ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 7

Next day.

Lunch break.

I left Maria behind and headed towards the library to wait for senpai.

The school library is in a separate building than the normal classrooms.

Built as a 2-storey building, it is considerably large with many collections inside.

“Ah, Raika-kun.”

Charlotte-senpai, one of the committee members of the library, notices me and waves her hand from the loaning counter.

“Then, let’s talk over there.”

“Aren’t you on duty?”

“I’m not on duty today. I simply sat at the counter, waiting for you.”

“Is that so?”

Convinced, I follow Charlotte-senpai.

She guides me through the many bookshelves.

The books that are filling the bookshelves now look less readable, and the smell of old ink and paper tickles my nasal cavity.

“People don’t come here often, that’s why I thought here would be a good spot to have a secret conversation.”

“I agree. This is good.”

Both me and Charlotte-senpai take a chair and sit opposite to each other.

“Isn’t it a little dusty there?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

I open my bag and take out the bread I purchased earlier.

It looks like senpai has her own lunchbox.

After she opens her lunchbox, I see numerous handmade dishes.

“Did you made it after I sent you back this morning?”

“Uhm, yes.”

“That is amazing.”

She is not an ordinary person.

It takes a great deal of courage to keep on living normally after experiencing that kind of an extraordinary event in life.

I’m impressed, this girl really is…

“You think so? Ra-Raika-kun, aren’t you going to eat too?”

She says, seemingly recommending her own lunchbox.

“Is it okay?”


“Then, I’ll take a bite.”

I picked a piece of egg and brought it to my mouth.

The egg was nicely grilled, as I chew on it I can feel that it’s melting as it goes down my throat.

“This is delicious.”


Charlotte-senpai’s face turns red.  She too then takes a piece of egg.

Somehow, I feel like her cheek is getting loose.

Even she feels that her own cooking is delicious.

……now then, should we move ahead to the matter at hand?

“Senpai. Let’s continue from yesterday.”

“Urgh!? Cough!”

Hearing me suddenly speak, senpai got surprised and started coughing.

I hurriedly handed her my PET bottle.



After downing her throat with the tea, she gives a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Raika-kun.”

“No, I’m sorry to have surprised you.”

I apologize and have my tea returned.

Then, I’ll start talking about the matter again.

“So, this is about our upcoming battle.”



The way she returns my PET bottle, doesn’t it feel slightly weird?

“Would you like some more?”

“Eeh!? No!”

Charlotte-senpai shakes her head furiously.

I feel like that behaviour is suspicious somehow … … Well, never mind.

It really is a bit weird, though.

I continue eating my bread and drink tea.


“……. anything wrong?”

“Nononono! Nothing at all!”

Charlotte-senpai shakes her head harder than before.

Well, if you tell me yourself that there is nothing, then.

“So, it is about the battle.”

“Un. It is hard alone……so, me and Raika-kun should work together, right?”

“That’s right.”

I nodded.

“The duration of the Myth War is exactly a year. During that time, I’ll protect Charlotte-senpai. Because of that, I want Charlotte-senpai to help me achieve my purpose.”

“Your purpose?”

Senpai tilted her head sideways.

Then I, dropped my voice lower.

“……10 years ago, when I was running away with my sister, we were attacked by a God. I tried to protect my sister, but was defeated and then fainted. My sister has been missing ever since.”

After the words came out one by one, I took a deep breath.

“My main purpose is to find my missing sister, by taking advantage of this Myth War.”


Charlotte-senpai is silent.

She tried to say something, but every time she opened her mouth, she would immediately close it again.

“So……um, for our cooperation, what do you want me to do?”

“Firstly, this alliance is to increase our mortality rate. Secondly, I want you to act as a spy.”


“Senpai’s Brünnhilde is from Celtic Mythology. So now I want you to check whether a God from Celtic Mythology is involved in that accident 10 years ago or not.”

I look directly into senpai’s eyes.

“I know what I’m asking for is dangerous. I’m basically purposely involving senpai in my own private affair.

However, in an unlikely event I promise to protect my seniors by betting my own life. That’s why.”

“Okay. I understand.”

When I tried to add more words persuading, Charlotte-senpai replied such.

That is a positive reply……but she is shaking her head too much, and I’m confused by the contradictory action.

“……is that really fine? This might be different from what you’re thinking right now.

“I know the risks……but there is no way I can survive this war myself, plus.”


After saying that, her face looked softer to me.

I wait for the next word.

After a few seconds, she opened her mouth again.

“I’m happy that I could be of help to Raika-kun. After all, Raika-kun already saved me twice now.”


The only time that I could remember is once last night. Is there another I’m unaware of?

“You helped me once at the school gate when I was falling, remember?”

“That is not a big deal.”

“No way, I was really happy that time!”

Charlotte-senpai said with an unusually loud voice.

“Anyway, as long as I can stay with Raika-kun, I don’t mind……”

“Thank you very much.”

