Hello Work: Vol 4 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 ~ A week in the forest and cellar

“I think we seriously need a vanguard. Preferably a large shield user.”

Ellie suddenly started a topic. We just reached home after the battle with the Harpy. After taking a meal and cleansing ourselves underground, we are now taking it easy at the living room.

“I agree. I can’t fight while operating the Golem.”

It is bad because everyone is not good at anything other than firing a long-distance attack. I thought that we can somehow get away by using the Golem as replacement, but when I do it, I’ll be too concentrated on the job and become unable to do anything else. Calling out Drago is a hassle too.

“The problem right now is that Masaru is not able to move freely during battle. He is an essential force in our party so it is difficult after all.”

Ellie continued.

“So, did Leuven enter the same magic school that Ellie went to?”

Leuven is a former party member of Ellie’s old party. He is a warrior who uses a big shield. He has a very strong shield that can withstand a Dragon’s body slam and their Breath Attack. Our job will be way easier if we had a strong shield user like Leuven.

“I think so. It’s a Royal School for Magic. The entry is during spring. Because it has an entrance exam, he should be studying first right now. Honestly it will be great if  Leuven wanted to enter, but this will interfere with his wish to learn magic.”

“Now we can only post a recruitment job at the guild, or we can buy a slave and train him/her to become one.”

Considering my circumstances, I think it would be better if we were to take a slave, rather than recruiting someone. It is easier to keep their mouth shut too.

“You want to buy a slave again? Will it be a girl?”

Ann reacted to the word ‘slave’.

“You see, let’s say I buy a male slave. I don’t want us to live together with him just because I’ve bought him.”

It’s not like I purposely want to buy a new girl slave. It’s just that I don’t want another guy to join as a member.

“That’s good and all, but will you let a girl to play a role as a shield?”

I wonder. But a beast girl slave should be able to fight very efficiently. Pg. 131

“Whatever it is, I don’t want some unknown person inside our party.”

Anne firmly said her opinion. Although we all just got married, I already wanted to add another girl in our lives. Truly a bad move in my part. First of all, there is not even an extra space in our house for more people.

“Should I build a cabin outside, in our garden?  Maybe we should just move.”

“Umm, I can act as the vanguard.”

Satie raised her hand and said so.

“Can’t do. You are a lightweight type. There is no way I would let our cute Sati hold a large shield.”

Right, I agreed with them. Even though she ate a lot of food daily, there is no sign of her getting fat at all. I always wonder just where did all the food went to inside her slender body.

“We will continue to hunt inside the forest like usual. In the meantime, we will think about it.”

After that, the meeting was dismissed. I’ve gone through a lot of harsh battles today, so I’m dead tired right now.

Ellie said something when we are both alone inside the bedroom.

“I’m really sorry for today. I wish I can think of a better strategy.”

Looks like she is concerned with my injuries.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. It was just a scratch today, Ann healed it as soon as possible, so it’s okay.”

Today was a terrible day, but it is not because of Ellie alone. Everyone, including me myself, couldn’t think off a better strategy. That’s why we proceeded with her tactic.

Despite getting worried, I believe that the Harpy nest should be taken down, and in the end, we did win our battle.

“It is Ellie who had pulled us through the battle, and lead us to victory. I’m supposed to be the leader of this party, yet its only in name only now.”

Although she is not the leader for her previous party due to her young age, Ellie still has the most field experiences compared to us all as an adventurer. Above all, she is still 17, which is way younger than me. That’s why the role of leader should naturally be for me.

“Although you are not very dependable, I still believe that Masaru is our rightful leader.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. Even the power I currently possess is thanks to Masaru. Even the issue with Nania. If Masaru is not there then I won’t know what to do.”

Regarding that matter with Nania san, last time she didn’t want to leave Ellie no matter what. Because Ellie didn’t want to follow Olba san anymore, it was pretty much his fate to be thrown aside at that time. Poor guy.

“Not only today, even last time with Nania I’ve got you injured. I also insisted strongly to get married, and it must be annoying……with Masaru’s ability, if you are able to choose a more honest and gentle girl, won’t it look like you won’t need me at all?”

Thanks to the Divine Protection, Ellie has greatly improved herself as a mage in a short amount of time. That might have helped to boost her confidence as a mage. But certainly, I didn’t choose Ellie simply because she is a great mage, I feel like I need her, not the other unknown woman.

“I’m really glad to be married with you, Ellie. Besides, that power is something that was given by God to me.”

If it’s my original ability then I wonder if I can win against the Wild Rabbit. For the Orc it’s impossible.

“If, the Divine Protection disappeared someday, and I’ve turned so weak that I’m unable to win against a single Orc, what will you do?”

“Let’s see, since Masaru is a good cook, I’ll be the one to take care of you.”

A househusband then! That sounds like a good idea too.

“Then if the time comes then I’ll be on your care.”

“Eh? There is no way that time will ever come ……?”

“Why not?”


Since the mood has turned better now, I pinned Ellie down on our bed.

