Hello Work: Vol. 4 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 ~ Journey to go back home

On the next day, I have a slow start and take a breakfast leisurely. I’m not particularly in hurry.

Today is the day that we are going to leave this place.

When I talked about the cows hunting yesterday, Ann got angry with me.

“You’re supposed to rest for that day. Why are you still going out?”

“I thought it was going to be an easy hunt. Please forgive me.”

“I’m sorry.”

Together with me, Tilika apologize meekly.

We make a mistake underestimating them too much and in the end, we need to rely on Drago.

“Are you going to take a rest for one more day?”

“I’m a bit tired, but I’ll be fine.”

“I’m fine as well. Just as planned, we’re going to leave here tomorrow.”

“Really? Well, if you insist.”

We can get on the Golem if there are any problem. At night, we can still return to our house cellar and have a good rest. Everything will be okay as long nothing big happen.

When we’re leaving the fortress gate, the soldier approached us.

“We received an intel saying that a dragon was sighted yesterday afternoon. If there is anything, please contact us.”

“Err, we got it. Let’s go, everyone.”

I thought that people will make a fuss if they found about it, but never did I thought that they will be this serious. Survey teams were dispatched to explore the surrounding area, and it was said that a new team are getting ready to go out too.

Honestly, I feel bad for them.

“What should we do? The situation is getting messier now.”

Ann said while we’re walking in the meadow towards the forest.

“There is nothing that can be done at this stage. If we ignore it and leave it alone, then it will die out by itself.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

For the time being, both me and Tilika can only offers our apologizes. We know that this apologizes won’t reach the people that we’ve caused the inconvenience, but I think that from now on we’ll reflect on this matter properly.

“For the time being, please restrain from summoning Drago.”


“If you manage to rank up till A rank, then it’s fine to announce it proudly you know.”

“Is it really fine like that?”

“I can’t guarantee that everything will be fine, but at least you will leave a good track record as an adventurer.”

If she really wants to use Drago, then there is no way that she can hide it forever. That’s why a good timing to announce it is when she reaches A rank.

In this alternate world, an A rank adventurer can be associated as a hero.

They will get the backup from adventurer guild, and the influence they wield is no joke.

Even if the adventurer is a no name, the fact that they can use a rare magic like Summoning magic is already a deal breaker. Every nation or organization will let it aside as long as people is good enough.

Adventurers job are to fight monster. The whole job can be described as this sentence only.

Everything will be fine as long you have a combat prowess.

Recently, one of the country was destroyed. In this world, there is a threatening existence that is called as Demons.

Just take today situation as example. There is no telling how well they can fare without the A rank help……

“If I’m an A rank, then will it be okay to refuse some of the job?”

Although I’m fine doing some odd jobs like being in defensive team and repairing the fortress wall, if possible I want to join the front line as well.

This is because I believe that it is a good opportunity to earn experience values.

“Of course. If you manage to rank up, then you can do whatever you want. Declining some odd jobs is a given.”

“Will the rank go up if we’re involve in mass subjugation quest?”

Currently, Ellie is B rank. Me and Sati is C rank. Ann and Tilika is E rank.

“Let’s see. At this point it’s still not enough. But if we hunted some more on the way back, then the rank will surely increase.”

However, Ellie is already a B rank. It was said that no matter how much small fries we defeated, it will be close to impossible to raise to A rank.

That’s the reason she insisted on going to the demon realm, since it’s no use to her unless she defeated a stronger foe.

“After giving it some thought, there is no need for us to rush on levelling. It can’t be helped that you can’t reach A rank. Talking about the rank, we are capable enough to reach an A rank. Let’s just take it slowly.”

But the rate on how much we’re going to go through the forest is still worrying though. We only get one day off.

“That much is still fine for me. I will never think of it as an impossible task!”

Of course, there are still room for improvement. But I want to take a break for a while. I want to tell you guys story about Japan.

Watching TV for one whole days, sometimes go online. Once in the while I’ll go to the Konbini and read a manga.

“It won’t be funny if the snow falls you know. I do not want to hunt while the snow is falling down, do you?”

“If that’s the case then I respectfully decline.”

“That’s why we need to call off our adventuring task during winter.”

“That’s a nice idea! We can take it easy.”

“But we can still do many stuff during holidays, too right? We can practice swordsmanship and new magics.”

“Ellie can start practicing her cooking too.”

“……having a good rest once for a while is fine I guess.”

