Hello Work: Vol. 4 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 ~ In the end, get chased by the cows

Since I was tired guarding all night the night before, I sleep all the way to the noon next day and miss the breakfast.

Although I had plenty of dinner last night, I still get hungry now and join them for lunch.

Ann, Sati and Tilika took a walk together.

And now Ellie is here, starving together with me.

“Is there anything interesting happening today?” pg. 186

I asked while waiting for all 3 of them to come back.

“The inner wall has been completely repaired. I’ve also seen that the 3rd wall has start construction.”

“There are opening many stalls at the street, nothing unusual.”

For the time being, everyone seems to enjoy it.

“What did you do prior to afternoon?”

After we finished eating our lunch, I asked her while we’re chatting.

“I went and see the thing that I want, after that I went back home to rest. I also went to give my greetings at the shrine. Masaru should go to after this. The bishop wants to meet you.”

“Got it.”

If I go to the shrine now, then they might shove me somethings troublesome. Still, I better go, since if I didn’t then some other inconvenient things might pop up. I’ll only be staying here for one more days only too.

“I’m going back to my room. Let’s take a bath, Sati.”

“Yes, Elizabeth sama.”

“I’m going to the meadow.”

Everyone is fussy about bath, but for me I can take it anytime I want.

During our defensive battle previously, I’ve never have any opportunity to hunt at this are grassland. The Wild Rabbit in this are looks plentiful and healthier too, what a waste.

“I’m going together with Masaru.”

Tilika told us.

“Are you going to catch snakes again?”

“I heard that the Great Buffalo occasionally appears at this grassland area.”

Tilika gulped, saying that their meats are extremely delicious, even though it is very hard to procure. That’s why she is going to have a try.

“Eh, then that’s cool. We’ll definitely get some if we found them.”

Since it has a ‘Great’ in his name, it’s size should be quite large. I wonder where they are grazing.

Alright, it’s been a while since we have a grilled meat. Plus, this time, it’s a beef!

“Alrighty, just leave it to me.”

“Please be careful. Though the subjugation team has done very well in their job, there might be some Demons left.”

Ann worriedly said.

“He is together with Tilika, so it should be okay.”

“I’ll protect Masaru with all my might.”

On some occasion, there are many situations that I might need protection.

“That’s true. Then, do your best hunting.”

Whether they’re or not satisfied with the answer, I don’t know.

The Wild Rabbit hunting went smoothly, and when I’m walking with good mood through the grassland, a report from Tilika came.

“It’s here.”

Seems like she has found the Great Buffalo, even though it is just a feedback from her reconnaissance.

Since there is quite some distance before we reach our destination, we wait for Hawk while walking leisurely. She’s going to switch to Taiga and we’re going to ride on it.

Since there are only 2 of us, we can go at full speed. If I detect someone, then we still have some time to get off. Even if we are seen, it’s probably gonna be fine since it’s Taiga.

After Hawk’s return, Tilika summoned Taiga out and our ride started.

Ooooooo, this is more than I anticipated!?

Its serious speed is faster than what I imagined.

Because it is close to the ground, I feel it faster than the actual speed.

Tilika is grabbing him by its neck, while I’m holding on his waists and tightly grabbed its fur. If I let go of it them surely it wouldn’t be good.

“Hurry up, Taiga.”

Tilika instructed Taiga to be faster.

Hey, why are you in such a hurry? Life is about relaxing……but when I tried to say it, I nearly bit my tongue.

“There are still some distances left. Hurry up.”

The speed doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

After the herd of Great Buffalo appeared on our sight, the roller coaster like ride finally ends. After enduring it for long time, I finally can catch my breath again.

“I can’t do it anymore. Tilika, I left everything to you.”

I lay down on the ground spread out, and told Tilika so.

“Sure? Then I’m going to call Drago.”

“Ah, my mistake. I’ll do it. Please let me do it.”

Since we are at a grassy field, my detection can’t exceed my range of vision.

Although we’ve not bumped on someone else yet, it wouldn’t be funny if they are faced with Drago.

I observe again the herd of Great Buffalo eating.

Their number should range about 30 to 40. It’s hard to tell since they’re spread out eating grass.

And it’s truly big. They’re at least twice the size of a normal cow, and some are equipped with a fine-looking horn. I bet they are male.

