Hello Work: Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 ~ Summoning Magic level 4

The next day, afternoon. All of us have replenished our magic power, and right now we are near the forest.

I have already confirmed that nobody is around.

“You guys ready?”

Everyone nodded their head.

Tilika starts to chant the Summoning spell. Simultaneously, Ann starts to chant her Ice Dragon.

Both of the spells completed at about the same time.

An Ice Dragon manifested above Ann. In front of us, the summoned beasts that appeared for the level 4 spell is a Dragon.

The Dragon size is about 7~8 meters long. It is a little smaller than the Dragon which I had killed inside this forest before. It has large wings on its body, and it is about to fly off. It also has a long tail and a grotesque face.

Alongside the dragon, there is another piece of information that was gained together with learning the skill. For level 3 and lower, there is an option for the summoner to choose their summoned beasts. But for level 4, only a Dragon can be chosen. It is necessary for one to make it acknowledge them first before using it as a familiar.

Still, summoning a Dragon has an elegant feeling to it.

“Are you the summoner? You will need to get the approval from the esteemed me first…”

The Dragon looks at Tilika, who is at its feet, with it deep red eyes, and explains its demand.


Ooh, this dragon is capable of conversing with us humans. This is amazing.

“Yes. Time is precious. I’m ready whenever you are.”

Tilika says while looking up at the dragon.

“Before that I have a question. Are all of them…your comrades?”

The Dragon looks around. There are 5 Golems with a height of 5 meters each surrounding it.

Then there is an Ice Dragon slowly orbited on top of the Dragon’s head, ready to attack it at any given time.

Ellie is located a little further from us, getting ready to start chanting as soon as the battle begin.

Sati is acting as Tilika’s guard, currently ready with her sword and her shield.

“Everyone here is my family, as well as my party member. There should be no problem. Now, let’s begin.”

“…I’m from a proud Dragon Tribe! No matter how strong the enemy, I’m not someone who can be easily defeated!!”

The dragon gives a deafening howl. I’m glad that right now we are near the forest. If we did this near the town then I’m sure they would be surprised by its voice.

Then, the dragon silently waits until Tilika has reached a safe distance.

After Tilika is ready, the battle starts.

The Dragon pursues after Tilika who has taken refugee behind my Golem. Not a bad judgement at all. High in the sky, the Ice Dragon starts pursuing. However, when the Dragon tries to go on the offense, all 5 Golems jump out and pin it down. It turns around and chews one of my Golem’s arms.

Even though there are 5 large Golems working together, it is still hard to hold down a rampaging dragon.

All of my 5 Golems together should be a large enough force to hold down the Dragon. Plus, their strength is by no means poor. However, if I don’t carefully operate them then it might be able to break through.

5 of them are barely enough to face off against the dragon. I’m glad that I prepared more than I had originally planned.

“You have no more chance of winning! Please surrender now!”

I shouted to the dragon while controlling my Golems.

Seeing that the dragon possessed more power than expected, I became slightly impatient under the assumption that the Golems might not be able to hold it off much longer.

The Ice Dragon is set to attack whenever it receives my signal. I can make it attack anytime the Dragon shows a shred of will to resume. To think that all my Golems combined are not enough to completely pin down this Dragon sends shivers down my spine.

I hope it is persuaded to surrender.

The Dragon eased it strength after growling for a while.

“Yes. Thee showed enough power to be our Lord. I will pledge my future to wield my power in accordance with thy summoning… But before that, O LORD, will you not release me from this golem?”

The Golems ease their strength and start getting up. Ellie seems a bit disappointed as her role to deliver a magic blow is no more.

The dragon slowly gets up and goes to Tilika. Then it lowers its head.

“Your name?”

“I already have a physical body. I will let you decide my name.”

Tilika looks this way.

Do I need to come up with a name again? Ryuu, Dragon, or Drago. Yeah, I think Drago will do fine.

“How about Drago?”

“Drago. That is a good name. From now on I bestow upon you the name; Drago.”

“I am aware, my little Lord, my name is Drago, I will ask you for your continued patronage.”

After that, the dragon disappeared, as if collapsing.

“Masaru, my magical power. Seems like it’s nearly depleted.”

“Ah, I didn’t notice. I’ll replenish it right now.”

The dragon’s disappearance shows that Tilika has hit her magic power limit. In addition to the magic power consumed during summoning, for a summoned beast this size extra magic power will be consumed during the running period.

“Let’s increase your magic power when you level up next time.”

I say while chanting the Miracle Light.

“Yes. Will do so.”


When I’m about to return the Golems to the ground after replenishing Tilika’s magic power, she said.

“I’m going to show it to master.”


“I’m going to show Drago to master.”

“Will that be fine?’

