Hello Work: Vol 4 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 ~ Harpies raid, once again

Our hunt in the forest is going well. Compared to the entrance part of the forest, our encounter counts with the Demons are definitely higher over here in the deeper parts the forest. However, there is no need for us to get worried since there are two of us that has detection skills, plus there’s’ Tilika who can survey the surroundings from the sky by using Hawk. 

We have the advantage to give the best out of any situation, which is great. From a distance, we can send a bombardment towards the enemy. This really make our job easier.

“Putting Hawk aside, your detection skill is really useful. I’ve never experienced an easy hunting session like this before.”

Said Ellie while we are taking break, after we finished cleaning the corpses of three orcs

“Isn’t it normal for any adventurers to have the detection skill?”

“Turks definitely has good eyes and ears, but both Masaru and Sati are at different levels. I guess Turks would definitely be level 1 or 2 at most.”

Turks is a former party member of Ellie who was in charge of scouting. I heard that every B rank party has remarkable ability, I never would have thought that this is their level.

“One of the primary reason as to why hunting inside a forest is dangerous is because we don’t have a clear vision. It’s nice if the monsters make a huge noise like the Orcs just now, but sometimes, we don’t notice it since they are very well hidden. I heard about this before, that there is a party who is hunting and in middle of it, they didn’t realize that they are already at the center of a monster’s nest. Of course, the party was utterly crushed.”

So, everyone said that this forest is actually dangerous. But actually, nothing much has happened to us, much more a dangerous situation. It’s undeniable that many places can turn harmful if we have not used any detection skills. Snakes and insects here are especially dangerous. Sati can always detect them with her ears though.

I was surprised when we encountered a 2-meter Mantis here before. The Mantis’ sickle is very hard, some of them can even cut iron. I was speechless when I heard about it. Like this, even if one were to wear a full plate armor like a knight it will become useless. I managed to find the hidden Mantis by using my detection skill, and it became a prey for both Tilika and Ann’s Ice Bullet.

“I think we’ve had enough rest now. Masaru, how much of your magic power remains now?”

“Over half.”

My role is basically an MP reservoir. It’s been decided that I’m to support everyone during our hunt.

“It’s alright. I think this amount is enough for our hunting session today. Let’s continue. So far, we’ve only encountered small fries, I hope we can find a worthy opponent next.”


That’s quite a careless remark, it might raise a big flag soon. Basically, an unavoidable threat is coming towards us.

I’ll try my best to endure it and drink the Magi Tea secretly if required. I’ll keep this on mind.

One hour after we left, we still didn’t encounter anything yet. Of course, there are still some small animals or birds in surrounding. Just that there are no larger animals or Demons. I kind of remember this phenomenon somewhere. It is as if, there is a large nest nearby, and the residents of that nest has eliminated the other Demons nearby.

“Something is here.”

Ellie muttered.

“If the situation gets dangerous then we will get out by the gate, got it?”

“Masaru is a scaredy-cat. Even if they are coming at us we still have Drago. It will be fine I tell you, it’s fine.”

“It sure is nice if that is the case.”

There are those times when a single mistake can lead to a failure. Such as that time when the Harpies discovered me.

“I found a Harpy nest.”

Immediately thereafter, Tilika give us her report.

“Do you know roughly the scale?”

“I immediately retreated as to not be found.”

“This much is fine. Please ask Hawk to return. I’ll take it from here.”

“I’m going to follow you, Masaru sama.”

“No, only I’m going. I can know how much Harpies are inside the nest by using my detection skill. Sati needs to wait here.”

Both of us has Covert, not only that, we have Stealthy Step skills too. But since one of use is capable of magic and another one has only physical strength, it is obvious who suited most for this task. Not only that, I’ve decided to make sure that my wives will face minimal danger, and I’ll face it instead.


“Be careful, Masaru.”

“Yea, I’m going.”

It’s time for me to raise my own level soon. Or course, I can still use Skill Reset. However, right now most of my skills and spells are essential, and can’t be forgotten just like that. Plus, I would rather use Skill Reset as the last option. If it is not for the forest, I would have blown the nest with my Meteor. Pg. 120

While thinking about such things, not long after, I arrive at the nest. My detection managed to catch lots of signs. 20, 30, 40, 50…and there are still more of them which is outside my detection range too. Should I come closer to make sure? For now, I’ll report this to them through this mouse. After waiting for a while, Pani shook its head. That is the sign to go back.