According to Tilika, the Great Buffalo is a warm and friendly animal. But once they are provoked, they are going to unleash a rush attack with their large body. Plus, they’re attacking in flock.

If I were to use Meteor, then it’s a simple task to eliminate all of them at once. But it would defeat the purposes since we’re collecting their meat.

If I were to use a normal magic, then it’ll turn to the worst once there are few left and all of them gang up on me.

When push comes to shove, I can just fly and run away. But they look like they are fast on their feet, so it might still be dangerous.

“Maybe I should attack them from on top by using Levitation.”

Tilika gulped. Cows can’t fly on the sky, so it should be an easy victory.

I decided to take it down with a bow. Although I can use magic, occasionally, I still want to use my bow. My archery skill is quite good too.

I pulled out the bow and get it ready. It’s been a long time since I’ve last us it, but my archery skill is level 3. This time, I’m going to shoot it from above, so it shouldn’t be a problem even if we’re on actual combat.

Together with Tilika, we slowly approach them from the sky.

The closer we get to them, the scarier it got. It’s an instant death if we fall on them.

There’s no way I’ll fall since my magic control is perfect, but I really wish that we can just do it from afar. I’ll love to use Golem, but they’re too slow. If I were to escape, there is no way they can catch up.

“Which one should we target?”

After we arrived on top of the flock, I asked Tilika. The cows still don’t notice us up here.

“That one. It looks quite good.”

“That one, you mean that?”

Tilika pointed at the massive Great Buffalo, who is a little further away from the flock. Its body is built with muscles with a splendid horn. Although I’m certain that this one is strong, I can’t exactly see how it can become delicious.

I’m sure that she is choosing whichever is the biggest.

That thing is certainly big and it might look tasty as well, but Tilika only eat an ordinary amount. This thing might last for months.

“Is one enough?”

If she wants quantity, then it might be better to hunt some more.

“This guy is not a demon, hunt too much and it’s not good.”

I wonder if the concept of animal welfare is different in every other world. Maybe somewhere exist a place where they will get angry if we hunt too much Wild Rabbit.

“As long we don’t agitate them, they would never attack us. Plus, they’re helping in getting rid of the demons as well.”

Does that mean that they are a beneficial animal? If they wanted to reduce the number of Orcs that has gone out at the grassland, then surely this will save them some effort. The Wild Rabbit is not a wild beast, so it’s okay to hunt as many of them. I’m relieved.

I approached our target slowly. Soon after, when our distance is only 10 meters apart, I shoot the bow.

I tried to shoot directly at its head, but the arrow bounced back. Even at this distance. W-what….?

“Its head is hard.”

The head is a cow’s main weapon. If it is so soft that an arrow stick, it will not survive in this harsh world.

After that, I ignored the other cows who are making a fuss and shoot the arrow again and again at my target head.

Our target tries to escape, but it was blocked by the other cows that got enraged.

I’ll just shoot the arrow from here.

I give it 10 more shots. Lastly, the Great Buffalo fallen.

I thought that the arrows won’t work, but it’s quite effective if I shoot it from a shorter distance. Just in case, I shoot some more at it exposed flanks.

With this I can confirm that I really got it.

Other cows are making a fuss around the fallen cow below.

Unexpectedly, it took me a while to deal a finishing blow to it by using bow. It’s fine since there are two of us today, but I better increase my bow skill for the upcoming future.

“Tilika, can you pull up the cow using Levitation, since I’m holding you right now.”


The dead cow gradually rises to our level.

We can see some of the other cows are triggered by the scene.

Will they try to jump?

Whatever it’s, there are huge amount of them. If all of them gang up on us, then we may end up not looking like human anymore.

We safely secured the fallen cow by using Tilika magic. All the other cows are giving angry cries. Ignoring that, I stored it inside my Item Box.

“Our quest is completed. Let’s go back home.”

“Un. Let’s eat it soon.”

But, even though we’re using Levitation, the cows are still going to chase after us. Like this, there is no telling when we’ll be able to shake them off.

“We are going to fly. Tilika, hold on tight.”

After Tilika tightly held on me, I immediately cast Fly.

After the casting is complete, I hold Tilika and start to fly away.