Getting thrown into a world that is going to get destroyed, becoming an adventurer, and always getting  myself into dangerous jobs, if I were to indulged myself into happiness right now, it will still be forgivable, I think.

Next day morning, we didn’t get much prey during our hunt. It might be because we still didn’t get outside of the Harpy’s range of influence yet. So, we decided to hasten our pace, but then something bad happened.

In the afternoon, Tilika can no longer walk. We took a break and Ann applied a small Heal. Though Heal can’t recover the physical stamina, it can at least lessen the fatigue.

“I can still walk.”

Even though she said so, it can be clearly seen how tired she is.

Based on what I heard from Tilika, seems like using Hawk as a scout drains a lot of her stamina. Originally, it is not supposed to affect her stamina, but since she was maneuvering Hawk while gathering visual information, it gets her exhausted real fast.

“Why don’t you call back Hawk? You can summon Tiger and ride on its back.”

“That is not good. Scouting is of importance.”

Tilika instantly rejected Ann’s proposal. Certainly, if not for Hawk’s help then our Harpy discovery last time might be delayed…

“Should I carry you?”

With my physical strength increased by the current skill, I’m confident to carry Tilika through this mountain, heck even Mount Fuji won’t be a problem.

I haven’t tried climbing Mount Fuji yet though.

“Then maybe you should call out a Golem.”

Oh, that is a good idea! It is a long-awaited job for Golem san who was useless until now!

I created a 2-meter Golem straight away. How should I made it carries her? Shoulder carry? Or Princess Style carry?

After consulted with them it was decided to carry her like a backpack. There should be something like a chair and a backrest attached. I cut off the surrounding trees to make such extension. Unsure of how strong it needed to be, I created it by using a thicker and heavier wood, and the Golem seemed okay with it. I also attached armrests and put a blanket to act as a sofa for her to sit down.

“Oh my. This one doesn’t look bad.”

Ellie said that while Tilika tried to sit comfortably behind the Golem.

“Does it need any more modifications?”

I asked Tilika.

“I think you can make it a 2-seater.”

Ellie looked this way with eyes full of expectations. Of course, I made it.

It is a simple do-it-yourself project especially if you have access to clays. By using it, there is no need to use nails anymore. I can easily make the frame from the woods, then fill it up with soils, trim it and it is completed.

After having finished setting up 2 seat at the back of the Golem, they both hopped on. I’m worried since the load is basically 2 times heavier now, but the Golem still steadily walks.

“That looks like it would be so comfortable.”

Somehow it has become popular and got praised.

“Would you like to try it too, Ann?”

There is still one more extra which has not been installed yet. I think it should be okay to hold up for at least 3 people.

“If I get too tired then I’ll be dependent on it.”

“Just tell me whenever you want to ride it, Sati.”

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

Putting that aside, me together with Sati lead the party.



After solving the problem, our hunt inside the forest turned smoother. The trees inside the forest which should’ve become advantageous to the monsters are no problem to us. During the evening when the nocturnal monsters has started to come out and the others returned to their nests.

Some large Trolls came out and became prey to our magical attacks. We didn’t have any opportunity to call out Drago and we didn’t encounter a large group like the Harpy’s last time. We’ve gotten more proficient in our spells and collaboration.

We are confident to the extent that if we were to encounter a large group of Harpies again we will pull it through.

“I thought we would require someone with a shield to be a vanguard, but it’s like this. then there is no need for it. Wouldn’t it be okay if we stay like this?”

“Right. Everyone too has also managed to level up their skills. Like this, there is no need to forcefully recruit new member.”

Everyone’s level has increased a lot by this week. Even mine has increased by 1.

Masaru Level 22 Skill 0P


Skill Reset Rasgarde World Standard Language Clock
Cooking level 2 Covert level 4 Stealthy Steps level 4
Presence Detection level 4 Enhanced Physical Fitness Recovery Willpower
Physical Reinforcement level 2 Shield level 3 Evasion level 3
Martial Art level 1 Archery level 3 Knife Throwing level 2
Swordsmanship level 4 Magical Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 5
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 5
Common Magic Life Magic Recovery Magic level 5
Fire Magic level 5 Water Magic level 3 Wind Magic level 3
Earth Magic level 4


First off, me. Both Covert and Stealthy Steps are now level 4. I got really scared that time during that fight with Harpy. That’s why I’m also thinking of raising my Swordsmanship skill, but after that I think it will be okay to increase it some other time.

Sati Level 24 0P


Cooking level 2 Household level 2 Sewing level 2
Covert level 3 Stealthy Steps level 2 Sound Detection level 4
Smell Detection level 2 Sturdy Hawk Eyes
Mind Eyes Physical Reinforcement level 5 Agility level 5
Evasion level 4 Shield level 3 Swordsmanship level 5
Archery level 5 Life Magic


The Physical Reinforcement skill increase the basic stats for 50% each time it levels up by 1. In other word, level 5 should be equivalent to +250% so it’s to be expected for about 3.5 performance increases. Although it seems not much, all her basic stats have grown quite well, and right now I’m no match to her be it speed or power.