I’ll retreat silently this time. It will be bad if I were to get caught by a group of more than 50 Harpies. I’d die.

Once I returned safely to everyone, we started our strategy meeting.

“We can just deliver them final blow with my magic like last time. If I just increase the range then there is no problem even if they are scattered.”

“I wonder how much of them has not returned yet.”

“But there is no way we can simply leave that kind of  large nest alone. If we can’t kill all of them then at least we must take the nest down.”

During our fight at the wall last time, the Harpy was one of the most troublesome enemies. If we simply leave them alone, then someone might get hurt.

“Sati and Tilika, what do you think?”

“I agree with killing them.”

“Can’t decide.”

“Alright, proceed with the ‘big three’ decision then.”

So, it’s the majority vote. Even I agree that we should kill them while we can …

“Are we using the same strategy like before?”

“Basically, it is. But this time we will cast it a bit farther than the effective range unlike last time.”

After we reach the conclusion in our meeting, we all wait till it is evening so that we can destroy everything in one full sweep. Harpy is a non-nocturnal Demon. They have a habit to return to their nest and sleep during nighttime.

While hiding beneath the shade of the forest, a number of Harpies flew overhead of us towards their nest. Right now, I’m afraid that we will get discovered by the Harpies so much my heart is beating so hard. I was reminded of the time when the Harpies raided our town. That time, it was obvious that they attacked me because they detected my magic power.

What if the one passing through above is the top within their flocks? Waiting like this is hard.


Ann brings her face close and whispers to me. Actually, it’s not like the Harpies are that near to us, so it’s okay to speak in normal volume. But somehow, her voice lowers and turned to whisper.

“…really scared, I am. Suddenly, I remembered the time when those Harpies came to our town for the first time.”

“But you’re not same now. You’ve grown stronger.”

…she is right. Still, I don’t feel like I’ve improved much even after gaining much skills. I still get nervous and my heart still beats hard. My level 5 Fire Magic is useless in this situation. Still, it would be impossible to hunt inside this forest without detection skills and my role as a Magic Tank. Pg. 122

“Being able to conserve lots of magic power within oneself is also one form of strengths, don’t you think? Thanks to Masaru, everyone can fight without worrying about their magical power. In the first place, even my strength now is all thanks to Masaru.”

“You think so? But, I want to play an active role this time.”

“Like a Hero?”

“Not that much. Alright, I’ll settle for a simple role today. I’ll leave it to Ellie to finish it with a bang.”

Just a little, I’m satisfied with being able to show my good sides to my wives.

“That’s the way. Since we are all in the same party, I want everyone to get stronger too. Though, since I’m originally a Healer, now that I’ve not much chance to do it, I’m afraid my skill will get rusty.”

“In exchange, you got lots of chance to use your Water Magic today.”

“It is a different thing. See, Masaru is the same too. each time you’re using Healing Magic, didn’t you try to image it first?”.

“Same for me”, added Ellie

“Do you regret it, becoming an adventurer?”

“No. Since I was young, it was my dream to enter the Order of the Temple. I always heard the story about them from High Priest. Since then, I’ve been longing for it.”

“…then, why don’t you get in?”

“It’s rare for a woman to get chosen. Plus, I don’t have much talent in fighting, since my aptitude is more towards magic.”

Most of the adventurers in this world has a fit body. It is a hard job for a woman like Angela, especially if it’s to function as a vanguard.

“After you raise your level, why don’t we focus more on that area next?”

“I’ll decline. I’ve accepted that the style doesn’t suit me.”

Aptitude is important. Just like the time when Sati wanted to learn magic, but it is impossible for her race. I guess mine will be in healing and also constructional works. But that is the rule of this world so it’s a waste of time to sweat over it.

Casually, I take a look at Sati direction, and find that she is staring at me. Tilika and Ellie are leaning to Tiger while taking a nap and Sati is being sandwiched between them. They might look quite a bit carefree, but it is important to take a rest while the time still allows it. I’m not in a mood to rest so I become a guard together with Ann.

