ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 9


After I awake, I ―― notice it is Brünnhilde’s ego  active.

What……our consciousness, suddenly changed…?

Charlotte’s consciousness retracted deeply, and as a result I came out.

It is true that whenever Charlotte faces trouble of some sort I will appear to protect her…

But never did I expect to be summoned out because of shame……

Right now, she is certainly in a pinch……



Shinzen Raika brings his face close to mine promptly, and nearly makes my heart stop.

I’m glad though, it looks like he is worried about Charlotte.

“Are you fine ~?”

“This is because Tenka playing around too much. Senpai is thankful for what happened yesterday, that’s why we are getting along today.”

“Eh ~ but why underwear?”

Shinzen Raika continues to chat with the girl named Tenka.

Is this the chance to make a comeback?

No, to act now is, quite a cowardly method…

The conflict in my heart leaves me unable to decide.

For now, I’ll see how the situation turns out――


―― my sight meets with Shinzen Raika’s.


His eyes sharpen as they look directly into mine.

It seems that he noticed the change.

His left eye――the Devil Eye glows slightly, and a pattern appears on it.

That alone makes it impossible for me to resist in any sort of way.

Devil Eye of Domination.

With just a single glance, I’ll be robbed of my own will.

What a distasteful ability.

It is a power suitable for cowards who have no shred of chivalry spirit.

“Charlotte-senpai, are you okay?”

Tenka asked with a worried expression.

“Looks like she’s just a bit dizzy. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

Shinzen Raika answers for me.

“Is that so~ ah, right. To show how sorry I am, I’ll also help you choose your underwear.”

Tenka suggests.

“Ohh, isn’t that a nice idea. Then when Raika and senpai are going for it, he’ll see the underwear we’ve help to choose.”

The girl named Shishigane Ruirui also shows her support.

This is not a joke.

Even though we’re all girls, showing my skin for the first time is still embarrassing.

“No, I’m……”

I tried to refuse them.

Then Shinzen Raika turns his left eye to my direction,

“――that is a nice suggestion. I’m not good with this sort of thing, so it’s nice that they’re going to help us choose.”

The order has been issued.

“I understand.”

Even if he said it politely, an order is an order.

I nodded under the influence of the Devil Eye, unable to resist.

“Wow~ senpai is a beauty, so this one is a really good choice.”

“I wonder if I should buy some for myself tooー”

Tenka and Shishigane Ruirui seem to have fun choosing underwear. They pull my hand and lead me into the changing room.

“Please, take your time.”

The clerk says before closeing the curtain.

The fitting room inside the shop is very large. Large enough to fit all three of us together.

There is no way for me to escape. I can just stand still inside.

Tch…why am I……hey! Wake up, Charlotte!

I tried to call my inner consciousness, but there is no reply. Seems like she is still fainted.

“Well, Charlotte-senpai, which colour would you like to try on first?”

“Oh, uh … … just choose whichever you find is good.”

Tenka’s innocent smile makes me slightly smile.

Deep down, I wanted to show how much I loathed it.

“Ok~ then should it be white? Or should it be black? Hey Ruirui~ which one do you think looks better?”

“Well~ we still have much time before night fall. Why don’t we just try everything?”

“That’s right. I guess we’ll do just that.”

Without considering the opinion of the person standing in front of them, these two keep on discussing.

White is the colour they decide to start off with.

“Alright Charlotte-senpai, please take your clothes off.”


I nod silently.

Due to the order, I must cooperate in choosing underwear.

After obediently taking off my uniform I hang it on the hangar.


I’m reminded of what took place yesterday.

Being completely exposed against my own will.

Although I’m not currently undressing in front of a man, something that embarrassing will remain embarrassing.

“Oopsie! Now Charlotte-senpai has nicely taken off her clothes!”

“What the, it looks more impressive now that you have taken them off.”

Without asking for my consent, both of them strip me.

My chest goes *pyon* after being released from the cramped fabric.


“P-please don’t stare at it too much!”

Not able to withstand being stared at, I hide my chests with my arms.

Seems like there is still some degree of freedom allowed as long as I don’t disobey the premier order. It’s still uncomfortable, though……

“Okey-dokey. Then, we’ll start from the top!”

“Leave everything to Tenka. I’m going to try some on too.”

“Just leave it to me~”

Tenka is going to help me put on the bra.

“Charlotte-senpai, please bend forward a bit~”

“Like this?”

“Right. Now, please put it on.”

I put my arms through the armholes and clasp the back hook.

Although it is embarrassing, it comes to an end…or so I thought.

“Oh, hey! You little…what are you!?”

“Wow~ those things are really something else.”

Tenka said with an ecstatic smile.

She thrusts her hand into the cup of the bra from my side.

“Wow, this feels really soft~”

“No, stop it…!”

“Seriously, these things are huge. Ruirui completely loses.”

“Mumuu, that’s not true!”

Shishigane Ruirui walks out, showing off her bra.

The breasts wrapped in a black bra shook gaudy and let others know of its presence.

Her breasts perked upward forming a nice shape.

In terms of beauty, she is on par with Charlotte.