“Your secret won’t leak out. That’s why…”

I wonder if she just wants to show off. Well this is a massive improvement since her time working with the guild vice leader.

“This issue aside, there is still some use for the future. With this, it’s easier for me to convince master that it’s a correct choice for me to abandon the job. Master is a high ranking official within the Truth Palace. If we manage to get him in our side, then I’m sure he will be useful in the future.”

Surely, the capability to summon a Dragon is not a laughing matter. This might be what she mentioned before, something that can change the world trends.

“Your master is still staying here?’

“He told me that he is staying here for a year or so.”

“But isn’t it hard to bring him out here?”

Ann gave a good point. It is certainly troublesome to go to the town and bring him back here.

“Showing it to him nearby the town will do. Masaru only needs to create an Earth Wall so that we won’t be visible to outsiders.”

Since Ellie’s plan seems plausible, we all decided to go back to town.

“Hey. Your familiar, Drago. I wonder if it is possible to ride on it and fly.”



Now this is getting exciting! To be able to fly with dragon, this really is a fantasy world!

“Let’s get on it! Now!”

“No, no, just wait a sec. It’s dangerous to fly with a dragon this near to the town.”

“That’s right. Please don’t say such a selfish thing, Ellie.”

“We can go to yesterday’s hunting location by using transfer. Plus, the transfer point is nearer to here than the town’s gate too.”

“That is a good idea. Let’s go, Masaru.”

“Me too! I want to ride it too! Please, Masaru sama!”

“Really, then let’s go. It’s not like I have any more plans for today.”

It’s a good thing that our walking distance is decreased.

Immediately after Ellie activated Transfer, we are now at yesterday’s hunting ground. I quickly surveyed the surrounding.

“I detected nothing with my skill. You can call it out now, Tilika.”

“Come, Drago!”

Heeding Tilika’s summons, Drago immediately appeared. It appeared instantaneously as if it was around. As expected, this can be used to cut our time and labour. Checking Tilika’s status menu, I confirmed that her MP is slowly decreasing. Even after the summoning is completed, her MP keeps on decreasing, and looking at its pace she won’t have more than 3 minutes. I decided that she must increase her MP after this.

For now, I’ll support her by using my Miracle Light.

“Did you call me, my lord.”

“I want to fly on your back.”

“Piece of cake.”

Drago lowered his body until he reaches the ground. Still, even after he has lowered down, it is still too high to climb.

I see his height is still more than 2 meters. I make a rock and used it as a foothold. Sati gets on the rock and jumps on top of Drago’s back. While I’m thinking of whether to rely on the rock, I saw the other 3 get on Drago by using Levitation.

“Masaru too, hurry up and get on top here.”

Ellie calls to me from on top of the dragon. I’ve forgotten, we can actually float towards its back.

“I’m coming now.”

While thinking about how to actually ride it, I store the rocks and use Levitation to get up. Drago’s back is wide and basically coated with rough scale, but if you ask me then I’ll say it feels closer to skin. At the center of its back, there is something like a mane. I wonder if it is really okay for us to grab hold of it.

But it’s not so slippery that we will easily slide off it.

“We will not fall, right?”

“Please look forward to it.”

Drago turns his neck, facing us and said so.

Your face is too close. I would love it if you keep some distance. It felt like I’m going to get swallowed whole.

After Drago faced forward, we can feel that his back is shaking slightly. Then we see that his scales are getting compressed, and form several seats in a row.

I’m surprised that he can do this skillfully. It looks like a rigid chair made of his skin. Though it looks like it is not comfortable to sit on, it should be enough for us to sit and not to fall off.

“My body and flesh are basically formed by magical power. That’s why I’m capable of doing something like this.”

“Does that mean you can change to different forms?”

“That is impossible. I can’t be anything beside a Dragon. I can only change my body slightly, like this. However, depending on my Lord’s magical power, I’ll be able to reinforce my body to become stronger and stronger.”

Currently, Tilika’s MP is still lower than what I prefer, and I don’t think that it will increase that much in the near future.

“Drago, fly.”

After confirming that everyone is seated, he gives a growl and we start flying once his wings start flapping up and down. Just like that, he continues to rise upwards steadily.

This feels like getting on a roller coaster.

He quickly went above the forest trees and hovered still. Though, compared to the size of his body, his wings are actually too small. He looks like he is trying his best just to keep flying.

I used Magical Sense, and it seems that there are still flows of magical power. This is even better than our usual Levitation. Of course, he has no choice other than depending on Tilika as a magic source. From just now, Tilika’s MP is decreasing faster and faster. If we are to use him as a transportation method, then we will face a limit, just like a real car.

Well, it is still impossible to go into the town via this way in the first place.

“For now, let’s have a tour of the surrounding area.”