Angela Level 16 1P


Cooking Level 3 Housework Level 2 Cudgel Martial Art level 1
Magical Power Enhancement level 5 MP Recovery level 5 MP Usage Reduction level 3
Magical Sensing Level 1 Recovery Magic Level 5 Water Magic Level 4


Angela has strengthened all her magic power assist skills, and afterwards I got her to increase her Recovery Magic to level 5 too.

Tilika Level 17 15P


Cooking level 1 Evil Eyes of Truth or Lies Magical Power Enhancement level 5
MP Recovery level 5 Magical Sense level 1 Water Magic level 4
Summoning Magic level 4 Summoning Magic level 4


Tilika raised her overall magic power and raised her Water Magic level. The rest of the points are on hold for Summoning Magic.

Elizabeth Level 21 20P


Magic Sense level 1 High Speed Casting level 2 Magical Power Enhancement level 4
MP Recovery level 4 MP Usage Reduction level 2 Recovery Magic level 1
Space Magic Level 4 Fire Magic level 1 Water Magic level 1
Wind Magic level 5 Earth Magic level 2


Ellie is keeping her points.

She planned to keep 40P to increase her Space Magic level 5.



“At this rate, we will arrive at Gorbas Fortress in 2 more days.”

I climbed the highest tree inside the forest and I looked at the way Ellie has pointed earlier. Far off my view, I can see an area where the trees have been cut down and a meadow. Beyond that is the mountain range and at the foot of it should be Gorbas Fortress.

“One week of living inside the cellar is a long time.”

After I descended I told Ellie so.

“I concur. I don’t want to be anywhere near the forest and the cellar anymore.”

I’ve upgraded it further. I already expanded the bathroom to twice the original size.

It should have been a comfortable place to live by now. Still, it is just a cellar. Even me who was an ex NEET felt stuffy inside. For normal people like Ellie, she can’t even stand to live in there for a 2nd day.

I’m used to being inside a closed room without others interfering, so to be able to recreate it made me kind of happy.

“If we managed to arrive at the meadow during daytime, do you want to proceed straight inside the fortress?”

We might need to move during nighttime, but treading a meadow during night would not be so dangerous. When push comes to shove, we will just push through using the Golem and it will be okay.

“Let’s do it. I want to have a long nice rest at the fortress room. We can make it in time if we hurried.”

Unfortunately, Ellie’s wish has gone puff. In the morning, we found the Orc Settlement.

“This is already near to the fortress. They might be the one from last time.”

Last time, when the 2nd layer of Gorbas Fortress wall was broken through, numerous Demons got inside. Adventurers from Siory town were dispatched to annihilate all of them, but the amount leftover is still unknown.

“We have no choice but to annihilate them; I’ll scout them.”

After increasing my Covert and Stealthy Steps, reconnaissance has been much easier. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. That’s what I’ve felt; Of course, I’ll still be careful.

According to Tilika’s intel, the Orc settlement was located inside an open area part inside the forest. Over there, a couple of huts that looks like it can be blown anytime can be seen. Some of them are working inside the building, some of them are outside just strolling around. There are around 40 of them? This time it seemed easier. After reporting this to Tilika through Pani, I returned back through the way I came.

“Alright then, should we go with the same strategy?”

As usual, the strategy is to silently encroach towards the enemy territory, and blow all of them to smithereens. We will only know the result after the spell has been released, so it’s kind of a bad idea actually. There is no way other than adapting to the situation if it went wrong.

Everyone gathered and silently went to a place nearby the settlement. Since we have done this quite a few times, everyone seems to have accustomed to it.

It won’t be of any surprise if we get ambushed and attacked during this time. That’s how tense I am right now.

Fortunately, we managed to get near the settlement without getting found out. The spell will only be released once Ellie has finished relocating us.

“Here I go.”

First, Ellie casted a level 4 Wind Magic. Followed suit by both Ann and Tilika casting the level 3 Water Magic. After that I cast the level 3 Wind Magic. I can’t use the Fire Magic. If I used it then everything will be engulfed by it.

Everyone activated their spell simultaneously. Four long range magic activated, the wind and ice storms united and raged. Immediately after shooting the magic, I collected some rocks and made it into a barrier. Let’s say if there is any enemy surviving and counterattack, I’ll at least be able to earn some time.

But after the magic hit the village, everything was blown to dust and there were no signs of any living beings. Right now, I can’t check them through my detection. That is because if the newly dead corpse will give the same signal as if they are still alive.

Tiger went ahead to scout. Even if the summoned beasts were killed, they can simply be re-summoned back after certain time. That’s why they are the best for a dangerous reconnaissance job.

“The last one is now dead; The Orcs have been annihilated.”

After a while Tilika reported so.

“Let’s quickly recover the Orcs’ carcasses. After that we must hurry to the fort!”

But reality is cruel. Once again, fate has denied Ellie’s wish.

“Someone is approaching.”

Sati warned us.




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