ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, Part 10

**Kudos to Wesley for translating this. Thank you very much!**

After that Bryunhildr and I separated with Tenka and the group and went into a store.

“Are you alright?”




Bryunhildr who sat on the opposing side and showed no response.


She remained still on top of the table and didn’t even raised her face.


On the other side,she had the paper bag inside containing the previous boutique”s logo.


Inside of course,was the underwear she wanted to try on.


Although after all that commotion she tried to be cool and proceed to the cash register,her face still remained bright red even after entering the shop.


(I know it is embarrassing,but isn’t she feeling depressed a little too much?)


“Being seen twice is shocking huh?”


[To me it was a sight to see nevertheless uhehehehe.]


You have a gloomy laughter as always.


Nevertheless Balor’s views might have a point.


After all to her,I am the greatest enemy.


But from what i can see gods are humans’ worst enemy.


We have already reached to a conclusion but in the end nothing really changed.


Brynhildr. The valkyrie with the rune of victory


Valkyrie are goddess who appeared in Norse mythology that transport the spirits of warriors who died in battle. Among them, Brynhildr was the most popular.


As well as having the armour to surpass nobility,she also had many anecdote.


Aside from our compatibility,no doubt she would be able to surpass her own potential.


Therefore,it would troublesome if she doesn’t become my sword.


“Brynhildr,lift up your face.”




As I thought still no answer.


“…..Do you want to strip here next?”


” Tsk! ”


It seems the threat is showing effect and she lifted her face in an instant.


” Y,you bastard!”


“Be quiet,we are inside a store.”




Brynhildr glared at me displaying dead-like eyes.


And, the shop assistant came to take our order.


“Have you decided on your order?”


“I want mead.”




“Two hot coffee”


“Certainly sir”


The shop assistance took a bow after hearing my order and left.



“You’re currently a student so drinking is prohibited.”




Brynhildr made a disappointed expression and it became complicated again.


“To go to the extend of drinking wine to forget your troubles,did something happened?”


“I don’t want to hear that from you”


“Of course,just joking”


I shrugged my shoulders and proceed to the next question.


“Is Charlotte senpai still unconscious?”


“Yeah, she is still sleeping within me”


“Are you sure you’re not lying?”


“If you have doubts why not just use your evil eye and see for yourself.”


Brynhildr told me off in frustration as she crossed her arms.


“The body originally belongs to Charlotte in the first place. I forcefully came out which is impossible by nature.”


“I see.”


“Sorry for the wait.”


The shop assistance had brought the hot coffees and place them before us.


Both of them stopped their conversation exactly at that moment and reached for the cup.


It looks like its been grind from beans more of less, but it doesn’t have that freshly aroma.


Seems that steaming is imperfect.


Even can coffee believers can differentiate the taste at least.


“That’s the negligence of the Eucharist management organization”


This coffee lounge is also like the Eucharist management’s administration I bet.


They didn’t expected that their customer would be students. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have enough staff on duty.


That’s the assessment I have made about this shop.




“Whats wrong? Sitting there all clammed up”


“…… its nothing”


While replying so, Brynhildr made a sour face.


…… no way.


“If you are asking about the milk and sugar it is inside that basket”


I brought the coffee and the basket together and pointed at the shop assistant.


“You should have said earlier!”


Brynhildr began pouring large quantity of sugar and milk angrily.


She tried to order mead a while ago, so she’s probably have a sweet tooth.


But I feel like she is putting too much sugar.


For now,lets wait here till she settles down.


It would be a pain if another peculiar trouble happens again.






Brynhildr is starring at me oddly on top of the table.


Following her gaze,the shop dessert menu caught my eyes.


Limited time season’s parfait.


The words are getting bigger and dancing.


It looks she is completely immersed into that picture of that parfait.


“Do you want to eat that?”


“Wha! Do, don’t be foolish!”


Looks to me like your saliva is dripping though.




Although it is not like I have the decency give a treat.


“Excuse me, I would like to have the limited time parfait”


I placed an order to the nearest waiter.


The waiter took a bow and immediately went to tell the order to the kitchen.


After a while, the season’s parfait was brought out.




As the parfait was placed in front of Brynhildr,for some reason she is letting out a horrible sound.


“You wanted to eat so badly that you’re trembling?”


And, that girl was sneaking a peek and glared at at my direction.


“Wha, what are you planning to do?”


She seems to be cautious,like an adolescent


“It is depressing for me to be looking after someone who looks like she gonna turn into a dog .Hurry up and eat.”


“Wha!? W,when did I make such a dog-like expression!?’


“Shut up. I don’t have time for you to be devouring my expense.Or perhaps you would like to be forced to eat?”


“That’s unfair you bastard!”


Brynhildr is going to shout, so I quietly activate my left eye.


And it is decided that it would be better if she could eat it on her own,take a spoon in hand and timidly carry the parfait to her mouth after all.




“Is that so. That’s a relief.”


“mugu! No, it is not that particularly good! not good not good”


What kind of obstinacy is this, the Brynhildr who is in denial to my words.


While saying so, she continuously tries to eat the parfait in big  mouthfuls.


It definitely seems like her favourite.


…….Her manner is way out of control


To think that this girl is one of the gods who destroyed the world ten years ago.


That being said….for her to be like an ordinary girl……




I clicked my tongue softly so that she wont hear it and took another slip of that bitter coffee.

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