But there is a major difference in bra designs. She wears one that would definitely put me to shame.

That aside, the atmosphere here is somewhat bewitching…

……this presence, where have I sensed it before?

I really felt like this sensation is somewhat familiar.

No…maybe I’m just over thinking.

There is no way a Valkyrie such as myself would have human acquaintances.

Shishigane Ruirui, who doesn’t seems to be bothered by me, continues on to talk with Tenka.

“I don’t want to be told off by a chopping board like Tenka!”


Tenka screamed.

“Now that it’s comes to this, I’ll compare both of your breasts thoroughly.”


She grabbed my breasts stronger than before.

Moreover, she is going in further and further.


“Charlotte-senpai’s skin is so smooth~”

“Ah, ah, st-stop, a~h”

“Ruirui, come and try it too.”

“Eh~ here, here.”

Shishigane Ruirui joins in to tease me more.

She caressed my chest, around my side and my thigh gently.

What is this ticklish feeling……?!

Her hands are truly good at providing opponents pleasure. She masterfully touches the most pleasurable of spots.


This body, un, is too sensitive…!

I am perplexed, perplexed by this unfamiliar feeling.

If I think about it, this is the first time my body has experienced something like this.

An unknown stimulus crawls from my spine.

“Huh, unn, fuu, un…!”

“Charlotte-senpai, so cute~”

Every time I am caressed by those small hands of her’s, weird voices come out of from my mouth.

“Ah…stop it…”

“Hey, senpai. Just now, I heard Raika call you Charo, right? Can I call you that too?”

“I-it’s fine, so sto-……”

“Yay. Nice to meet you too, Charo-senpai.”

Tenka behaves in a way of no more reservation.

This girl is surprisingly a pervert.

If only I could call out my sword right now…!


But in my current state, dominated by the Devil Eye, I am unable to do anything.

“By the way, senpai.”

Shishigane Ruirui comes close and asks.

“Actually, are you going out with Raika? Or are you not?”

“Me and h-him, no way! We have no such relationship!”


Shishigane Ruirui gives a relieved smile.

“I’m glad~. I’ve taken quite a liking to him.”

“Eeh, so Ruirui feels that way as well?”

“How about Tenka?”

While they gossip about Shinzen Raika, I get squeezed.


N-no, not the tip…!

Pleasant sensations pierce my brain marrow, and my breathing is disturbed as a result.

“Charo-senpai is a real cutie. Makes me want to bully you more.”

Tenka hands become more rigorous.

“No more, stop it~”

Unable to withstand it, I kneel on the spot.

Still, the girl didn’t let go of her hands.

Instead, she now used both of her hands to rub my breasts harder.

F-for me to be humiliated to this extent……

Did I come here from the God Realm only to be humiliated by humans?

I would have never expected this, this is just beyond my imagination.

Plus, I’ve lost to Shinzen Raika too……

Since I’ve lost to that man, I’ve been dominated. Right now, I’ve become his total possession.

To him, and to these girls, I’ve become a toy that cannot resist anything.

This is miserable……

Tears not because of pleasure will likely appear in the outer corner of my eyes.

It was Charlotte who came here in the first place. Why am I the one to be doing this instead…to be picking up underwear…eh?

I suddenly noticed.

The order I received was to get help from these two to select underwear.

Then, maybe.



When I push Tenka’s body back with my butt, she, surprised, breaks her balance and falls down, making a loud noise.

As expected, it is possible to resist.

If only I notice it earlier on…no, there is no use regretting it.

“Haa, haa…”

Unable to stand anymore, I kneel right away. Then sprawl on the floor.

I get on all fours, waist down, with no strength left.

“What are you guys doing……?”


I look back and surprisingly see Shinzen Raika.

The curtain was torn, and at his feet lie Tenka.

When I heard a ripping noise, I thought……that something happened.

My exposed breasts.

Shorts that are completely wet due to being played around.

Being down on all fours, protruding my butt towards the exit of the fitting room.

And Shinzen Raika, currently staring at me.


I’m seen again.

I’m seen again.

I’m seen again.

The bulk of tears accumulating in the outer corner of my eyes increases.


A high pitched scream is heard from the fitting room.

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16 Responses to ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 9

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    。   ∧,,∧
      [(っ⌒/⌒o Nepu!!!
      |\ ⌒”⌒ ∧,,∧ …zzZZ
      || || ̄ (´-ω-)
         || .[.(っ⌒/⌒o
           |\ ⌒”⌒  \
           || || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||


  2. Closet Pervert-kun says:

    Even a God couldn’t stand the shame. haha


  3. wesley says:

    After that Bryunhilr and I separated with tenka and the group and went into a store.

    “Are you alright?”


    Bryunhilr who sat on the opposing side had no response.

    She remained still on top of the table amd didnt even raised her face.

    On the other side,she had the paper bag inside contaning the previous boutique”s logo.

    Inside of course,is the underwear she wanted to try on.

    Although after that commotion she tried to be cool and proceed to the cash register,her face remained bright red een after entering the shop.

    (I know it is embrassing,but is feeling depressd a little too far?)

