ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 8

After school.

In front of the school gate.

I ―― Charlotte Lovepain am standing here nervously.

What to do. What to do. What to do.

For some reason, I’ve made a promise to meet Raika-kun.

I have not heard about the details, but he said “Let’s be together.”

In other words, we will spend some time as [two people] after school.

That’s … …. dating, right?

I couldn’t be mistaken now, could I?


I can hear the sound of my heart beating.

It is likely to rupture at any moment.

『――sigh, I don’t understand what you find so good about that man at all. 』

At that moment, I heard a voice from within.

It is neither my second personality nor my second face.

Right now, the one talking to me is the God who is currently residing within me (?), Brünnhilde san.

That man, do you mean Raika-kun?

『――unlike that man, you and I are in a state where our souls are completely connected. From a while ago, that… shameless feeling flowed inside me and I couldn’t bear with it. 』

Wa, wa, what sham-shameless!? I never think about such things!

『――Don’t lie! Whenever you’re feeling strange I’m feeling strange too! 』

I don’t feel strange!

What a dangerous thing.

It is a violation of human rights.

I never thought that this feeling would be transmitted to another other person without my permission.

It is like I don’t have any privacy anymore.

In the first place, I never thought about any stra-strange things at all.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Charlotte-senpai.”


Being called unexpectedly, I let out a shriek.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, no. Nothing is wrong!”

I shake my head hard, trying to convince him that nothing is wrong.

Convinced, Raika-kun laughed lightly.

“Well then, shall we go to the South Ward next?”


Getting excited, I follow Raika-kun closely from behind.

As soon as he appeared, Brünnhilde got all silent.

I’m nervous now. I refrain from saying anything because I’m afraid whatever I say will come out weird.

I don’t look too nervous and sound strange now, do I…?

I take a glance at him.

“……um? Is there anything wrong?”

“Ueh!? N-no! There is nothing!”

I immediately avert my face after he notices my gaze.

My face turns even redder.

This is the first time I have ever walked with a boy like this.

C-can I do this properly…? I haven’t done anything strange yet, right?

I lack in experience, so I don’t know how I should be behaving right now.

But at least for now, my uniform looks good.

There is no way I could change my clothes. And even if I could, I’d be too worried to decide on what to wear. After all, I don’t know how to properly coordinate casual wear.

I’m glad that I’m wearing my uniform.

Uniforms are wonderful.

God bless uniform!



Another strange voice comes out from my mouth.

“Is there something wrong, Charlotte-senpai?”

Raika-kun says with a worried face.


I thought I should have said something.

“W-well, when it is just two of us, please call me Charo…”

Unexpectedly, I manage to convey my selfish wish.

And expectedly, I start to blush.

What are you saying now, myself!? Why did you suddenly ask him to call you by a nickname…?

But it is what I wished for from the bottom of my heart.

For now, I can call it off as a joke. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.

Decided, I turn to face Raika-kun.

And then, my eyes meet his.



“Is that alright?”

There is no way I can do anything besides nod.

This is so embarrassing.

But this is also so amazing.

My heart beats faster than before.

Right now, there is no way I can look Raika-kun in the face.

“Is there anything that you would like to do? Any shop that you would like to see?”

He asks with a slightly troubled tone.

Ah, is he troubled because I’m acting suspiciously….?


Now I’ve done it.

I blew it up big this time.

I hope he doesn’t think that I’m weird~.

Just thinking about it, I feel like crying.

In any case, I must quickly answer his question.

But I don’t normally go out. I don’t know about the shops in this area. In fact, I don’t even know where this place is.

What should I do now…as a senior, I should be the one to lead Raika-kun.

But I’m too flustered right now to make a calm decision.

“Th-then, that shop!”

With my head lowered, I keep my eyes shut and hastily point at a nearby shop.

“…so, a boutique, is it? Fine by me.”


Raika-kun’s unexpected response made me slowly open my eyes.

Certainly, my finger was pointing towards a fashionable looking store.


A hiccup-like noise comes out.

I look between the shop and my finger, but reality doesn’t change even after doing so many times over.

Although I don’t usually leave the dormitory, I have gone out to shop too sometimes…for underwear.

However, I have no experience of shopping for girl’s clothes.

Because this is an academy island, I can wear my uniform anywhere, and any time I want to without feeling strange or uncomfortable.

That’s why the idea of buying stylish clothes never came across my mind.

I hold a bit of grudge towards the uniform that I’ve praised up till now.

The convenience is a poison in disguise. It takes away my creative mind.

Though it is my own self who initiated this self-destruction.


“Ah, uwawa let’s get in then…”

I quickly reply after he calls my name.

Perhaps it is now that I’ve lost the last chance to say that I want to go to another shop.