“How about Sati? Is there anything that you specially want to raise? I know you want to use magic.”

“Hmm. I believe that magic is still impossible.”

She fainted 3 times before.

“I’m satisfied with being able to be of use to everyone here. That’s why I’m okay without magic.”

She stops talking once she saw Tilika move during her sleep. Maybe our conversation is too loud?

After that, I kept myself silent.

I felt refreshed after getting it out my lung. Now, I don’t get flustered much during when the Harpy is passing through above us.

Though, there sure are lots of them.

Over 10 of them has passed through us since then. Like this, I won’t be surprised if there are more than 100 of them.

The time has come. I shook both Tilika and Ellie.

“There are more Harpies than I’ve expected.”

I guess there is a need to rethink our strategy. Honestly, I’m scared, since there are more of them than I initially thought.

“Other strategies are all dangerous you know.”

“Keep some magic power to summon Drago.”

Tilika’s magic power has increased exponentially during our hunt today, therefore I’ve lessened my worry for her magical power shortage issue now.

“Any more discussion is meaningless. Just leave all of it to me.”

Well, it’s not like we have any other alternatives. The situation isn’t getting any better too, from the time when I got back here.

Ellie believed that she herself is enough to wipe them out, and here I’m getting scared alone.

“I understand. Let’s do it.”

Together with Tiger and Ellie, we finally reach the distance where the nest is visible. To reduce the risk of being discovered during casting, the other 3 are waiting 200 meter behind us. I already created four 3-meters Golems to act as their guard. From my experience, I know that this distance is still within my range of control.

While being hidden within the shades of the forest, Ellie secretly started chanting her spell. Together with Tiger beside me, we are to act as Ellie’s guard. As expected, it takes lots of guts if Ellie want to chant the spell exposed to the enemy.

As the chant is progressing, dark clouds start gathering on the sky and it starts to get noisy inside the nest. Flocks of Harpies start flying away from the nest. It’s hard to see it from this distance, but one of the Harpy seems to notice us and it gave a cry.

As I’ve expected, there is a higher variant which is capable to sense magic flow. All the Harpy are coming towards us.

“We’ve been discovered. Let’s regroup.”

Mentioning this to her, I start mobilizing the Golems. There is no use hiding now. I can see lots of Harpies are fighting towards us.

While holding my sword in my hand and the anti-electric shield at another, I’m waiting for the Harpies to come.

Her casting is not done yet!?

I shot the first one down with Fire Lance. My second chant was unable to keep up with the second one since their flight speed is faster. When I tried to ready my sword, it came to attack me, but was shot down by an arrow. It was Sati’s.

Soon after, the 3rd wave came and hit us as I’m still preparing myself.

Finally, Ellie’s chant is completed.

“Come, come. The strongest strike which shatters all, Thunder God, roar and strike the enemies from heaven! Tera Thunder!”

A flash appeared followed suit with a roaring sound. This time, I managed to hide behind the shield’s shadow properly and protected my eyes. Nothing I can do for my ears though.

The moment I raised my head to check the situation, I received shocks from my shield and fell down on my back.

My arms got num, and my shield got tossed away. The Harpy tried to attack me while I’m getting up. Shit, this time, the same thing again!

But this time I won’t get flustered. I’m still gripping my sword, and my armor was strengthened. It’s alright.

I managed to get up and guard my upper half. My foes are 3 Harpies. This is bad. They are attacking as a team. It took me everything just to guard against their attack.

Suddenly, I got splattered by blood, and one of them fell down.


It’s Ellie. Ellie’s magic arrow has struck them down. The others were distracted by the attack, and in the meantime, I managed to re-readied my stance. She was taking cover behind the tall trees, and now she got the attention from another group of Harpies. She should be able to handle that amount, around 2 of them…no, including the newcomer it increased to four.

Another Harpy got hit by the arrow, thus falling to the ground. I felt relieved to know that Sati is okay too.

In the meantime, I’ll need to deal with the Harpy in front of me first.