Drago moves as instructed. I wonder if the old propeller aircraft feels like this. Even though the visibility is quite limited because of the wings, it is still quite an experience.

We flew for a few minutes and got off at the transfer point. Then Drago vanished.

“The ride was quite comfy. We can rely on him for long-distance traveling.”

“But we can’t use him for running an errand. I don’t think he is allowed to land within a town’s perimeter.”

“He can’t stay for a long period of time though. Just by summoning it, a lot of magical power is consumed. Then, he still needs to feed off Tilika’s magical power just to maintain his form and to fly.”

For the consumption problem, she can simply solve it by learning the MP enhancement and usage reduction the next time she levels up. But I don’t know how much fuss people will make once they find out that there is a girl who is using a Dragon as a familiar.

“My, this is a waste.”

“Increase my magical power.”

“Then you need to work hard during our hunt next time.”

“You are right. I’ll do my best starting from tomorrow.”

Today, I don’t have much magic power to spend after this Team Transfer spell.

“Let’s go home. Masaru, please replenish my magic power.”

After this I still need to use Earth Magic. My magical power is about to run out for the first time in a while.

Once we arrived at the town, we straight away go and find Tilika’s master.

Ellie and Ann already went back home. Seems like they want to continue their cooking lessons.

When I went to the adventurer guild together with Sati and Tilika, just in the nick of time we found Tilika’s master over there.

“There is something that I would like to show you. Let’s go outside the town.”


Silently, we walked outside the town. I wonder if Tilika’s master is not a talkative person. The quiet atmosphere is too stifling.

It is going to be bad if we do it too near to the town’s gate, which is why we walked for about 10 minutes before stopping.

“It should be okay here.”

By using Earth Magic, I created a U-shape Earth Wall to block us from outsiders from 3 directions. Since this wall’s purpose is originally to hide Drago, the resultant wall is quite humongous. With this, I finally don’t have to spend my magic power anymore for today.

There is some magic power left, which is why I’ve not fainted yet. But right now, I feel really sluggish. I don’t want to do stuff like this anymore.

“So grandiose. Then what is it that you want to show me.”


Tilika shows the mouse on top of her palm. So, she is going to show this one first.

“Oh? I didn’t see where did you take this out from. Is this some kind of new trick?”

The mouse, Pani, jump towards Tilika’s master’s hand. Tilika’s master looks at it, and tries stroking it.

“I’m going to show everything in order. Next is this.”

Pani the mouse disappeared, and is replaced by Hawk.

“Although it is certainly a fun entertainment, do we need to go out of town for such a thing? Plus, creating this wall?”

This is a waste of time, is what he is trying to say.

This master is too mean. Well it is to be expected since right now it’s just Hawk. Would you like an unusual animal then?

“There are 2 more things that I would like to show you.”

Hawk disappeared. Next, Tiger appeared in front of this master’s eyes.

“Hoh. This time it looks like a strong one appeared.”

Surprisingly, even after Tiger appeared, he doesn’t look particularly nervous. I wonder if this person is a strong fighter. Or maybe his trust in Tilika is just that deep.

“This is Tiger. Strong and cute. He is currently my guard.”

Tiger walked towards the master, and naturally, it sits down and lets this master stroke it’s back. Just like that, he simply reaches out his hand to touch it. Usually, people will ask about it first.

“Wow, this really…” He sits down and continues stroking its back while saying something like this.

“You can ride it and make it run. Master, do you want to try?”


With a serious expression, master gets up and rides on Tiger’s back. Together with Tiger, he rides around. After a while, their silhouette disappeared at the meadow. Seriously, don’t run off that far please. Sure, I think it is still comprehensible since it is a tiger, getting around within this tall grass is an okay. But I don’t want you to get discovered by other people.

“My master really loves animals. He has many animals like horses kept in his mansion. More importantly, bad news.”

Yup, there’s no need to mention it, I already know what you want to say.

“My magical power is running out.”

Right? Mine is going to run out soon too… But thinking about it again, I don’t want to shame Tilika who wants to show off in front of her master. My magic power has slightly recovered too while idling till now.

I took out concentrated Magi Tea from my storage, and together both of us drink it. Drinking it for the first time, Tilika’s face frowns at the tea and she stuck her tongue out due to its extreme bitterness.

“This, taste bad.”

Please endure it. I don’t like drinking this stuff either.

I take out 2 MP potions. I give the first one to Tilika, and I drink the second one myself.

“Now I hope that there is a little more time before master comes back. That way we can recover more magic power.”

I took a deep breath and chant the Miracle Light. Just because my magic power is lesser now doesn’t means it will produce little output. It’s fine as long as I can endure it. I need to prepare my mind in case what Ellie said happens.

Afterward, the Miracle Light activated. Right now, it feels like my magic power is completely gone. Sati is supporting the now staggering me. I feel nauseated. My eyes are losing focus, but somehow I manage to prevent myself from collapsing.