I’m stupid, stupid, stupid…

It’s already too late to regret now.

In a dejected mood, I enter the shop together with Raika-kun.

The first thing I notice after entering the shop is the smell of wood and clothes.

The smell is much more saturated than the one usually found at mass merchandise stores.

The odour is like that of the artificially cleaned.

Although it doesn’t smell bad, I feel somewhat restless since I don’t like it very much.


“Ah, yes.”

I am stopped by lady who greets me with a crisp voice.

“Are you looking for something?”

“Eh, um,,,”

Even if you asked me that……

Both the clerk and Raika-kun both are looking at me. Pl-please don’t do this to me…

Right now, I’m in a situation similar to being thrown into a battlefield suddenly without any proper equipment.


Feeling desperate, I try to find something familiar that I can answer with.



The word that left my mouth, is that.


Raika-kun, who is beside me, widens his eyes.

“If you’re looking for lingerie, then it is at the back there. Mister, please wait here.”


My heart feels relieved after hearing that.

However, today I came together with Raika-kun…!

I choose underwear because it is a habit, but now I’ll be choosing one together with him.

It is so embarrassing that my face gets hot enough to feel like it is getting burned by fire.

But I’m not used to choosing them out and don’t want to be seen having weird taste……

While my heart feels like there is a turbulence inside, I follow the clerk.

White, black, red, purple.

From bras to shorts, and many others that I don’t know of.

“Please take your time.”

After saying so, the clerk runs off somewhere else.

I’m now left behind by myself.


Even Raika-kun doesn’t know what to do in the female undergarment section, so he silently plays with his bang.

I feel bad for bringing him to this kind of place.

However, it is actually me who can’t stand this kind of environment.

What to do, what to do.

A bright looking little girl who seems to exude an aura of innocence. Her black twin-tails shake according to her movements.


Raika-kun seems surprised to see that girl.

Are they acquaintances?

“Senpai. This is my friend, Tenka. Tenka, this is my 2nd year senior…”

“Charlotte-senpai, right? I saw her yesterday.”

“Eh? Yesterday?”

“You know, that time when Raika-kun helped senpai from falling down. At that moment, I was there too.”

“Ah, that time!”

Now I remembered.

At that time, I’m was just too focused on Raika-kun alone.

At that place.

“Tenka ~ where are you suddenly going off to now…”

A new girl appears, looking for Tenka-san.

Even this girl looks as cute as Tenka-san.

Two of her shirt’s buttons were undone and revealed a deep valley.

“I’m sorry ~ Ruirui.”

“What, isn’t it Raika.”

The girl named Ruirui, after noticing Raika-kun, raises up her hand.

“Hey, Shishigane-san. Been a while.”

“*bounce*~ how have you been?”

“Good. Senpai, this is Shishigane Ruirui. She is one of my friends.”


“Nice to meet you ~”

Shishigane-san returns the greetings with a light nod.

I rarely speak to anyone younger than me, but I guess I can do it.

While worried about that, Tenka-san links her arm with Raika-kun’s.

“Anyways, nice going, Raika-kun. I was wondering what exactly happened when you said that you had urgent business. I never thought said business was to choose underwear.”

“Please stop.”

Being nudged by Tenka-san, Raika-kun denies it hard.


Huh? What?

Just now, I think I heard something suspicious……

“A, um, excuse me…”

“What is it, Charlotte-senpai?”

Tenka-san tilts her head slightly.

“Can you tell me…about the girlfriend thing you talked about?”

“Eh? Am I wrong?”

“Rather than wrong, what makes you think that?”

Flustered, I still attempt to clarify.

“Besides”, Tenka-san continues…

“If you guys aren’t together, then there isn’t a need for both of you to shop for underwear together.”


That’s true, unless they’re in a very intimate relationship, men and women will not come to this kind of place together.

Perhaps the clerk just now also had the same misunderstanding?

M-me, as Raika-kun, girl-girlfriend…!?

“Huh…! Huhh!?!?”

This revelation makes my head overloaded.

My brain seems to explode, and my vision darkened.

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  1. GM_Rusaku says:

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  2. Cooper says:

    Well that was adorable, nice 😉


  3. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the part.

    While I’m worried about that, Tenka san linked her arm with Raika kun.

    “Anyways, nice going, Raika kun. I was wondering what exactly happened when you said that you have an urgent business. I never thought that business is to choose underwear.”

    “Please stop.”

    Being nudged by Tenka san, Raika kun denies it hard.


    Huh? What?

    Just now, I think I heard some suspicious thing……
    ^-Somewhere inside there there should be a mention to a “girlfriend”.


  4. Kili Nguyen says:

    This novel is awesome, first time i have read a novel that we see the story between character view


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