Saying that, Erie who gazes to ask me to ask for help.

I understand your feeling, wanting to take it easy. But isn’t that your promise to practice cooking? I think it’s better if you fulfil it.



There was nothing special to mention, from the fort to the town. Only small fries are coming out. Ellie seems to be dissatisfied though a fair number has been hunted.

I’m glad that we’re capable of using the Item Box.

If I meet a group on a level like a nest again on the way, then there might be a chance that I’ll be forced to throw away my rocks again since the capacity has reached the limits.

I tried asking God Ito to increase the item box capacity, but there was no reply.

I want to stores lots of large rocks inside, that’s why I want to increase the capacity. It does sound like a small and stupid reason though. However,  I’d like to continue my negotiations tenaciously on this matter.

“I wonder if we choose a wrong route.”

“We went to through the mountain road as you wish for.”

“For me this is good enough. I’m sick of fighting Harpies and Orcs again.”

I’m not injured this time. Getting experience values in moderation like this is a way to go for me.

“Just a little bit more……”

But for Ellie, she needs 10 more points to upgrade her Space Magic to level 5.

In other word, she doesn’t have enough to level up.

“That is because everyone has agreed to improve Tilika and Ann level as first priority.”

Because both of them has very low level, it is important to defeat any small fry that we’ve encountered. However, this action plan doesn’t bring any benefit to Ellie at all.

We’re kind of optimistic since there is a week to go through the whole forest, but till the end, we’ve only encountered some weak monsters. Soon enough, we’re going to arrive at the town.

“I get a feeling that the level is hardly increasing after we reach the level 20 marks. In this case we don’t have much choice other than to proceed steadily.”

“One more time…”

“Don’t want.”

“Rejected. Moreover Ellie, your cooking level is horrible right now. Once we reached the town, I want you to start practicing immediately.”

“I’ll practice properly you know!”

“So far, you’ve only practiced on how to handle the kitchen knife. You’re just getting better in that area; do you think it’s fine like that?”

She’s right. Since we can’t use the fire in the cellar, there is not much choice than to practice on how to handle knife. That’s the reason why only her cutting skill has improved.

Of course, she is not only capable of cutting the meats and vegetables. She is capable of peeling of the apple too. If there is such skill as a knife cutting, then she is surely level 1 by now.

At the same time, to kill some boredom, I’ve practiced on throwing the knives, and finally I manage to get the level for it yesterday. Why is she not practicing the cooking honestly?

“Not to mention Ellie……”

“Something is coming.”

Sati who is walking ahead of us take a vigilant posture.

“There are 2 of them. I get a feeling that one of them is being chased…it might be a person.”

“Where are them? If it’s a human in trouble with Demons, then we need to give help fast!”

I get a feeling that we’re getting interrupted at the crucial point, but this one need more attention.

“What about Hawk?”

“He is on the way.”

Tilika get off from the Golem and said so.

“If it’s an adventurer who’s getting chased, then we better go and distracts the Demon. Sati, let’s go ahead.”

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

I grasped my sword and run along Sati towards the deeper inside of the forest. Actually, that part of the forest is kind of near to the grassland. Maybe they are an amateur party trying to take down something worth more than they can handle, but eventually got destroyed.

“Just as I expected, the other one is a human.”

Saty said while running.

“I also managed to catch him in my detection. There is still some distance between us.”

The distance between the adventurer and the Demon stably doesn’t increase or decrease. We can make it.

At that time, the growls of the Demon echoed in the forest. There is still some considerable distance between us, but I can already hear it. Plus, I know this voice.

“It’s an Ogre.”

Sati agrees with me.

“There is a group of it chasing after him too. The distance is still quite far though.”

“We should hurry up.”

After that I saw Hawk fly through pass our head.


Calling it loudly, I saw Hawk deftly flies through the forest trees, coming towards me.

“A group of Ogre is chasing after him. I will follow out soon after I help the adventurer, so please lead us out of the forest.”

I talked to Hawk who is at my shoulder.

The grassland is nearby, so it’s better to fight at an open space.

“Hawk, please lead the adventurer out.”

Hawk squeal with pyi~ and then it flies towards the adventurer.

“I saw them!”

“I will charge head on! Sati go hide and take the side!”

Sati quickly disappears.

I can’t follow them with my ears, but I can still figure it out with my detection skills.

Sati moves diagonally forward according to my direction. We’ve not made any arrangement before, but this way our movement will match.