“Sorry, Masaru. I’m asking for the impossible.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m doing it for Tilika’s sake after all.”

Just in time, Tilika’s Tiger comes back to us. Sati helps me get onto the ground and I drink the Magi Tea again. I can’t show him my weakened state.

“This is different from riding a horse. Very good experience.”

“Then I’ll show you the last one. Needless to say, please keep everything a secret.”


Tiger vanished, and Tilika starts chanting Dragon summoning.

“Manifest, Drago.”

Thus, a huge Dragon appeared next to Tilika.

“O, ooh, this is…”

This master who is not particularly impressed even after looking at Tiger, is now lost for words.

“Drago. This person in front of you is my Master. Greet him.”

“My name is Drago. I’m from a proud Dragon lineage. Right now, I’m serving under Tilika sama as her servant. Best regards, Master dono.”

“Ooh, this is a courteous one….”

Contrary to his loud voice, Drago speaks to this master with polite speech.


“I’m surprised. This is really unexpected. How is this possible?”

“Right. This is my newly acquired power.”

“To make a Dragon obey your command…this is certainly worth abandoning your work.”

“But this is only part of the reason.”

“Can I touch it?”

Taking a gulp, this master comes close slowly as if scared, and touches its scale.

“This is just part of it, huh. Just what do you mean that this is just part of it?”

This master is touching the stomach many times, as if to check how it is really feels. He doesn’t seem to be amused at all since earlier, but after Drago appeared, he looks really impressed.

“I don’t have sufficient magic power to put it out too long. He is going to vanish anytime now.”

After Tilika said so, Drago disappeared.

“What in the world has happened…”

“I can’t talk about it right now.”

“Last time, you mentioned about the 3rd clause. Honestly, I half-doubted your decision. But with this, I can say that I fully trust you now. I will forward this matter to upper levels as your supporter.”

This master said so, then he glanced my way.

“Thank you, master.”

“You, over there. Last time, you said you are Masaru.”

“Ah, yes.”

“If you encounter any problems, please come and seek my help. I’m a First-Class Truth Official, Clemens Ograin.”

He took a small insignia from inside his pocket and handed it to me. I’ve met him several times before, but this is the first time he introduced himself.

“The Truth Palace is a large organization. If you want to show something to the Truth Official, then you can just give out my name. You will receive some cooperation. But don’t you dare abuse it now, okay?”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

“With that said, Tilika. I hope that we can talk about this sometime in the near future.”

This master quietly walked towards the town.

“What was that just now, Tilika?”

“It’s like an identity card for a Truth Official. I rarely use it since I already have the Evil Eye. I have it too.”

That said, she shows it to me, albeit a different shade of colour.

“Master’s is made of Mithril, while mine is copper.”

“Hmm. It is just like a badge. Can I keep it?”

“I don’t know, but I think it should be fine.”

“Is that so? Then, why don’t we go back to town.”

The insignia might prove to be useful for something. I’ll keep it in mind.

“I’m hungry. I want to eat Bear Soup again.”

“Really? Since Ann and Ellie have prepared something for lunch, I’ll try to make it for our dinner tonight.”


The lunch is ready once we reach home.

“I’ve tried reeaaally hard today you know! Check my skill in the status menu please, pleeaaase? I’m sure that the cooking skill is listed inside now.”

I checked her status menu, but there is no such thing as a cooking skill.

“This is really weird. The dishes got burnt a little here and there, but I’m pretty sure it came out decent…”

Far from being a bit, the food is totally scorched. I tell you now, Angela san. Leaving it to Ellie herself…I want you to revise your policy where you give freedom to Ellie to make whatever she wants.

“Weird…there really are no problems in particular when I’m doing it by myself. Even the children at our orphanage can somehow get by with this kind of dish.”

Today’s Ellie original menu is an oddly squashed meat with vegetables. The food would be perfect, if only there were no raw or burnt parts mixed in, which basically make this impossible to eat. Not only that…just why are there fruits mixed inside too!?

The only edible part is just a small patch of the food. Did she think that she can get away with it somehow if she managed to cook just a small part of it decently?

And Angela san too, is it really necessary for me to taste it? I wonder if it’s okay for me to just throw this away?

“Not good. If you avoid the burnt part, then there’s no problem. You can eat it just like usual…”

You don’t have to force yourself that much, Angela san. There are tears in your eyes you know.


I need around 24 hours to completely recover the lost magic power. So, that would be from now until tomorrow afternoon. After that we will resume our hunting.

And after 2 days off, finally it is Tilika’s turn to service again.

Now that her master has properly accepted her reasons, she seems really glad. This is really worth me getting my magic power squeezed dry and overworked today.





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