I give my thanks.

Anyway, for now everything is okay.

If Charlotte-senpai actively acted together with me, then her safety is assured.

As I explained in advance, the proposition of the alliance is to raise each other’s survival rate.

『――that is some interesting stuff you’re thinking about. 』

Bálor unexpectedly remarked.

……about what?

『――the alliance of two Divine Apotheosis. Over the three times the war was held, you are the first one to come out with such an idea, Raika. 』

The only thing a God seeks is to be the absolute.

Having the mentality of a being that is always competing with others, it is not shocking that they don’t see the value in sharing or bringing forth the idea of creating an alliance.

『――while exploiting the [control] to advance in the war with dominance, you didn’t let go of your own personal agenda too. Not only that, preparing a spy to accomplish your own desire. This Devil God is having a mixed feeling. 』

Then, you have another plan?

『――I’m not saying that I’m against this plan. In fact, I’m quite amused. 』

Uhihihi, Bálor gave a cheerful laugh.

『――Just use my Eye however you want, and go on a rampage. I want to see how much destruction a human can cause in this war. 』

I refuse, there is no way I will win in this war for your sake.

『――That is fine by me. I can’t even win in this war against Lú, and besides, I only want to watch from the sides. 』


――The Sun God, Lú. [A God Excelled in Hundreds of Craft]. Also, known as ‘Lú of The Long Arm’.

He is the Supreme God of Celtic Mythology, also known as king of Danann, ‘Tuatha Dé Danann’.

Meanwhile, Bálor is the king of Fomorians, who has tormented Danann for a long time.

Soon after, both of them clashed, with Lú claiming victory after killing Bálor by using the God-slaying spear, Brionac, ultimately leading the Danann clan to victory.

In other word, Bálor and Lú are each other’s nemesis.

By the way, the [One True God] is not the victorious God, but it is to be elected from the winner mythology. In this case, if the Celtic Mythology wins, then won’t it be Lú?

『――well~ I guess so. 』

If you dislike Lú so much, then why did you participate in this war?

『――I didn’t originally want to enter this war. I was forced. The Representative War is for all Gods, that’s why. 』

You are not the God of the Danann tribe, so if you die then nobody is going to get upset. But let’s say if you do win, is there any profit?

In short, this is useless no matter what the result is.

『――oi, you really have no mercy on me, huh. 』

Who is going to pity you, you bastard?

I spit that out, and Bálor got silenced.

……don’t tell me, he is going to act rebellious now?

He is surprisingly weak inside?

Whatever, it is not my job to comfort him.


“No, sorry. Is there anything else?”

Seems like I was too engrossed with Bálor’s story.

I give Charlotte-senpai my attention.

“Ah, well, it seems Brünnhilde-san is mad at me for making the decision just now.”


Apparently senpai and Brünnhilde seem to be able to communicate in their head.

“Good timing. senpai, I have something to talk to her about. Can you two switch for a while? I’ll wake her.”

“Ueh? W-wake her?”

“Yes. I will wake her using my Evil Eye. Please look here.”


I look straight into Charlotte-senpai eyes.

“A, awawawa.”

A flustered sound makes its way out from her mouth.

“It’s okay. I won’t let Brünnhilde take over your body.”

for making the decision just now.”


Apparently senpai and Brünnhilde seem to be able to communicate in the head.

“Good timing. senpai, I have something to talk with her. Can you switch for a while?”

“Ueh? W-wake her?”

“Yes. I will wake her using my Evil Eye. Please look here.”


I look straight into Charlotte senpai eyes.

“A, awawawa.”

A flustered voice comes out of her mouth.

“It’s okay. I won’t let Brünnhilde take over your body.”

“Y-your face, it’s too near…”


I didn’t quite hear what she said.

For the time being, I don’t feel that she is refusing, so I activate the power of my left eye.

The soul of Brünnhilde [Dominated] residing inside this body ―― I need to pull it out.

“Awaken, Brünnhilde.”


At that moment, Senpai’s neck suddenly becomes flaccid.

“……what now?”

She then raises her head, already replaced with the grumpy Brünnhilde.

“You probably already get the gist from when you’re inside senpai. But I want you to act as my spy.”

“Don’t fuck with me. Why must a knight such as I too……”

“Do you even think you have the right to make a decision?”


I don’t want to have another pointless interrogation session, I should rub this off fast.

“Aside from acting as my spy, you will also work as senpai’s bodyguard. In the case she suddenly faces a dangerous situation that might threaten her life, you must manifest right away. This is an order.”


She meekly obeys my orders. Can I say call this a success for now?


As soon as Brünnhilde answers my order, her neck becomes flaccid again, and senpai returns.

Because now is not a time for emergency, Brünnhilde is on standby mode again.

This concludes Brünnhilde role.

Then, the chime rings.

