to that of a normal human being’s body, what will their speed be?

『ーーtheir speed is boosted with magic power. 』

How convenient.

『一一 you’re not capable of doing it though. 』

I don’t need it.

Their moves sure are extraordinary; however, it’s not like I lack enough exercise that I’m unable to follow them.

I step on the tiles and chase both of them who are currently flying on the roof.

Eventually, we moved from a shopping mall in the centre of Minami ward towards the west where the large-scale entertainment facilities are located.

“Take this!”


Brünnhilde’s blow manages to rip off the enemy’s hood imbued with magic power apart.

It also managed to destroy the wall of the facilities behind us.

But, that really is a dragon God’s slaying sword.

The sharpness that can break even a dragon scale proves it to be strong enough to break through the enemy’s defensive magical barrier.

『一一 She may be useless, but I’m glad there’s at least some use you get out of her. 』

Uhihihi, Balor laughed.

My opinion is the same. This makes the first time that we’ve both agreed on something.

The hooded enemy rushes inside the facilities through the broken wall.


Brünnhilde chases after the enemy.

And I follow after them.

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