The adventurer who is trying to escape comes into my eyes.

A huge Ogre is approaching behind him

Hawk is flying over the head of the Ogre, but the Ogre doesn’t seem to mind. It still continues to chase after the adventurer.

The adventurer is already staggering, but the Ogre movement is not so fast in the first place.

If anything, the Ogre has a characteristic of skin thick like an armor cladding its body. Not to mention the arrows and low-level magic, even swords and spear will have rough time to pierce through it.

It size is bigger than the Orc, but still on a smaller side compared to a troll. It has 2 horns on his head, and in terms of power it can easily twist apart a human being.

However, its body is heavy thus its slow speed.

Otherwise, the adventurer is already long dead.

“This way!”

Noticed, the adventurer raises his head. It’s a man.

Ordinarily, when the setting is like this, isn’t it usually a damsel in distress?

He didn’t even have a luggage, or a weapon at its hand. I wonder if he lost it during his escapee.

By the way, there is no way you can wrestle with the Ogre bare-handed, so he must have lost it rather than not bringing it. Plus, he is getting chased by a group of them as well.

It is a rather good decision to throw away all of his weapon and his baggage to run away.


“Come here.”

I halt my pace, and start chanting the fire arrow. I waited for the adventurer to past myself, and then shoot at the Ogre face.

Since it is a big scale magic, it is easy to hit the Ogre. On the same time, I can’t get the adventurer wrapped inside this attack.

“This way, you monster!”

The place where the fires make contact seems to be a bit scorched, but the Ogre doesn’t seem to be intimidated even a bit. But with the attack, the Ogre finally gives it attention here instead of the adventurer.

The Ogre raises its arm and come after me.

If I were to take it head on, then I’ll get blown away and everything will be over.

But right now, we’re inside a forest. I went behind a big tree and make it a temporary shield.

This time, I’m planning to take it on with my sword from the very beginning. That’s why, I won’t rush in and observe it properly first. I’ll calmly mark the movement of the Ogre.

Giving cries in distress, the Ogre stopped its feet and tries to go behind the tree to catch me. Sati silently went behind it and hit it neck.


However, it seems that Sati thin sword doesn’t deal the finishing blow because of the Ogre armor like skin.

The Ogre give an angry shout and turn back, but Sati has long take a distance.

I quickly activate my Stealthy Step and hit the flame imbued sword at the back of the Ogre.

The Ogre back got torn apart and gush of bloods flow out from its wound. The Ogre screams in pains. In front of this magically imbued sword of flame, the armor thick like skin is just like a clay.

But because of that, the sword crumbled down with just one hit. Because this is just a usual sword, it doesn’t have the property to properly withstand the magic.

“Cheap things really are no good.”

I left the broken sword on the spot. Even though the Ogre reward is good enough, if every time like this then I feel like it’s a waste. It’s time I get a superior sword that can become a magic sword.

“Ha, I’m saved…”

“You are not safe yet. There is a group of Ogre chasing after you at the back.”

I tell that to the adventurer.

“N-no way…there is more of them……”

After I put the Ogre inside my Item Box, I healed the adventurer. After some while his stamina seems to be recovered a bit.

“Stand up. Run. You can reach the grassland soon.”


The adventurer stands up and start running again. The group of Ogre is getting close. We will get caught if we don’t hurry.

“Hey, hurry up. My companion is waiting for us at the grassland. Just a little bit more. If the Ogre manage to catch up then you’ll die.”

I scold the adventurer from the back while we’re running. I can use Fly, but we’re still okay for now. I don’t want to hold a sweaty man either.

Finally, we manage to get past the forest and see the grassland.

The group of Ogre is also following us closely behind.

There are about 10 of them. Still, they are dangerous not comparable with the Orc. The town is already close, so we need to settle everything here.

If our party doesn’t deal with them, then this group of Ogre might go and attack the city.

After getting out to the grassland, me and Sati overtake the adventurer and reunited with everyone else.

I need to prepare to deal with the Ogre now.

“Wai-, don’t leave…”

“We better hurry. Look.”

As I said that, I pointed towards the forest where several Ogres have popped out. After witnessing that, the adventurer sprint as if his life depends on it.

We still have some time to spare.

I think that is quite a cold reaction, but there is no reason for someone to act nice to a stranger.

If this is a girl then I’ll surely protect her gently.

Well, this guy had stood against the Ogre by himself and lose his sword. That’s alone is a feat to be praised.


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