ISNR: Vol. 1, Ch. 2, part 6


『――no good. I can’t see anything at all. 』

“So I take it your vision is connected with my left eye.”

『――that seems to be the case. 』

For future reference I’ll check what else is connected with Bálor.

First, our senses.

His vision is connected only with my left eye. Is it because the Evil Eye manifested there?

Our hearing and sense of touch are completely sync.

However, our sense of taste and smell are not.

Contrary to that, our sense of taste and smell are not shared.

“Really…..if my left eye is responsible for the linkage, then wouldn’t it be better if I had just closed it a while ago?”

I recall what he’d done to Brünnhilde earlier.

『――uhihihi, such a feast. 』

Bálor laughed as if it was very amusing.

This fucking Evil God.


『――Un? What’s wrong? 』

This fucking Evil God.

『――like usual, you are such a cheeky guy. 』

Apparently my thoughts won’t reach Bálor more than what I had intended.

Our hearing is shared; therefore, it is okay to communicate by talking in a normal manner. I’m sure this’ll be useful depending on situation.

“I can’t sense anything else extraordinary, is there more to your magic that I’m unaware of?”

Bálor is famous for his Evil Eye, but that is not the full extent of his capabilities. He is also very well versed in magic.

Just like the Wicked Dragon Cromm Crúaich, who brutally massacred the divine tribe of Danna.

With Bálor summoned, I’m sure he can become one of my key strengths if I manage to use him wisely.

『――no, no good. It is more accurate to say that there is nothing more since myself is bounded inside your body. Others than your Demon Eye amplification (boost), there is no other magic that can be used. 』

“I see.”

『――If you surrender your body to me, you can wield whatever magic you desire. 』

“Count me out.”

Surrender my own body, that doesn’t even qualify as a joke.

『――Is that so~? Too bad. 』

I don’t know whether Bálor is serious or not, but his ‘too bad’ sounds too carefree to me.

I really can’t stand his attitude at all.

『――so? Is there anything else you would like to confirm? 』

“Sure there is. The information that you’ve poured inside my head for the first time is just too much, and now everything is getting cluttered inside.”

The feeling is akin to being forced to suddenly read long instructions at a very fast pace.

As long as the table of contents is readable, it will take some time to read the details of the ability.

“Firstly, there seems to be some [usage conditions] for my ‘control’ ability. Also, tell me if there are any other important matters.”

『――that is not the attitude when you are asking something. Oh well. 』

Bálor continues, speaking about the Demon Eye.

『――first of all, the ability of [control] can only affect the one who is lower ranking than me. In this case, it is the deity. In short, you can’t [dominate] a higher-ranking God than me. 』

“Aren’t you an Evil God. Your divinity ranking should be one of the highest.”

『――now, now. Remember, this is a Divine War where they are deciding for the One True God. Naturally, only the best out of the best will be sent out here. You need to know that you are just fortunate to be able to dominate Brünnhilde easily. 』

This might just be my good luck.

“Still, the ability is much more limited than what I initially thought.”

『――what, got any complaint? This is my all powerful [Regalia] you know. 』


『――[Regalia], the symbol of God, is the capability and instrument that can be said to be the God Himself. In my case, it is the Demon Eye. 』

The symbol which represents God.

Or a phenomenon embodied in nature itself.

Could be a Military God, God of Fertility, or God of Blacksmith.

Even the God has a reason to exist, such as playing some role or to be of certain characteristic.

Basically, no God is born by chance. They only exist reflecting humans awe and desires.

Just like Bálor [Regalia], that thing is as existence equal to him.

『――sure, there are many restrictions and conditions that must be fulfilled and followed in order to activate the ability, however, you are pretty much invisible once you have mastered it. That is the peak of my [Regalia]! 』

“……humph, whatever. Is there anything else worth noting?”

『――that’s right. There is a limit on how much you can use the Demon Eye per day, or you will receive a severe backlash. For a people like you, 3 times is the maximum. 』

“Three times, huh.”

That’s very important information. Glad I learned it early on.

『――but you…aren’t you too enthusiastic about this war? 』


『――you are eager to know about my Demon Eye. Also, just now when you interrogated the woman. The best explanation for that is just you being enthusiastic. 』


『――usually, people will get panicked. But you, you are too calm. You’ve been calmly preparing battle strategies. Are there any motivation that support your cause? Are you also interested in the [One True God]? 』

“I am not interested in such things.”

『――then, what is it? 』

There is no reason for me to tell him about it……but if I l keep silent he might continue pestering me non-stop.

“To find my sister.”

『――sister? 』

“That’s right. 10 years ago, we siblings were attacked by a God. At that time, my sister went missing.”

I still don’t know what happened to her.

To know the truth, I have to find the God that attacked my sister.

But, that God ―― no, all the Gods involve in the event 10 years ago might be culprits.

So, the current situation where all Gods from Seven Mythology are on this island is very ideal for me.

Because that God (Scum) might be on this island too.

“……getting involved in this Mythology war is rather convenient. This way, I can find the God that attacked us last time. If I continue to fighting, then I’ll be able to come into contact with that God from whatever Myth they belong to.”

『――hahaha~ Well, that is understandable. 』

Bálor answered lazily.

This guy…he is the one who is asking first. Selfish prick.

Fine, if you’re going to keep that attitude.


“Ah, Charlotte-senpai…!”

I immediately close my left eye and face her.

『――Ah! Oi, you bastard! 』

Charlotte-senpai quickly became flustered dashed back inside of the changing room.

『――you bastard, enjoying it alone. As expected, humans are truly driven by their dirty desires! 』

“Nobody is enjoying this.”

I give a sigh, then pinch my forehead.

Thinking that this thing will be inside my head from now on is giving me headache.

“So-sorry. I’ve shown you my unsightly appearance…”

Charlotte-senpai, who was now wearing her skirt, came back with her cheeks slightly red.


“…? Wha-what’s wrong?”


I think for a while.

And then.

“Senpai, I have a proposition.”


I look straight into her eyes and begin to speak.

“Starting from tomorrow, would you like to join forces with me?”


Charlotte-senpai looks back at my face.

“Let’s talk about it in detail tomorrow. I have to go to bed already today.”

“Ehh! Ahh! You’re right!”

Somehow the reaction now is bigger than the previous one.

“Well then, senpai, please use the bed.”

“Eh…but how about Raika-kun?”

“I can simply lie on the floor.”

I’ve already trained to do so before, so it’s no problem.

“Is that so…”


Somehow, she looked dejected while getting on the bed. Thinking about it no further, I stretch my finger to switch off the lamp.

“I’ll wake you up once it is morning. Good night.”

“Good night.”

After turning off the light, l lie down on the floor.

It is then that I start to slowly decrease my consciousness.


『――n? What? 』

We are going to continue from where we stopped. Just now, you said that your ability only works on someone who is lower ranking than you.

『――Ah. Yes, I said that. 』

Then, tell me about the ‘exception’.

The way to [Dominate] a superior God.

That is, even though it might not be necessary, it might be beneficial for my personal purposes.

『――uhihihi, so you did notice. What an outrageous guy! 』

I’m already sleepy. Cut me the useless chatter.

『――if that the case then hurry up and sleep. Our hearing and sense of touch are shared with each other, and I would rather not experience such panting. 』

Just drop dead.

While struggling with the opponent inside my head, my consciousness faded away.

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