“From now on, let’s be together as much as we can after lunch break and school. I need to make sure that senpai is safe.”

Having heard that, her face turns beet red again.

“Eh? But won’t the war only occur during night-time?”

“There is still a possibility that an enemy might break the rule……”

I take one key out of my uniform pocket.

“This is the dorm master key. Every night other than Sunday when the war is not taking place, please use this key to come to my room. If you use the rooftop, then you should be able to come to the men’s dormitory side even from the girl’s dormitory side.”

I just got the master’s key for the dormitories this morning.

Of course, since I used my Evil Eye, there is no way the dorm supervisor will ever notice.

“Memememememe, in Raika-kun room, e-every day?”

I nodded as a sign of confirmation towards this girl who is over exaggerating.

“My room is at the corner of the 4th floor. I know that senpai can’t leap inside my room like Brünnhilde, so please be careful and do not get caught.”


“This is for the sake of protecting you, senpai.”

I can’t protect her unless she is by my side 24/7.

Senpai looked like she had many thing on her mind, but eventually took the key from my hand when convinced.

“Now, let’s get back to classroom. Can we meet at the gate after school is finished?”


After making a promise with senpai, we left the library together.

“Well then, after school.”

“Yes. See you.”

Since I’m in the different grade than senpai, we parted away at the staircase.

At that moment, I could feel someone at my back.


Just from the greeting, I already knew who it was.


Looking back, I see her face.

From the looks of her eyes, this is related to our mission.

“Did you overheard what I was talking about just now?”

“I didn’t hear what you guys were talking about, but … ….”


Then, her eyes turn wide.

“Inside a closed room! Just the 2 of you! Just what are you guys talking about!? Plus, it was for a very long time……I’m so worried, I didn’t even get to sleep last night!”

She grabbed my arm and shook it hard while screaming at me.

Because of this sudden sight, the students who passed us all give weird glances.

“Calm yourself down, Maria.”

I take her hands off me, and firmly hold her shoulders.


For the time being, Maria looks to have regained her sanity. Still, she has a resentful face that looks like it’s about to cry.

We move to the shadows under the stairs, elusive from the crowd.

“So…did you receive any reply from the Church?”


Maria answered with a dumbfounded face.

She can communicate with our leader at the Church by using magic. This is a big advantage. The problem is that it takes forever to receive the reply.

“Regarding the matter of Raika-kun participating in the Representative War, the Vatican says ‘Continue your mission’.”

“Well~ that is within expectation.”

Even though magical communication is possible, this island is basically isolated from the rest of the world.

The only way to get in is by taking a ship, that’s why it isn’t easy to send personnel.

Even if we are to use the transport machine, it is doubtful whether we can arrive at this island where Gods roam free.

Bálor inside me is the proof, and I doubt me alone is enough to destroy the Sacrament Control Organization.

In the first place, the one behind them is a God from the Seven Mythology.

If we advance poorly, then even the Eucharist of the Church might get eliminated easily.

Then it’s better for me and Maria to continue our investigation. We just need to wait for the right time to defeat them all.

“Change in situation. There is a high possibility that this mission will involve a battle. Just be sure that you’re always prepared for the worst.”


Maria nodded.


“……so, what exactly were you talking with Charlotte-senpai about?”

Immediately after we finished with the urgent matter, she starts to persistently ask.

“Didn’t I already tell you about how Charlotte-senpai is involved in this war? I just asked her to form an alliance.”


“Ah, that is because we can’t survive without each other. That’s all.”

“Is that it……still, you need to tell me first in advance.”

“Since senpai agreed to it, there is no problem……if she had refused, would have you killed her?”


Maria diverts her eyes.

If she had refused my invitation, then Charlotte-senpai would basically be my enemy――at least that is what her conclusion would be.

She tends to be a bit extreme when it comes to eliminating any potential harms surrounding me.

Even when we were in training facilities, she would always be wary of the people who team up with me.

Especially when it comes to defending me, sometimes she gives more priority to me without caring much about another ally.

That is one of her dangerous traits. Because of it, I refrained myself from talking to her about the alliance.

“Even without the alliance, she is still the victim of a heretical God. Don’t forget that she is one of our targets for protection.”

“……I understand.”

Facing downward, Maria give a small nod.

“If that is what Raika-senpai has decided, then I’ll just follow it.”


I give a breath of relief.

『――oioi, you sure this much is enough? Just in case, don’t you want to use the Evil Eye on her? 』

Shut up.

Ignoring Bálor advice, I thank Maria.

“Thank you, Maria.”

“No. This is because I’m your partner, Raika-senpai.”

After saying that, she pulled the hem of my uniform.

“That’s why, it’s a given that I’ll always support senpai, you know? If anything happens, don’t hesitated to ask for my help.”

She says.

Her pushing attitude is so cute. I can’t resist patting her head.

“Ah, I’m counting on you, Maria.”


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