    “Being seen twice is shocking huh?”

    “To me it was a sight to see nevertheless uhehehehe.”

    You have a goloomy laughtr as always.

    Nevertheless Balor’s views might have a point.

    After all to her,I am the greatest enemy.

    But from what i can see gods are humans’ worst enemy.

    We have already rached to a conclusion but in the end nothing really changed.

    Brynhildr. The valkyrie with the rune of victory

    Valkyrie are goddess who appeared in Norse mythology that transport the spirits of warriors who died in battle. Among them,the most popular is Brynhildr.

    As well as having armour to surpass nobility,she also had many aedote.

    Aside from our compatibility,no doubt she would e able to surpass her own potential.

    Therefore,it woud troublesome if she doesnt become my sword.

    “Brynhildr,lift up your face.”


    As I thought still no answer.

    “… you want to strip here next?”

    ” Tsk! ”

    It seems the threat is showing effect and lifted her face in an instant.

    ” Y,you bastard!”

    “Be quiet,we are inside a store.”


    Brynhildr glared at me displaying dead-like eyes.

    And, the sshp assistant came to take our order.

    “Have you decided on your order?”

    “I want mead.”


    “Two hot coffee”

    “Certainly sir”

    The shop assistance took a bow after hearing my order and left.

    “you’re currently a student so drinking is prohibited.”


    Brynhildr made a disappointed expression and it became complicated again.

    “To go to the extend of drinking wine to forget your troubles,did something happened?”

    “I dont want to hear that from you”

    “Of course,just joking”

    I shrugged my shoulders and proceed to the next question.

    “Is Charlotte senpai still unconscious?”

    “Yeah, she is still sleeping within me”

    “Are you sure you’re not lying?”

    “If you have doubts wh not just use your evil eye and see for yourself.”

    Brynhildr told me off in frustrations as she crossed her arms.

    “The body orignally belons to Charlotte in the first place. I forefully came outside which is impossible by nature.”

    “I see.”

    “Sorry for the wait.”

    The shop assitance had brought the hot coffees and place them before us.

    Both of them stopped their converstaion exactly at that moment and reached for the cup.

    It looks like its been grinded from beans more of less, but it doesnt have that freshly aroma.

    Seems that steaming is imperfect.

    Even can coffee believers can tell the taste at least.

    “Thats the negligence of the Eucharist managment organization”

    This coffee lounge is also like the Eucharist managment’s adminstration I bet.

    They didnt expected that their customer would be students. Maybe thats why they didnt hae enough staff on duty.

    Thats the assesment I have made about this shop.


    “Whats wrongg? Sitting there all clammed up”

    “…… its nothing”

    While replying so,Brynhildr was making sour face.

    “…… no way.”

    “If you are asking about the milk and sugar it is inside that basket”

    I brought the coffee and the basket together and point at the shop assitant.

    “You should have said eariler!”

    Brynhildr began pouring large quantity of sugar and milk angrily.

    She tried to order mead a while ago, she’s probably a sweet tooth.

    But I feel like She’s puting too much sugar.

    For now,lets wait here ntil she settle down.

    It would bee a pain if another preculiar trouble happens again.



    Brynhildr is starring at me oddly on top of the table.

    Following her gze,the shop dessert menu caug my eyes.

    Limited time seasn’s parfait.

    The words are getting bigger and dancing.

    It looks she is completely immersed into that picture of that parfait.

    “Do you want to eat that?”

    “Wha! D,Dont be foolish!”

    Looks to me like yoou saliva idripping though.


    “Althought it is not like I have the decenco give a treat.”

    “Excuse me, I wuld like to have a limited time parfait”

    I placed an order to the nearest waiter.

    The waiter took bow and immediately went to tell the oder to the kitchen.

    After a while, the season’s parfait was brought out.


    As the parfait was placed in front of Brynhildr,for some reason she is letting out a horrible sound.

    “You wanted to eat so badly that you’re trembling?”

    And, that girl is sneaking a peek and glared at at my direction.

    “Wha, what are you planning to do?”

    She seems to be cautious,like an adolescent

    “It is depressing to see me looking after someone who looks like she gonna turn into a dog fae.Hurry up and eat.”

    “Wha!? W,when did I make such a do-like expression!?’

    “Shut up. I dont have time for you to be devouring my expense.Or perhaps you would like to be forced to eat?”

    “That’s unfair you bastard!”

    Brynhildr is going to shout, so I quietly activate my left eye.

    And it is decided that it would be bette if she could eat it on her own,take a sppon in hand timidly carry parfait to her mouth after all.


    “Is that so.Thats a relief.”

    “mugu! No, it is not that particularly good! not good not good”

    What kind of obstinacy is this, the Brynhildr who is in denial to my words.

    While saying so, she continuously tries to eat the parfait in big muthfuls/

    It defintely seems like her favourtie.

    “…….Her manner is way out of control”

    To think that this girl is one of the gods who destroyed the world ten years ago.

    That being said….for her to be like an ordinary girl……


    I clicked my tongue softly so that she wont hear it and took another slip of the bitter coffee.


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