The ground is shaking due to a herd of cows chasing after us.

They are fast too. Even though we’re flying, the distance doesn’t shrink at all.

“Hey, what to do now?”

“What should I do?”

“Definitely don’t blow them away alright?”

Although hunting for Great Buffalo is not prohibited whatsoever, hunting too many of them is not okay either.

If we continue to go to the fort like this, then in front of the fort will be full of angry cows. Right now, the fortress is in the middle of 3rd wall construction. If these cows were to rush in, then thing will get ugly for sure.

Then I tried to increase my altitude, in hope that I’ll manage to lose them. But everything is in vain.

I tried to change courses, but they’re still after me.

“Can you do it without killing every one of them?”


As expected, there is no way. This normally pacifist herbivorous animals are so angry, given that we’ve killed one of its mate, it can be accepted.

I tried to shoot several fire arrows on top of them, but there is no use. I can’t create Golem from thin air either.

“Call Drago.”

Tilika suggest. I’m left with no better solution too.


We’re going to summon Drago, and threaten the cows without harming them too much.

When push comes to shove, we can get on Drago and get away. If we fly at high altitude, then there is high chance that we can shake then off.

The summoned Drago fell off for a while, but it quickly flapped it wing and regains its altitude.

“Drago, chase away those herd of cows. But do not hurt them.”


Towards the sudden appearance of the dragon, the cows that was irritated up till now suddenly get calm and stopped moving.

Drago descended gradually towards the cows, and slowly readied himself. And then, a roaring sound echoed throughout the meadow.

The cows get panicked and quickly run for their life.

“Thank you, Drago. Return.”

As soon as Tilika commanded it, Drago disappear.

After confirming that all Great Buffalo are out of sight, we descended on the ground.

“That was terrible. How do another person even catch it?”

“I don’t know. More importantly let’s go back fast, Masaru.”

“That’s right. We finally get the meat with difficulties, now is the time to feast on it.”

On a later day, we learned that it is foolish to target the whole herd. Usually, people only hunt it when they are alone. This happens if they got strayed.

After we got back at the inn, I cooked the meat, but I was dumbfounded. Yes, this meat, there is no difference between this meat and the ordinary one. I heard that it’s delicious, therefore I’m a bit disappointed, but Tilika looks satisfied. I wonder if there is something unusual.

The only reason it’s so rare is because of its high capturing difficulty. However, there are many other leftover meats around here, and they taste as good as this too, so this is nothing special. That’s why they’re not worth aiming for. What a troublesome one. I don’t think I’m going to hunt anytime soon. Maybe that’s the real reason as why this meat becomes so rare.

After we’re done hunting, we come back to the fortress gate, but it seems that there are some commotion taking place.

“Hey, you guys. Were you hunting at the meadow?”

When we’re passing through the gate, we got call out by one of the stationed soldier.

“Umm, yeah we did.”

“There was a guy running towards here saying that he saw a dragon a while ago. The dragon looks like it has disappeared somewhere, but did you guys saw anything?”

“Eh, nothing of that sort. We were just hunting for some Wild Rabbit nearby here, so…”

“We saw Great Buffalo.”

“Hou, they are rare in this area. They might be a warm animal, but careful not to get too close, little miss.”

“I know. They will chase us once they get angry.”

Tilika replied to the soldier. We’ve experienced getting chased first hand anyways. Even if he didn’t warn me, I won’t get near the cows ever again.

“Okay, you can go through.”

Fortunately, he only takes a glance at the card, so he never found out about what we hunted today.

But still, we’re seen by someone? Drago roars were considerably loud to begin with. This time we’re saved since that person only noticed Drago, not us.

After we’re done eating the Great Buffalo meat, me together with Sati dropped by at the shrine for a while. After that, I went to see Alvin, and we go drinking at the nearby bar. He was quite surprised to hear us moving out already tomorrow.

“Since the battle was so tough, we managed to gain some rank.”

“I’ve said it before, but if you need something just find us. We’re in friendly terms now after all.”

I’ve said it before, whenever we’re tired, we can just go back home, that’s why there is no sense of urgency or trouble at all. Not only that, we still can use Golem and Item Box. I’m feeling bad now that he misunderstood thing.

But there is no way I can tell him all the truth.


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