While it is possible to avoid their attack to some degree, or block it with my sword, since they are attacking from both on the ground and from the sky, it is hard for me to block this configuration of attack.

Each time I’ve healed my injuries, new wounds would be engraved in my body.

I can’t keep up anymore. It’s only a matter of time now. Other members probably have their own hands tied.

The Golems should be arriving here soon. Though I can make them arrive here faster by controlling them directly. I have knocked down 2 more, but the number of Harpies doesn’t show any sign of decreasing. Judging from the surroundings, I can see that many of them are still within the perimeter. There is no way I can leave them alone.

At that time, an Ice Dragon appeared on top of us, and swallowed all the Harpies. Instantly, the area was void of Harpies.


Hearing my call, Ellie came over. The Golems are within my sight now. On top of it, I can see Sati as well.

“I told you to regroup first earlier.”

I said while running. A Harpy was flapping its wing weakly and got shot down by Sati.

Ellie maintained the lead. Tiger was guarding our back as the rearguard.

I ran for about 50 meters more and jumped towards the Golem.

“Ellie, Masaru! I’m glad. Both of you are safe.”

“It’s okay. Please, Tilika.”

“I know.”

We all regrouped within the perimeter of the Golems.

“Just a little request, please don’t let the Harpy get near. Ellie, come here.”

I cast Miracle Light. Tilika has started to summon Drago. I’m not able to operate the Golems right now due to my arm getting injured. My ability is getting restrained for now.

Simultaneously, both Tilika’s and my chanting finished. Now, both Ellie and Tilika’s magic power is replenished.

“Drago, kill them all.”

“As you wish.”

Drago turns his body to face the Harpies nest.

“Careful not to envelope the forest with your Breath Attack!”

“The Harpies are getting away, should we pursue?”

Drago turned his neck and asked for confirmation.

“Ah, really? Then be careful with the surroundings, okay.”

Well that’s about right. not only their nest got destroyed, now that they see a Dragon with us, I’m sure they feel that they have lost this fight.

“You are injured. I’ll heal you now.”

Ann casted Heal. Thanks to my all new stronger armor, I managed to get through with just some minor scratches.

“Ann doesn’t have much magic power left either. I’ll replenish it for you now.”

I still have plenty of magic power left. I’ve only used it to create four Golems, and since then I don’t have time to cast another spell.

“Anyone else injured?”

Everyone replied ‘no~’ to Ann. Like this, isn’t I’m the only one to get injured this time? I feel terrible.

“Let’s quickly collect the Harpy. The sun will set soon.”

Together with Drago, me and Ellie started collecting the Harpy. There are a total of 152 of them. Ellie’s magic attack alone had defeated about 100 of them. If we include the number that managed to escape, them it is likely that there are about 200 of them.

“152, huh. We had made some profit today. Though it was very dangerous.”

“Yea, this is lots. But a very dangerous situation regardless.”

I want to shout that she is raising a flag, but I kept it to myself. Earlier too, it’s not like we encountered much Harpies because she said it, that kind of reasoning is unreasonable. Still, nothing big happened after that.

Today I’m really tired.

“Isn’t it nice, we managed to get a big haul just like I predicted.”

“A-actually it’s not like they appeared just because I hoped for it, you know?”

Since the person herself seems to be a little concerned, I didn’t want to think about it anymore.




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  1. DD says:

    I don’t know why but inconsistencies really make me OCD.—

    “Together with Tiger and Ellie, we finally reach the distance where the nest is visible. To reduce the risk of being discovered during casting, the other 3 are waiting 200 meter behind us. I already created four 3-meters Golems to act as their guard. From my experience, I know that this distance is still within my range of control.

    Her casting is not done yet!?
    I shot the first one down with Fire Lance. —> (Isn’t Fire Lance a spell?)

    I still have plenty of magic power left. I’ve only used it to create four Golems(What happened to the Fire Lance), and since then I don’t have time to cast another spell.”


  2. Out of my lung = off my chest?

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    This guy is again becoming useless second fiddle like the previous volume. He should be taking an active role and increasing his own level too.


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    Everytime the MC comments about him being unable to use fire magic in the forest i just think… Then why dont you just reset it and level up any other magic more useful?


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